NBA, Video / May 10, 2010 / 9:45 am

Rajon Rondo Eludes LeBron For The Amazing Dime

What was that? Rajon Rondo had 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists. That’s what I thought. Eluding LeBron‘s chase-down block, this time Tony Allen throws it down. Anyone that doesn’t think this guy is a Top 3 point guard in the League is crazy.

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  • karizmatic

    Alludes? Try eludes…

  • control

    Rondo is better than Nash, Deron or Paul?

    Which one is he better than?

    One play doesn’t make a guy top 3…

  • goonther

    doesn’t matter how you spell it… still nasty

  • S-SiN


    Yea, yu pretty much have to exclude one of those three out the group.

    Knock on Rajon is that he can’t shoot, but shooting is something u can actualy work on, he’s gon keep getting better there based on the progress he’s shown so far. Mark Price definetly is the man to hire for a job, not only he gives rondo shooting lessons, just imagine how much game u get from a dude like Mark being a pg. Subing for Price helped evolve Terrell Brandon into an all-star echelon. Rondo is definetly a Top 4-5 point in the L.

  • JM

    Definitely a top 4-5 pg right now but wouldn’t say top 3. He is knocking on that door though.

    I like S-Sin’s suggestion of bringing on a shooting coach like Mark Price. It is the only thing clearly lacking in his game. As great of a pg Nash is he is on the decline so it won’t be long before Rondo is considered top 3. Could be as early as next season.

  • Fdc

    He might be good, but Rondo is a complete asshole. Even his teammates dont seem to like him much. I cant wait to see him as the franchise player. Once defenses focus on him, he will be shut down.

  • mules

    The fact that he can’t shoot actually helps his assist and rebounding numbers. On the preimeter, defenders consistently play 3-4 feet off of him to try to take away his driving ability and force him into shooting long jumpers (which he rarely makes). However, by playing off him they also give him a fairly unobstructed view of the entire floor and they aren’t positioned to challenge his passes. Once a shot goes up he’s also relatively free to go after long rebounds since there’s usually not a defender close enough to effectively box him out.
    Give that much space and time to just about any pg in the league and they’ll average 10 or more assists. Guys like Nash, Deron, and Paul do it with a defender in their shirt the entire night.

  • .

    go get you some spellcheck

  • QQ

    ‘Anyone that doesn’t think this guy is a Top 3 point guard in the League is crazy.’

    Damn Dime. Might as well say ‘Control is crazy’ cos we all you know what that meant. hahahahaha.

  • srb

    He was alluding that players are wising up to lebron’s ability to chase down layups. He is so SMART

  • Quedas

    I’m sorry but the kid is good, but still not top 3. Deron, Paul and Nash are better. As for 4 and 5, from a future development kind of view, I still think Rose will be better, but that doesn’t even matter right now. The top 3 is still just out of reach for Rondo…

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    I’m on the he’ll be great when he can shoot wagon, but I knew he’d get better this season – how can he not watching RAY ALLEN every day? 3s and free throws are Torro Rosso’s (my new Rondo nickname) weakness and Ray Allen’s strength.

    And don’t use words you don’t understand – Escapes would have worked and I’m sure you can spell it.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    My bad guys! Simple Monday mix-up. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • mules

    I’m on the Aron will be great when he can spell wagon.

  • Quedas

    @ mules

    “I’m on the Aron will be great when he can spell wagon”

    I actually think we shouldn’t be so hard on Aron, but that just made me actually laugh out loud :)

  • srb

    Well for anyone who hasn’t been watching their playoffs so far, Rondo is hitting his free throws and making his jumpers.

  • control


    Hahah. Aron needs his balls busted sometimes, guy talks so reckless sometimes. I know it’s his job as a professional writer to stir the pot a little bit, but some of the claims…harsh.

  • TheRealTyrone

    @mules nice job copying kenny ‘the jet’ smith’s comments on NBA TV.

    Also, Rajon Rondo is definitely a Top 3 PG in the L right now. CP3 should be removed from the trinity not only because of his lack of recent performances due to injury, which are starting to make him a ‘variable’ quantity unlike D Will, Nash and Rondo, but because there is nothing CP3 can do that the others cant, in terms of special abilities. Apart from their well-prescribed attributes, D Will brings additional iso-scoring, Nash is the undisputed pure PG in that he can control the tempo the entire game, and Rajon has exceptional defence, rebounding and single-handedly allows the aging Celtics to run the break. And whoever made that ‘Nash is on the decline’ comment is just ignorant. Basketball is a game of the present, not the future and definitely not the past.

    Peace. TheRealTyrone.

    True Thugs NEVER wipe their ass.

  • sh!tfaced

    Now that’s what you call a DISH DOPEY DIME!

  • KHenry

    Rondo to Lebron- “You mad cuz I’m stylin on u”

  • Rizwan

    Top 5 PG definitely. I’m not ready to have him ahead of CP3, just yet but he’s knocking on the door.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    The only thing amazing about it is that no one was smart enough to try it before

  • TIP

    Going through dime this morning and I saw the mistake in the title…repeated in the article too…smh. Didn’t have time to comment but thank God for Karizmatic.

  • Celts Fan

    The hate was POURING IN on me 3 years ago when I said Rondo would be a top 5 PG within 5 years. What can you say now? Remember the names yall were throwing around as better? Mo Williams? Please. Jameer? Ya, he’s good, but he’s no Rondo. Calderon? hahaha SMFH.

  • TD

    He may not be in the top 3 but he has a nice shiny ring. HI HATERS!!!