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Money Mayweather

Boxing or MMA?

My favorite fighter of all-time is Mike Tyson. Second place? Bruce Lee. Those who only remember the ear-biting, post-prison, forgotten-fundamentals version of Tyson may not believe it, but once upon a time Mike 100% earned the title “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Young, focused Tyson won fights with his power, speed and technique as much as he did with menacing intimidation. But even while that Tyson seemed unbeatable to me as a kid, I used to wonder how he would have fared with a fast pair of feet coming at him as well as fists.

In recent years, mixed martial arts (MMA) has infringed on the territory once owned exclusively by boxing. In many circles, elite MMA fighters like Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre hold more weight in BMOTP discussions than Manny Pacquiao, Wladimir Klitschko and other boxers.

MMA’s rise is about more than simply putting a better product on the mat. Boxing’s broken infrastructure, reputation for corruption, overflow of increasingly meaningless championship belts, lack of big fights on free TV, and — in the United States, at least — dwindling number of recognizable stars has hurt the sport’s popularity. Meanwhile, top MMA outlets like Ultimate Fighting Championship and Strikeforce are thriving thanks to good free TV fights in between pay-per-views, successful video games and TV shows, and a tigher business model that has put MMA in position to eventually eclipse boxing as our favorite brutal pastime.

But is MMA really the better product? Personally, I’m a boxing guy. I grew up on Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., Riddick Bowe, Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez, Michael Carbajal, Pernell Whitaker and Evander Hoylfield. I would still pay money to watch Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just this past weekend I watched a couple hours of Boxeo Azteca on one of the Spanish channels even though I had no idea what anybody was saying. I think boxers are among the best and toughest athletes in the world. I’ve watched my share of MMA and it’s cool, but the strategy and faster pace are just two of the reasons boxing holds more appeal.

Which sport do you prefer?

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  • karizmatic

    I prefer boxing, it’s too bad that it is quickly becoming obsolete for the reasons you mentioned.

  • kobeeeeee

    yeah. somebody has to cledan up the boxing business and start it from scratch. MMA has no appeal. Reminds me of some cheap prison fights in the movie. Also it has no history.

  • control

    MMA by far. Never had much interest for boxing…I think there is more strategy in MMA, and the guys need to be way more rounded in several different aspects of the sport.

    I would 10x rather watch two great MMA fighters than two great boxers. Honestly I think that there are several MMA fighters who could do boxing without much adjustment, but from what I can see, it would be pretty tough for a boxer to transition to MMA and be successful.

  • Baby Huey

    I’ll take MMA, and boxing has a faster pace? Yeah I love watching 2 guys dance around for 12 rounds rather than actually… you know… fight each other

  • leeroy

    Definitely prefer sumo. Sumo wrestlers are some of the most well-conditioned athletes on the planet.

  • s.bucketz

    i dunno man…MMA is like borderline gay shit…if i ever flip to a channel wit MMA on it, its 2 dudes rollin around on the floor and grabbin at each other in a way men should not be grabbing other men…
    old school boxing all day…this new shit is wack where ther tryin to generate story lines and beefs..Mayweather needs to stop bein a pussy fart and get his ass beat by Pacquiao and take that L already

  • leeroy

    homophobe much, bucketz?

  • ReddiRed

    MMA all day, though I wish there could be a second crop of Benard Hopkins, RJJ, Tyson etc.

    I appreciate all arts or fighting and MMA encompasses them all.

    For the record…….pound for pound (MMA):
    1. Anderson Silva
    2. George St. Pierre
    3. Machida? (even though he just lost)

    I wish ppl could see the old
    Wanderlai Silva…….complete beast in Pride!!

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Smitty

    MMA by far !!!!! Boxing too much holding too long to set up a fight no heavy weights. Too many camps dodging fights. MMA so many different way to end a fight. If Tyson got in that cage with no MMA training he’d end up like a preztel. I can’t wait till boxing folds. They fight every three yrs and it 12 rounds of holding ! Tyson was the man n the 90s were good but boxing is bumjuice now

  • ReddiRed

    @ s.bucketz – i dunno man. why would you even look at that with a “gay state of mind”.

    Not calling you gay bruh, just saying that how can you look past the fighting to see gayness?


  • ab_40

    boxing… too bad it’s owned by pay per view companies which killed the sports coverage for the mainstream audience. I think boxing is a tougher sport and discipline than MMA.

    MMA is souped up olympic wrestling and olympic wrestling is wack.

    If I have to get in top shape I’ll start boxing training not MMA training.

  • Badger

    @Baby Huey — Boxing has a much faster pace. Manny Pacquiao will throw about 50-80 punches per round. MMA dudes don’t come anywhere near that in punches or kicks. Most MMA fights I’ve seen they’re standing around looking at each other most of the time.

