NBA, Video / May 24, 2010 / 9:00 am

The Defining Play Of Rajon Rondo’s Career

Sure this happened on Saturday, but it was too pretty not to post on the site. As we said in Smack, until further notice, the play where Rajon Rondo dove full-out to snag a loose ball from White Chocolate, then scrambled to his feet to shake J-Will and finish the layup will be the defining play of his career.

What do you think?

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  • control

    I’m not just being a hater here…but isn’t that a travel?

    It sucks, if Boston goes on to win it all, and Rondo takes finals MVP…I’m going to hate to eat crow :(

  • QQ

    Dirty play by a dirty player. Had Jwill not dodged being hit, his playing days might have ended on that play. Not to mention Rondo traveled by getting up as well. Overall, it was a lackluster performance by my magic, but lets not take away from the fact that the refs GAVE the C’s EVERY CALL. And Dwight couldn’t get a call while being RAPED every play.

    Stern and his machine are getting their way, but the Magic WILL bounce back. GUARANTEED!

    Till then, Fuck everyone and FUCK the imposter.

  • Bill

    Yo QQ, take it like a man.

    I don’t post as often as some people on here but I’m pretty sure I gave you props last year for being only true Magic fan after they beat the Celts in seven.

    It was a travel yeah but that was pure hustle that none of your boys have showed all series.

  • Rafa23

    obviously a travel, but just seeing this play really shows u how into it the celtics are.
    and how is that a dirty play? just wow
    I remember last year when the magic made the finals QQ was all classy, but what he is pulling off since the magic get dominated this series is super weak. calling that dirty or not giving boston any credit and getting on the refs is just awful

  • mules

    fitting that the defining play of his career is a blatant travel.


    Diving for loose balls is hustle, but diving into guys legs is dirty. Also tripping a guy by reaching round his ankle to grab the ball is pretty dirty too. A foul should have been called even before the travel (and even celtics fans cant argue it should have been a travel)

  • control

    Also, look at Allen just straight shove Williams when the shot goes up. Poor Jason got beat up pretty good on that play, haha.

  • air99

    Rondo reminds me of Gary Payton.

  • mess

    Mules and LMNOP said it best. Rondo’s career-defining play is a cheap dive into someone’s legs and a blatant travel.

    It’s also funny to me that the guys at NBA.com would put a no-call as a the “Hair” top play.

  • s.bucketz

    fitting that the “defining play of his career” is 2 points he didn’t deserve one bit…like that ring that hes got…you averaged 3 pts and 5 assts w/ 3 hall of famers on ur squad and ur talkin shit to CP3??
    this is a perfect example of how the NBA turns the other cheek for certain teams…they were replaying the shit outta this play and no1 noticed that it was a travel???!!get the fuck outta here

  • 45%

    wow….. the haters are out in full force on this play.
    diving into someones legs.

    the ppl hating have to be white…..cause white ppl never have to fight for anything. Everything is handed to them. Rondo wants to win and he showed he wanted it more.

    black athletes cant win….if they loaf they are lazy blah blah blah. if they are intense and do play with passion they are angry, arrogant and ditry players gotta love it.

  • mgballer

    sounds like we have alot of boston haters here now dont we. youre saying some very hateful things now and you dont mean them…well maybe you do…Boston C’s mafackaaaaa

  • Papa Smurf

    I hate the Celtics, but that was an awesome play.

    At first, I thought it was a travel too – but it wasn’t.

    Notice that Rondo did not actually pick the ball up until he stood up. He just had one hand on top of the ball while he and the ball were on the floor. He got to his feet and then he picked the ball up. No travel.

  • 46%

    I do feel bad for Rondo because he honestly has come into his own as a legit player and a bunch of haters trying to keep him from the respect he deserves.

    It’s NEVER dirty to dive for a loose ball. You’re in the NBA playoffs and you’re trying to tell me that a coach would be like “you dive for EVERY loose ball, even if you can’t get it…but if you could possible roll someone’s ankle in doing so, you might want to hold back a little bit”

    I don’t think it’s because the man is black but there is definitely copious amounts of undeserved hate here. Rondo has grown into a totally legit player.

