Smack / May 13, 2010 / 5:03 am

So Much Wrong with LeBron

With no games on the schedule and only tonight’s Celtics/Cavs Game 6 to look forward to, LeBron James was at the center of the basketball world’s attention as everybody tried to make sense of just what the hell happened to the game’s biggest superstar when he choked in the biggest game of his season … At any time Wednesday you could have gone to any sports website, and 85% of them would’ve had LeBron as the top story. When they weren’t signing the death certificate on the King’s reign as a clutch player, they were stamping his plane ticket out of Cleveland, or playing doctor regarding LBJ’s elbow. Or it went the complete opposite direction: Excusing Game 5 as just one bad night, trying to talk Cleveland fans off the ledge that their guy isn’t going anywhere, or presuming he’ll ignore any elbow pain to drop 50 in tonight’s crucial Game 6 … After a lot of arguing (with a little yelling) in the Dime office, naturally we couldn’t come to a consensus as a team. There are only four things on which we could all agree: (1) LeBron’s bad game was more the exception than the rule; (2) It’s not going to be completely his fault is the Cavs lose this series; (3) You’ll never be able to convince a signed-and-sealed LeBron hater that it’s not completely LeBron’s fault; and (4) If the Cavs lose, the chances ‘Bron signs with another team this summer increase over whatever they were going into the playoffs … Oh, and there’s this other team that will be on the court, some dudes wearing green and white. Paul Pierce finally found his scoring rhythm in Game 5, so if he and Ray Allen are hitting again, Cleveland is in trouble. This is where Mo Williams‘ defensive shortcomings become a real problem. Mike Brown has to use some combination of Mo, LeBron, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Delonte West to contain Pierce, Ray and Rajon Rondo. Mo has to be on the court to spread the floor and knock down shots, only he can’t handle any of Boston’s perimeter guys defensively … Either way, LeBron HAS TO play a good game. F*ck the elbow, f*ck the crowd, f*ck the pressure (so says Stephen Jackson), f*ck the coaching, f*ck the refs. There won’t be any leeway or excuses for LeBron if he doesn’t come through with a W … One guy who’s grateful for LeBron stealing all the headlines is Dwyane Wade. He has some serious drama in his life right now. On top of the messy divorce trial coming up later this summer, Wade’s estranged wife filed a lawsuit against his girl, Gabrielle Union, then yesterday the ex turned herself in on a warrant for no-showing a court date for the divorce. And you thought being an NBA superstar pulling down eight figures a year and waking up next to Gabby Union every morning would be the perfect life, huh? … Remember Shaheen Holloway? He was a McDonald’s All-American PG back in ’96 who starred at Seton Hall (still the school’s all-time assists leader) but was always overshadowed in the Big East during the Khalid El-Amin era. Holloway just got hired as the top assistant under new Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard. The Pirates were .500 in the Big East last season, and have a solid foundation coming back in mad bomber Jeremy Hazell — think Wayne Ellington with a perma-green light and J.R. Smith‘s conscience — and pro prospect forward Herb Pope, each of whom pulled their name out of the Draft before the deadline … Putting together a list of the NBA’s Top 5 Poster Dunks from this season was tough, so we stuck Dime rookie Rey Jefferson with the job. Derrick Rose, Carmelo and D-Wade are among those making a cameo. Check out the list and give us your Top 5 … We’re out like excuses …

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  • Bruce

    I am still hating, Lebron must be humbled before he can be great, just like Mike and Kobe!

  • Bruce

    I was wondering something. What if Lebron joins the Lakers? Is that possible? I am too big on the salary cap and all. Maybe one of you guys can enlighten me.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    except Kobe got humbled through a court case, almost becoming a real-life Rick Fox in OZ case…here’s to Lebron getting to the line a lot and not giving in…

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    I don’t think it about being humbled as such, its more about earning whats given – coming into the NBA no one has ever been feted as the greatest ever before winning ONE FUCKING GAME. Getting swept in his first finals didn’t stop the media sucking his cock, maybe not getting to the finals 2 years in a row from the best record in the NBA will.

