Smack / May 28, 2010 / 12:32 am

Say Queensbridge

Ron-Ron was money

Except for a couple of dudes in Detroit, is there anybody who doesn’t love Ron Artest? In a Lakers/Suns tiebreaker Game 5 that was headed for one of two finishes — Kobe Bryant being the hero or Steve Nash being the hero — Ron stole the show and the after-party … Blowing what had seemed like a safe second-half lead because they couldn’t stop Nash (29 pts, 11 asts), the Lakers were only up three with under a minute to go in the fourth quarter. Artest bricked a jumper, and after Pau Gasol got the offensive board, Artest immediately jacked a trey as the entire Staples Center screamed “NOOOO!” Given another life after the Artest miss, Phoenix had four good looks at a game-tying three, finally cashing in when Jason Richardson banked one in (and sold it like he meant to do it) with 3.5 seconds left. Lakers ball, and you know it’s going to Kobe. He got off a fadeaway with two guys on him and air-balled, but Artest snuck in for a quick putback at the buzzer. Ballgame … In the post-game interview Ron-Ron did his usual hilarious stream-of-consciousness thing, and before signing off, Artest told Craig Sager, “Say Queensbridge.” Sager awkwardly did it. Next game-winner, Ron is gonna tell Sager to grab his d*** if he loves hip-hop … For the first eight minutes or so, it looked like the Lakers wouldn’t even have a chance at a game-winner. The Suns came out on fire, with Amar’e playing tough defense and J-Rich scoring early, which is always a bad sign for a Phoenix opponent. Kobe (30 pts, 11 rebs, 9 asts, 4 blks) picked up two quick fouls and had to sit down, but of all the people to pick up the slack for L.A.’s offense and get them back in it, Derek Fisher (22 pts) scored nine straight to give L.A. its first lead at the end of the first quarter … The Lakers were knocking on a 20-piecing in the third quarter before Jared Dudley and Channing Frye (14 pts, 10 rebs) helped Phoenix get back in it with their outside shooting. Remember, these guys were random role players at best in Charlotte and Portland, respectively, before going to the Suns. Just goes to show how much luck and opportunity figures into building a solid NBA career … Just when Alvin Gentry was making everybody forget he used to coach the Clippers and building his own legacy as a good coach, he eats some bad avocado and will now be known as “The NBA coach who threw up during a game.” We could only imagine Vince McMahon watching the game at home screaming, “HE’S GONNA — HE’S GONNA PUKE!” … Can we get a rule where anybody in the crowd who acts like a dummy trying to get on camera gets ejected from the building? If you’re not Jim Carrey and it’s not an “In Living Color” skit, knock it off … Who told Phil Jackson it was a good idea to switch on screens and allow your 7-footer (Gasol) to guard Nash? There’s plenty of footage of Nash giving his boy Dirk Nowitzki savage buckets in that situation to tell you it’s risky … Biggest surprise of the night: When Andrew Bynum blocked a Grant Hill jumper, both of them fell down together, and nobody got hurt … How about the Sasha Vujacic vs. Goran Dragic subplot? This is what was supposed to happen at the end of Hoop DreamsArthur Agee and William Gates squaring off in the NBA on the big stage and trading buckets — only this was the Slovenian Hoop Dreams. And why are we supposed to be surprised that Dragic and Vujacic don’t like each other? Is it because they’re from the same country, so they’re supposed to be cool? Last we checked, Q-Rich and Paul Pierce are both from America and they don’t get along … Mid-game Twitter post by Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh): “Sittin here watchin the game. I’m gonna have to make sure I schedule my vacation a lot later next year.” Not to start any rumors, but that could sound like a guy who doesn’t plan on playing for the Raptors next year … We’re out like calling glass …

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  • fallinup

    Now that’s how a game is supposed to end! Ron Ron! From the doghouse to penthouse in seconds. Haha.

    Nothing to hang your heads about phx. That was one hell of a comeback.

  • fallinup


  • control

    Fuck…god damn…

    Nash is a beast though.

    Fuck. Derek Fisher might be the dirtiest player in the league since Bowen disappered…just watch the guy a full quarter.

