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The NBA All-Iron Man Team

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

If you’ve managed to miss the relentless flood of commercials — they were even on the ring posts during the Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley fight — you might not know that Iron Man 2 hits movie theaters nationwide today. (Seriously, the ads are ridiculous; we saw some Tony Starks-shaped donuts at a coffee shop this morning.)

When the first Iron Man came out a couple years ago, the Dime office was empty by mid-afternoon as everybody went to watch it. This might be another short Friday, too. But before everybody breaks out, here is our NBA All-Iron Man squad:

PG – Jason Kidd: He’s going to play until he’s 40-something, and he’ll still be putting up 10 points, 5-6 boards, 9-10 assists and 2 steals a night. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said he plans to reduce J-Kidd’s minutes next season and give Roddy Beaubois some more PT, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

SG – Kobe Bryant: It’s like a game to him. How far can I push my body and still be better than everybody else before things (or my skills) start falling off? Kobe has been going hard for over 1,100 games where he’s tried to carry an entire team on his back almost every night, even when he didn’t have to. And he says he feels invincible.

SF – Gerald Wallace: Granted, “Crash” misses a lot of games with injuries, but have you seen the punishment he takes? We’re surprised he can still run.

PF – Carl Landry: He got shot in the leg, then came back and played three weeks later. He got an elbow-full of teeth knocked out, then put up a career-high 27 points the following game.

C – Ben Wallace: He’s carved out a borderline Hall of Fame career as a 6-9 center, winning four NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards and winning a ‘chip. How does he do it? Toughness, fearlessness, and being built like a piece of granite with limbs. Big Ben was supposed to be washed up, but this season he pulled down 8.7 boards in just 28 minutes per game.

Bench — Dwyane Wade, Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Paul Pierce, DeJuan Blair, Ime Udoka

(Why Udoka? Allow Dime reader Celts Fan to share: “I’ve heard a story about him back in the day on the Nigerian national or club team being in the middle of a riot on the court — started by the fans, they were the away team — and Udoka just cleaning house with the fans that wanted to test him until people just stopped. According to the story, he basically single-handedly stopped a riot with your bare hands.)

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  • fallinup
  • control

    Allen Iverson gets a mention? For what? His attitude could corrode Iron…but is that enough to get a mention?

    Paul Pierce is an Ironman? Because he can get wheeled off in a chair and come back like nothing is wrong a few minutes later? Because everytime someone breaths on him he is withering on the floor with tears in his eyes?

    What exactly is the definition of Ironman being used here?

  • fallinup

    \After the game, they were waiting for us to come out of the locker room. And seriously, I didn’t start it. Kingsley Ogwudire was in front of our team in an all-out tirade in his best Arabic. The next thing you know, there were three Algerian players on him. Everyone was engaged in combat save me, if you can believe it. And lo and ehold… Ime! He was taking people out like in Mortal Kombat. Finish him! Incredible. I was so out of it as I had five guys I was fighting (oh yeah, the crowd jumped in as the fight spilled over to the court of the championship game of Senegal and Angola).

    In the middle of the whole thing I heard Ime, literally in mid-swing of another opponent say,”Watch back, Gabe” and he calmly, I mean calmly, smeared a guy who, as I turned to see his warning, jumped from the stands with a chair to probably kill me or knock me out to where the crowd would have. I mean, Ime caught the guy in mid air with a fist and calmly continued his dispacthing of oncoming people. He and other guys (yes, me too) were whoopin’ so many people the crowd backed up. True to the letter! But Ime had the most notches by far. As we retreated to the locker room to kind chants of, “You cudly blackies! We highly doubt your ability to leave this gym with lives intact” in French, (it might have been a bad translation) all I could do was marvel at Ime. This guy, I thought, was a quiet American guy was standing there – all his stuff gone (gym bag, wallet, shoes, jersey) – with a stick in his hand we tore off the walls of the locker room in the middle of North Africa quite literally with our lives on the line… laughing. All the while I was texting my wife that I loved her and might have a hard time seeing her again while she was watching the whole incident on BBC News. And Ime… laughing. He is and always will be my 9ja broda. Ime… Wetin happen bros? Abi na notin. Notin dey happen. To this day I don’t know how we got out of there. But that night we ate like kings at the Nigerian Embassy. And Ime was with us… Killing his Fu-fu.

    Tell me how I could have seen a thing like that if I had made the NBA out of college! You just can’t make this stuff up.


    Read more: http://blogs.hoopshype.com/blogs/muoneke/2007/12/09/ime-the-great/#ixzz0nGs10KkE

  • Mike Donovan

    How did Andre Miller not make this list? He’s played 617 straight games!

  • isotope

    What about Shane Battier? Dude got elbowed in the head drawing blood all over his face but got up and kept playing like nothing really happened.

  • bballeducator

    what the fuck fallinup…..what is that??

  • dagwaller

    Paul Pierce? Yes. How many times did he get stabbed?!

    Crash Wallace? No. He’s missed more games than anyone else on these lists by far.

  • KCL

    Yeah big fuck up not having Andre miller on the list or at least the bench, definetly deserves a spot over Pierce, Ime and Iverson. Also why does Blair get a spot after only one season? just because he got through one year with no acl’s doesn’t mean he’s a iron man, vets have accomplished way more who are not on the list

  • JAY

    Pierce got stabbed 8 times. Docs said initially it threatened his career.

