Smack / May 9, 2010 / 7:12 am

Lakers, Magic working on sweeps

And you thought the first round of the playoffs wasn’t competitive enough. With the Lakers and Magic taking care of business on the road yesterday in their respective Game 3’s, the defending conference champs are each up 3-0 in their series, and with the Suns also up 3-0 on San Antonio, that makes only one series (Cavs/Celtics) that doesn’t feel like it’s already over … For the Jazz, it was the worst kind of loss because they really gave Kobe and Co. their best shot and it still wasn’t good enough. With Kobe pretty quiet in the second half, Ron Artest was carrying L.A.’s offense to start the fourth quarter, scoring their first nine points in the quarter. With three minutes left, Utah was up four until Lamar Odom‘s offensive rebound, two free throws, and triple put the Lakers back on top. It was back-and-forth buckets for a few possessions — including a sick baseline fadeaway by Kobe (35 pts, 7 asts), a deep three by Kyle Korver (23 pts, 5-5 3PA), another trey by Kobe, and a pull-up J by Deron Williams — after which the Jazz led by two with under a minute to go … You figured Kobe would be taking the next shot no matter what, and with the entire defense looking at him, Kobe hit Derek Fisher (20 pts) for an open three and the lead. An Artest turnover allowed Utah one more shot at the end, but Deron (28 pts, 9 asts) missed a three, and Wes Matthews missed a tip-in at the buzzer … Matthews was the one called out by Mike Tirico in crunch time (“He doesn’t want it”), but Carlos Boozer hasn’t exactly been Mr. Big Shot lately. He fumbled away one crucial possession late in the fourth quarter and missed a putback right at the rim following D-Fish’s shot … Utah’s gym is on the corner of Stockton and Malone, streets renamed for the Hall of Famers. What would have to happen over the next few years for D-Will and Boozer to get some streets by the mini-mall or something? … It’s pretty safe to assume we’re going to get Lakers/Suns for the Western Conference Finals. Did you ever think Robin Lopez would figure so prominently in such a big series? (Not to mention Channing Frye and Jarron Collins.) The Suns front line has to be able to contain L.A.’s bigs if they have a shot at pulling the upset win … The Magic are kicking so much ass right now, they’ve hit that point where critics searching for ways to criticize say dumb stuff like, “They haven’t been tested yet” and “They’re peaking too early.” Yeah, tell that to the ’01 Lakers. Yesterday was another Orlando blowout, as they cracked the Hawks by 30 in what is becoming the most lopsided postseason matchup since the championship game in Little GiantsRashard Lewis was the star this time, scoring 22 points with 4 threes, while Dwight Howard added 21 points (9-18 FT) and 16 boards in front of his hometown ATL crowd. Dwight naturally got in foul trouble in the first quarter, but even when he sat down, the Magic didn’t stop rolling with Marcin Gortat filling in. They led by 10 the end of the first quarter and the Hawks never got any closer. Highlights from the ugly scene included the Hawks getting booed nonstop by their fans, and Josh Smith pushing a cameraman … About the only intrigue was whether Vince Carter and Joe Johnson could make it through an entire game without making a blip on the radar. Vince had 7 points (2-5 FG), while Joe had 8 points (3-15 FG). This really isn’t the way for Joe to go into free agency. He’s too good not to get a fat contract, but it may not be exactly what he was looking for … Saturday was the NBA Draft early entrant withdrawal deadline: BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, Purdue’s JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore, Penn State’s Talor Battle, and Florida’s Alex Tyus were among the notables heading back to school. Good moves all around … We’re out like Game 7’s …

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  • Alex “robocop” Murphy



    Joe Johnson is doing an anti Jerome James. You can almost understand a team overpaying for a big man who might potentially step up in some playoff games, but even a dumb GM isn’t going to pay big money for a superstar who disappears in the post season.

