Smack / May 11, 2010 / 7:09 am

No More Drama

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Weren’t we promised 40 nights of drama or something like that? Unless you placed bets on the Jazz and Hawks to beat a 20-point spread in their respective Game 4’s against the Lakers and Magic, there was nothing dramatic about last night’s NBA playoffs … To be fair, Atlanta did get within single digits of Orlando late in the third quarter, but Rashard Lewis (17 pts, 6 rebs, 5 asts) and Vince Carter (22 pts) promptly shot them back out of it to open the fourth. It wasn’t long before it was time to call Sandman from “Showtime at The Apollo” to yank the Hawks off the stage … Nothing new here. The highlight reel consisted of Dwight Howard (13 pts, 8 rebs, 4 blks) trying to inflict thousands of dollars of damage on the poor baskets at Philips Arena (“Dwight refuses to miss from the field,” said one announcer), Vince casually tossing in J’s two steps behind the three-point line, Mickael Pietrus canning treys and going back on D with swagger on loan from J.R. Smith, and Orlando generally getting whatever shot they wanted … But even in a blowout, there’s a line you can cross of being too confident. Like Matt Barnes going baseline thinking he can chest-to-chest dunk on Josh Smith; that’s just foolishness. Barnes had his attempt stamped “Return to Sender” … J-Smoove had a rough day. He got inadvertently poked in the eye in the first half, and it bothered him all night. Either that or the drubbing had Smith looking like he was about to cry as the inevitable began to set in. When Smith yelled at himself for missing a free throw in the fourth, then got a little extra physical under the boards a couple possessions later, it seemed a double technical and ejection was imminent, but he kept his head and took the L … It was well into the second half when TNT showed a stat claiming Dwight had blocked or altered 20 of Atlanta’s 30 shots in the paint. When we say The Centaur tries to swat every shot that crosses his face, it’s not an exaggeration … You have to feel bad for Jamal Crawford. He finally gets on a playoff team after a decade of Lottery seasons, and his first postseason ends like this; at the wrong end of the most complete four-game beating any of us have seen … Seeing as the Jazz came within one Derek Fisher dagger of beating L.A. in Game 3, you figured Game 4 would at least go down to the wire. Not so much. When Pau Gasol hit Kyrylo Fesenko with a Dream Shake and hook shoot to put the Lakers up 19 in the first half, Reggie Miller said Utah was being made to look like the Washington Generals … Deron Williams (21 pts, 9 asts) and C.J. Miles led a brief run that had the Jazz within five late in the third quarter, but L.A. extended the lead back out; D-Fish’s three-pointer, followed by his three free throws after D-Will fouled him during a shot put it back into 20-piecing territory before Gasol (33 pts, 14 rebs) ended it with a personal 9-0 run later in the fourth quarter … This one wasn’t so much L.A. pounding the ball inside and getting all the frontcourt guys off. It was more like Kobe (32 pts) and Gasol simply proving they were the two best players on the court. Gasol simply could not be stopped, scoring with both hands and hitting shots from all kinds of angles … Going into Game 4, a front-page sports story in the Salt Lake Tribune had a headline like, “All hope is lost.” Carlos Boozer was asked about it before the game, and when the clearly ticked-off Booz glared at the reporters in front of him and snapped, “Who’s the guy that wrote that story?” somebody answered a little too quickly, “It’s not the guy who wrote the story, it’s the guy who wrote the headline.” We couldn’t see the reporters, but whoever spit that answer out had to be the story’s author. And he sounded very afraid of Boozer … Is DJ Mbenga wearing shades or goggles over there on the bench? Since he never gets on the court to use them, they might as well be reading glasses … So what now for the Hawks and Jazz? Joe Johnson said “the door’s not closed” to him returning to ATL even though the fans were booing him pretty bad last night. Booz has always been up-and-down with Utah fans, and this series isn’t gonna make anyone start a petition to re-sign him. What does your gut say? Are J.J. and Booz wearing different uniforms next season? … We’re out like the ATLiens …

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  • mcw88

    0% for boozer, seein as millsap has been waiting for that starter spot for over a season now

    50/50 for Joe Johnson, teams r gonna be hesitant to pay max after this series but he makes a decent consolation prize after bosh/lebron/dwade

  • davros

    Booz definately gone, JJ strong maybe, especially after geeting booed at home. Unless ATL has CAP room they have peaked and JJ is not getting them over the top. Might be a different story if he was getting love from his home fans – not so much

  • jimmhumm

    ATL needs to get over jj and go for bosh or another big man so josh can play sf like he suppose to.