  • netstar

    loved hearing the entire staples center chant “beat him up” during the sasha-gorgan bit

  • hahns

    nash was a MONSTER. the guy seriously could not miss 20ft away from the basket. he did look a little rattled in the 4th w/ some ill advised passes…but he willed the suns back into the game.

    and aside from the beast state lines kobe’s been putting up- has kobe ever played basketball this efficiently in his life? its seriously a different kobe. for one, the guys simply isnt missing shots. 2, hes not trying to beat teams all by himself- which is what he tried to do his whole career. analysts loved to say “kobe is finally trusting his teammates!” but i never thought that was true- until now. and seeing him do it now is really a beautiful thing. the way he picks his spots, passes the ball, and plays intelligent defense is really fun to watch.

  • Sai Kommdi

    What a biased article…he doesnt even care to mention that the pheonix suns fought back. Just another Laker fan wrinting another bandwagon article

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    rub your d@ck if you love hiphop.rooofl.that was funny.
    picture ya boy @ fox n hound in theH.only lakers fan surrounded by sun fans, all screming for j- rich.artest hits that shyyt and I pull out the old P.
    uuuuuuugh.Na na na na !!!!!!!
    all alone all happy as shyt.life is good.
    and I get paid in 5 minutes.
    uuuugh nanananaaah !!!

  • crimewave

    queensbridge in the building!!

    @hahns co-sign everything you said

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    ps : I was also dying when artest took that shot.
    :completely deflated after j.rich!

  • sh!tfaced

    Shit, nobody likes Sasha Vujacic. Dragic just happens to be a fellow Slovenian.

    “The NBA coach who threw up during a game” is better than “The NBA coach who clung to Alonzo Mourning’s leg”.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis quest???

    what a great game, i hate the fucking lakers!…that shit was funny though, everyone in the building said noooooooooooooo to ron artest when he jacked up that three. I went from straight up fucking dancing when j rich hit that three to straight out punching the walls when ron artest traveled and hit that fucking game winner.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis quest???

    if they ever make a movie about dragic’s life, louis stevens should play him. They look like they were separated at birth.

  • sh!tfaced

    If they ever make a movie with Vujacic on it, Russell Brand should play him.

  • K Dizzle


    that’s just called playin tough and tenacious, my man.
    22 points from Fish? Who saw that comin?
    Like I said, watch the game and see how Nash only got by Fish once without a pick…
    Can’t wait til saturday

  • Holladay

    For the record the line goes; Grab your dick if you love hip-hop. Now say Queensbridge!!

  • Jay

    Can someone please tell me why Channing freaking Frye was out there on the last defensive possession of the game??? I can guarantee that Lou Amundson or even Robin Lopez would have at least made an attempt at tracking down that airball instead of jostling with Gasol (and losing) and watching the play unfold.

    I know most of the blame goes on JRich for letting Artest swoop in, but I can’t understand why Gentry didn’t have his best defenders/rebounders/hustle players in the game during that possession.

  • A.R.

    Ok…who saw those buckets comin from fish? is Nash really that bad of a defender? Or was Fish just in the mood to go to war? Crazy….


  • AZ

    Bout time there is a great game this post season.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @quest??? — I think Dragic looks like Jack from “Will & Grace.”

  • gilford22

    That was funny dime “Grab his d***”. HAHA, although I was rooting for the suns to win it. DAMN

  • john

    Kobe this series :

    33 ptos – 7,4 rebs – 9,6 assists – 50% FG

    Yes, he is declining …

  • pj

    this is the post of the year. utter hilarious genius. congrats, dimemag writer

  • the cynic

    Hopefully this is one of those moments that change a player cause i’m getting tired of watching Artest jack up garbage.

    J Rich went from Hero to Bum in 5 secands. While Artest went from Bum to Hero in a minute

    Dargic would probably mess Sasha up

  • A.R.

    lol its hilarious to see how much Sasha pisses everyone off. Remember when Carmelo choked him? lmao but hey of all the “scuffles” Sasha’s been in i think he could of won this one. That Dragic kid doesn’t look too difficult to take out.

