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The Championship Rounds

Rajon Rondo (photo. Gary Land)

The NBA is off until Thursday, when Round 12 of Lakers vs. Celtics (Championship Edition) tips off. It’s kind of strange that as much as we’ve been trained to view this as the League’s greatest rivalry, it’s actually overwhelmingly one-sided. In the 11 times the Lake Show and Celts have met in the NBA Finals before, Boston has a 9-2 lead. So basically it’s a “rivalry” in the same way Notre Dame vs. Navy or Scott Steiner vs. Urine Test (he beats it every time) is a “rivalry” … That said, the voting has been pretty close in our DimeMag.com poll asking who will win this year’s matchup. Most would agree that L.A. has the best player in Kobe Bryant, Boston has the better starting five, L.A. has the better coach, Boston (arguably) has more momentum right now, and the benches can go either way depending on who’s hot on any given night. The Lakers have home court, but the Celtics may have a bigger chip on their shoulder from being written off for months. Who do you got? … Meanwhile, the New Orleans Hornets are reportedly already negotiating with Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau‘s people for their head coaching vacancy. Assuming Thibodeau gets the job, watch out for Rajon Rondo vs. Chris Paul to become the most intriguing head-to-head point guard battle of the next few years (or second-place behind Deron Williams vs. Derrick Rose). Who knows every part of Rondo’s game more than Thibodeau? And if you remember, CP and Rondo already had that little spat last year when Rondo talked smack to CP for not having any rings … After LeBron (of course), Amar’e Stoudemire was the 2010 free agent getting the most attention over the weekend. Amar’e hasn’t changed his stance that he’s 50-50 on coming back to Phoenix, but said it would be “ideal” to remain with the Suns. He also said it’s “very important to have a sense of security.” So in other words, the Suns can have Amar’e if they give him a lot of years and a lot of money. If Amar’e opts out of his deal and you’re running the Suns, do you make him your top priority, or use that money to chase another big man like Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer or Dirk Nowitzki? Reuniting Steve Nash and Dirk would be fun, but we might have to mute their national TV games because every announcer is going to beat it into our skulls that Nash and Dirk are boys … This Sasha Vujacic vs. Goran Dragic thing is headed the way of a soccer feud. Asked about his elbow-to-face flagrant foul, Vujacic said it was “great acting” by Dragic, claims Dragic pulled the family card in his trash-talking (maybe Goran just said “motherf*****” in Slovenian and Sasha misheard him), and The Machine called his rival a “low human being.” Next time they play, somebody is gonna head-butt somebody square in the chest … Congrats to Manu Ginobili, whose wife just gave birth to twin boys. When the doctor went to slap the older one, the baby started crying before contact. Then the younger one put his hands in the air and looked around the room real confused, thinking he’d been blamed for the slap … We’re out like Dragic vs. Vujacic …

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    “When the doctor went to slap the older one, the baby started crying before contact. Then the younger one put his hands in the air and looked around the room real confused, thinking he’d been blamed for the slap …”


  • Josh Tha roc

    Talkin smack about babies. Low but funny.

  • JB

    lmao at the Manu comment. Classic man. GO BOSTON!!

  • Josh Tha roc

    Lakers got to be odds on favourites. Kobe has gotten better (somehow) and kg considerably worse.

  • flegman

    vujacic can call Dragic anything. that retarded prick is just frustrated because he knows Dragic is way better basketball player than him.

  • 808

    That Ginobili comment…that’s terrible. Funny though.

    The best thing about that Boston 10-1 stat is the fact that it don’t mean shit. There is just no way you can bet against Kobe.

    As much as I hate to say it, the Lakers will take it in 6.

  • realist

    the manu babies comment is COLD but HILARIOUS…classic!

    also the lakers-celtics tally is 9-2, not 10-1– don’t get it twisted lol

    celtics won 7 times from 1959-1969 (aka prehistoric times)

    and then in the 80s, celts won in 84, lakers won in 85 and 87

    celts won in 2008–

    and i’ll say that after these finals, lakers will have made the tally 9-3. LAKERS IN 6!!!