    Remember Mitch Richmond? Never got near a title but the boy could score for days – i see a similar path for LeBron unless he changes his focus – the billions will come from winning titles not marketing

    I know I’m a witness to something

  • egypt

    @2…. no it would have to be a sign and trade, and no way cleveland does that without gutting your la roster anyways… so it would essentially be kobe lebron and djmbenga

  • JJ

    Since when did everyone start to think that Kobe & MJ are humbled? Pls they’re not humbled!!!

    People should stop with this shit of saying Kobe & MJ are humbled, they never were and never will be. Its just that Lebron acts like an ass, more often than not.

  • sh!tfaced

    Last chance, LeDouche. That LeElbow better not LeChoke again tonight or it’ll be LeGone for LeBron.

    Here’s to “The King” getting a well deserved Royal Flush down his crapper/throne tonight and out of Cleveland.

  • Bruce

    The Bad Boys of Detroit HUMBLED Jordan! Kobe was HUMBLED by Shaq and the air-balls in Utah. Shaq reminded Kobe about those air-balls too!


    Kobe and MJ are both certified cocks, just certified cocks with rings.
    I hope the Cavs get demolished tonight, in part because im a Bron hater and in part because i want him to join the Knicks.
    If he goes bananas and drops 65/13/12 and the Cavs go on to win the series and LeBron stays in Cleveland forever, ill hate him even more.

  • Bruce

    I thought Lebron is able to opt-out of his contract, free to sign with any team. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    LeBron could sign for the league minimum – how fucking crazy would that be, he’d be free to sign to the best situation rather than the team with the cheapest payroll.

    Its not like he needs the money

  • Bruce

    Kobe, Lebron, and a bunch of role players. DJ is a role player! Kobe and Lebron is good tandem, good enough to win 1 or 2 rings. Good enough to take on the world!

  • yoda

    and in other news, there is some dude with broken finger, swollen knee, fucked up ankle and who knows what else, 6 years older then lecrab with impressive mileage on his resume, doing his job, not complaining about some sore part, getting it whats needed to get another ring….

  • Bruce

    I am like Spike Lee, whom sold his soul to the devil. For tonight, I will be rooting for Boston. Not because I hate Lebron. No, it is not even like that. I never thought I would see myself rooting with affiliated Boston fans, pure fan or band-wagoners!

    I am rooting for Boston because I don’t want that 7-Feet tall, 300 plus pounds MONKEY to get a shot at Ring #5.

  • Dave

    Here’s a question for ya’ll Dime readers..

    There seems to be a lot of people signing “Lebron’s death certificate as a clutch player”. What does he have to do from now on to vindicate himself?

    What does Lebron have to do to NOT be hated, and for YOU to start loving/appreciating him?

  • Soopa

    Seriously, just imaging if lebron said “f*** the money” and joins, say, the Thunder? Learn som post moves over the summer and start at PF when the season starts!

  • Dave


    For me, I think Lebron is the best in the game. Guys his height are just not supposed to be able to do the things he does. Lebron leads or led the league in crunch-time points. He’s shown his passion by working on his game and developing a jump shot. I don’t deny his skill and appreciate that he’s an all-around great player.

    The King moniker and Chosen One moniker were given to him by the media, he didn’t make it up himself, so I don’t think that’s his fault. I’m a music producer and people say I make hits like Timbo.. That’s not true at all, but I don’t go around telling people it’s not. I accept and even feed into it.

    But what he says in interviews and stuff like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSCoLWJZnL8) just makes me shake my head sometimes about Lebron.

    Excellent, amazing, fantastic ball-player.. but he comes across as such an arrogant asshole whether true or not. I could care less about his overall demeanor, he just needs a championship to back up all that talk and behavior.

  • sh!tfaced

    I don’t know about LeBron, but I see Dwyane Wade saying it.
    F*ck the money! and get this legal Fatal Attraction over with so I can start being like Mike (Lowery) and bang Gabrielle Union in peace.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Guys his height are just not supposed to be able to do the things he does.”

    Guys his stature are also not supposed to be able to the choking he does.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dave, get over it – LeDouche threw his sweats away from a ball-boy….on the road. Have you ever played road games? If it was a home game it would be news. Dave – Get. Over. It.

    Good to see BRUCE has his post-season Racism Game back in effect

  • jm

    Only makes sense Holloway gets the top asst job at his alma mater because he was Willard’s top asst at Iona last season. Natural progression.

  • JAY

    Good luck to Shaheen Holliway. Awesome player.

