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NBA Rumor: Tony Parker, Rudy Gay “Plan B” for the Knicks

Tony Parker

With two major New York City newspaper running what amounted to LeBron James recruiting pitches earlier this week, followed by conspiracy theorists pegging LeBron’s poor showing last night as the beginning of LBJ’s tanking process before bolting Cleveland for New York, obviously the 2010 free agency hype couldn’t wait until the end of the ongoing NBA playoffs.

All eyes will be on the Knicks — and to a lesser extent, the Bulls — and whether the big-market monster can snag LeBron, D-Wade, Dirk, Bosh, Amar’e, Joe Johnson or another superstar. But no matter how attractive a franchise might be to free agents, every team with salary cap space needs a backup plan in case their home run swings draw air.

In New York, Tony Parker and Rudy Gay could make up that “Plan B.”

While the Spurs aren’t believed to be actively shopping Parker, his contract and durability questions, plus the emergence of backup George Hill, has sparked rumors that San Antonio will at least listen to teams interested in trading for the 3-time champion point guard. Meanwhile, free agent Rudy Gay will most likely fall out of Memphis’ price range, and is said to be high on the Knicks’ list of targets. From the New York Daily News:

“Pop loves George and I could see a scenario where he would trade Tony,” said a Spurs source, referring to San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich. “Tony will be looking for a max deal and New York may pay him.”

Parker, who turns 28 this week, is under contract through next season and there are several factors that could prevent a trade from happening. With the Knicks having traded away their first-round picks for the next two years, they don’t have many assets to trade unless they are willing to part with Danilo Gallinari or Wilson Chandler, the latter of whom is recovering from offseason ankle surgery for the second time in two years. Of course, if the Knicks are willing to take on Spurs forward Richard Jefferson‘s salary, they would increase their chances of acquiring Parker.

Another scenario is the Knicks recruiting a third team to complete a deal. The Spurs, who were just swept by the Suns in the second round, want to get more athletic and are said to be interested in restricted free agent forward Rudy Gay.

There’s also talk out there that Chris Paul would be available in a trade, basically for the same reasons Parker has become expendable — CP3’s high salary and Darren Collison‘s successful rookie year.

Why is it so important for the Knicks to pick up a star PG who isn’t a free agent? Because as strong as this year’s free agent class is, it’s actually pretty weak on point guards, which just happens to be the most important position in NY coach Mike D’Antoni‘s system. Among the best available are Ray Felton, Luke Ridnour, Steve Blake and Randy Foye. After that, you’re looking at career backups who may or may not be ready to breakout: Jordan Farmar, Kyle Lowry, J.J. Barea, Will Bynum and Shannon Brown. It’s a group with talent, but far from a sure thing and proven winner like Parker or Paul.

If you’re running the Knicks, which point guard are you going after this summer?

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  • dvs

    Thats like plan D or E

    If the knicks end up with Parker and Gay, the NYC fans would want blood.
    They aren’t winning any rings with those two..

  • Scott

    Here’s a better question: Why in the hell do they think they can win with D’Antoni as their coach?

    If he couldn’t do it with Nash as his PG, exaclty who is going to fill those ‘most important role’ shoes well enough for any Knicks team to have a chance, LeBron or not, it surprises me that D’Antoni is expected to bring a chip to NYC at some point.

  • boomshakalaka

    The Knicks are going on how many years now, of making poor decision after poor decision after poor decision. If they’re dumb enough to give Tony Parker a max deal, they don’t deserve to win, ever.

  • Mo

    Chris Paul is not available for trade. Collison was good but his games didn’t lead to many wins. He was good but he didn’t make Paul expendable. Hornet were about .300 with Collison and at least .550 with Paul. Paul is the franchise. Only thing you can hope for is if CP3 himself requested a trade because new billionaire owner is adamant about keeping Chris. And that means he’s willing to spend to put better players around him. Try again Burton. LMAO.

  • The Other Aj

    guys like Tony Parker & Rudy Gay are in trouble because I think the days of lower level guys getting max deals have come to an end. The is no way Donnie walsh burns max money on those 2 guys.

    Believe me these owners are licking their chops to begin the next collective bargaining agreement…

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    This would be a significant win for anyone that looks forward to more Knicks futility.

    Joe Johnson would probably wilt in NYC.

  • JAY

    I must have a minor case of dislexia. I read the headline,


  • Bizz

    I was gonna say “Better hope they get the #1 pick and get John Wall”…but that pick belongs to Utah right? Is there any sort of lottery protection on the pick at all if the Knicks don’t own it?

  • sh!tfaced

    So “Plan B” for New York will be going French & Gay…?