  • Kunta Kinte

    If Mike Tyson wanted it, he will get it. If Mike wanted any of the UFC title belts, he will get it without any training. Who the F wants to F with Mike Tyson?

    MMA is pure gay — Trying to get a MAN in the right position!

  • isotope

    If i had to pick between getting in the ring with the best boxers or in a cage with the best MMA fighters; i’d pick boxing. I have a better chance of surving Mayweather’s punches than Silva’s elbows/knees/kicks or Rampage’s KO punch or GSP’s takedown + stompdown.

    As far as entertainment, it helps that MMA isn’t as long. I would rather sit and watch a whole MMA fight than a 12-round boxing match.

  • Alex from AZ

    Boxing. I’m a fan of the longer fights. Whenever you catch a bout on television, you are insured top quality talent, unlike some 2-0 guy you see on MMA. People underestimate a boxers level of physical fitness (avg training camp is 3 months and top fighters have been doing that constantly since before they hit their teens), I think there are only a few guys that could make the transitiion from MMA to boxing and be able to sustain the speed differential. Also, people always hate on boxers thinking they can only fight standing up. Sure they are at a huge disadvantage when on the ground with an MMA fighter, but with their elusivness and ability to strike with knockout power from all angles, it would be hard to get them down and, I think hard to wrap them up, once they are there.

  • isotope

    @Badger, boxers have gloves so they can get away with boxing more and faster. Take those gloves away and Pac punches less, i guarantee you.

  • Dapro

    For pure sport it’s boxing. Nothing compares to boxing when two great boxers battle it out, whether it be a slugfest or a chess match in the ring. I like MMA, I’m mos def watching Evans and Rampage go at it but Boxing is still the better draw for me. Pacman vs Money will shatter any PPV fight that MMA puts out.

  • LB

    Smitty, you dont like boxing because boxers hold too much. But you like MMA where most of what they do is…hold each other. Huh?

  • LB

    Not saying one is better than the other, but from a pure asthetic/ entertainment standpoint, I gotta roll with boxing. The best of the best boxers have some flash to go with power and endurance. Roy Jones in his prime, had the most dazzling footwork and most creative counter-attacks I’ve ever seen. It WAS like he was dancing out there- while he was kicking ass. To the untrained eye, most MMA bouts look like two dudes groping each other.

  • LB

    Alex, I agree totally. MMA fighters might be able to beat a top-flight boxer if he gets the boxer on the ground. BUT, the MMA fighter needs to get the boxer down first. And that’s a BIG IF if an MMA fighter tries to take down a fighter as quick, elusive, shifty and clever as Money Floyd.

  • Badger

    @isotope — You’re probably right, but that’s not the point. Huey said MMA moved at a faster pace, and I said (whether it’s because they have gloves or not) that boxing is actually faster. There’s not “if” involved.

  • ReddiRed

    funny how ppl mention conditioning on here.

    a MMA fighter (IMO) is much more conditioned simply because more muscles are used.
    Try doing 25 high kicks in a row……
    Now try 25 KO punches in a row……
    There’s a mental aspect as well.
    Awareness draws energy and for a person to worry about where the next punch is coming from is one thing…..but to worry about where the next punch, kick or takedown takes alot more mental energy.
    No one on here would fight an MMA fighter before the fight a boxer.

    Oh, and regarding the silly comment that Mike Tyson would beat a MMA fighter……
    well, I have a 1997 chevy cavalier for sale that goes 160 MPH…… gimme $8500.00 for it!! LMAO!!

  • Joe Cooley High

    Boxing. The best boxing matches I’ve ever watched were big-time historic events. There’s just more excitement in the arena. Even a disaster like Tyson biting Holyfield, people can still tell you where they were when that happened. What is the most memorable MMA fight ever? I don’t know. It seems like they have a “major” PPV every other week, and every other month there’s a new guy who’s considered the best MMA fighter in the world.

  • s.bucketz

    i aint no homophobe but i dunno bout all this MMgAy shit..if u get into a fight on the streets and you try grappling with a guy like that on the floor people will start questioning you no matter how bad you fuck dude up…and if they dont then ur hoods got problems forreal…i duno how you can watch a whole show of that shit and not see gay shit…if you don’t see anything that bothers you then your a lil TOO comfortable wit ur sexuality and odds are u probbly dont like regular titties as much as you like man titties

  • JAY

    Hey Austin, Bruce Lee is your #2 fav. fighter?!?! Question: how many of his fights have you actually watched?? He fought competitively like 6 times. None was ever recorded. He was more known for his contribution to martial arts than for his actual fighting.