  • star_bury

    How does Dwyane’s ex having to turn herself in on a warrant for no-showing a court date for the divorce make his life any less perfect? Wouldn’t that put a big smile on his face??

  • QQ

    ‘You’ll never be able to convince a signed-and-sealed LeBron hater that it’s not completely LeBron’s fault’.

    Ok let me use that too. You’ll never be able to convince a signed-and-sealed LeBron dick rider that somehow the real fans know what they’re saying and that it’s not just mindless hating.

    If you read your articles, you’ll see that fans here are essentially saying ‘Bron’s a beast and exceptionally awesome baller, but fans are irked because of the self-indulgent way he handles himself’. It’s not ‘LeBroN Suxxxorz so mUch, He can’t PlaY BasKetball xoxox’.

    Don’t yall get it? We know he’s a beast. We know he’s the most gifted athlete to come along in decades. We know he’s the MVP. We know that anyone who drops 29-8-7 every time is UNREAL. Personally, seeing him play astonishes me because I know no one can come close to his sheer dominance. You hear that? I APPRECIATE THE GUY.

    We hate on him not because he can’t play, but because he acts that he’s anointed. He’s not that silent killer like Kobe. He’s that loud, annoying, self-righteous punk who’s strutting like a champion, when in fact he isn’t. That’s the fucking reason.

    Get it now? Cause yall always shoving down our fucking throats that we’re just these dumbasses who just wants to hate on youre favorite playe. Dammit.

    If yall just read a portion of your fucking comments section, you’ll understand where we are coming from.


    I know it aint over yet. Like I said in the last Smack, maybe Bron will make us look like fools by dropping 60, or draining a turn around 3pt game winner. We never know. Gotta give him the chance.

    It’s now or never Bron. Now or never.

  • ShowKase

    If he’s smart, he’d go to Orlando. “If you cant beat them, join them…for the league minimum.”

  • Stephen Jackson


    That’s why he has a “chosen one” tattoe on his body…yeah the media inked that one for sure!

  • fallinup

    I think it’s safe to assume that the collective basketball world will be tuned into ESPN around prime time tonight. That’s a given. What will happen… no one knows, and no one has the balls to call it. Even Vegas is just favoring Boston -1 right now. That’s pretty much saying, “Shit! I don’t fucking know!”

    There’s no way that Bron puts up two stinkers, right? All signs point to no. But no one wants to call a winner. Boston is playing awesome. Lebron and the Cavs have to bounce back… they just have to. This , and maybe the next game have to quite possibly be the most important game(s) for the league in a really really long time. In fact, I can’t remember a time where the outcome of a game meant so much to so many.

    One thing is for damn sure. To have tickets for game 6 in Boston is the #1 dream of any sports fan right now. May the basketball gods bless us with a tremendous game.

    All hate for Lebron goes out the window come tonight. Yeah, I’ll be rooting for Boston to win… but this has nothing to do with Lebron. This has everything to do with a damn good scenario… for a damn good game. I’ll save the hating for after the buzzer. :)

    Games like these are what true NBA fans live for. Yep, we know drama.

    Shameless plug: And if you happen to be at the game tonight… with a celly in hand. You should check out what Bill Simmons is trying to do over twitter.


    Organized chanting. Haha… don’t take it too seriously, really. But, it could be a new trend none the less.

  • http://www.netz-frucht.de Oo

    @ Post #4 – Mitch Richmond has a ring. He got it with a ride on the 2k2 Lakers Roster.

    On Lebron, i guess he wanted to take a point to his Teammates. This night he will be all of the Celtics again.
    Even if the Cavs will survive the Celtics, they won’t beat Orlando, this Team is on a roll.
    Phoenix will be taken out by my Lakers in 6.
    So it’s Lakers vs. Magic again. And this time i expect the series to go 7. With the last shot taken by the Finals MVP Ron Artest (just kidding, you already know…)

    Go Lakers!

  • Ianny b

    i don’t see lebron dancing now huh. he’s the best player(not closer) in the game right now. Give me D-wade less the divorce issues any day. With a strong support cast ie

  • sh!tfaced


    You tell ‘em, man. We’re haters, not blind haters. LOL.