  • mrparker

    realist beat me to it

    Lakers beat the Celtics twice in the 80s

  • mrparker

    Also Kobe fans need to get the excuses ready over the next 2 weeks. He’s only winning with Shaq or if KG is hurt. That’s what they’re gonna have to hear for a long time if the Lakers don’t win.

  • the_don_mega

    “Scott Steiner vs. Urine Test (he beats it every time”) – LMFAO!

  • M Intellect

    You wanna be careful Manu doesn’t holler in Hebrew and have the Dimemag office looking like downtown Gaza…

  • Silverselectjd

    Isn’t Manu Argentinian? What do Hebrew and Gaza have to do with him?

  • JAY

    @ M Intellect: “You wanna be careful Manu doesn’t holler in Hebrew and have the Dimemag office looking like downtown Gaza…”
    Ummmmmm…. “holler in hebrew”? I’m pretty sure Manu is Argentinian.

    Change your name to M Ignorance.

  • Silverselectjd

    You probably could have checked the internet to find out he’s Argentinian. You know, the thing you used to find this website. Should change your name to M not an Intellect.

  • yoda

    so, boston has a chip because of way people treated them, but lakers (and kobe) don’t have a chip, even if they lost to boston two years ago?
    i think that andrew bynum will be really important in this series. if his knee holds up he could do some damage to boston. he wasn’t that good against phoenix, but they run too much for his knee. i don’t think that perkins can bully him like he could pau 2 years ago. and i’m waiting for kg to start doing his douche thing and then ron slaps him silly :)

  • Silverselectjd

    Personally i’d like Ron to slap the crap outta Pierce. The game will depend on the big men, i dont think Gasol will want the soft tag again. Expect Kobe to call Gasol soft everyday in practice to hype him up.

    Anyone remember Pierce calling himself the best player in the world in 2008? Pierce is a bitch and thats The Truth.

  • jimmhumm

    Yeah, Manu is from south America not the middle east…
    at least the original joke was funny.
    lakers should win. But Boston is on fire. They beat the cavs and magic convincingly, and devestated D-wade in the first round taking three of the games most explosive stars. The lakers have kind of had it easier. Thunder (first timers), Jazz (with a rusty AK), Suns (streaky).
    Celtics could win but Kobe is writting history on the way to his second three peat.

  • JAY

    @jimmhumm: “Kobe is writting history on the way to his second three peat.”
    Huh??? Are you already looking forward to next year’s Final??

    What’s with the posters today?? Getting shit wrong all over the place.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    no question the lakeshows the undercard if you will.numbers don’t lie.

    I like it that anyway.our guys got a weird way off easing off the pedal when they think they got wiggle rom and doing some of the dumbest shyt imaginable.u a laker fan I aint gotta explain this.

    to beat boston we gotta be at our most cutthroat,just like they are.hitting on all cylinders that triangle is gorgeous to behold.IMO ray ray might be a very big issue for us.sasha and shnnon have a hard time defending withou fouling when derek checks out and kobe’s gon have his hands full with rondo.

    these celtics aren’t unsolvable but it’s gon take absolute focus to knock em out.LAL in a hard fought,tech-filled 7.

  • icey

    ROFL @ Manu Baby comment…ahahaha
    and more lol @ Jewish Ginobli comment

    I have a feeling Rondo is going to shine in the finals, theres no way D fish can play him..
    kobe guarding rondo would be an interesting match up

  • sh!tfaced

    What the fuck? LOL @ “The Jewish Manu”

    LMFAO @ “M Ignorance”… good one, JAY

    Lots of fucked up posts – on a Monday at that. Let’s stay off the pot on weekdays…

    Sasha Vujacic vs. Goran Dragic: Bring out the AK-47s and let’s have a good ole western shootout at high noon.