  • sh!tfaced

    Boozer is gone. JJ is gone. If the Cavs lose, LBJ is gone.

    “40 nights of drama.” Well, they got 4-0 right.

    Utah press peeps’ faith on Boozer & the Jazz and JJ getting booed is not our kind of drama.

    The only real drama left are the Celts and Cavs.

  • Diego

    JJ is gone. He really bashed the fans in the local media both Sunday and again Monday (before last night’s game). (I haven’t read today’s columns.) The Hawks previously offered Joe 4 years @ $15 mil./year; they won’t do that now, although it could pay as much as anyone. Doesn’t matter where Joe wants to go–Hawks are not fretting. Owners basically will (at least secretly) take position of the Hell with Joe. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Like most NBA franchises (other than, e.g, Lakers, Celts, Bulls, etc., etc.), (i) there are a lot of casual fans who only come out occasionally to support a winning team–or see the Lakers, Celics or Cavs when they come to town–, but (ii) there also are 1,000-3,000 or so long-term diehard season ticket holders who you really shouldn’t piss off with your BS.

    (And if there was booing in game 3, I didn’t even notice it. That whole incident was way overblown.)

    Truth is Crawford was more the go to guy than Joe this year and that may have gotten to Joe.

    The whole thing re. Joe is a shame actually.

  • jryu

    joe johnson is a loser..
    never actually seen anyone mail in a game like that before in my life..

  • common sense

    this post season has been so anticlimactic. conference semis is gonna be the start of real competitive play. i say it again woodson and brown need to get canned.

    this is off-season should be phenomenal. I really want the celts to lose to boston so lebron leaves. hopefully to team up with wade and riley on south beach and form the next mike and scottie tandem.

    either way brown has to go. enough with these coaches who run one offensive set and thats the ISO. man if lebron leaves id like to see the atmosphere first game back at quick n loans!!

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    Boozer is definetly out of Utah and is entering the “Who Gets to Play With Dwayne Wade” Sweepstakes….

    JJ should probably think about leaving and playing somewhere else as a second option or petition for a new coach, ’cause his talent is not being used right in ATL

  • fallinup

    Hey! Don’t feel too bad for Jamaal Crawford. At least his career playoff series percentage is 50%.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    The guy who said “it’s not the guy who wrote the story, it’s the guy who wrote the headline” was Craig Sager. He definitely didn’t write that article. But after that, the guy who DID write the article said, “I wrote the story but not the headline.”

    Anyway, Kobe hit so many amazing shots last night. Everything he put up was a thing of beauty. No mention of Pau’s DreamShake?!

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    @ Common….you hope the CAVS lose to Boston right…

  • common sense

    @11, my bad!

    also the ATL, Johnson situation really is some shameful shit! it all starts with the leader and thats woodson. soldiers always follow the general and the general ‘straight buggin’. HE GOT TO GO…

  • Soopa

    They are gonna be wearing the same uniform… as in they are both gonna start for the Knicks!

  • john

    JJ and Boozer will both play with D-Wade in Miami.

  • oo wee

    whoever signs jj for max money is dumb. he’s too old and not good enough to get that much.

  • Ian

    utah vs lakers is starting to look like the suns vs spurs USED to look like.

  • Ian

    ehhhh they mentioned it

  • bookkwormmaster

    jimmhumm says:

    ATL needs to get over jj and go for bosh or another big man so josh can play sf like he suppose to.

    My Favorite Superhero says:

    JJ should probably think about leaving and playing somewhere else as a second option or petition for a new coach, ’cause his talent is not being used right in ATL

    I agree with both statements wholeheartedly as I think they go hand in hand. I think the Hawks should make a real strong push to try and convince Bosh to sign with Atlanta as I think he can inject some life into our stagnant offense. I think that a talented big as a go-to-guy is alot harder to stop than a go-to-guy as a perimeter player. I think we can provide Bosh with the defense, rebounding, and toughness (although we didn’t we really see much of it in this series against Orlando) that he sorely lacked in Toronto. However, I don’t think that Bosh will leave Toronto and if he does I’m pretty sure ATL is not one of the teams he’s looking at INSTANTLY to sign with. In retrospect, I thank and appreciate Joe Johnson for all that he has brought to the Hawks as he has been INSTRUMENTAL and has spearheaded our team’s turnaround. I still believe that he is not a max money guy or a #1 option but the guy is crazy talented and when his game is on IS a top 5 SG. Having said that that talent is not being showcased as we have an unimaginative coach when it comes to offense that it hurts the overall talent of the team. Woodson as much as JJ has helped make a difference with our team but he peaked 2 seasons and should have been long gone. It time for him to go.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Me, sh!tfaced, QQ, common sense and fallin up could have put up a better fight than the Hawks, and I’ve never seen them hoop.

