Smack / May 24, 2010 / 3:09 am

Phoenix Rising

Say what you want about Amar’e Stoudemire — can’t play D, won’t rebound, doesn’t lead under pressure — but you can’t downplay the fact that he stepped up last night and carried the Phoenix Suns when their backs were against a wall. In a must-win Game 3, Amar’e dumped 42 points (14-22 FG, 14-18 FT) and 11 boards on the Lakers as the Suns attacked L.A.’s defense throughout the night (take notes, Orlando), finally won the frontcourt battle, and simply executed better down the stretch … You want to know why Amar’e is gonna make max or damn-near max money this summer? Check the play in the fourth quarter where he had Pau Gasol 1-on-1, gave him a shoulder fake and blew past him on the baseline, then dropped in an up-and-under reverse layup. Not many 6-10 dudes in the League can pull off that kind of move, and then the next time down the court dunk on your whole team … With the Suns playing zone, L.A. was baited into shooting a lot more threes than usual (9-for-32). Their ability to dominate the paint was also hampered by Andrew Bynum getting into foul trouble — four fouls in just seven minutes on the court — and being bothered by his sore knee. Lamar Odom also wasn’t nearly as effective (10 pts, 6 rebs). We heard L.O. got a bad batch of Skittles before the game … Kobe dropped 36 points, 9 boards, 11 assists, 1 steal and 1 block in the loss. Dime is giving away one of these “Only Kings Have Rings” Kobe tees from The Forest Lab to the reader who guessed the stat line closest to Kobe’s actual Game 3 output. If you put in your bid, double-check and see if you came close … Things almost got Knicks/Heat style ugly in the third quarter when Robin Lopez (20 pts) was running back on D after a Phoenix bucket and brushed into Derek Fisher (18 pts). Apparently D-Fish didn’t like that and chased after Lopez — although it didn’t seem like he really wanted to catch him — before teammates stepped in to calm the situation down. Fisher is pretty jacked, and Robin might look like the world’s biggest World of Warcraft geek (Brook is in the Top-5), but we’d still have to go with Lopez in that fight … With 19 seconds left in the game, and the Suns having already locked it up, Fisher tried to jump Steve Nash (17 pts, 15 asts) on an inbound play and cracked him in the face, possibly breaking Nash’s nose in the process. We can’t remember Nash taking so much punishment when he played for the Mavs; it’s like ever since the MVP’s he’s been a magnet for elbows and shoulders and scorer’s tables … Shannon Brown finally upstaged his missed-dunk “highlight,” even getting the road crowd amped when he flew into the paint for a two-hand tip dunk on a Bynum missed free throw. Shannon was hovering around behind Bynum before the shot, and when nobody on the Suns paid him any attention, he took off into the lane as if he knew exactly where Bynum would be off the mark … Despite the win, Channing Frye is still having a terrible series. He went 0-for-7 yesterday (0-5 from three) and through three games is 1-for-20 from the field. Shaq would be more of a long-range threat for the Suns right now if all he had to do was camp out beyond the arc … If you watched the “Lost” series finale, feel free to take a crack at defending it below. Seemed like a big cop-out if you ask us. We saw some ads hyping it as the “biggest TV event of the decade.” If that means the 2010-2019 decade, that’s not saying much. The biggest TV event of the last five months? Besides the Super Bowl, the next-best competition for “Lost” would have been, what, the pilot episode of “Basketball Wives”? … We’re out like Channing …

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  • tiago

    the lakers will destroy de suns in game 4, you can only surprise us once! next time we will takeover!

  • Bruce

    Punk ass Amare got a, “Lucky Game.” I doubt the Lakers will miss their shots again.

  • Bruce

    Lost lost its way after Season 4. At one point, Lost was the number one show. Show story lines just went stupid!

  • welcome back to reality

    Somebody file a missing persons report on Channing Frye, I’ve never seen a guy disappear so fast after being kind of dependable the past two series. Geez.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    I’m not givin’ him no hype.I think Amare got lucky.

    Jus kidding.they played like it was an elimination game. Amare needs to realise how devastating he could be if he ratched up his defence.robin ‘x-factor’lopez..we see you.

    Every nba player should be contractually obligated to get Sager a suit.and he should be obligated to wear them.

    Finally.wanna thank phoenix for waking us up.last thing we need is to show up untested against a focused,celtic defence. LAL in 5. Lakernation thanks you.Seriously.

