• D3W

    Nobody cares. By the time he gets here, the PG’s of his draft class will have 2-3 years on him and he will never catch up. Granted he is only 19 years old so he will have the time to catch up, experience is such a huge factor in the NBA that he screwed himself by leaving. He should have never been in last years draft. Such a waste. Set the Timberwolves organization back atleast 5 years…and they were already behind.

  • The Other Aj

    Kahn is an idiot. He knew last year that Rubio didn’t want to play in Minnesota. Instead of immediately trading his rights for a another player later in the draft (ie collison, etc.) He held on to him playing a stupid game of chicken that they have lost. Now he going to get peanuts trying to trade him to NYC, LA, etc.

  • tja

    d3w is also an idiot

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Rising Star award? That’s lame. Sounds like an award they created just so they could give him an award.

  • the big fundamental

    6.7 points per game is very mediocre if you ask me!

  • tp

    @4 thanks for the lols. it really sounds like a most improved award, seems like he has a lot of work to do every year! (biggest bust ever award is coming next)

  • anen

    this article is garbage it’s the same old rumors from a year ago

  • oh

    u guys r morons. he just led his team to the euroleague championship at 19 years old. obviousluy u guys dont realize that it is the second most competitvie league in the world which features all of europes best teams. it is right behind the nba in terms of talent level and he just won the champonship. i think he has a pretty bright future

  • Flip

    @5: Looks like youre not aware that Games in the Euroleague are shorter than in the NBA. Plus, he’s a distributing point guard, not a scorer.

    Nothing great yet, but not as bad as you make it sound.

  • Jau

    U kno who else won the rising star award? Andrea bargnani…nuff said

  • finals

    Rubio’s going to minni to tear it up with turner, love, jefferson, what ever 20 mil can buy them (max contract, gay, igoudala?… +),flynn, darko, brewer,ellington.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. Rising Star Award. Sounds like something they give out at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

  • jdstorm

    So basically kahn passed on having Rubio, because he wanted to draft another PG with the next pick.

    then Rubio goes on to win the euro rookie of the year equivalent and championship. sounds like a great desicion

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Rubio may tear it up(I think he can be a very effective NBA point guard) but that team you just listed is not a winning team. Any team who gives a max contract to Gay or Igoudala is living in a skewed sense of reality.

  • BC

    When did Rubio start doing ads for American Apparel?

  • Pruvio

    Rising Star Award is like the Rookie of the Year award, it’s for the best player under 22 years old.

    Rubio is putting way better numbers than Brandon Jennings did. Plus, he’s the starting PG and one of the best players for the best team in Europe by far, not a backup for a middle-of-the-road team.

    Stats in Europe aren’t that important and can be very misleading. Rubio is a baller. I wasn’t very high on him last Summer, I thought it was mostly hype, but this season he proved me wrong, he’s going to be crazy good. Best prospect in Europe since Pau Gasol and Dirk. His floor vision, creativity and game management skills are breath-taking. Plus, he’s a hell of a defender.

  • Neumms

    Rubio is going to be great. That was the smart move. Jonny Flynn was the dumb move. What the Wolves needed was a shooter, like, say, Curry.

  • BUDZ

    what was BRANDON JENNINGS stat during his euro stay?

    did he get any playing time or playoff experience there in europe?

    mediocre stats. no achievements at all.

    but he played really well in his rookie season in the NBA despite doing nothing in europe.

    what do you think rubio will do when he gets in the NBA?

    stupid haters.

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  • ted yu

    He was a starting point guard in for the champions of the 2nd most competitive league in the world. That’s enough for me that he made the right move.