    I have family members who are 2nd and 3rd degree black belts, who hold Bruce Lee in the highest regard but even they wouldn’t call him a fighter. We can’t say for sure, but I don’t even think Bruce Lee would consider himself a “fighter”. Bruce was the greatest martial arts mind to ever live. That’s different than being a fighter.

    If I’m wrong, i’m sure you’ll correct me since he’s your #2 favorite “fighter”.

  • JAY

    Oh yeah… boxing for me. MMA is cool but the sweet science is much more of a pure sport.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    While I usually lol at your post because you are usually making fun on Rondo or Vajayjay, I have a captil WTF? for you this time.

    There is no chance of a MMA boxer coming to boxing and making only minor adjustments and succeeding. You see what happened when Kimbo Slice tried it…he stopped immediately!

    Boxing is one of the most skillfull and technical sports to dominate in. MMA has certain techniques as far as grappling, but I’d bet my yearly salary that Mike Tyson can dominate that sport RIGHT NOW! He wouldn’t lose a fight and he’d never once have to grapple or tap out anyone. his matches would be over in a matter of minutes and the sport would then be ruined. I would love to see one of those slow MMA heavyweight step in a boxing ring. LMFAO. It would be horrid.

    And lets not talk about what Mayweather or Paccquio would do to one of those MMA light weights. LMFAO. If any mfer in his life ever kicks me in the head while i’m standing and we are in a fight, I will promptly kill myself. Slow ass kick = getting knocked the eff out on a counter from Money Mayweather/Pac-Man.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@S. Bucketz, Man you are on your shit today

  • JAY

    I gotta agree with Chicagorilla.

    It’s easier for a boxer to transition to MMA than the other way around. There are fighters already in MMA whose main discipline is boxing. It’s MIXED martial arts. If a fighter is amazing in one discipline they have a chance to succeed. You can’t say the same for MMA fighters transitioning to boxing.

  • shiptar

    MMA.. You are listing guys like Silva,etc. but have you heard about Fedor Emalienenko. He is the best mma fighter for almost a decade, he’s unbeaten i think..

  • isotope

    @Jay you contradict yourself. If MMA is mixed martial arts and if they are amazing in one thing they can succeed; that means there are MMA fighters who are amazing boxers that could transition to boxing. If Rampage was serious and had as much time as these boxers have to train before any fight, he’ll hold his own.

    And no way a boxer could come in and dominate MMA. It’s hard to throw punches when Silva is constantly kicking you with his long legs; or BJ Penn tackling you to the ground and slippin into the arm-bar. Tell me what gloveless Tyson will do to prevent that.

    @shiptar: too bad Fedor can’t join UFC.

    @everybody: how come every web page has ads about MMA training. I don’t see any popups about using boxing as a way to get ripped. I’m jus sayin

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ a sport where the top fighters records are 17-8, 14-10, 5-2, 8-4

    lol. And if you think Brock Lessiner has a chance in a boxing ring against ANY professional boxer you should kill yourself right now.

  • control


    Kimbo Slice isn’t a “MMA boxer” he’s a “backyard brawler”. He isn’t even a true MMA fighter, horrible example for you to use.

    If you took a guy like GSP and told him to train strictly for boxing, I think he’d be extremely successful.

    How much does Mike Tyson weigh? I can’t see him beating someone like Brock in an MMA fight. He can punch hard, but do you really think he has any take down defense at all? I also don’t think boxers would be used to taking punches w/ those lil’ gloves, or be used to blocking with them. The whole technique a boxer needs to be successful could be taken advantage of by an MMA fighter, boxers wouldn’t be able to stop an offensive just by hugging a guy…that would just get him thrown to the ground and pounded on.

    Bottomline is that they are two different sports, but MMA is like 1/3rd boxing. Any boxer going to MMA is only going to be 100% proficient in 33% of MMA, but an MMA guy going to boxing can be 80% proficient at 100% of boxing…simple math says it will be easier for MMA guy to go to boxing than vice versa.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    I’m a 80s baby, 90s raised me…

    BOXING. Hands down. Just not a fan of the other joint.

    The underdog taking out Iron Mike…we NEVER saw Buster coming.
    Just like we NEVER saw MIKE ending SPINKS CAREER!!!!!

    Holyfield wars with Bowe…couldn’t solve that problem, could ya Evander??
    His Ruiz wars…his Lennox wars…his battle with Foreman!!!
    ‘Member Mike takin’ a bite??
    ‘Member Mike talkin’ all dat s*** though!!!!!
    Mike knocked out Bruno after almost taking an L.
    ‘Member how Lennox straight beat Mike up with a JAB????
    I never saw a HEAVYWEIGHT destroyed by the jab.
    Mike’s face looked like pizza roll guts.