    Hawks = No effort + Jamal Crawford jacking bad shots all series. Perfect equation for disaster…

  • The Other Aj

    Booz & Joe Jeezy are 2nd tier stars. They aren’t someone you build a team around. They need to wait and see what LBJ, Dwade, etc do before they make there moves. They are complimentary players who would make a great addition to a team already with a Bonafide star…Example LBJ & JJ in NYC or Cleveland. Or Dwade & Booz in Miami or Chi

  • sh!tfaced


    Oh hell yes! LMAO. Haterade would have done a better job coaching us than Mike Woodson too…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Sho-nuff

    Wassup can i get in on that?? let me run the point and ill lead us to the promised land.. well at least one game lol

    @ Inside the NBA

    WTF was dude on last night?? was it that serious?? It seemed like he was gettting heated when Kenny Smith wasnt agreeing with him on LBJ guardin Rondo.. Its a panel full of opinions CWebb..

    STFU please..

    He used to do that with Payton and it annoyed the shit out of me.. STOP TALKIN WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE TALKING.. foo’s having backyard discussions on national TV.. Chuck must’ve let him sip his “coffee”..

    And i feel exactly what the Jet is talking about.. well not so much the court vision and passing lanes but the fact you give dude a head start your facing a semi fast break in a half court set.. BUH BYE.. Rondo too fast for that.. but LBJ got sick recovery quicks so he might be able to pull it off..

    Im predicting LBJ guards him but stays in his jersey.. probably best way to do it but LBJ better stay on the perimeter.. he drives and Rondos out..

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Should i address THE LakeShow?? Nah we just gonna keep it rolling.. Shit the real season dont start til June anywayz..

    Lakers over Suns in 4..

  • Mo

    That was a very quiet 21 & 9 from Deron Williams. He was pretty much non existant last night considering it was an elimination game. Chucking up 3’s like there was no tomorrow. LOL! Instead of running the offense he tried to be the hero chucking up all those 3’s. Last season he called his teammates out about going on vacation early and it looks like this time he did the same thing.

  • QQ

    @ 19:

    LOL. That’s a nice shoutout right there. Put us against the Cavs and we’ll talk. haha.

    Just happy to see the win. Yeah the talk’s all bout how easy it was, but you gotta get what you can get. Now I see my squad ballin like this, my eyes are on the Chip right now. Not braggin, but we’re as good as anyone out there right now.

    And yeah, I think I’ll keep my shit talking toned down a bit. LOL. I’m happy, and it attracts those fakers, so yeah, it’s good boy QQ now. Can’t promise to completely shut up tho. haha.

    ANd yo Dime and the cats here, who yall think will win? Seriously now… Cavs or Celts?

    Just got me thinkin who we gonna face. (I pick the Celts).

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ QQ ^^^^^

    Its goin 7 thats for sure.. But i think if Boston can steal tonight games they close them out in Boston..

    Tonight is bout to be a slugfest.. gotta get off early :(

  • QQ

    And yeah, gotta say something bout the fakers again. Imm good cat now, so I’ll ask nicely. Dime…. Can you all FUCKING get a decent moderator to clean up the comments section? Ooops sorry for the swear word. LOL.

    But seriously. Come on now. The last Smack was ridiculous. I saw about 5 posts that I didn’t even type, but SURPRISE, my name’s on it. I’m asking nicely now Dime.

    From a reader who was here FROM WAAAY BACK,

  • Austin Burton

    F*ck you QQ. You aint gettin ur wish till u agree that Bron is the best player ever.

  • control

    HAHAHA LMAO @ Austin. Talking to a reader like that. Your a f*cking twat Austin.

    @ QQ: I hate you too.

    @ Rondo: I HATE YOU.

  • Ian

    Look at Austin. That is so CLASSY. Dammit. Im leaving this site.

  • control

    LOL @ Austin. Talking to a reader like that. You’re a f*cking loser AB.

    @ QQ: I hate you too.

