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Magic win do-or-die Game 4; The NBA’s 50 Cent has another rival

Jameer Nelson (photo. NBA)

Orlando’s goals were relatively humble going into last night’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 4: (1) Don’t get blown out of the water in the first quarter, (2) Get something resembling an average performance from your $118 million third option, and (3) Win or go golfing. By pulling off the hat trick, the Magic avoided elimination while winning the first overtime game of these 2010 playoffs … Jameer Nelson was the difference in this one. In the first half he got Orlando’s offense going by penetrating the lane, finding open shooters, setting up Dwight Howard (32 pts, 16 rebs, 4 blks) for easy momentum-building dunks, and dropping in finger rolls and floaters when given the opportunity to score. Jameer (23 pts, 6 rebs, 9 asts) made a couple bonehead turnovers in crunch time, but redeemed himself by hitting the two biggest shots of the game: a three-pointer off the glass from the left side that snapped a scoreless stretch for both teams to begin the overtime, then another triple (all net) from the right side that put Orlando up six. Ray Allen (22 pts) kept Boston within striking distance with a couple treys during OT, but Dwight’s tip-in off a Nelson miss with under a minute to go was the last basket of the game and enough cushion for the Magic … As good as Jameer and Dwight were, Vince Carter was equally bad. Maybe Vince’s biggest apologists will argue that he was being a decoy, but to produce all of 3 points (1-9 FG), 2 rebounds and 2 assists in an elimination game — not to mention getting thoroughly outplayed by your backup, J.J. Redick (12 pts) — is just unacceptable. And on top of his offensive struggles, Vince was getting his eyes shot out by Ray Allen. Did you see how pumped-up Ray’s mom was down the stretch? (“That’s my boy! That’s my boy!”) She showed more intensity in 30 seconds of camera time than Vince showed all night … Matter of fact, almost was treating this like a hockey game. As the game went on it got increasingly physical, almost boiling over when Kevin Garnett got a tech for throwing a half-punch/half-push at Dwight. On the replay you could see Dwight palmed KG’s face first, but the refs didn’t catch that part … You see? Nobody was asking Rashard Lewis to drop 30 points or turn into Rick Barry or anything, just make us remember you’re on the court. Raw Lew’s 13 points and couple of threes was just fine. Stretching out the Boston defense to create open lanes for Dwight and Jameer and making Boston respect his presence got the job done …

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Lost in the Orlando win was that Paul Pierce (32 pts, 11 rebs) was a beast. In one fourth-quarter sequence he knifed through the middle of the lane and threw down a dunk he’d been keeping in his pocket since like 2001, then he tied the score with a tough lefty layup and-one. As Pierce tried to take over in the second half Orlando kept putting Jameer on him 1-on-1, and Jameer got routinely abused … You could tell Stan Van Gundy was in panic mode, because he actually put Brandon Bass on the floor in the first quarter. Nate Robinson also got some early burn, primarily when Rajon Rondo (9 pts, 8 asts, 3 stls) got into foul trouble late in the first half. “These are the first important minutes of his life in the NBA,” Jeff Van Gundy said about Nate. He wasn’t even joking … But the announcer line of the night came from Mark Jackson, responding to those who said Rondo didn’t become a “true Celtic” until his Game 3 hustle play highlight: “Whoever said that, wash your mouth out with soap. Just like Hondo, this is Rondo.” … And the PAUSE of the night came from Garnett, during the Big Three halftime feature. Talking about the relationship he, Pierce and Ray have with Rondo, KG said the vets had to “jump his bones a little bit.” Um, that sounds a little too much like cell-block initiation … Big Baby is incapable of not making funny faces and looking like a goofball. The big defensive plays and clutch buckets he turned in were almost overshadowed by that weird tongue thing he did after one bucket. It looked like Baby had just polished off two racks of ribs and was trying to lick the sauce off his chin … Apparently there’s a Twitter beef going on between Shaq and Jalen Rose, stemming from comments Rose made on TV about Shaq playing like an old man. So of course Shaq (@THE_REAL_SHAQ) did the anti-old man thing took it online: “Jalen rose cud neva say wht I am or what I am not, he was soft then, he’s softer now, respect yur elders, u rememba da finals,I saw yo eyes.” Unfazed and landing a blow for insulted media types everywhere, Jalen (@jalenrose) hit back: “I call it like I see it-U hv an AGAINST the LAW tattoo-but you are a registered police officer & twitter beef is LAME!” We’re not taking sides, but the line about Shaq’s tat had us laughing … Here’s a question, though: Why is it that as Shaq gets older, he gets more and more like 50 Cent? Whether it’s Dwight or Stan Van Gundy or Jalen or other random ex-teammates, Shaq has been going around creating beef for no good reason. If only Anthony Mason had been around during the Twitter craze … We’re out like Mike Brown

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  • jay

    edit the title to Game 4

  • Duke

    If only they did win game 3.