    I’m talkin’ s*** I grew up on and remember soooo vividly.
    And just when the big boy divisions started fallin’ off…shout outs to the Russian bols btw…the small boy divisions started heating up.

    WINKY DESTROYED TRINIDAD with the same cottonpickin’ thing Lennox beat Mike with. WOOOWWW. That was kinda krazy.
    The Marquez bros! (Juan and Raf)
    Marquez-Vasquez wars (Raf vs Izzy)…matter of fact, they just knuckled up AGAIN?!? COTTAMN

    BHOP hit DE LA with the perfect rib shot. Bodybagged him, ILLLLLL.
    Roy was all that in his prime but fell off…by TARVER?? THAT was totally unexpected.
    …Pernell too, but he fell off on some “Corey Haim” type of s***.
    Pacquiou-Marquez…their battles was all that.
    GOTTI-WARD…mannnnnnnn I love some boxing.
    ‘Member Cotto’s wife had to leave the fight early (she left crying with her son) because Pacman was whoopin that azz? He was pulverizing the dude.
    Calzaghe…Pavlik..upncomers Paul Williams…
    Floyd coming up…’member him and Zab tryna start WWIII??
    Zab kept aiming for the SCROTOM. And Floyd kept pot-shottin’ him on some ‘take that take that take that’ puffy type s***.

    I could go on….but like I was saying… Boxing ALL DAY!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    No there are no MMA fighters who are amazing boxers. that’s the whole point. I’m guessing none of you have been in a street fight. Well i’ve been in plenty, and i can tell you I have a much better shot at winning that than i do of winning in a boxing ring. Plus I’m guessing you guys haven’t seen what a guy like Ernie Shavers can do. forget Mike Tyson, this guy hits harder than anyone in the history of anything! Youtube him. then tell me a MMA fighter can withstand that. Or better yet, explain how a MMA fighter is going to kick threw that, or rush his legs without getting lifted off his feet by an uppercut. there won’t be any grappling. It’ll be over in minutes.

  • Steve A

    Was listening to Simmons Podcast with Dana White yesterday. He was going off on on Fedor hasn’t fought anyone good (according to him) in ten years and it is an absolute joke that he is considered the number one heavyweight. Is he saying this due to the fact they couldn’t get him in UFC (asking for too much $$)? Yes, but I’ll take White’s opinion that he is overrated to an extent.

  • whitecollar

    Boxing all day…half the guys in MMA would prefer to be successful boxers, but couldn’t cut it in the ring

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I understand the comments for boxing. When I first watched MMA I thought the same thing, two dudes grabbing each other rolling on the ground.

    If you give it a chance and figure out the strategy behind the rolling and grappling it is more exciting than boxing. It has boxing if you like boxing but it also has every other kind of discipline as well. It gives you the opportunity see an excellent striker fight an excellent grappler or wrestler. The better strategy and execution or style wins,

    The fighter has more options when planning the fight. Not just a variety of punches but looking for openings to kick or submit the other guy.

    Also, its not really the question but I think an MMA fighter would beat a boxer. MMA fighters train to defend punches and I think would be able to avoid enough to do something boxers have no experience with. Boxers don’t train to to defend take downs, submissions, kicks etc. I also think a guy like Anderson Silva could keep a boxer outside just with leg kicks.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I also agree with Austin. MMA is packaged better. The fights are shorter and there are more fights per card. There are more recognizable fighters per card. If you get a lousy main card the undercard is more likely to make up for it in MMA than boxing that only has one really hyped fight per card.

  • mememememe

    MMA fan here.

    Not so much boxing a boxing, just due to the fact that a lot of boxing matches tend to have the 2 guys dancing around the whole time, (not saying mma doesnt have that either but i dont see it as often). That and mma has so many more tools to accomplish what you want to do.

    Lets say you are watching “fake” basketball(boxing), players can only shoot the ball, whereas in true basketball(mma) you can shoot and layup, dunk. You are just utilizing more tools at your disposale. (and im not saying boxing isnt true fighting, just an analogy)

    I am bias though, in general i dont even watch that much boxing.

    If you are a boxing fan you might enjoy K-1, kickboxing. They have it on HDNET every few days.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    MMA is gay. Bunch of dumbasses awkwardly cuddling with each other for hours.

  • rico

    Boxing has more strategy and a faster pace? What?!? Don’t understand where that comes from.

    Regardless, MMA was just a sport invented by white people because they suck at every other sport. Just ask Floyd Mayweather.

  • Badger

    Yes, boxing has a faster pace. I don’t even see why this part is up for debate. How many punches/kicks do MMA guys throw per round? Surely it’s nowhere near the output you get from Pacman or any of the lighter-weight boxers.