  • Otto

    @21 Let’s keep this trend of factual corrections going:
    AK-47’s are Russian. These guys are Slovenian. Slovenia was colonized by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Nothing to do with Russia or the Soviet Union. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t use AK-47’s in western shoot-outs.

  • hooper5013

    Ron Artest will make Paul Peice virtually a non factor. He’s shorty and slower than Ron. Which will make him have to become a ball stopper, ruining the flow of the offense and creating several pick n roll situations where Paul gets tunnel vision trying to shake ron. Mark my words Paul Peirce doesn’t wanna see Ron Ron. Ray Allen will go Looney Tunes in this series. And KG is getting in the hot tub machine and average 19 and 11. Then Rondo Will do his thing. Bynum won’t be a factor he is too hurt. Garnett will be pulled from the lane to guard lamar and Gasol will torch Perkins. He is too tall and long and skilled for him. The physicality wont matter when he’s throwing hooks and jumpers over both shoulders…with all that said I cant wait to watch and I have no Idea who will win…pray to God it goes 7…

  • Josh Tha roc

    If the finals aren’t epic dare we say worst playoffs ever?

  • JAY

    LMAOOOO @ OTTO #22!!!!

    @ #23
    I don’t see it that way. I think Pierce will out-smart Artest. He’s slower and less-athletic than pretty much everyone who guards him. He’s just crafty.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Manu’s kids were born on May 16th – nice line but did you really need two weeks to come up with that?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Otto – what is Kirilenko’s number, and nickname?

    …but thanks for the colonization of the YougoRepublica lesson…

  • JAY

    Question… does anyone know if any player has averaged a triple-double in an NBA Finals Series?
    I don’t think Rondo will do it but Fisher is guarding him.

    I’m thinking he goes for 17-10-7

  • That’s What’s Up

    ….I need to lay of the pot…
    …or get a new supplier…. peace otto

  • JAY

    @ #27
    Just FYI, Otto was referring to actual AK-47s in response to sh!tfaced’s post… not Kirilenko.

    Is tonight a full-moon??

  • K Dizzle

    “but the Celtics may have a bigger chip on their shoulder from being written off for months”

    So the team that was restin starters all year in anticipation of the playoffs will have a bigger chip cuz they finished 4th while Orlando and Cleveland were killin? The team that got smacked in the 2008 Finals won’t have a chip? Great analysis.

    One thing about Lakers/Celtics is I don’t put much weight in the 9-3 Celtic advantage when they were killin Jerry West back in the sixties….just sayin

  • M Intellect

    LOLOL – 1 hell of a backlash! M-Ignorance? How about M-I-can-make-a-mistake instead?! Didn’t know I offended every Jewish person that reads Dimemag by insinuating Manu was Israeli?!

    It’s crazy his flopping is so offensive, that even the people blowing the shit out of a defenceless colony of people, don’t want him repping the blue and white?! And before you start, that was a joke guys..

    But can we agree that between, his nose, bald spot and surprising toughness that Ginobili at least looks VERY Israeli?!

  • sh!tfaced

    @ 22 OTTO

    ya got me on that western shoot out thing, but shit, don’t you read about the old Yugoslavian/Slovenian basketball players interviews? It’s either your born shooting the basketball or shooting AK-47s.

    Everyone knows AK-47s are Russian, dumbass…

  • Silverselectjd

    Stereotyping Israelis? it gets better and better. Yes, you can make mistakes, but when you’re already on the internet and information is seconds away, there really isnt any excuse.

  • JAY

    @ M-Ignorance
    I’m not jewish but can smell ignorance from a mile away. You made that statement because he looks israeli but anyone who is a basketball fan knows he plays on the Argentinian National team.

    Don’t be offended by my calling you ignorant. The word is automatically associated with racism or sexism or any othe “ism”, but it’s not about being racist. Look up the definition of ignorant… “being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed”. In respect to Manu’s racial background, you are ignorant. Care to disagree?