  • jonny taise


  • Soopa

    Frye has missen 17 in a row. Odds are he catches fire in game 4, becoming the x factor he needs to be and tying the series 2-2 heading back to LA. *Wishful thinking*

  • Jordi

    Brown got fired…

  • nola

    he plays well in one out of many games and so he deserves max money? until he could create his own shots and such in the post, he’ll still be just another leech on nash’s brilliance…

  • bing

    LA needs to get they asses back n the paint. How many long jumpers do you need to miss before you go back inside? Sheesh!

  • mle

    lakers shoot more fgs than the suns
    lakers shoot more 3pts than the suns
    lakers shoot higher fg pct than the suns
    lakers rebound more, assist more, block more.

    what’s missing?
    suns awarded 22 more fts.

    give it to the suns though, they are making it a series.

  • b2bmvpnashty

    That’s funny, I think I heard Kobe say that they weren’t surprised about the zone D, or amare going nuts. So how can some people say that the suns surprised that lakers????? No, I think it’s probably because the suns are actually a good team, and we didn’t get here without playing thier butts off.

  • noname

    Somebody know what happened to the “Dime is my hood” guy and his evil twin(intruder)?

  • KL

    Just some added details. Nash’s nose was broken out of place, and he pushed it back into place. Damn. Can’t think of another player that would to that in today’s game.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Wince readjusts his p@ssy all the time.

  • Trey bing bay

    Mike Brown just got fired! Didn’t see that coming….

  • common sense

    @ #13. whoever employs Brown deserves what disappointments will come their way.

    and how good does Dwades performance against the celtics look considering the D they’ve been playing this off season. still think that Dwade is on par with Bron in the free agent stakes this offseason.

  • common sense

    oh yeah. GO SUNS!!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ common
    bron had an understandable complete meltdown. It’s hard having someone get close to your fam like that whose also capable of bringing heat of all kind to your workplace.

    he had two games to recover from it.didnt.

    aside from that there’s no way he’s not your no. 1 goal if you can get him.especially considering 24 isn’t on the free agent market.

    don’t get me wrong. I think dwade’s a beast and don’t like lebron that much.but that is a logical decision.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    ma bad 24 and melo being off the market.

    just curious,how many knick fans are glad isiah is gone.can you not see him just pull a royal fluck up come july 1st.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    @smoove…if you had a pussy, you’d “rearrange” it a lot too…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    sorry *readjust

  • M Intellect

    Channing Frye did like the Oceanic 6 and disappeared.

    I wanna know… Who DIDN’T well up when Sun and Jin died?

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    haha….glad I don’t.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ 20

    all those men who don’t have a pussy to readjust

  • Celticsdada

    Im still lost on Lost. :((

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    Stupid Lakers!!! Grrrr I hate when they refuse to shut the door on weaker teams

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    The zone was the key last game it caught us off guard especially in the second quarter. Sure Amare went off (he was giving Pau,bynum for seven minutes ,and odom work) but without the zone Lakers would have won.

  • yoda

    suns won because lakers didn’t try to attack the rim. ft ratio shows how lakers played. in first quarter it was like 15 to 0 ft’s for suns, and it wasn’t because refs pulled for suns. they just attacked while lakers shot long range. but i must say, 1q was fun to watch. basket after basket. well, i hope lakers will get this in 5 games

  • penske1

    “Robin Lopez was running back on D after a Phoenix bucket and brushed into Derek Fisher”

    Actually, he ran his elbow right into Derek’s head as he ran by. Notice the “innocent” hands-up-in-the-air pose as he does it.

  • stephon

    Lopez is a stone cold actor. mad potential to become Vlade Divac. Everyone wants someone like that one their team. Amare’s up and under in the air jus shocked me how skilled he is as a big man. Lopez is the X factor. Kobe and Fish showed up but rest of the team jus went back to peasant status. Sun are that good. Lakers nation dun hate. Gota give respect where its due. Outhustled by the suns players and overall outcoached by Gentry. Game 4 will be interesting.

  • Sallo

    If Amare is smart he’ll stay with the Suns and hope Nash never retire’s. Dude needs to say a prayer every night to thank God and Nash for all they have given him!

  • QQ

    Who cares? As i said, theMagic WILL bounce back TONIGHT and make this a series once again. Lakers are classless and the suns lack toughness and balls. The celtics are cheaters. The Magic are seriously the only worthy team left in the playoffs, and stern has done everything to make them fail.

    NBA – Where Ratings and Popularity Contests Happen.