    Even the heavyweight boxers produce more action than MMA heavyweights. I saw the fight on “Ultimate Fighter” where the fat White guy just laid on Kimbo Slice’s face for 10 minutes. Shit was boring. Even fat-ass boxers like Chris Arreola and James Toney throw more blows.

  • LakeShow84

    I prefer boxing but i watch them both..

    MMA is clean in the fact you’ll see an elbow get dropped HARD on someones forehead and they’ll get split open AND THE FIGHT CONTINUES.. Or watching someone get dipped is always fun.. Brock is a BEAST to watch..

    But boxing has such history its hard not to sucked in if you enjoy it.. and the strategy involved is much more complex because at the end of the day all you got are your gloves..

    Best fights PERIOD i ever watched were old school Ali fights.. The Thrilla in Manilla is probably the most hardcore fight you’ll watch on any level.. and i aint just sayin that..

    You want to watch speed, power, grace, agility, footwork, etc?? Go watch some old Ali tapes..

    And dude wasnt like nowadays fighters.. he fought EVERYONE.. never heard about Ali duckin no one.. probably cuz i wasnt born then but still lol

  • Nyeme

    LOL@ Mr. Brogden – The Sweetpea comments LOL…It was the De la Hoya fight that did it though…he lost his whlole drive after that.

    But you right, Lennox had Iron Mike on some “stay back” ish, jabbing the ish out of him. AH..the good old days

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Lennox/Tyson hurt my feelings. When it was over I had to go on a long walk and sort some sh*t out, get some comfort food, and go to bed early. Have you ever watched your childhood hero get destroyed?

  • fallinup

    There’s something about watching a persons arm break completely that makes me laugh when folks call it ‘grappling’. Boxing is weak. Which is why it’s a dead sport. You got muay tai, judo, karate, jui jitsu, boxing, dirty boxing, wrestling, and a slew of other styles that I know I’m forgetting. Even what some call ‘rolling on the ground’ has technical merit… Placement of the legs, arms, hips. Not to mention the overall condition you’d have to be to sustain all of that ‘gayness’.

    Give me someone like Royce Gracie in his prime and he’d have any top flight boxer crippled in a match. No doubt.

    And let’s not even to the effects of long term brain injury.

  • yoda

    good mma fighter would take down good boxer with ease. just different type of fight. i mean, when you are trained for fight at distance (boxing) with your hands only, and suddenly you got a guy throwing low kicks at you, and you don’t know how to defend and move, you are in trouble. and if you got someone who is badass in brasilian jujitsu, who will get to you in a second and throw you down and do some arm bar, you are in world of pain. nothing against boxers, but they are trained in just fist fight (lets call it that way) while mma have full package. me personally, i prefer K-1. i train jujitsu, but its more fun for me to watch stand up fight, and as ex kick boxer i like when you can make combo of punches and kicks.
    as far as that comment that tyson would ko everyone… mma fighters fight with gloves that are designed to protect your knuckles and not opponents face, like boxing gloves are. have you ever seen boxer if few inches cut on forehead still fighting, while bleeding so much that whole ring is red? nope? and its common thing among mma fighters. most fun to watch? k-1. best fighters? mma, hands down

  • Melvin Levett

    Felix Savon…. that is all.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    After the Mayweather-Pacman fight, boxing will retire.

  • LakeShow84

    After the Mayweather-Pacman fight, boxing SHOULD retire.

  • the cynic

    I prefer the versatility and explosivness of MMA, but I still like boxing

  • Marcus

    MMA hands down. To the fans that backed the UFC since it all started. MMA athletes have to do way more training and have to learn so many more things. And the competition…its way more fierce compared to boxing.

    With boxing. Its the same thing. You stand up and you throw punches or if your Flyod Mayweather…you just lay back and make your opponent make a mistake. Some may argue that Anderson Silva does the same thing…that is why Dana White said if he pulls that crap again hes out.

    With MMA. you have to know every form of fighting. You have to know how to perform and defend many submissions and their training/workout programs are just nasty.

    Why do you think theres isnt a “the ultimate boxer”??? its because there would be no fan base for that. The traditionalists will all out go for boxing but come on… youth nowadays, including me, would rather watch Rampage vs Evans than Mayweather vs Hatton… i love both sports and rarely miss an event but the market is more for the UFC and MMA nowadays. Boxing needs more characters like Mayweather or more amazing skilled athletes like Manny if they want to survive…when those two guys retire…well Mayweather already tried that… boxing will die.

    Look at how many MMA brands/products you have out there. it is unbelievable.