  • porkpiehat

    Atlanta’s body language today was just miserable, one of the great all-time unprofessional no-shows in the playoffs.Woodson and JJ are gone, and all for the better for the Hawks. They need a coach who can install an offense, a star that cares, and -most of all- a resolution to their ownership issue, which keeps them fractious from the top down.

    LA/ Utah has been all about height, although LA will be very dangerous if Fisher and Artest are heating up as they appear to be. The big thing in that series, aside from the height differential, is Boozer’s glaring lack of passion on D. Being out-sized is one thing, but routinely failing to put a body on Gasol and being late/confused/apathetic with defensive rotations, he has been a spirit killer for Utah.

    JJ and the Booze are fool’s gold, here’s guessing they end up with the Clippers.

  • kowtz

    Booze is confused cause hes got to check Pau, Lamar, and Drew everytime…

  • sh!tfaced

    A shitload of A-Rods (pre-2009) in the playoffs right now.
    Big money contract players who disappear in the postseason.

    Wince Carter and Joe Johnson are lighting it up like fireworks in the hater radar.

    Carlos should be ashamed, the only guy called Boozer who has got no freakin’ courage whatsoever.

    At least Richard Jefferson has stepped something up – barely there in the regular season to downright insignificant in the playoffs.

  • Diggity Dave

    Have you SEEN the girl who played Icebox in Little Giants lately? Giggity giggity…


  • BC

    What are Kobe’s hands doing in that pic?

    Lots of missed calls (both ways) in the Jazz-Lakers game… Jazz need at least 1 player over 6’9″ to compete with Gasol/Bynum/Odom — maybe Ostertag needs some money?

  • jimmhumm

    ATL has no go to guy. if their instant offense options don’t work (three’s in transition alley oop to josh) they struggle. Horford is a PF with limited O he can’t capitalize on DH’s foul trouble or gaurd him straight up. ATL is done. WHo know who will be on this roster in 2011?

  • gilford22

    The UTAH Jazz let this one slip away. That costly turnovers in the late stages of the game help the lakers win the game.

    If not for his injuries, I will pick Michael Redd over JJ because Redd is a more consistent scorer and doesn’t need to take to many isolations to get points.

  • jlee9

    A Ron Artest turnover? Come on dime you have to at least mention the ridiculous bear hug that matthews put on fisher and the incredible no-call. Would have been a HUGE deal if the ball bounced a different way and LA had lost that game.

  • jackie moon

    well if your team’s supposed franchise guy is joe johnson then expect the same result in the play-offs. bring out the brooms.

    credit goes to the magic, they’re playing sick team ball now. damn if ever dwight does develop a consistent offensive game, it’s over.

  • Lionheart

    since yall didn’t mention it in the title…yall don’t think that the spurs will sweep the suns today? cause they are indeed working on as sweep

  • That’s What’s Up

    lionheart thinks this is 2007

  • jzsmoove

    ??someone on crack way too early in the AM. Suns-Spurs possible sweep was brought up, only the tables have turned this year, Suns are spring cleaning and working on the sweep.
    I dont like seeing the Lakers in the Finals but I do not mind to see an LA-Orl rematch with O returning the favor. SVG is an underrated coach and tactician he deserves one from the Heat chip that was abruptly stolen from him by Riley.

  • dk

    Its been a year since ive posted but I wanted to give D FISH his props because I know he takes a lot of flack on here from the haters. D Fish, one of the best PG’s in the NBA and he proves hes the most clutch PG out there when you need the shot and/or solid fundamental basketball. Hate on bitches.

  • Diallo

    Fish is NOT one of the best PGs in the game. He hits big shots in the clutch, but he gives up layups during the course of the game. Unfortunately, neither Farmar or Brown can stop layups either.

  • dk

    @ 16 Fish is one of the best PG,s in the NBA. Everyone has a weakness dumb ass. I could post up Steve Nash… By saying hes one of, he does what he is asked to perfectly and flawless. He ALWAYS hits the big shot and that is irreplaceable… HAving veteran leadership when you have all those weapons on the Lakers makes him one of the best. Deron could have won the game last night but hes no D Fish!