  • JAY

    @ #34: “Stereotyping Israelis? it gets better and better.”
    I know eh?? Lol! Funny thing is he thought he was proving his point. Dude is digging his hole even deeper. “M-Ignorance” fits even more after that statement.

  • Otto

    @sh!tfaced: Now I’m the dumbass? Wow, getting a little defensive I see. Hold on to your pampers sweetie, we all make mistakes.

    “don’t you read about the old Yugoslavian/Slovenian basketball players interviews?” Yes, I have an extensive volume of transcribed interviews of former Slovenian players interviewed by popular Slovenian media. It’s what I do on weekends. In fact, I plan to devote a library to this study.

    And apart from political colonization, Yugo and Slovenia are culturally distinct societies so be careful when you merge the two country names with a back slash, suggesting they can be bunched into one entity.

  • JAY

    @ #37: “And apart from political colonization, Yugo and Slovenia are culturally distinct societies so be careful when you merge the two country names with a back slash, suggesting they can be bunched into one entity.”

    Yeah, you know…. like Canada/USA. :S

  • Otto

    #37 JAY

    Dude, you just opened a can of worms. Prepare yourself for an onslaught from Canadian readers.

  • LAballer

    yeah seriously M Intellect..you’re so dumb..jeez..just stooooopid..haha just wanted to join in

    not to offend anyone..actually..whatever i dont care..but who the f*ck cares about yugoslavia slash/no slash slovenia?!

    how about we get back to talking about how the lakers are going to ROCK the shit out of the finals?? haha

    someone up there said that the celts 08 team got better whereas the lakers didnt? umm were you born stupid or did you acquire that trait as you went along in life?

    08 celts had people off the bench like veteran PJ Brown, who by the way, hit some amazing clutch shots to even put that team in the finals..they had posey..who hit HUGE 3’s and played amazing d…they now have a ticking time bomb sheed who can come out and give you 15 ppg or shoot 4 airballs in a row and get T’d up for his ugly white patch/bald spot..sparkplug nate who played the biggest game of his career in the last game he just played..can he play an even bigger game now? there are some good pieces off that bench with hustle guys like ridiculously big ugly baby and tony no ankles allen..but really..that team to me is not better than the 08 celts..they are older and slower..the ONLY one better..and this is actually huge..is rondo’s ugly ass..he can single handedly at this point take over games (i hate that i wrote that sentence) but he also will be in part defended by mr. bryant..so..lets see how that all plays out..

    the lakers biggest ace in the hole is Test..we had NO ONE that could even consider guarding pierce which is why he went off that series and stupidly spoke out the side of his neck talking about he is the greatest player in basketball..fucker..i can be the greatest player in basketball if i have vladamir radmonobitch guarding me too..and im 5’8 and probably the least athletic person alive aside from louie anderson..

    kobe’s better..which doesnt even make sense..gasol is better and has more than half a season with the lakers..bynum..well..bynum is at least there for 10 mins..which he wasnt in 08..and odom has actually been playing great ball these playoffs..and that old ass slow ass no good point guard according to a lot of you is doing what he does best..just hitting some huge shots and winning games..thats all..

    cant wait for the parade!!!!!

    also please

  • M Intellect

    If you can’t tell my last comment was antagonistic, you’re dumb.

    Silver is a pussy. Even though he noticed my mistake first he was too bitch to get confrontation until Jay, who in addition, to being John Ameachi’s Life-Long Ball Boy, is the volunteering Dime Comments Moedrator, stuck his nose in and started bitching. Fuck the two of you.