  • Ian

    that would make me hate brand man.

    i bet my car that kid can beat the shit outta the machine.

    29 and 11
    from the best pg in the league yeah i said it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis quest???

    @ austin i can see that resemblance too

  • jdstorm


    if they ever made a movie about Dragic they should use that dude from friday night lights.


    ROFL @ grab ya dick if you love hip hop!


  • common sense

    man. i felt like pukin up in my mouth when that shot went down. and for real. fu@k derek fisher. that guy and his goblin face get to me. F$#k you derek.

  • porkpiehat

    Lots of observations for this game. But to sum it up in a word…Queensbridge.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    don’t say that too loud. The DWill and Rondo people will lose their minds. Scary shit is that this season was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any of his mvp seasons.

    For the haters, that was a big F-U from DFish from our fans to yours. Stoppin judgin a winner in the regular season…

  • Brickshooting J

    I was very dissapointed in Jason Richardson for that last play. Can’t you just box out your man?

  • common sense

    man not to harp on, but the officiating yesterday was the way it should be. when people make excuses for human error thats B.S. they can get it right when they choose to. you didn’t even notice them yesterday and that is the way it should be ALL the time. WHAT A GAME.

  • 808

    “Next game-winner, Ron is gonna tell Sager to grab his d*** if he loves hip-hop”

    That sht literally made me laugh out loud.

  • jzsmoove

    I dont like kobe. I dont like this version of the Lakers. I am happy for Artest that he made that last shot. I wouldnt have liked for him to be remembered as the one who cost the Lakers a championship. overall it was a pretty fucken awesome game, and i would have kicked myself in the nuts if i didnt keep on watching. i almost turned off the tv when PHX was down big in the 3rd.

  • That’s What’s Up

    It’s funny cause Sager would actually do it.

    I can see him, in a lime green suit with orange shoes and a yellow tie, cradling his own junk with a gangsta lean and shoutin’ out “Queens-briiiiiiidge!!!”

  • sweetv0mit

    How can Stoudamire only have 4 rebounds and Channing Frye has 10? AND HES A “PERIMETER” PLAYER!!!!! just saying…..

  • Otto

    1. Did anyone see the piece-o-ass sitting behind Alvin Gentry?
    2. Jared Dudley looks like my penis after I masturbate. I can’t explain it, but it’s true.

  • Rafa23

    @K Dizzle
    How was Nash way better this season than in his MVP seasons? care to explain?

  • JJ

    Still dont love or like artest, it had o do with him not feeding his dogs. they were lef straving until a neighbor say….funny how people have a love/hate relationship with athletes…good put back for him after aking the 3 hough.

  • D.I. Dollar

    What a f#cking game. How the Lakers allowed the Suns to come back is beyond me, but a W is a W any way you can get it. Fundamentals are key and if Lamar blocks out Nash instead of just standing and watching J-Rich doesn’t get the shot and we go to the free throw line to ice it.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Saturday. It’s ON!!!

  • gyp

    If the game had gone into overtime Phoenix would have won. They had all the momentum and Nash couldn’t miss

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    You should never admit you know anything about Will & Grace.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Some thangs:

    The last two possessions of the ball game was ALL THAT.

    I saw Robin Lopez try to get BIG with AB but got TOM HANK’d in the process.
    Props to Andrew Bynum for shutting this dude down.
    And as a bonus, AB scored significantly much, much more than him.
    (AB had 2 pts)

    Suns were dribbling wayyyyy too much in the 1st half. LA must be bigger than they appear on TV because, ehh, Dragic and Nash was having problems (seeing over the tree tops I guess) in the early going.

    Pint-Sized Steve Nash grabbed 2 O BOARDS.
    Steve Nash had MORE offensive rebounds than premier BIG FORWARD Amar’e Stoudemire.

    Lamar was ABUSING whoever had him on the block.

    Walton, Brown, Vujacic and Farmer are collectively just “gap-fillers” or “ICOE’s” or “Victory Cigars.”
    ICOE = In Case of Emergency

    This LAKESHOW squad is a 6 MAN TEAM.