  • RapTOr

    @QQ: stop acting gay. Noone here gives a fuck about you, and you don’t represnt the Orlando magic. So stop acting like it.

  • JBaller


    That play might not have been called right, but man, it was all hustle vs. no heart. The Celts are lining up teams built around superstars and knockin’ down like bowling pins. D-wade and the Heat, LeBrick and the Cavs and now Dwight and the Magic. I say bring on Kobe and his role-players.

  • Kseuss

    The dive at the legs wasn’t dirty because it wasn’t a dive at the legs. Rondo clearly tried to avoid his legs and reach for the ball, which Jwill was blocking with his body while chasing it down. Rondo reached between his legs and hit the ball to an area where he could grab it without tripping white chocolate. If he was being dirty, Jason would have definitely hit the ground.

    Also, whether or not it’s a travel is based on when refs the refs believe he established possession. In this case, they didn’t consider possession established until he got up and picked up the ball, hence no travel and a clean play.

  • KYBaller

    Man Yall is the biggest hatinest motherfuckers on the net!!!! It was a good clean play by a good player and know it wasnt a travel as if u watch the replay with your eyes and nmot your hate u will c he got to his feet before picking up the ball so no pivot foot was established…As i have said before yeah I am biased to the young man as I was his HS coach (Assistant) before Oak Hill but you guys are unbelievable…Talk all you want to about PG’s u would rather have then ask urself were is that PG at now…doing what we doing…watchin Rondo play and fuk the he got this guy and that guy HE IS THAT GUY NOW!!!! He is a pure PG not a scoring PG or a Point-Forward or 2 in a PG frame…name 3 other pure PG’s in the league with his ability to do what he does…consistent dbl/dbl…potential tripl/dbl every night…decent scorer…give me a hustling…loose ball grabbing…rebounder over them prima dona ass biatches yall keep bringing up…sit back and watch haters the CELTS is coming for theirs!!!

  • Celticsdada

    Daamn QQ, (wat kinda name is that anyway, u gay???) Are u MAAD???? Lol Dont hate man, appreciate it!!

    That wasnt a travel since he did not have possesion of the ball. He got on his feet then pick the ball up. How
    about that crossover huh? Rondo where PG stands for “Pure Gift”

  • control

    Travel or not, his left hand was on the ball the entire motion getting up. That is possession…if he would have called a timeout on that play, the refs would have given it to him…

  • Soopa

    @ QQ and the other haters:

    This is not a dirty play. In no way does he throw himself into the legs of J-Will, not even close! He cleary dives to the left. Actually theres almost no contact on the play.

    So dry your eyes mate. Theres always next year. If this is a dirty play then you need to find a WNBA team to root for.

  • control


    I’m not saying it was a dirty play, it was a good hustle play. But you can’t say there was no contact there, JWill stumbled like 4 steps like he was hamstrung, and you can clearly see Rondo bouncing off his legs and nearly busting JWill’s knee and/or ankle.

    Don’t be complaining about haters when you are jocking just a blindly.

  • JH

    Rondo is money…Hustle & Defense are like the so so girl @ the party…often overlooked & under appreciated…but so important if you wanna go all the way.

  • Murdog

    Line up the Magic, Line up the haters on this site….YAAAAAAA DONE!!!! So funny to hear you people cry about a hustle play like no other. A) you people are morons, it was not a travel, he did not have full control until he was on his feet. B) Its obvious you cant let go of your own Bias to actually appreciate a player who does all the things flashy players dont. Typical morons ooogle at the cross over and the high flying dunks, but real champions are built around doing the dirty stuff, the non-glorious stuff. And rondo is the epitamy, have respect and dont sound like such idiots. LATER HATERS