    ShitFaced is the worst because AFTER preaching about ignorance, the dumb fuck reffered to Slovenia players with a Russian joke and tried to back track out of it by giving one of Biggie’s most famous ball lyrics a Balkan remix when he said, and I quote, ‘It’s either your born shooting the basketball or shooting AK-47s’…

    Shitfaced – Your dumb on two levels. First, for thinking we can’t tell your lying about your obscure knowledge of Old School Yugoslavian/Slovenian Basketball Interviews and secondly because Slovenia has a relatively stable economy, you fucking dumb prick, so they wouldn’t have to bust K’s if they didn’t play pro-ball.

    Now whose ignorant? DICKHEAD…

  • SayItAintSo

    Ish is HILARIOUS! I hadn’t seen the KG Karate Chop and just watched this clip on it and the dude’s commentary from like :40 until just after 1:00 in is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!


  • SayItAintSo

    It was made even better because my girlfriend, an avid Food Network fan, heard the guy narrating in the background and asked if I was watching something with Bobby Flay.


  • SayItAintSo

    Alright, let the dime smack comment war presume…if you can get the other guy to say you’re right it probably means you have a bigger dick so keep getting REALLY heated and making super long posts that attack your commenting enemy.

  • JAY

    @ M-Intellect: “If you can’t tell my last comment was antagonistic, you’re dumb.”
    Do you even know what the word “antagonistic” means??? LOL! It means, “opposing”. It doesn’t even fit in the context you are using it in. I think the word you are trying to find is “sarcastic”.

    You accuse me of “volunteering Dime Comments Moedrator”… No, i’m not. I’m just pointing out the ignorance in your statements. I could go on all day with the drivel you type.

    Stop typing. Maybe you can save yourself some grief. Don’t be mad at us because your are just now realizing you are ignorant. Just stop typing and stare into a mirror. You need some self-reflection time.

  • JAY

    and furthermore, the way you used the word “antagonistic” proves our point… You are the bad guy. We’re the good guys. Good guys always win.

    Here’s a free tip for you and your obviously limited “Intellect”. Google the bigger words before you post them. It will help you out in the long run.

    Question: Is your nickname a contradictory representation or what/how you are?? Like the biggest guys in jail being nicknamed “Tiny”.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Turk is asking out of Toronto. What a waste.

  • M Intellect

    Bro – You’re dumb. Stop googling what words mean and looking at the first post you prick. Antaginistic doesn’t just mean opposed.

    But rather then argue, let’s ask one of the Dime team to be arbitrars, as obviously they must know a thing or two about the english language. Can antagonistic be used to mean provocative?

    Anyway WTF is up with we’re the good guys? You sound like an e-Kurt Angle.

    Fuck Herpes – To prevent another one of you being born should be THE REASON why people wear condoms. Not that you would ever have a reason to use one, aside from when you run out of showercaps when you go swimming, you bitch.

    To sign off – Fuck Jay.

  • SWAT

    Lol happy memorial day! Man I’m reading these comments and y’all are killin me! Haha.
    And yea I got the bobby flay reference, his throwdown show is actually kind of dope.

  • SayItAintSo

    Amen, SWAT, amen!

    Bobby Flay is the truth!

    Not to be ANTAGONISTIC or anything if someone else is into a different celebrity chef.

    Did I use that word correctly, guys?

  • LakeShow84


    I guess we can already feel the bball layoff lol

    Lakers in 5..

  • JAY

    Ahhhhh, one’s true colors begin to show when they are backed into a corner. “To sign off – Fuck Jay.” <–obviously written by a supremely intelligent person.

    M-Ignorance, this started of with your assumption of Manu's race. Then backed by "a doesn't his nose, bald head make it look like he's Israeli" statement. Fact is, you're ignorant. I'm sorry that you are realizing this on a basketball website. With some time, and maybe a bit of reading of Anne Frank's diary, you will heal. I believe in you.

  • JAY

    LMAO!! Now you’re just being PROVOCATIVE.

    I know Bobby Flay but can’t say I watched his show…. that’s the dude with the lisp, right?? Emeril was the shit.