    Case in point : Odom literally snatched a rebound from Vujacic. Then dressed him down in front of the Staples Center and TV cameras. Then admonished him some more and told him to get his azz back on O. Then, when Vujacic insisted that the rebound was in fact his rebound…Lamar said GIT-DA-F***-OUTTA-HERE. Sasha started crying, threw a hissy fit and his 5 minutes of tick was over. And a gap was filled.

    This is all happened in 1.3 seconds by the way.

    Kobe had a stretch where he made 3 3s in the most calm, casual, and natural manner. The 3s aint the big deal. The big deal is, he was creating from the jump. It was a 5 point lead top of the 2nd. Then Kobe went to work. Dishing and Getting Busy and playing TOUGH AZZ D. He also made a tough ass jumper when he launched a joint after hanging in the wind for like 5 minutes, then on his way back down to earth he perfectly pitched the ball of the backboard for 1 of the most difficult bank shots ever. Very Nice!

    Me and my boy, we’re in the bar…after that tough shot I said to him, “Kobe…Kobe just…Kobe always…”

    And my bol said, “DOING SOME KOBE SH*T!”

    Couldn’t have said it BETTER!! Not MJ, not LBJ…it’s 24’s signature to be doing some off-balance, tough as all hell, body all banged up but steal posting up POWER FORWARDS on the block type stuff. ILLLLLLL

    That’s gonna be Kobe’s legacy : DIFFICULT TOUGH CLUTCH
    Apply this three-word construction to ANYthing this guy does on the court.

  • LAballer

    imma just say…

    i love the lakers so much i punch myself in the face repeatedly just to sport some purple while wearing a banana outfit…

  • Claw

    WTF was JRich and Nash doing out there on a defensive possession? Robin Lopez, Luis, Dragic guys that actually play D might have been a better option. Can’t complain too much because they were so close but that lineup at the end was an offensive lineup not defensive.

    What’s all the Kobe talk? Airball with 2 guys on him, great shot, yeah that’s cluth. He’ll hit 3s all day long with Nash on him.

    Lakers are done game 6, they can’t hang with PHX at home it will come down to game 7 and hopefully Gentry doesn’t get the grilled advocado and forget how to be a D lineup in when needed.

  • QQ

    Jesus with the long fucking posts.


    Make History!

    And Fuck Yall, still!

    All of you are the reason my good name is destroyed, hence the lack of posting.

  • fallinup

    @ 38

    I saw that piece of ass behind Gentry, Otto. Even took to DVR replay to verify. Too bad she was sittin next to them two ugly broads that were probably her sisters. haha

    Lakers games especially… is reason enough to love HD. You can’t help but notice the people in the stands.

  • LakeShow84

    How you guys like that game??

    @ Control

    Whats our excuses for today?? Oh yeah we won so there aint none.. Geez well i hope we can still hit 100 :)

    And bigups to Bennet Salvatore and his crew for one of the worst officiated games of the post season.. those foo’s had me out there pulling my hair out..


    LAKERS ALL DAY.. only difference from last year is we aint offensively explosive like we were last year to weather said BULLSHIT games..

    Only thing ive seen from Phoenix is heavy ref support and a good 9 point burst from they bench..

    But Nash will always be a beast :)

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    And everyone gettin on Kobe for the airball should admire the mans basketball smarts..

    If he wouldve held onto it and pump faked there wouldnt have been anytime left for Artest game winner..

    Smart play from the Mamba.. GREAT effort by Artest to not give up..

    Hopefuly this wakes him up and he dont shoot 2-9 but that may be asking too much.. Dude can be a frickin bone head on offense lol..

  • control


    I don’t know if I’d be completely happy with that win, it required a VERY lucky buzzer beating shot from Ron Artest to win at home? You guys were making the same mistakes over and over (Pau on Nash? Ron Artest in general).

    The reffing WAS bad(as usual in NBA, they did miss a travel on Nash, but they missed 4 on Lamar), but it wasn’t obviously biased towards either team. The main reason the Suns got back into it is because their bench went into “can’t miss” mode…that ain’t the refs.