    @ Rondo: I HATE YOU

  • Mr Brogden

    I’m a f*cktard that writes long posts.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol @ The Fake Austin

    Im sure a writer would risk his job for such a statement..

  • control


  • LakeShow84

    Even the fake Ian lol

  • LakeShow84


    hey, who the eff are you? I’m the real lakeshow! Get off this site.

    PS: Kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • JAY

    LMAO @ davros #2
    “Booz definately gone, JJ strong maybe…”

    What the hell does “strong maybe” mean??? and if you can explain it, what is the difference between a “strong maybe” and a “weak maybe”??

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Damn, last night was so unexciting.

    Atlanta has no shooters, and no effective point guard.
    Orlando has the complete opposite. Surprised!?!
    No. Not at all.

    I saw some things though…Dwight still has a hard time advancing the ball if he gets it out of the box.

    Jameer can be supremely backed down.

    Barnes goes HARD for fakes. Pierce…LBJ…take note of stuff like that.

    Pietrus’ handle is suspect…crowd that man’s space and get the rock outta his hand.

    Hands up ALL THE F***N’ TIME on Rashard. He’s just that deadly.

    Keep Vince outside the paint. Whatever you do, just keep him outta paint and live with the consequences.

    Force JJ to move around ALOT on D. Trust me, he’s not effective if he’s constantly chasing.

    Drive on White Chocolate. That’s mandatory.

  • Dave

    hopefully Boozer is gone, he has to be the most mentally weak player the Jazz have had and he will never be a leader on a championship team. He is a definite offensive weapon in the regular season, and in some cases the playoffs, but the trade-off of him not even attempting to play defense and the problem he causes with his teammates who want to win don’t make him worth the money.
    Hopefully Toronto picks him up so we never have to hear from him again.

  • control

    Nice, I have an impostor as well now. At least get my fucking typing and grammar style correct, and do some homework. I don’t mind people faking themselves to be me, but at least have the decency to put some effort into it instead of being half-assed. How many times will I blank out a fucking fuck? Fuck that shit.

  • LakeShow84

    lol @ control

    i doubt dude made it past junior high..

    He CANT even COMPREHEND the CAPS i use SOMETIMES lol

  • K Dizzle

    One week till he WCFs? WTF? Why the week layoff? These wwestern playoffs are the most disappointin in history. Anticlimatic shit everywhere. Suns-Spurs was just…and I really feel for Utah not havin Okur, cuz he woulda brought out one of our bigs and given them a little bit of a chance.
    As for the east, Mike Woodson got screwed. That Hawks team was shit when he started coaching em. They go toe-to-toe with Celts in ’08 during Boston’s championship year, goin 7.Then they take out Miami in 7 before gettin swept by the Cavs. Cheapass Hawks management don’t re-up his contract and leave him as a lame duck coach and to sweeten it all up, his team absolutely quits on his ass against the Magic. How the hell you let a 50+% foul shooter shoot 84% FROM THE FIELD without hackin him a couple times, just lettin him dunk all over you?
    Hawks don’t need Bosh. They need a point guard and a center and move my man, Horford, to his 4 spot. Sucks that after how good Joe is every season, his playoff numbers just fall off the map. It’s a game of matchups, but JJ is a waaaaaaaaaaay better player than he showed. Remember dude 2 seasons ago vs Boston just takin and hittin videogame shots and now?….

  • common sense

    lol at all the fakerz on Dime these days…

  • JAY

    Why are people faking to be forum posters?? That’s truly sad.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Jay

    Inbreds man.. Inbreds lol

  • chris

    best part of the playoffs is finding out which players still have the desire and the ability to crank it up a notch…some players can’t do it anymore, as hard as they try, at least not for more than a few minutes here and there (fish, pierce, ?tim duncan), some don’t try (joe johnson), and some put their team on their back (nash, gasol, rondo). when you see great players playing great for several games in a row, it makes you realize the season is way too long…everybody cruises for months at a time, and injuries and desire in may and june decide the chip.

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO! Any suspects on who this incompetent “impoztorz” could be?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I know who it is…

  • sh!tfaced

    Any chance of a “Guess Who The IMPOZTOR Iz?” contest? LOL.
    Winner gets a soon-to-be obsolete LeElbow Cavs jersey.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ “Winner gets a soon-to-be obsolete LeElbow Cavs jersey”

    Best part of the game was Celts up 5 with LBJ at the freethrow stripe and Mike Fratello brings back “The Elbow”

    We don’t even need smack tomorrow. Just post a white flag…