  • s.bucketz

    haahhahahahh wow you guys are retarded…..he didnt get possession of the ball???…the ball was bouncing from one end of the court to the other and then magically stopped on its own for him to pick it up…HE HAD POSSESSION YOU FAGGOTS…get rondo’s cock outta ur eyes and see that it was a travel b4 u talk


    He might not have made alot of contact with J will, but 90% of players in the league don’t dive for that ball out of respect for the other dudes health. Diving at a players feet, then reachin round his ankles an grabbin a ball from between his legs is dirty. If J-Will was playin with as much disregard for Rondo as Rondo did, he woulda just stamped on his fingers or kicked his face wile he was down there, its easier than gettin out the way.

    i know its the ECF an dudes aint sposed to be playing like their best mates, but don’t people be going round calling a borderline dirty, blatant non call travel, a good play.
    id call it a “your lucky to get away with it” play.

  • Papa Smurf

    according to s.bucektz’s logic, a player gets possession of the ball as soon as he stops it. brilliant. of course, s.bucketz doesn’t seem to be the brightest (or most stable) person posting on Dime.

    control, i don’t think he would have received a timeout call – at that point in the play (when his hand was just on top of the ball) – if there were magic players making a play for the ball while he attempted to call it. your call on the foul is definitely reasonable though.

  • dpwstory

    Not a travel – he didn’t have possession until he had it trapped on the floor. In fact I believe he glanced at the Ref before he picked it up to dribble.
    Could have been called a foul, but I think the fact that Jason simply stumbled helped convince the Ref there was minimal contact.
    Even if a foul had been called the emotional effect of the hustle on Rondo’s part would have been just as profound to everyone watching. As it was the outcome (Rondo scoring) was icing on the cake for the C’s.

    Looking at the replay again I was struck by the fact that after he had started his dive, Rondo changed his arm position from outside to in-between Jason’s legs to poke at that ball. It is like he is looking at the game at a different speed than everyone else.

  • hyperized

    I respect Rondo’s game, but what is up with Tony Allen shoving Williams after the bucket?

  • flegman

    travel? what travel? u guys are retarded.

  • s.bucketz

    ummm yea when the ball is bouncing down the court and you put your hand out to stop it and pick it up i think they call that establishing possession…if he didn’t put his hand out and possess the ball that wooda been out of bounds..so travel..no call=RONDO IS THE GREATEST PG OF ALL TIME!!!!YAYYYY!!!

    and i like how you just shoot down what i said and give no facts back…ur not rajon rondo and you can’t get away with shit like that homie…im callin a travel on your “logic”

  • Papa Smurf

    you just proved my point, genius. as you just said, rondo did not get possession until he picked the ball up (not just when he stopped it). take a look at the video – rondo was already on his feet when he picked the ball up. like i said – no travel.

    those have been my facts from the start. just because you ignore those facts doesn’t mean they don’t exist. nice try, clown.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Nah his best play was either giving vagina the dream shake or letting LeBron think he was gonna get the chase-down blockbut fakin the shit outta him

  • Soopa

    @ control

    I never stated that there wasnt any contact. I just said Rondo cleary doesnt dive into his legs, he cleary dives to the left of J-Will. The contact occuors because J-Will stop running and by that time Rondo is already on the floor.

    (Sorry about the late reply, being on the other side of the atlantic will do that lol)

  • Nick

    He lands right on J-Will’s ankle, it doesn’t matter if he stopped running or not. Could have ended a lot worse than it did, and definitely should have been a foul.

  • JD

    A) its not a travel, you are allowed to stand up and establish a pivot foot as long as you didn’t fall down with the ball in the NBA. Read the NBA rules you idiots, its online.

    B) And I cannot fathom to describe how stupid you people are who are calling it a dirty play. HE IS DIVING FOR THE BALL YOU IDIOTS, NOT TO TAKE OUT JASON WILLIAMS. In no way shape or form is this a dirty play or a travel.

    @ QQ, Mules, Mnnop, Mess: You all should never comment on a basketball topic again. Never. You are, plain and simple, idiots.