  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    @QQ:I get that my Lakers are classless and the Suns do lack toughness but the Celtics are Cheaters??? You gotta come up with a better insult than that….

  • KanDMan

    Plus 22 free throws…playin 5 vs 8..only Kobe and DFish show up…and the Suns win by 9…Game 4 the Lakers roll..Oh yeah Amare was a Beast last night… can he do it three more times?..Robin Lopez 20pts..can he do that 3 more times?

  • QQ


    I really don’t gotta say shit. Now go support the LA Rapers, oops I mean the Fakers… Shit, Lakers.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    @QQ : ok bro…good luck to your Magic tonight

  • control


    I’m not saying the refs are good by any means, but a team that just jacked long range shots all night compared to a team that was trying to get their interior players off…that is why there was such a free throw discrepancy. I don’t think Laker fans have any right at all to complain about playing 8on5, since 90% of the time those zebras are wearing Laker jerseys under their stripes.

  • KanDMan


    Okay I will give you that..and yeah Amare might go the “F” off again..but Lopez naw not worried..Laker win game 4 and end it in LA in game 5..Oh yeah Kobe is on a low simmer and ready to explode…

  • s.bucketz

    one more time…”HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT” was a great display of how borderline blind the refs are (and dime’s gunna praise em)…Shannon Brown runs into the lane b4 the ball hits the rim…before Bynum even releases the ball…its no wonder why Bynum missed if u got a lil crackhead runnin in front of you and standing under the rim while ur shootin free throws…

  • s.bucketz

    ooh yea and why the fuck is on Channing Frye’s ass like he HAS to light em up or some shit…they’ve won games w/out him playing all together and games where hes been ineffective..but all of a sudden hes the biggest reason there not winning???there is 12 other players that gotta step up too…any1 of those bench guys gotta do something

  • LakeShow84

    Damn that zone really threw us off in the 2nd.. well threw off the BENCH players.. Odom has all the skills needed for busting a zones ass but STILL cant figure it out.. Only 2 players who seem to know how to crack the zone were Gasol and Bryant..

    Coincidentally those are our 2 smartest players lol

    Our D held it together for a SECOND but closing the first half on a weak note really put us behind..

    Bigups to Phoenix.. Too bad you cant take that one game and call it a series :)

    I smell a staunch ass whoopin comin up pretty soon lol

  • LAballer

    definitely cant throw this on the refs as a laker fan..you dont get calls jacking up 32 friggin 3’s..couple questionable calls..but thats every game and every team..so no go on that..

    the lakers played one of the weakest games of the playoffs since losin a couple to the thunder and still barely lost that game..no reason to fret..

    if i was a magic fan though… haha imma leave that one alone..

    cant wait for revenge 2010..back to back chips on the way..

  • isotope

    the real reason the Suns won is that they forced the Lakers to play D. Especially the front court. Amare was working Gasol and didnt have a whole lot left on offense.

  • dimemagreader

    Channing Frye’s new nickname – “5 Percent”

  • http://diaryofatiredblackman.wordpress.com/ Cal

    Here’s the deal, Channing is a bum, always has been a bum, always will be. Amare is a beast, he just needed to get it going. The Suns still lose, just in 5 now. http://diaryofatiredblackman.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/while-you-were-off-this-weekends-best-stories/

  • b2bmvpnashty

    If amare plays like that, and we even remotely start to hit our three’s. Then this series is gonna change quick. Kobe and pau are gonna get thiers, but we cannot let them get all those second chance points. If it werent for that, we would of blown them out. and stay with the zone d, until la makes you adjust.

  • b2bmvpnashty

    I love how, even though the suns win, the laker fans are still convinced it’s over. Pride isn’t always a good thing, in fact most times it’s bad. The suns have the same shot at winning this series.

  • Conoro

    Lost seemed like a “cop-out” to you because you’re too thick to process anything remotely intellectual.

  • Conoro

    Moderate that, you fucking idiots.

  • Conoro

    Also, don’t have an orgasm because Phoenix won one game.

    This was expected to happen, you frontrunners.

  • Claw

    Lakers killing em game 4, don’t see it. No Bynum, Odom disappears as well as the rest of the Laker bench on the road. It will be tied but I don’t see the Suns winning in LA.

    Lopez will get another 20 if they double Amare, basically he got 7 dunks from being wide open under the basket.

    Can Amare “MAX” string 2 games together? I think so (but not 3).

  • the cynic

    Shannon Brown’s dunk looked pretty illegal to me