  • dk

    Furthermore, he plays better defense than you idiots give him credit for…

  • QQ


    But seriously though, it’s this killer instinct that SVG instills to his team that is the difference. It’s his ‘always push hard’ attitude that makes us seem invincible now. Last year, we have nothing to lose, so we always pushed hard. This year, we are the defending East champs, and STILL SVG didn’t let up, And some of you fools are calling him a BAD COACH early this season???? Dude’s unconventional, but you oughta know by now, that sometimes, unconventional means winning.

    Can’t wait for either the Celts and the Cavs. One punk ass squad who got cocky after getting rings, and one team full of divas who haven’t proven shit.And here we are, the quiet kid who’s current;y the only undefeated squad.. and yeah, the defending EC champions (in case you Bron nut lickers forgot). Who’s fucking next???

  • Melissa

    Jerry Sloan refused to win this game. He’s refused to take over this league over the past half decade or so.

    There were hints in 2003-2004 of what was possible with Andrei Kirilenko. There were hints. There were hints that Sloan had the greatest athlete in the history of organized sports on his roster, a revolution personified, a whirling dervish, beautiful and lithe and dominant. Someone of equal parts masculinity and femininity. Better court vision than Johnson. More passion than Jordan. Defensive wiles and IQ transcending Chamberlain or Pippen or Rodman or anybody else. The package. The chosen one. Watching him play is the only adequate way to prepare us for the second coming.

    But it’s the femininity aspect that sinks Andrei. He plays in a sexist country that exalts masculinity, in a state doubly so. For a man who rode the beefy and outdoorsy Malone for 20 years. That’s a power forward. Someone who hunts and fishes, someone with a drawl. Not a weeping Euro with a cheeky faux-hawk whose favorite food is sushi. He needs a bear. A bear, not a glimmering, brilliant, flying fish. America is used to bears in the power forward position, and Sloan is all America. So Boozer it is. The calculating mercenary who cares nothing for basketball. Or Utah. Or anything but money. All America.

  • Melissa

    If Kirilenko had 40 minutes last night, the Lakers lose by 20. 30, maybe. If Kirilenko plays 40 minutes each game from here on out, the Lakers will resign after game 6, rest their starters in the finale because there will be no morale. Jackson will retire and this country will have a newfound reverence for players like Kirilenko and Durant (baby AK). The Jazz will go on to win a championship, the first of several with Kirilenko as the focal point. The way it should have been. We’ll witness several regulation quintuple doubles. We’ll witness things we’ve only imagined possible.

    But it won’t happen. Sloan will continue to grind away with Boozer unless he walks, then he’ll find some other beefcake to take his place. Kirilenko will continue to languish. He’ll continue to exist as a horrible once-a-year-pass joke. All because of sexism. All because of America’s sexism and the sexism of the NBA fan base. And the sexism of publications like Dime. You’re all witnessing the death of someone on the level of da Vinci, oblivious.

  • derek

    co sign 19

    and ppl should be scared bececause vince carter has demonstrated that he can take over a close play off game (gm 2 vs atlanta , 20 second half points). yea cleveland got shaq and jamison to match howard and lewis, but they think anthony parker can contain carter lmao nope and if they put lebron on carter, nelson is still gonna RAPE williams please ask felton for details

    O and then there’s the bench and team defense..

  • derek

    co sign 19

    and ppl should be scared bececause vince carter has demonstrated that he can take over a close play off game (gm 2 vs atlanta , 20 second half points). yea cleveland got shaq and jamison to match howard and lewis, but they think anthony parker can contain carter lmao nope and if they put lebron on carter, nelson is still gonna RAPE williams please ask felton for details

    O and then there’s the bench and team defense..

  • Diego

    Agree with post 3 re. Hawks. Woodson is gone. He can bitch about it afterwards, but his initial extension 2 years ago was a joke/gift (because his first 3 years were hideous). He admitedly has done alright the last 2 years (regular season at least), but there are better and cheaper (hungry, qualified assistants) coaches available.