  • K

    Jalen wasn’t lying tho, Shaq was Eric dampier lite out there.

  • Lee

    Wait, does Dennis Rodman have Twitter ??

  • Rizwan

    Did anyone see at the end of regulation that the clock stayed on 8.5 for a few seconds?!

    How weird was that?

  • Jay

    that jameer photo looks like a mug shot

  • Jay

    saw that too Rizwan… my guess is the clock guy thought Rondo was gonna call a time out before he decided to pass it up to Pierce.. it gave the Celts a few extra ticks and they still couldn’t do anything with it

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I know a few others on here and I have been begging the question for a while now: Why the f*ck isn’t Brandon Bass playing more? Dude plays hard and angry, and that’s the kind of spark this Magic team needed. A collective “finally” could be heard when Bass was spotted in the 1st quarter.

    Finally they put dude in. Finally SVG got through to his players that winning in the playoffs starts with solid team D. Finally the Magic came out and set a tone. Finally they realized what kind of effort and intensity is needed to win a chip.

    Unfortunately they waited until four games to discover this. A classic a case of “too little, too late.” Magic are done in 6.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Speaking of Vince, did yall see him get ripped, the ball get pushed to Ray Allen on a fast break, and Vince chase Ray down? Yeah, but instead of hacking the shit out of Ray or going for a rip/block, Vince just ran by him with his hands tucked in and let Ray get the easy slam.

    What the fuck? This is the playoffs, Vince, you break dude’s arm before you let him get an easy flush. Just soft defense, man.

  • YW

    man, jalen was a good player, but a better announcer, hahaha

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    “‘These are the first important minutes of his life in the NBA,’ Jeff Van Gundy said about Nate. He wasn’t even joking.”

    Yeah, Jeff Van Gundy wasn’t joking because it’s true. He wasn’t saying this is the most important moment in Nate’s life, JVG was just pointing out how this game is the most important game in Nate’s basketball career. When else has Nate been on a stage this big in his basketball life? Never. Get it? I got it Jeff…don’t worry bro.

  • Soopa

    Good showing by the Magic. JJ is earning himself a nice contract the way hes been playing. He makes Ray work hard and he is hitting his shots.

    Bostons finishes Orlando at home because thats what the Celtics do! Almost been a better road team then home team the entire season including the playoffs.

  • the cynic

    Redick has been outplaying Carter all series, not just tonight. The magic made a lot of bonehead mistakes out there, but Howard, Nelson, Redick, and Barnes all made big time plays too. Bass played a nice game too

    The same can’t be said for Shard, Carter, Williams, Pietrus, and Gortat. All of these guys have done jack all series

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Reddick has earned his in the leageu.took a while but he’s a more rounded player.shyt if he came in hitting like he was in college,I see him leaning on that 3 like a crutch and being almost useless without it.my goodness,that describes rashard to a tee.

    @ jeremiah.FINALLY !!agree with every one of your points esp.on bass.

    why is vince carter even remotely thinking of smiling and talking to ray allen.on one sequence Allen had that ‘ could you focus on the game idiot’ look going.

    orlando defence is back and the celtics acted like they saw the chick that gave them hepes at the family reunion.

    jalen wins. Flawless victory !!

  • Bruce

    Bass at the 4, Lewis at the 3. The SF is Lewis natural position.

  • gilford22

    Lewis used to be a SF, but he can’t even beat Big Baby off the dribble.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    I apologize.it should be mentioned that ray allen is one bad mofo.

    Just when I give him props for playing like a pro,looney rasheed returns haha.

    boston in 6.
    lakers in 7.

    BTW you all know we bout to hear some shit today right?
    tonight it’s probably deserved lol !!

  • alf (from melmak)

    Boston failed to close it. Now they might be in trouble. Remember, Orlando had homecourt advantage at the start of the series. This is not like the Lakers-Suns series where LA has homecourt advantage. And we all want a Boston-LA finals. If the Magic wins Game 5 at home, they might have the momentum to steal Game 6. After that, who knows what might happen if it reaches Game 7.

    I know Marc Jackson said it first but what if Vince Carter had Kobe Bryant’s drive and determination? I just pity the guy.