    LeDouche is like this awesome poker player. He’s got talent, the skill, the works and even a bit of luck. He can read you like an open book and bluff with the best of them. He dominates the tables, doesn’t matter who or what. Anytime. Anywhere. He’s just that good.

    But then he gets a chance to play the high stakes, big money tables, all of a sudden, all he does is fold, fold, fold. Pocket rockets. Never mind. Fold. Top pair. Still fold. Short stack. Fold. Check, sir? Fold.

  • bakedbeing


    Imagine LeBron sliding into VC’s role in Orlando. I don’t know Vince’s contract sitch, but holy f*cking hell.

  • control

    I missed yesterday’s 200 comment hate fest thread, so I’ll jump into the game a little late. I find it so funny that people bitch me out for hating on guys like Rondo and Valgina, then I see them running out 200 comments of hate on LeBron. That is just funny, the guy IS the best player in the NBA. I seen a guy bashing his skills, when that same guy was bashing me for bashing Valgina’s lack of skills…now THAT is comedy.

    Now, LeBron is a douchebag right now, is there any question about that? I don’t think so, not one person would be surprised if it was released that LeBron sent him mom a Mother’s day card saying “The King loves His mommy and wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day” with a signed LeBron James #23 Jersey as a gift. No one would be surprised if after that came out, his comment to the press was “King James’ mommy was spoiled over the years because He always gets her great presents, this is the only time He has given a bad present in years”.

    He’s an arrogant prick, but 95% of people who are as rich as he is, surrounded by yes men and handlers telling him he’s god, and can do ANYTHING he wants anytime he wants are arrogant pricks. Look at his coach, does anyone really doubt that if James told Mike Brown to go get him a cup of gatoraid, he wouldn’t? The guy OWNS Mike Brown, and Brown ain’t got the balls to put his foot down or command respect from LeBron.

    It’s really hard to hate on LeBron the player though. The guy is top 5 in the NBA in any physical list (strength, speed, quick, vertical, etc), he has the body of a top 5 power forward and the vision, iq and passing of a top 5 point guard. It’s scary, he could take anyone who plays sf, sg or pg into the post and molest them so bad that Chris Hanson would be telling him to “have a seat” in the locker room, yet he could completely destroy any pf, sf outside the key. If he develops that killer instinct where he will do ANYTHING to win…he’s going to be unstoppable. It’s hard to hate LeBron the player, but LeBron the person…hate away!

  • http://www.paxtonavenue.com DGtheEnigma

    As far as the Celtics go, I subscribe to the David Alridge — any true NBA fan knows who this is — school of thought, which is “if a team is playing well, it doesn’t matter who they are playing…”. Alridge was saying this regarding the Suns, but I feel like it applies to the Celtics right now. They’re just flat out playing good basketball right now. It could be argued that they are playing the best “team” ball since…the 2008 Celtics!

    As for LBJ, I truly believe he’s a champion. At some point, he will win a ring. Maybe multiple rings. But there’s a part of me that feels like LBJ believed he was just going to be handed the ring this year, instead of snatching it a la MJ in 1991.

    Consider this: this was LBJ’s perfect opportunity for post-season redemption. Round 1 – Chicago (who exposed LBJ’s penchant for dancing while winning, walking off when losing and is MJ’s — LBJ’s idol — former team. Round 2 – Boston (who exited LBJ from a repeat chance to the Finals in 2008 and is his biggest rival). Round 3 – Orlando (should be pretty self-explanatory).

    The crazy part about all this is that all of this can still become reality. All LBJ has to do is step up big, and I’m talking “best game of his career” big tonight. That’s why they play the game…

  • isotope

    Cavs win tonight. Big.

  • http://www.paxtonavenue.com DGtheEnigma


    Couple of notes: that’s David Aldridge by the way…

    If anyone is wondering why I didn’t include the Finals in LBJ’s post-season redemption list, it’s because I believe the Lakers are going to win the title this year no matter who they play. Too much experience. Too much size. Too much Kobe, who is still the best player in the NBA until a) his team is eliminated in the playoffs b) LBJ and the Cavs beat Kobe and the Lakers in the Finals.

    You know that’s how it used to be in the NBA. A player had to beat the best to become the best. No one would dare call MJ the best until he beat Magic in the Finals.