    Companies want to pour money into the MMA and the UFC. Boxing…not so much

  • danocasa

    From someone whos father trained him early in boxing and got into mma in college, i must say that mma is a much more entertaining, enjoyable, and safer sport. I played ball between the two sports, but i have to say that mma is one of the hardest things to train and be good at, even for superb athletes.

    For those who think that tyson, mayweather, or whoever is a great boxer would be able to own in mma with little training in other fighting aspects is insane. Is Jason Kapono a great player just because he can shoot threes? same analogy goes towards the former argument. Is a guy who can just box tries to rumble with someone that can wrestle, throw knees in the clinch, or even just KICK hard going to have a chance? Last i checked people’s legs are always longer than people’s arms. And what about legs kicks (kicks on the outside and inside of the fighter’s thigh)? What would Tyson do about a strike like that? Check it? Block it? Boxers know that the legs are just as important as the arms in terms of endurance, strategy, etc. If you keep getting your lead leg slammed by a baseball bat-like kick, you’re not winning shit.

    Plus does a boxer know how to sprawl out and stuff takedowna attempts? I dont care WHO the boxer is, you’re not getting a meaningful punch in on a guy who’s sprinting a two-legged takedown into your stomach. Once you’re on the ground, you not only need to worry about getting mounted and punched in the face, but getting submitted and being choked unconscious or having a broken arm (or leg, or shoulder, or knee, or ankle).

    As far as boxing having more of a social impact than mma, since when did boxing have a LEGITIMATE social impact (not a sideshow spectacle)? The Ali-Holmes fight? That was thirty years ago! Most of the people who read this site werent even born yet! Give me ANY sporting event that has real, social significance in America (keyword: America. The World Cup doesnt mean shit here).

    The strategies in mma are much more complex than in boxing simply because of the vast array of offensive and defensive opportunities. Punches, kicks, elbows, knees, takedowns, throws, wrestling, jujitsu, etc. Boxing is just punches. I know that boxers’ understanding of punching is vastly superior to an mma fighter’s, but a boxer has no understanding of anything else.

    Also, mma is much safer than boxing. In mma you get rocked, woozy, or cannot “intelligetnly defend yourself” and the fight is stopped. In boxing, a fighter gets smashed in the head and gets TEN SECONDS to get back up and get smashed in the face again, plus the fights are much longer in general. There has never been a serious injury (paralysis, brain damage, death) in mma, even back in the day when it really was just two huge dudes punching each other in the face. With all of the new information on concussions, it looks like BOXING is the more barbaric sport.

    Now i grew up with a father that loved boxing, and trained me when i was little. Even he agrees that mma is a much more difficult, effect, entertaining, and safer sport after seeing me spar and train (read: not fight, i am, after all, still a basketball player, and we inheritently dont like getting hit in the face, just ask Carmelo).

    Now i am not hating on boxing. Ali was(is) one of the greatest American sports figures ever. And i think that if he was an mma fighter, he’d be just as good. But the country is different, while boxing has (unfortunately) changed little since those days. And boxing in itself is a beautiful sport.

    But for those people who think that mma is just two dudes humping each other, or that they are just barbaric animals, or that boxers would destroy mma fighters in an mma match(a boxing match would be different), you honestly do not know anything about mma.

    Learn the moves, learn the rules, learn the submissions, and i guarantee you will not think its “gay shit” anymore.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Everyone and their mother is an MMA fighter. That’s how you know the sport is gay/lame. I see dudes with brusies all over them like they just left fight club, claiming to be an MMA fighter. But none of them dare step into a boxing gym with that BS. A boxing trainer will kick you out if you come in there saying you want to “brush up on your boxing for an MMA fight”.

    The original MMA without weight classes was the $h!t. Ever since they tried getting it sanctioned in every state and changing the rules, trying to make it seem like it takes real technique to pull off such stupidly named moves like “Wall climb, superman punch, hammer punch” when these are basic moves that take NO SKILL, I simply threw up in my mouth.

    I’m not saying a GREAT MMA fighter can’t fight. I’m saying a GREAT MMA fighter has a snowballs chance in hell against an avg boxer. That’s how far the distance is between the two sports.

    There was a time when Boxing didn’t use as much skill and it was about brute force. That time has passed and a tactician like Floyd Mayweather, Paul Williams, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson and Manny Paccquio would possibly do permenant brain damage to ANY current MMA champ.

    Also, someone pointed out that boxers use 8ounce and 16 ounce gloves to protect their opponents face. Yes they do, and even with all that padding, look at what happens to the opponents face! That’s how deadly a punch thrown properly can be. Imagine those same punches with that accuracy and speed behind it, then take away the padding and protection for your face. And you’d gladly hop in the ring with Manny Paccquio instead of Rampage? ahhahahahahdfi;jahdikf ja;sdlfjal;sdjf;klasdjfas jdfasjdflkasdjf la jsdflkjasdfklja

    I would pay to see that $h!t.