    Interesting idea just popped in my mind. What if Shaquille O’Neal signed with the Jazz next season for the team’s full mid-level exception? I know he is old but he still has game and he fits the needs of Utah. And Jerry Sloan gets the most production from veteran players.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    88. Me, working at Dime could be one great idea for a blockbuster reality television show.

  • Bruce

    If Doug Christie never met his wife…….Dude could have been the greatest of all time, better than Kobe and slightly better than Jordan!

    If the Jazz sign a reliable SG, Utah is would be rocking. I don’t see Shaq in a Jazz uniform, dude doesn’t hustle on D. Sloan might do a better job on D.

  • fLaVa

    damn in a do-or-die game VC displays one of his worse performances of his career.

    now bench his ass and put in Reddick and they’ll have a chance. This coming from a Duke hater.

    tmrw kobe goes into takeover mode agasint the suns and drops 45 pts… i dont see him being the facilitator hes been the past 2 games.

  • len-e

    i don’t know nothing about shaqs tattoos but i could picture this being about the laws of nature…? just sayin

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    @ fLaVa

    Are you surprised by the Wince “half-man half a heart” no show? Really?

    JJ Redick just stole his spot through hard work and actually giving a damn

    Lakers and Celtics both go through 4-2

  • That’s What’s Up

    I can hear QQ’s boner rising right now. It won’t be long before he is on here talking real smack.

    1 down, 3 to go for QQ & Co.

  • mules

    I like your first paragraph as Orlando’s starting five for this series…or at least getting more minutes than your second paragraph.

  • JAY

    Your friendly neighborhood Vince hater is here.

    Half-a-man is proving my point every single night. I love it!!! To the Vince-defenders out there, you will eventually turn on your boy. It’s inevitable. The dude is a hologram. <– that should be his new nickname. All flash, no substance.

  • BC

    Imagine a team with:

    Hinrich at PG
    Redick at SG
    Battier at SF
    Milsap or Bass at PF
    Bogut or Brook Lopez at C

    All considered somewhat limited in terms of height and/or athleticism, but I’m pretty sure that team would do pretty well.

  • Chaos

    SVG should have learned from this game about Bass. Keep putting his ass in and let him go in on Big Baby and Kendrick. Dude is a bull and Dwight needs him on the court with him, thats tooo much muscle right there to be pushed around

  • JAY

    It was painfully obvious to me that the refs wanted to extend the series. I actually wanted Orlando to win the game so the series didn’t end early, but not with the refs cheating on their behalf. Halfway through the 4th quarter I starting cheering for the Celts because they were playing 5-on-8. The Magic won the game for themselves in OT but the refs allowed them to stay close in regulation. It was tough to watch the zebras calls and non-calls.

  • SJ

    First off, that gatorade ad is pissing me off this morning. Second, KG was giving his elbow shove to dwights ribs before Dwight snuck one in and got KG caught. Third, Thickey’s partial block on Dwight was a damn shame… but only because Dwight just grabbed the ball and put it away. Next time, Giggles needs to swat harder! Fourth, someone get Pierce a damn razor. So much for his call on the sweep, he can save the broom for when he gets swept by LA.

  • mules

    @ Jay…what about the obvious foul on Vince (when he tried to dunk on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) that wasn’t called? Seems to me he would have gotten that call if the refs were in Orlando’s pocket.

  • fallinup

    Dwight was getting a little dirty out there. Good to see him fighting back… He been getting pounded.

    I spent the entire last couple minute of regulation saying, “if this were popovich.. He’d be fouling Dwight for every Orlando possession. Alas, Dwight was getting his looks and the celts really shoulda closed it out. A lot frustraton, bad mistakes, and they forgot about the fact that Ray Ray never tires. Oh well, good win for jameer and Dwight. I won’t say for the magic though… Cause Vince and even rashard are still MIA.

  • Matt

    As good as Pierce was in the second half, his second half performance was weak, especially in OT where he missed all four of his shots. He also missed his final shot in the 4th quarter and lost the ball as time expired. And before you get horny for his dunk in the 4th, he was guarded by Redick, a poor on the ball defender. Pierce did a lot of damage against the smaller Nelson as well and missed a bunch of open looks late. He’s a great player but I hate when people throw him in the same conversation as Kobe or other all-time greats. He’s simply not on that level as far as TOP 50 or 60 players in the history of the game.