  • M Intellect

    Funny you mention Anne Frank because you’re like the Gestapo of Dime comments…

    Dude – I fucked up and said Ginobili was Israeli. Then I made a slightly inapproporiate joke about it. So what?!

    Someone here get Kof-Jay Annan a stick and a badge so he feels important.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ Otto – yeah, ya got me bro. game 1 is yours. LOL

    LOL @ M Ignorance – so now your getting at me for laughing at JAY’s remark?

    yugolavia were the same shit back then so who gives a fuck. its not like israel is in argentina…

    and since since when did this become a political and historical bs stuff anyway?

  • JAY

    @M: “Dude – I fucked up and said Ginobili was Israeli. Then I made a slightly inapproporiate joke about it.”
    Bingo. Acknowledging the problem is step #1. You’re making great progress.

  • JAY

    @sh!tfaced: “so now your getting at me for laughing at JAY’s remark?”
    It’s funny how that worked out, isn’t it?

  • http://iamcool.com nawlage_x0719

    LOL, wow…
    DIME you guys needa set up this cat fight in the octagon or something.
    Probably be wayyy better than the Rashard Evans and Rampage fight.

  • M Intellect

    My bad Shitfaced caught in the crossfire. LOL

    Who says Bingo? And Drivel, as well? Seriously dude – You need to hop into DeLorean and get into 2010.

    Dime – Please put out a Rondo version of this site. IE. No Jay.

  • SayItAintSo

    Way too many at symbols being pumped out here…

    Can someone remind me who guarded PP in the ’08 finals? Was it Ariza? I feel like he was coming off an injury though so he had to split time with Vlad the impaler…

    If that’s the case, I think the Lakers in 6 because Vlad-Rad to Artest is quite possibly the BIGGEST positional upgrade feasible.

  • sh!tfaced

    alright. its all good then. that was fun.

    Now let’s get back to hoops and shut down the geography, politics and history here so we can stop humiliating ourselves… LMFAO!!!

  • SWAT

    @ jay yea emeril is good too. They had a “battle” one time with emeril and the big dude tht wears crocs against the president’s chef and bobby flay. Lol my girl put me on the food network and I actually find it a good time filler between no sports days.

  • star_bury

    I hope Goran finds himself a leggier Russian tennis star to date.

  • Silverselectjd

    ouch, i’m a pussy… man oh man, e-thugs are awesome!! if you care to notice, i posted my comment at number 12, followed by Jay at 13… Plus not once did i get aggressive with you, i merely asked what Hebrew and Gaza have to do with Manu.

    But since you’ve already settle for dime comment beef, i’ll settle with calling you M Dumb as Hell

  • LABaller


    as i mentioned in my 30 page essay above haha..it was mainly vlad guarding him..ariza played a couple of the last games i believe in limited minutes and those were his only minutes in some time due to his foot injury i believe (my memory isnt too sharp on this cause i spent a majority of these finals drunk off my ass…can you blame me?)

    they also tried kobe on him which freed up allen cause sasha was trying to guard him..basically..thats why i keep saying it makes no sense comparing these finals to the 08 ones..artest is a HUGE difference here..thats what we signed him for..to play bigger 3’s like melo, PP, lefinished…those guys..

  • Silverselectjd

    …and to get back on track, Lakers in 6. Don’t sleep on Fish, he’s met Westbrook, Deron and Nash and he’s still standing.

  • That’s What’s Up

    all you posters are being Vaginalistic

    google it

  • boto

    I hope Artest’s defensive plan for Pierce includes more than just pulling his pants down this time.

  • danny

    If Celtics can take Lebron down, Kobe has no chance.

  • Three Stacks

    Celtics didn’t TAKE down Lebron, Delonte West WENT down on Lebron’s mom. Get it right. The result either way is no LBJ in the Finals.

  • JAY

    I gotta admit I watch Foodnetwork too. I sometimes even check during games what the ingredient of the day is on Iron Chef.