    That’s the same way I feel about Kobe and LBJ. And no, this is not to compare the two. Personally, I feel it’s insulting to compare a player who has four rings and six Finals appearances in 14 seasons to a player with no rings and one Finals appearance in 7 seasons.

    That is all.

  • fallinup

    @ control

    You’re speaking to the choir, brudda. :) I’ll even go so far as to explain my #1 reason for hating Lebron… and I’ll admit it… it’s because he’s that good… I’m scared to death that he supplants my hero. Mr. Michael Jeffery Jordan as GOAT.

    So with every loss. I revel in delight. With every choke job… I breathe a little easier. Is it shameless… hell yes it is. Am I blind to his talent… hell no… this kid is and has been other worldly since the beginning… and he’s only friggin 25!

    Anoint him the King? Not until he earns my respect. MJ earned it, Shaq earned it, hell, even Kobe earned it.

    Call him GOAT? Goddamit… please no. Let me hang on to that memory for as long as I can!

    But ya know. The fanboy in me succumbs to the NBA fan in me in due time. Bron’s time is all in due time. He IS that good. So call me a hater. But as said before above… I’m no blind hater.

    And #2 reason is because Bron is a douche. haha

  • QQ

    @ control:
    ‘I seen a guy bashing his skills, when that same guy was bashing me for bashing Valgina’s lack of skills…now THAT is comedy.’

    What a fucking blind fool.

    I was bashing Bron’s basketball skills?

    Dammit, you high or something?

    Read my post number 24.

    I aint and will NEVER bash Lebron’s skills. That’s foolish. I recognize that he’s the best player in the L. Dammit, how many fucking times will we repeat that we ain’t bashing Bron for his skills, game, whatever. We hate on dude cause of he’s SELF RIGHTEOUS STRUT. It’s his attitude, not his skills.

    Ok, I’ll repeat for all you braindead assholes:

    His attitude NOT his skills

    His attitude NOT his skills

    His attitude NOT his skills

    His attitude NOT his skills

    That’s the fucking last time I’m gonna explain that.

    Bout you’re Rondo hate though. Kid drops 28-18-13 and you still hating on his skills, now that’s fucking absurd.

  • control


    Were you the only one posting in 200 comments? Wasn’t even you I was referring to, so take it easy. I wasn’t mentioning any names.

    And, I pretty much summarized what you said, it’s not his skills (can’t deny those) it’s his attitude. You read my post at all?

    PS. I can hate on Rondo all I want, his attitude is WORSE than LeBron’s, you ever read any of his interviews or anything? Go read the ones Dime did with him, the guy is an absolute douchebag. As for Rondo’s skills, they can be debated as well, it’s easy to get 18 rebounds when no one bothers to box you out because they know there’s no point in guarding you close. How many teams will have a guy within 5ft of Rondo when he’s outside the key? Watch the games and let me know.

  • QQ

    You hate him cos he looks like an alien. Dammit, just admit it cat. The only way you could hate Rondo now is because of his creepy face. Other than that, aint no one can talk shit bout that guy.

  • control


    He isn’t even the best alien looking motherfucker out there (Sam Cassel is). He does look like a crack whore though, there’s a picture YOUNGFED used to post that was an exact match…

    Nah, I hate on the guy because he is one of the worst shooters in the league, but more importantly because of his horrible attitude and personality. For as good as people say he is, doesn’t anyone remember during the off season the Celts were getting ready to ship his ass off, PURELY because of his corrosive attitude? Anyone who says they hate LeBron because of his attitude/personality can’t say they like Rondo…Rondo just doesn’t have the 24/7 media shoving everything down our throats about him. Though, Rondo is starting to get quite a group of media people slurping his jock…hell some have even called him a “superstar” for some reason.

  • dmitry of jersey

    If you had crazy-ass one-legged KG constantly yelling at you even tho he’s not even the third best player on the team, your attitude would go down the shitter too. Just sayin.

  • http://www.paxtonavenue.com DGtheEnigma

    LeBron James = NBA’s Alex Ovechkin

  • LakeShow84

    Maybe.. juuusssstttt mmaayyybbeee..

    Lebron is not clutch.. and ill take it even further.. He could end up being one of the biggest chokers in sports history given his skill..

    I mean how can a player DOMINATE through a whole game like Lebron and have all the confidence of a whole game of murdering foo’s under his belt but then not trust himself in the waning minutes..