  • http://www.myspace.com/kirkfloyd kman

    Plan B….?

    The plan should be clear and simple.

    we can sighn Joe Johnnson for well less than a max deal..

    his playoff aperance with the hawks killed that idea dead

    then we tarde for Tony Parkers 17 million or so for the next two years.

    and still have a max contract for LeBron James.

    to play with a proven ring wearing point gaurd.

    The real question is will Donnie play it just right so as we can also resighn David Lee putting us forever over the cap again?


  • Banga

    Tony Parker and Chris Paul Proven winners???

    Parker definitely… Chris Paul definitely not.

    Chris Paul, just like LeBron James, Has not won anything of significance.

  • karizmatic

    Tony Parker might be the best situation there, but not if it means taking Richard Jefferson.

  • Celts Fan

    @KMan – what you just made up to make your team amazing is not possible. You cannot add Joe Johnson (who, at worst, dropped his contract down from max – roughly $18M per – to the $15M per range) and Tony Park’s $$$, AND LeBron. Put down the pipe.

    By the way, I’m hoping for an amazing, armagaeddon scenario shaking out where NYK trots out their brand new acquisitions of… Rudy Gay and Carlos Boozer (no way that’s all they get, but I’m giddy just thinking about it!!!)

  • sh!tfaced

    Free lap dances, Boozer, Rudy Gay, ‘The Big Cock’ Gallinari, Bender, House – winning combination right there.
    If Gooden, or better yet Harden, comes along to combine with Gay…

  • Heckler

    the best thing for the Knicks to do is FIRE mike d’antoni. he is the WORST coach in the league.

    any other coach will do better. he wasnt shit in phoenix and he aint shit in NY.

    as for the players, they have a few guys thye can use in sign and trade scenarios themselves: tracy mcgrady, al harrington, chris duhon, david lee, eddie house etc. all them boys are restriced or unrestricted. since they dont have a lottery pick, these boys represent their assets.

    any team that wants to strengthen their bench, will take a look at any of those players.

    do something with Eddy Curry. buy him out already, or put his ass on the court and see if he can be productive as a fouling goon. tell his fat ass to get his weight down to about 285lbs and then he could see court time and earn a trade somewhere. anywhere. lots of teams need size.

    as for free agents, NY needs to decide what type of team their gonna be and wanna be.

    currently, this 7secs or less bullshit “system” aint gonna work and it hasnt worked. but if they still wanna force it, then they gonna have to address the real position this offense is built around–CENTER

    no austin. its not built around the point guard. mike d’antoni built his system on having the paint open; meaning no big back-to-the-basket type of center. you need an athletic mobile center or a perimeter jump shooting center (Okur type) to run the 7 secs or less.

    Marbury ran the system in Phoenix (and was 3rd in the league in assists), Nash ran the system on Phoenix and Duhon had 22 assists in a game running it in NY. any half decent point guard can run this little bullshit system. it aint built around a point guard

  • knicks real GM

    heres what the knicks should do if they were smart… try as hard as they can to get bosh this year, trade eddy currys expiring contract for tony parker and take on richard jeffersons big contract, then wait until next year and use our max deal on carmelo anthony who will want to leave the underachieving nuggets for NY, now we have tony parker, melo, gallo, and bosh with chandler and jefferson coming off the bench… best case scenario right?

  • Bizz

    There are plenty of coaches worse than Mike D’Antoni. Most of them already got fired, and there are some right now on some garbage teams that are waiting for the lottery balls. Mike’s a pretty good coach, but if you’re gonna run a system, you need proper personnel to get positive results. You can’t put Jeff Gordon in a Geo and expect him to win a Nascar Championship.


    mike ‘cleveland’ brown sucks more at coaching than mike ‘the stache’ d’antoni. but is alvin gentry a better coach than ‘the stache’ since they’re doing way better in phoenix now?

  • Ian

    why would the spurs do that??

  • random Spanish dude

    why does everyone think the Knicks will land a top tier FA? They have the same bucks they’ve had since Ewing (who didn’t win anythin btw) and never scored one. Just sayin…


  • random Spanish dude

    maybe I shoulda said top tier player

  • chief youngblood

    if the hornets are willing to part with anyone it will be collison.

  • marion badando

    that would be exciting as to the knicks is concerned… anyway will their salary cap still be open with these bigwigs around?

  • Michelangelo

    If the Nets take John Wall, shouldn’t the Knicks consider Devin Harris?

  • DejuanBlair

    Silly New Yorkers

    You actually think anyone wants to play for that BS team

    The real Teams reside in Texas and Cali

    You fools actually think the Spurs would take back any of those Bum Ass Players on the Knicks

    Got to be kidding me man