    He jumped on everyone. I called him ignorant and pointed out why i called him that. With what his first two posts, I believe the “ignorant” tag fits.

    @M Ignorance
    I don’t care if you tease me about the words I use. They fit in the context of my sentences.
    You can’t justify what you’ve posted here so just talk ball. Whether or not we agree or disagree, at least we can respect your basketball opinion.

  • JAY

    @ #69 Three Stacks.
    Funny how your post is at THAT number.

    I wonder if Lebron’s mom gave Delonte a Hummer too.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 69. Priceless

    @ Danny – care to expand on how the Celtics beatin the Cavs has anything to do with the Lakers. I’d love to have you expand your reasoning…

    @ LABaller – you right. I totally forgot that Ariza was comin off that foot fracture in 08 and was severely limited.

  • Silverselectjd

    @Jay M Ignorance works perfectly, when you can’t win an argument with intellect, insult someone.

    @M Ignorance: as someone who has been a victim of racial stereotyping, forgive me if i didnt find your comments humorous.

  • Ian

    lol@post 32

    M “intellect”
    dude you think thats why people are bashing your comment because the jews are offended by manus floppin?? stop tryin to save face with stupid excuses like this one you got bashed because well your manu comment was well stupid.

  • rapTOr

    im feelin Jadakiss’ first part of that track! Dont know about how effective it will be in bringing lebron over though!

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Powerslave

    I pledge alliegance…
    to ya moms

  • Da Gay Baller

    FYI Manu is actually Italian but born in Argentina just like Carlos Delfino.

  • spock


    Fisher has officially faced the Gauntlet

  • Simon

    If the Lakers do not win this series, Kobe should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan again. I only want the Lakers to win to hear/see what Artest does after winning a chip.

  • Me

    Why do people keep talking about Artest on Pierce? He has never stopped him before. In fact he had to resort to pulling Pierce’s pants down (check Youtube) to try to stop him.

    And this was back when he was DPOY material too.

    I agree with the person who said Pierce is crafty.

  • ab_40

    if pierce can get his vs either kobe or artest which i’m sure he can and ray shoots D fish his face off this series will be over quick. the gasol KG matchup will be key this series. Oh and check for some big games out of sheed he’s gonna dunk on bynum and brag about it… a lot.

    I think it is gonna be a great series. The team which is mentaly the toughest aka the celtics will win the series in 6 or 7 games. Especialy with how the lakers have played on the road. The finals format is 2-3-2 so if they split the first two games and they pull a stinker in those three games this series is over in 5. So the players better step up in those road games. They havn’t faced a team this big and this physical in these playoffs and with the D the celtics are playing I just don’t see the lakers win 4 games vs this celtics team. Kobe will have one of the all time great series though and that greatness will cost the lakers their championship this season.

  • K Dizzle

    ” Kobe will have one of the all time great series though and that greatness will cost the lakers their championship this season.”


  • JAY

    Lol @ K Dizzle’s reaction.
    I feel you though….. wtf?!?

  • silverselectjd

    i’m with K Dizzle. What? Are you saying that if Kobe averages a triple double, that will cost the Lakers the Championship? Perhaps the Lakers would be better off if he didnt play then?

  • silverselectjd

    oh man, it looks like i agree with Jay again. I must be female genitalia again…

  • M-Intellect

    Your really cut up about that?

    2 words spring to mind. Truth. Hurts.

  • JAY

    LOL @ silver!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!
    I hope i never get caught agreeing with anyone. I don’t want to be called bad names by ignorant people.

  • RapTOr

    @numerous childish posts above:

    I think I speak for all the dime readers when I say “SHUT THE F@#! UP!”

  • Silverselectjd

    Cmon RapTOr, you can’t really say much, you came here, read ALL the comments, saw the direction it was going, and then you commented about Jadakiss. WTF are you on?

    @M Ignor…. Do i take those words collectively as a sentence or individually? Either way, you’re ignorance bores me.