    JJ is gone too–and surprise, surprise, it will be of the team’s choosing (hopefully, if the owners don’t have blinders on). If JJ says he would have left anyone, whatever. The Hawks made JJ–with his all star appearances–as much as JJ made the Hawks.

    Hawks previously offered JJ $15 mil. for 4 years renewal this past offseason ($60 mil.), I believe. I will be surprised if JJ scores that much $. And let the buyer beware–JJ is aging fast, a ball hog and not much of a leader.

    With the $ the Hawks will save, they can snag Chill back from Greece (which is a given) AND sign Salmons (if Salmons wants). Then if they can, say, swing a sign and trade with the Knicks–Smoove for David Lee?–, we’re just as good (or better). (Probably won’t happen re. Lee, but who knows?) Chill is an upgrade over Mo Evans. Lee is better scorer and rebounder than Smoove (weaker defender, but Chill will help overal with D) and Salmons is JJ with a homeless guy’s beard.

    And I hate to say it, I am going to have to root for LeBron over Orlando due to the major ass of an Orlando fan I had to sit next to last night–and the arrogant dancing of the Magic during warmups led by Papa Smurf AJ.

  • Diego

    Also, once the dust settles re. the Hawks in offseason, I think a lot of lockerroom conflict among JJ, Smoove, Woodson and maybe Horford will be revealed.

  • Diego

    (Horford just doesn’t like the nonsense from the rest of those 3.)

  • Melissa

    Please approve my previous two comments or email me a reason of why I would need to edit them :(. And don’t approve this one. Please.

  • Diallo

    I love it when people can express themselves so eloquently.

  • http://NBA.com Factman

    Hi, I’m Factman:

    Fact: The Orlando Magic are unbeaten in approximately their last 40 games, and haven’t lost back-to-back games in just under 4 months. Lakers-Magic Finals, anyone?

    You’re Welcome.

  • b$

    big baby uno uno!

  • LakeShow84

    Bigups to the refs who tried to hand the Jazz that game..

    Too bad we got 99 ways to end a game but losin aint one..

    Bravetta AND Crawford were on that game??

    Hmmmmmmmm mustve been important.. NBA in full swing this weekend.. how many times Boston fans shouted BULLSHIT so far lol

  • justwatchn

    game after game kobe makes big shot after big shot. The man will not allow his team to lose. man i wonder if kobe and the lake show can get that repeat

  • K Dizzle

    I’ma get straight to the point.
    Last night was the big F-U from Fish to the haters. Where they at today? Where’s JKidd? Where’s Chauncey? Where my man, Westbrook? Where’s that knock knock at? Pay attention! And y’all know what Lakeshow talkin about: We up 1. We fought our way back. Ron’s carryin the team till Kobe takes over. Lamar coasted til the 4th, then bang! 3! Offensive boards. Clampin on Booze and Millsap in the clutch. Then Fish gets held blatently by a damn rookie and refs swallow they whistle, actin like Ron Artest can’t make a simple inbounds pass and givin Utah a chance to steal the win. Weak and embarrassing trying to extend the series like that. It’s over tomorrow. Own the point. Own the perimeter. 0 buckets from Bynum and it still happened. ok…….rant over, and yeah, Kobe needs to box out

    I can’t believe how Hawk fans shittin on their squad like they had a chance this series. C’mon, man! Y’all got took to 7 by Milwaukee. I didn’t expect them to lose by an avg of 30 per, but damn. JSmoove for Lee? JJ needs to leaves?
    I’m just gonna remind Hawk fans of what it was before JJ came in. Hawks sucked. Had a chance to fix ish and take Paul or Williams or Felton or Granger or Bynum or Monta, and even though, at the time, they already had JChill and JSmoove, they take another small forward and mess up what coulda been.
    JJ been strugglin but blamin these beatdowns solely on him is junk. Bibby been ass. Smoove gone back to takin long js. I forgot Marv Williams is even on the squad. Horford completely undersized. and Jamal ain’t providin the spark that got him the 6th Man award.
    JJ leaves this summer and welcome back to the lottery, Hawk fans…