  • Matt

    ** Sorry meant good first half

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    How long until Delonte can get Ray Allen’s Mom’s number…for some reason i think Mr. West is trying to do some real life internet hidden camera money making craziness…

  • Dapro

    Celts lost cause they stopped mo ing the ball again in the 4th and OT. They relied on Pdouble too much and it took them out of their offense flow trying to exploit the switch. The downside to playing Bass more is that KG will get better looks, Lewis has been playing decent one on one defense this series. Celts close it out in Orlando with four players scoring 15+ a piece

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    Good comparison with the Shaq/50 thing…they both definitely go around looking to create beef, just so that they can be relevant again. Lots of similarities there…

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I never had a problem with QQ or anything he said but he can’t ever return to commenting on Dime. The way he disappeared after games 2 and 3 is weak for a fan especially after talking all that shit.

  • boomshakalaka

    What a LOSER vince is

  • control

    Here is what Orlando needs to do if they want to win the series:

    Hire a shrink to brainwash Vince and convince him he is actually playing against the Raptors. Or that it’s 2001.

    3 points for Vince…that is a huge fall from grace…

  • JAY

    Question for everyone. I got into a deep discussion with a buddy of mine the other day….
    Is Vince a Hall-of-Famer?? In my opinion, if he gets in it puts the integrity of the entire HOF into question. Sure he has nice numbers, but do numbers ALONE get you in?? He has hit some clutch shots but he fails to even show up for the biggest games of his life.

    BTW, Olympic Vince was the best player i’ve seen play in the modern era. He was angry, he hated his opponents, and he was ALWAYS aggressive. It’s been downhill since then.

  • JAY

    I’ll give you that. That’s ONE call. I could think of a couple other calls that favored the Celts but I’m sure if we looked at a list of blown calls for both teams(especially in the 4th qtr), the Celtic’s list would be 10 times longer than the Orlando list. Turrible.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Celtics stopped moving the ball late in the 4th and in OT because they were tired as shit. Doc should have called a time out earlier in OT to rest his guys, but he played him through and they looked old and winded by OT.

  • Rafa23

    Maybe Vince is just old? 33 years old and super slow on the way to the basket.
    @ JAY
    Agree with u about Vince back then. no smiling, just dunking on people, nice to see back then

  • Atom

    Totally looks like a mug shot. Is Jameer embarrassed he plays in the league?

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Way to regurgitate that “dunk from 2001″ line. You hit twitter with that last night and brought it back for smack..

    Nice originality…..

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    After this season, these playoffs, this summer…

    Vince and Rashard = PAY CUT


    Hedo and Skip > BLANK COCOA and WINCE

    Jameer in the same vein as Nash in the sense that’s he’s gonna give up some points that’s why his offensive magic is MANDATORY.

    Barnes plays more than Frenchie.
    That’s crazy.
    Gortat and Bass, non-existent.
    That’s crazy.
    What’s going on SVG???
    (can you blame him if he started JJ?)

    Thank God Orlando’s pride kicked in ’cause these playoffs are LAMMMMMEEEE.

    The only thing HOT GOING DOWN is seeing AMARE tryna dunk on Bynum from the free throw line. OR, just watching Kobe do that patented 3rd quarter magic thing he does like all of the time. Or, real trap – watchin’ Boston coming into championship form.
    Hats off to Doc.

    The most salacious gossip is out there and THAT’S the one thing I’m interested in until Boston and Los Angeles go for another dance, so yeah…these playoffs are LAMMMMEEEE.

  • dukesman

    Vince was straight do-do last night

  • isotope

    If you noticed, the turning point for Carter last night was in the 1st half when he drove down the middle for a slam, clearly got fouled, but the refs didn’t blow the whistle. It’s almost like dude knew from that point that it was going to be a long day.

  • fLaVa

    i think the Magic or when Celtics get in the finals.. teams should impose the HACK-A-RONDO, cuz hes quick and gets to the lane and finishes but i think guys should just lay him out and on the ground with a hard foul and MAKE HIM shoot FTs. also give him a mid range J… so when he drives.. put him on the ground.. for orlando they can do it with either Gortat or Bass if he ever gets off the pine.

  • control


    I’ve been saying that for a while. Rondo is quick as fuck, and can finish in the paint pretty good…but teams just let him float there. Gortat got his ass punked by Rondo like 3 times in a row without Gortat even touching Rondo…if I were the “Polish Hammer” I would have been Hammering Rondo’s skinny crackwhore arms so hard that he wouldn’t even be able to hold his own dick for two days. Nothing dirty, just good clean and hard play off fouls.

    The Celts, despite me hating their douchbaggary, play playoff basketball. Ain’t no one float in the lane and get easy layups on them. They bash on people and don’t give a fuck if it’s dirty…that is what it takes to win unfortunately :(

  • mrparker

    Hacking a player who is a bad free throw shooter doesn’t always make sense.