  • the cynic


    MMA is still in its infancy so obviously some of that rant is true. Freddie Roach has trained with Arlovski, Ortiz, and Anderson Silva for MMA. It takes 200+ shots in boxing to do that kind of damage which can be done in 4 or 5 shots in MMA.

    Where has your J.J Redick hate been lately?

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Chicagorilla

    I agree that the original MMA was garbage.

    However, an average boxer would not destroy a great MMA fighter unless it was a boxing match. In the original MMA with no weight classes Gracie won everytime over a ton of what I have to assume were average boxers. And MMA has evolved a lot since then and boxing not at all.

    If you had MMA rules an average boxer would never win. A boxer has never trained to stop, take downs, jiu jitsu or kicks. MMA fighters have trained their whole life to avoid punches.

    Either way, enjoy it while it lasts because boxing’s popularity is waning and the UFC is everywhere.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Boxings popularity is waning down? Did you not see the purse that Maywether vs Mosely brought in? Something like 3million PPV buys. that’s $50-60 a pop my friend. Just to watch a middle weight fight.

    Boxings popularity in the heavy weight division has went down, because there are no more great heavyweights. The kiltcho’s or however you spell that ish are just not exciting enough.

    But I don’t care about popularity, I only like boxing more because of the skill and technique you need to win. The chess match with fist.
    MMA, just looks like a beefed up version of Wrestlemania to me. And Brock Lessiner is making a specticle of the sport BTW. He clearly can’t fight, yet the let him win. I’m pretty sure that ish is set up.
    That ultimate fight show was pretty cool though, until I watch a fat hillbilly pancake Kimbo until he “tapped out”. lol, so lame. That’s not fighting by the way. Real men throw hands. You pull that grapple shit in the street and you getting yo assed knocked out. You ankle lock somebody and you might end up getting shot.

    @The Cynic
    Yeah I honestly only watch bits and pieces of these playooff games. Not because my bulls aren’t playing, I just hate the way each team plays. Although it does seem like Orl is giving D12 the ball finally. They still fire off too many 3 pointers for my liking. Then watching the Lakers not be able to figure out how to slice up that weak ass zone was even more irritating. Kobe, greatest player in the game, but he can’t lead his team to carving up that zone. The answer: don’t just shoot 3’s you jackass. 3pt line = fools gold.
    As for the Suns and Celtics, The zone defense is gay, man the f^k up and play some real playoff basketball.

  • Chainfire

    This Chicagorilla is one ignorant mofo. Brock can’t fight? Dude was a NCAA Division 1 Champion wrestler! His stand up and grappling might not be superb but did you not see when he punched Heath Herring in the face and crushed his orbital bone(this was from a jab not a power shot)? Did you not see when he knocked out Randy Couture by slightly grazing his temple? Brock would crush any heavyweight boxer because a good wrestler 80% of the time will take down a good striker/boxer. Once on the ground, you’re in a wrestler’s world and a “hammer fist” might not be as technical or skillful as a right cross but Brock’s hammer fists would break your face. You shouldn’t comment on MMA if you haven’t watched many marquee MMA fights.

    And no, the Ultimate Fighter does not count.It is pretty much training ground for up and coming fighters who are new to the sport. The reason the ‘big fat white guy’ took kimbo(who is not a good mma fighter at all) down and layed on him was because the ultimate fighter is a tournament where you have to fight several times in just the span of a few short weeks. The big fat white guy, Roy Nelson chose to win in a safe and unspectacular way to prevent injury and secure his place in the finals during that season. In a pro MMA fight, a fighter would not be soo concerned with injury since they fight on average2-4x a year giving plenty of time to heal from injuries in between bouts.

  • Chainfire

    And furthermore, not all MMA fighters are wrestlers or jui jitsu experts. But now a days, to be a successful mma fighter and champion it is almost a must to have a strong wrestling background and be well-rounded. There are plenty of mma fighters who are considered ‘strikers’ who employ boxing, kick-boxing, muay thai, karate etc. and fight standing. FYI the majority of the time when a lethal ‘striker’ is matched up with a fellow mma fighter who has a strong wrestling pedigree, the wrestler has no problem taking the striker down.

  • air99

    MMA? I’m not really sure what to choose, but one thing is for sure. I would love to see Manny Pacquiao fighting BJ Penn in the octagon. COOL!