    People saying it’s Nash’s fault Derek Fisher scored 22 pts…they were playing a zone for almost all of the game…do you people saying that know what that means?

    If I’m a Laker fan, I’m pretty scared going into Phx for the next game. Kobe is playing out of his damn mind right now, and the Lakers are just barely winning…he staggers even a little bit and the Suns can take em out.

    Suns in 7! ;)

  • Dave

    re: 31. I have to say that it’s tough to argue with a playoff winner point guard, but in reality Nash hasn’t gone any further than DWill and hasn’t done as much as Rondo in the playoffs.
    There are players who can beat teams in the regular season, then there are guys who can lead their teams to wins in the playoffs. Not sure anyone outside of Rondo (top pg’s) has actually done that recently.

  • tahir

    i m willing to bet a 1000.00 dollars that ron artest said queens bridge because they are gone show that clip on the entourage…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    So what if Kobe staggers and Pau and Lamar show up with monster games?? I think we would take that and win right??

    And aint nothing lucky about a put back lol.. all about effort son..

    if anybodys lucky it Phoenix.. The NBA trying to make this competetive.. once again these foo’s win the FT battle and it aint purely out of aggression.. too many bad calls yesterday when we were about to apply foot to throat..

    And that shit was clearly one sided.. Everytime they had a nail in the coffin comin they got some bullshit call.. Off the top of my head i can say Amare had 2-3 charges, Nash traveled a GOOD 3 times on his passes and the list goes one..

    And whose scared.. This is our series to lose keep that in mind.. If anything we Laker fans is happy cuz Phoenix had they best chance fly out the window last night..


    Get ready to take a nap peeps :)

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    @control :J-Rich’s desperation bank in three was just as lucky as Ron-Ron’s putback
    @Tahir: I’ll bet $1000 that Ron Artest has started drinking 40’s at
    halftime again.Sometimes I think that he forgets that he is even playing in a NBA playoff game.

    Steve Nash is the only player that makes leaving your feet when passing look fundemental

  • control


    You got me there, JRich’s shot was just as lucky…


    Derek Fisher grabs any player like a leech when they move near him. Lamar shuffles his pivot like he’s a boxer doing foot drill exercises. I’m not a Lakers hater, nor am I a really strong Suns fan, so I’m not really looking through tinted glasses when watching. The reffing sucked, but it was pretty even.

    We just gotta wait until game 6, see who shows up to play the entire game. Kobe is a fucking beast right now, if he keeps it up then the Lakers are pretty much unstoppable…

  • Ian

    its ok man i think im safe im yellin it nash is the pg. rondo is not in the argument imo and deron got bounced easily by the same team nash has a chance at beating. i had parker and paul last season as 1 and 2 but now its nash again and deron.

  • Claw

    Kobe is keeping them in, averaging a high point triple double but the thing is its 3-2 and that last game was close. You want to call Amare for charges what about Odom and his 3 steps and then that blatant travel in the final minutes. DFish is an offensive foul waiting to happen.

    JRich’s shot was lucky but they had 3 chances so hitting 1 of 3 isn’t too lucky. I would pay money to see Sasha and Dragic go at it, doesn’t look like too much love lost there after Dragic took his place on the Slovekian team (Sasha was hurt).

    Game 6 is already over, they’ll be a game 7.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Rafa – no problem explaining

    5 seasons after Nash won his first mvp, he puts up nearly identical numbers this season. Nobody had Phoenix doin anything this season. Look at that roster. The man won mvps with Marion, Joe Johnson, QRich, Raja, Diaw, etc.
    This season, they replace Shaq with Frye(who was ‘done’), Hill is 37 and they were dependin on Jared Dudley/Channing Frye and Brook Lopez Lite Lite to help out. Dude goes out at 35 years old and shoots 50-40-90 w/ 16 and 11 and now they’re in the conference finals. Take Nash off the Suns and they don’t make top 12 out west. Dude done more this year than in 2004-2006 if you look at his squad.

    Nate Robinson is killin!!!
    @ Dime – If Nate’s a free agent after this season, somebody gonna lace his pockets…