    Ive witnessed a POST PLAYER (Timmay) make a solid 18fter with a 400 pound sasquatch all over him to put his team on top in the final seconds..

    Ive witnessed a KILLER (Kobe) go cold through a whole game and make 3 consecutive clutch buckets in the final 2 minutes just to put his team on top..

    Ive witnessed a different kind of KILLER (Dwade) go through 2 and a half games of takin an ass whooping only to say “i aint going out like this” and will his team to a CHAMPIONSHIP..

    These are things GREAT players do.. And its come from they hearts.. its they WILL.. Playoffs is all about WILL.. Besides 25 straight points, that to me was more of Detroit being the overconfident group of douches they were, Lebron hasnt done much in the biggest of moments.. He made it past those Douches and got swept..

    And before that series even started i remember talking about it to one of boys and saying i hope lebron goes off on SA.. this was right after the 25 and he was exciting to me..

    But after it was over i thought was “Damn hes praised so much but he couldnt get ONE game.. Couldnt make one STATEMENT game on the biggest of stages??” given the cast was weak that doesnt mean he couldnt TRULY dominate one game and catch the “i cant miss fever” like we’ve seen greats do..

    Everytime Lebron is faced with these moments in which he can PROVE he belongs in the fraternity of big game players he comes up painfully short..

    IMO he will JUST LIKE Oscar and need to join a REAL SUPERSTAR who can finish what he starts.. U cant develope a killer instinct 7-8 years into your career..

  • control


    That Detroit team was a group of douches? There was barely one full ego among the entire starting line back in those days…they were pretty down to earth people, not quite douches. Sure they coasted when they thought they could, but they aren’t even close to being a group of douches compared to some of the teams (Celts, Knicks) out there right now…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Your tripping.. Then why would Dumar blow that team up?? I mean they went to 4-5 straight Eastern Finals right?? that wouldnt make sense.. Unless Dumar saw what few others saw..

    If you think that team didnt have a superiority complex that always bit them in the ass come playoff time your on a good one..

  • LakeShow84

    Not one ego on a team with Rip, Sheed and Billups..

    Yeah ok my man..

  • control


    At that time, I would actually say they did have an ego problem, but they weren’t douchebags. Rip didn’t act like a whiney emo chick until after AI got there (and they traded his BFF Billups). Sheed actually calmed down and was pretty good, if he didn’t fall in line A LOT they wouldn’t have won their championship. Billups was just at the start of that “Mr. Bigshot” shit, he hadn’t developed that swagger yet. I would say, all things considered, they weren’t douchy at all, they were a pretty solid blue collar team. Keep in mind, that was back then.

  • control


    The discussion is irrelevant though, today is a day dedicated to hating on the Cavs and/or Celts…we should just rejoice in that ;)

  • dmitry of jersey


    let’s not give too much weight to the guy who passed on Melo, Wade, and Bosh in the draft to take Darko “The Serbian Massacre” Milicic

  • fLaVa

    Lebron will choke this game on purpose cuz hes got BIGGGGG money on the boston spread.. this way he can become the first billionaire in the NBA.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol i was going to admit i probably view them as douches because they took that chip from us..

    Got nothing but respect for Prince and Big Ben tho.. The other 3 REALLY irked me tho..

    I remember when Kobe was droppin stupid #’s they ask Rip after they whooped us in a regular season game about it and he said some shit like,

    “well we got 5 guys who can score 30 a night”

    For reals Rip?? Big Ben can go out there and drop 30 huh?? Same with Prince?? Smug lil prick lol

    @ Dmitry

    Biggest mistake Dumars ever made was letting Coach Brown walk.. Drafts are usually hit and miss anyways.. even tho Melo did come off the College championship.. WOOPS lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – please tell me you ain’t talkin about Duncan’s bs 18 ft fadeaway with Shaq all over him cuz I seen that shot about 50 times over the past couple days while lookin at Fish’s o.4 and that was no doubt the biggest shot that we don’t talk about cuz Fish put the nail in 2 minutes later, but I’m sayin that was 50% luck. That was the best defense Shaq ever played on the perimeter IN HIS LIFE lol. Stayed with Tim the whole time, feet sliding, hands up, hands up tryin to block the shot. 2 7-footers out by the 3 pt line, plyin a guard’s game. Tim threw that thing up, was on the ground before it fell thru and all I remember is the announcer sayin “How did that go in?” 50% luck (I know Ian gonna like that one lol) but don’t ever, ever, ever(Smokey voice) think I’m questionin Tim’s stones…That’d be foolish