  • JAY

    ” @Jay you contradict yourself. If MMA is mixed martial arts and if they are amazing in one thing they can succeed; that means there are MMA fighters who are amazing boxers that could transition to boxing. If Rampage was serious and had as much time as these boxers have to train before any fight, he’ll hold his own. ”

    I don’t feel like I am contradicting myself. I said, there are fighters with boxing as their main discipline fighting in MMA… while there are no MMA fighters in boxing. How is that contradictory? Your whole argument about “there are MMA fighters who are amazing boxers that could transition to boxing” is wrong because the boxers in MMA are BOXERS FIRST, MMA fighter second. If they DID move back into boxing, he just be going back to his pure discipline.
    It’s like a dude born and raised in Poland who immigrated to the USA. He’s still a polish dude, but he’s just in the USA. If he moved back to Poland after 8 years, he’s not American all of a sudden… he’s a polish dude who lived in the states.

    Boxers are transitioning into MMA but not the other way around. So there goes any argument about an MMA fighters can box in the ring. You say, “if rampage this and that”… fact is he ISN’T doing it and nobody in MMA is doing it.

    Fact is boxing is a pure sport. That’s why i like it more than MMA. It’s my preference. I still watch MMA but the sweet science is more entertaining to me.

  • JAY

    Wow, I’m just going back and reading all of these posts about MMA fighters would beat boxers in the ring… CRAZY TALK!!!! People are calling out Chicagorilla and calling him an outright idiot… look in the mirror people.

    Former NFL player Herschel Walker stepped into the octagon at the age of 47 and won. I don’t care WHO he beat. He won at 47…
    FORTY FRIKKIN SEVEN years old!!!
    Not to take anything away from Walker but there is no way in hell he steps into the boxing ring and wins. No way. If Walker can beat an MMA fighter at 47… then a boxer can do the same.

  • JAY

    Hey Austin….
    please see #25.

  • ReddiRed

    @ jay
    Yeah, and George Foreman beat A CHAMPION at 50!!!
    Whats your point??

    You have tomato cans in both sports.
    Tomato can = a chump.

    As in anything you are selling, you use a gimmick.
    I think Brock Lesnar was/is a gimmick. He is a garbage fighter, good wrestler maybe, but garbage fighter so he is not one that i would use in my arguement, however, when you mention Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddel, Wanderlai Silvia, Anderson Silva, Uriah Faber, you’re talking about guys that can FLAT OUT FIGHT.

    A MMA fighter would have a hard time boxing and stands a 40-50% chance out boxing a boxer.
    A boxer simply cannot beat a MMA fighter.

    As much as you boxing fans love boxing, (I love it too), you gotta admit the the above statement is on point.

  • sh!tfaced

    I say I pick boxing for TV and MMA when watching live at ringside.

    MMA has just too many dragging, if not longer, moments for TV.

  • JAY

    George Foreman is a boxer. A boxer beat a boxer.
    Herschel Walker never stepped inside a ring until 47yrs old.

  • ReddiRed

    ok……but, George Foreman @ 50y/o came in and beat THE CHAMP!!!

    That only happens in golf!!! lol.

    Sure, Herschel Walker beat a guy in MMA, but honestly, the guy was probably a tomato can. I’m sure that he did not beat a notable fighter so honestly, that nulls your point because if they would’ve put him in t boxing ring in front of a chump, he would probably still have won.

  • danocasa

    I dont understand how some guys say a boxer would beat even an average mma fighter in an mma fight. like i said in my post earlier, what would a boxer do about leg kicks? Two legged takedowns? Jujitsu? Wrestling? Fine, I will fight you and all you can do is punch me (i bet you can punch REAL hard), but i will be able to kick, elbow, knee, punch, take you down, and do all that same shit on the ground. What’s Mayweather going to do about that? Test me for drugs? Just the simple fact that mma guys have so many more offensive weapons to utilize make it a ridiculous fight.

  • Phileus

    “@ jay
    Yeah, and George Foreman beat A CHAMPION at 50!!!”

    Uhh, owned.

    MMA is a superior fighting style to boxing. Say a grappler charges an outfighter. The outfighter throws three jabs in the time it takes to cover the distance; if he connects, it slows down the grappler. If he doesn’t, it’s over.

    As a sport though? Boxing is better, no question. It is interesting precisely because it is an inefficient method of fighting.

  • Chainfire

    That Hershel Walker fight was boring as hell. So what, a hall of fame athlete who trained MMA for a few years beat up a scrub by laying on him. Talk to me when he beats an actual stud and has an exciting fight. You have to watch the studs in MMA to gain any appreciation for it. I don’t watch scrub wannabe boxers and then base my opinion on such.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JAY — I know the Bruce Lee fights we saw were in the movies, but if you really think he couldn’t hold his own in real life, I don’t know what to tell you. But I suppose I have an unfair advantage because I grew up around some guys in Seattle who trained with Bruce Lee and they told me stories from the gym when I was a kid.