NBA, Video / May 14, 2010 / 9:30 am

LeBron Gets “New York Knicks” Chants At The Line

Bill Simmons started the thing on Twitter, and Celtics fans made it happen in the arena. Every time LeBron was at the free-throw line last night, they’d chant “New York Knicks.” Kind of wish we did this for other players throughout the season.

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    For everything that has happened with the basketballs in LeBron’s number on playgrounds, and for people freezing for a certain amount of time, and for so much Nike/NY has done in regards to LeBron possibly going to New York.

    If he don’t go, it’s gonna be a slap in the face and he is sure to prolly get booed out the building until he gives another 50 point performance.

  • fallinup

    I was following along with Bill on Twitter. It was like being at the game. haha

    This could use some tweaking… but I see a very good trend with this twitter thing.

  • http://dimemag.com/2010/01/daily-fantasy-diagnosis-1-20/#more-30658 Mike

    Bill Simmons!!!!

  • bsteezy3

    This was hillarious! Now, I can picture others trying to do it, but it won’t be as united as last night. The last time LeBron went to the line, the chant was really loud!! Why haven’t other fans already thought of this during the season, because we have an abundance of idiots…

  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe

    at 0:10 seconds, some Celtics fan is waving a baby. LOL-Boston fans are nuts.

  • Scotty

    other people haven’t done it because not everyone has 1.6 million people, or whatever Simmons has, following them on Twitter.

  • Simmons if a Joke

    I love how Bill Simmons declared ‘mission accomplished’ on his twitter after the game. Hey Bill, Lebron made both free throws during that deafening chant, so what did you actually accomplish other than stroking your own ego?

    It also cracks me up that you have devoted Celtic fans just going along like lemmings to whatever Simmons tells them to do. Remember Boston fans, Bill bailed on your city to live in LA almost a decade ago and trashed this Celtic team all season. He’s the last guy on earth I would take direction from when it comes to being a true fan of the Celtics.