    As for tonight’s game, as a REAL hoops fan, I’m gonna need this series to go 7. I’m gonna need the Cavs to just crush the Celts tonight. I expect the winner of this series to get WAXED by Orlando, but look at it like this. If the Celts win tonight, we don’t get ball again til Monday. If the Cavs pull it out, then either Saturday primetime Game 7 or even better, Game 7, Sunday afternoon.
    Go Cavs!!!!!!!!…….just tonight tho. I don’t care who gets Game 7…I just want one

  • dmitry of jersey

    Nah I’m pretty sure passing on a top 5 player was a worse call then letting a nomad coach go to another team… I mean, you could have had Mike Brown and Vinny Del Negro make a retarded baby and it would have coached a 2005-2009 Pistons w/ DWade team into the finals.

    i guess we can agree to disagree tho

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizzle

    Yep thats the one lol and if you heard Tim talk about it after he didnt even see it go in lol he looked at his bench and they celebratin so thats how he knew.. Dude has trouble hittin FT’s sometimes and he nailed that shot..

  • Jay

    I find it utterly hilarious that so many Bron haters call him a jerk/douche/arrogant and then compare him to Kobe as if Kobe isn’t all of those things. People have very short and selective memories.
    1. Just this playoffs Kobe shut it down allegedly to prove a point.
    2. Against Phoenix couple of years back when he did nothing the entire 2nd half just to prove a point. It cost the Lakers the game and the series when they choked away a 3-1 lead (yes Kobe’s team choked away a 3-1 lead against the defenseless Suns)
    3. He routinely scowls, yells at and embarrasses his teammates on the court even when it’s clearly his fault.
    4. Gave himself his own nickname
    5. Allegedly raped a girl
    6. Cheated on his wife
    7. When confronted about the rape, threw Shaq under the bus claiming that he also routinely cheated.
    8. Drafted by the Charlotte Hornets straight out high school and refused to play for them, publicly demanding a trade to the L.A. Lakers
    9. Got ran off the court by the Celtics in the Finals without putting up a fight.

    Take a look at that list especially numbers 6 through 9. And that’s just off the top of my head. Now you want to compare Bron to Kobe? Seriously. You say that LeBron is entitled? What says entitled more than a 17 year kid telling the NBA franchise that drafted him that he’s not going to play for them and they better trade him to the team that he selects. Doing it publicly which eliminates the team’s leverage so that all they could get back was Vlade Divac. It’s amazing what people conveniently forget about Kobe.

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    Get over it.. all that is trumped by the facy our boy has brought us 4 chips..

    Get one and holla Bron.. Thats to him and his flunkies..

    And there aint comparing.. Kobe is a winner and Lebron is a stat machine..

    Ill take the winner..

    And LMAO @ 6 and 7.. People need to get over this Kobe Lebron thing.. Its pretty wack.. Like lil pitbull puppies nippin at the heels..

    At this point arguing comparisons is comedy to us.. Our boy is a champion and your boy aint really much of shit..

    And you can make a list like that for all superstars.. Jordan included.. Dont forget Big Ben..


  • dcom

    i dont get what the big deal is. kobe routinely throws up 12-30 nights and doesnt catch this kinna crap. one crappy game and everyone is ready to murder le bron. He’s leading his team is almost EVERY statistical category. wha more do you really want. I think he’s entitled to one crappy game here and there

  • control

    WHY is LeBron fucking James passing the ball to Valgina in the forth fucking quarter of one of the most important games he could have? Is he fucking retarded?

  • K Dizzle

    Lebron might go 30-20-10 tonight….Damn!..but he should not be passin to Varejoa. U hit 2 threes, u come down again and heatcheck…

  • K Dizzle

    Damn. They straight quit! Wow!

  • sh!tfaced

    Start spreading the news… NY, NY…

    You knew it was done when Sheed showed more heart than LeBron.

    Borrowing it from Austin, let LeBron the Cav “requiem” begin… going for 200+ again in the next smack…?