    Dwight’s free throw shooting 60% or 6 ft every 5 trips to the line for two. Or 1.2 points per possession.

    League average for all possessions 1.07.

    In the end 1.2 > 1.07

    It doesn’t make sense to foul a player unless he shoots worse than 54%.

  • sunni

    big baby face description=priceless (good work dime)

  • Dennis Castro

    Yea, 13 points and a couple of 3’s is good…for a guy making like $5m a year. Lewis signed a 9 figure contract and he’s choking. I would be HEATED if I were a Magic fan. I can’t believe someone gave him that much money. That type of loot should only be reserved for Level 1 Superstars. Not 3rd options on playoff teams.

  • mules

    I think you’re off Jay…that game was called pretty evenly last night. If anything, I thought Boston got the benefit of a few ticky-tack calls that let them get back into it…KG’s and-1 in the middle of the 3rd could have easily been a non-call for instance. Boston just got outplayed last night.

  • fLaVa

    @ control

    gotta agree with you man.

    @ mrparker

    sometimes it isnt exactly the part putting the player on the line, its more like giving them a message that if you come in here, u will pay, no easy layups. That’s what the celtics does to in a way ‘intimidate’ the opposing teams.
    In a way its when VC drives in and gets fouled he will think about going in there on his next attempt thats why he settles for jumpers and go 1-9.

    The league now is missing the enforcers protect their superstars.. Think about 06-07 Sonics, they weren’t a talented team other than ray ray and lewis (how ironic they are playing against each other now) But what they had was enforcers on the team that helped them get their shots and played good D with Nate Mcmillian as coach. also the year Jerome James got a monster contract. Their bigs were James, Fortson, Swift and Collison. Those guys aren’t the most talented dudes but they were TOUGH.. guys didn’t want to drive on them cuz they’ll knock ur a$$ down. The point i am trying to make is that in the playoffs you gotta have tough nose guys to help/ protect ur superstars.

  • common sense

    man Pierce is a great player n all but i just hate his guts seriously. i hate the way he always fakes a player out, then jumps into the player and gets a foul. its so annoying and its just cheap. seriously. the refs need to crack down on this. all players do it but Pierce does it the most.

    P.S. i also cant stand all these players who clearly do not keep themselves in peak physical condition. you are a PROFESSIONAL athlete. seriously. hit the gym. why do players like Pierce and Carter carry so much body fat. i know they’re aging but you get paid X amount for a reason. players like Kobe and Allen get all the respect for earning the chonga. p double has never proclaimed to be a gym rat but it annoys me at what these players could achieve if properly conditioned.

    P.S. Carter is just a bum. period. no other words to describe him. simply a bum.

  • fLaVa

    Celtics was exactly like that in 2008 but the difference is that they have 3 HOF and thats why they took the chip and my lakers were too soft to compete with their defensive intensity.

    This year gasol needs to step it up and stop being kleenex soft and get that chip to extend the Laker dynasty with KOBE as their leader!

  • jonny taise

    check out the clock pausing at the 8.5 second mark in the 4th:



  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    I just want to applaud Dime for not mentioning Lebron James in today’s Smack for the first time in like 5 days…

  • lifep

    Big Baby reminded me of the Predator when he made that face.

  • haslem

    if VC attacks the rim Orlando has a great chance. the D is tough but there’s no WAY if he’s willing to take the abuse all game he doesn’t get to the line a ton and change the game.
    Orlando has plenty of shooters. SVG’s system should try to incorporate drives more. VC drives so little we should revoke his license (which sucks because he’s ridiculously talented to the point that he can be this good WITHOUT driving) last night was abysmal, I’m a huge JJ fan but no way JJ should be outplaying VC in a do or die game. Unacceptable.

  • JAY

    @mules… watch that 4th quarter again.
    I’ll re-iterate what I said before, when the game started I was going for Orlando to extend the series because nobody likes a short series. In the 4th, after seeing how many fucked up calls there were, I wanted the Celts to sweep because they were playing 5-on-8. If you PVR’d it, watch it again. I actually watched the game live without hearing the broadcasters because I was entertaining some people at the house. then I watched it later and noticed JVG was saying the same shit I was seeing. Bad calls.

  • LakeShow84

    I give it to Alvin Gentry.. He is a good coach.. He told his team to basically put they heads down and get to the rim with contact..

    And refs been biting all game..

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    which begs the question.
    why cant the lakers UUGH
    frustrating !!