  • Diego

    Lakers fan…stick to your own squad, with your knowledge. (Kobe is not getting any younger. But major diff. between Lakers and Hawks, today, tomorrow and yesterday, is Hawks owners don’t have deep pockets to spend like Lakers (or Cavs or Orlando).) Marvin in retrospect was a bad draft pick–no sh*t sherlock. That is way played out at this stage, there have been so many worse mis-picks in the NBA (including, of course Shelden). Hawks were rebuilding before JJ–and basically giving away guys (including giftwrapping Rasheed to Detroit which gave Detroit its title). And actually, we sucked previously with JJ–he didn’t exactly immediately change the franchise around.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Just came in to say that triple dub from rondo is fuckin bananas

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^^ YEPPERS ^^^^^^

    Gonna have to get on CONTROL tomorrow lol

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Wow…don’t really know what to say about Melissa’s post

  • K Dizzle

    @ dagwaller – I must missed those the first time around, but I’m gonna assume she’s either his wife or just a superdevoted fan.
    Either way, I’m leavin that alone…

  • mrparker

    It’s Jerry Sloan’s fault that Kirilenko can’t play more than 60 games a season? What kind of game-changing power forward can’t ever play a full season. The words were eloquent though.

  • QQ

    Just read Melissa’s post and I’m now on the process of submitting it for the Pulitzer Prize.

  • K Dizzle

    There’s lot of time left, but Steve Nash is startin to disect the Spurs. Like whatever he wants to do out there. Dude got one eye, but he hittin pull up 3s, floaters, findin everybody. Sick….oh yeah, but he don’t play defense. GTFOH

  • Fdc

    Nash is the best pg in league, no question.

  • sh!tfaced

    AK needs to get Melissa on his PR team. ASAP.

    AK is good, but that good. Not that gay either.

    Good point about benching AK and sticking with “the calculating mercenary” (love that term. lol) Boozer though.

    …heard Bear Grylls might be invited to try out for power forward in case Boozer leaves.

  • sh!tfaced

    Nash is the best ONE-EYED pg in the league. No question.

  • jnuh

    Fisher is a professional coat tail rider.

    He stunk in Golden State.

    He stunk in Utah.

    He gets torched for all but two minutes of every Lakers game, pulls a Robert Horry and chucks in a ridiculous shot and all of a sudden it’s “veteran leadership”.

    He’s also got the ugliest jumper this side of Dwight Howard’s free throws.

  • fLaVa

    Melissa is AKs secretary.

  • K Dizzle

    @ jnuh

    maybe you missed the 0.4 or the 3s last finals or the 4 chips.
    Go sell it somewhere else

  • porkpiehat

    I love Melissa’s insane comments, and Fish is what he is; an athletically challenged but otherwise completely successful leader and all-time role player. How many games and series extended and/or won due to his play?

    I’ve been watching him his whole career and he’s always done the same stuff; he couldn’t stay in front of my grandma but he could muscle her off the block if she was 250 lbs, and will ALWAYS generate extra possessions for his team by drawing charges and almost never turning the ball over.(Not to mention all of the well documented clutch shots.)

    Sensational? Rarely. Dependable? Always! Ask Phil Jackson, Fish has always equaled wins, and that’s what all these lucky motherfuckers get paid to do. Props to Fisher, courtesy of the Hat.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Haha I don’t want to hate or make fun of Melissa’s comments, I just don’t even know what to say!

  • pj


    Motion to change Kirilenko’s nickname from AK-47 to Whirling Dervish?

  • Ekstor


    Motion to change Kirilenko’s nickname to “half man, half woman”

  • sh!tfaced

    Andrei QUEERilenko!!!!