    Iverson played through almost every injury that he had. The year he carried the Sixers to the Finals by himself, he had with an injury on every limb. Each injury would have made Vince sit out 10 games.

  • boomshakalaka

    @ KCL – definitely agree with your argument against Blair.

    and I strongly disagree with Princess Pierce being considered and Iron Man.

  • boomshakalaka

    @ KCL – definitely agree with your argument against Blair.

    and I strongly disagree with Princess Pierce being considered an Iron Man.

  • boomshakalaka

    fuck, i completely forgot about the stabbing 10 years ago. But i still think his recent attempts at winning an Oscar for Best Actress make it hard to give him the Iron Man nod.

    i’m torn now.

  • jay

    p2 on the list…heck no! he cries like a little girl..yeah the wheel chair his hilarious..he should be in a hollywood movie for that one..jack would be proud!!!

  • JBaller

    I like fallinup’s story. Is that true?

  • Celts Fan

    @Anyone hating on the Pierce selection.

    I get what you’re saying, but he almost got stabbed to death – the Dr. openly said were it not for his leather jacket, he would have died – then came back for the season opener 4 weeks later.

    The year before they picked up KG and Ray, he got undercut and landed on his head. He lost some teeth. He spent 7 hours in dental surgery the following day and then dropped 30 on someone that night.

    Say what you will about the wheelchair, dude gets a pass or 2 after the 2 things above. Don’t let not liking the guy get in the way of respecting his toughness…

    thanks for the shout out too Dime. I posted that a while ago too! Glad someone found the link. That ish is too funny.

  • control

    Celts Fan

    If PP is such a tough guy, why is he spending half of his time faking injuries to get foul calls lately? He might have earned his way onto the list, but he sure as fuck has earned his way off the list since 07-08.

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – what faking? The wheelchair looked bad, but his knee buckled. He clearly thought it was much worse than it was, but it’s not like he just made it up. And the shoulder (which has apparently been bugging him all year) against Miami got tweaked and he went down in pain. Give the guy a break man. Who among us that actually plays ball hasn’t rolled their ankle really bad or bent their knee and taken a while to get up while thinking they screwed themself up really really badly, just to eventually stretch it out and get back on the court. It happens…

  • SJ

    No Ginobili mention? Dude gets punished digging his way through the lane every game and keeps getting up to do it again. I don’t know about Blair being on there… he did get f’d up pretty bad, but he is/was young.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So what if DeJuan Blair is young? It’s not like his knees just started hurting this year. He had the surgeries in high school, so he played this way through at least two years of college and now the pros. And you’ve got to be tough to dominate the Big East as a 6-7 center who can barely jump, and still put up 20-20 stat lines in the NBA as an undersized big.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/heh8meN1 heh8meN1

    Lebron is made of iron too. All LBJ has to do is use his post up game, have better footwork, or use his left hand.

    Wait….. Oh yeah, he’s NOT Kobe.

    All year long we’ve heard, been lectured, and been forced to read– “The Cav’s are the BEST team in the association………”

    Yet, if that’s the case; what happens when LBJ DOESN’T put up a near triple double EVERY game?


    I hope the cav’s renewed their FISHING LICENSES.

    Q:What’s worst than MISERABLE?

    A:cleveland, ohio.

    Yes, the casual fan will be overjoyed if the cavs do indeed make it to the finals and face off against the Lakeshow; however, TRUE FANS know what Champions are made of:


  • dagwaller

    @ Anyone that hates on the PP selection: please backspace over his name on account of his almost having died in a stabbing and type in “Dwyane Wade”. You can go ahead and leave in anything you wrote about his taking dives, acting for calls, and acting like a Diva.

  • sh!tfaced

    Before Carl Landry lost his, Pierce also lost several of his teeth during a game back in 2004 on a hard foul by Amare. Spent hours getting it fixed by a dentist but still started the game later that night and even nailed the winning shot.

    He may act like a drama queen lately but PP is still one tough mofo.

  • LakeShow84

    I agree Gerald Wallace is not an iron man..

    Dude suffered a collapsed lung from contact that would make an 80’s player smile..

    It wasnt even that hard of a foul.. But he does Crash..

    How are you an Iron Man if you constantly miss time with injuries??

  • DVS

    Ben Wallace is a BEAST. Dude is old as hell, but still beasting on the boards

  • pdxballer


  • Fdc

    Didnt Big Ben break his leg and return 2 weeks later?

  • Ian

    excuse me im i the only one that laughed at the first line for ben wallace “borderline hall of fame career”?
    gtfoh with ben wallace and hof in the same sentence.

  • sh!tFACED

    only thing ben wallace and hall of fame will ever be possible is the damn fro…

  • kowtz

    No love for Grant Hill??? Dude almost came close to NOT WALKING… let alone sweepign the Spurs in the Second round…

    And How about nash? Dude has been running aroudn a-la football player for years now…

  • QQ

    He might not be HOF, but Ben’s borderline. Made defense an ‘it’ thing for about 5 years in this decade. The anchor of the Pistons championship team. Ok he might not be HOF material, but you cant hate on the dude. He played D like no other in this decade. Can’t hate on that.

  • http://dimemag Saleem

    seriously? so Steve Nash? he’s 35 and playing better than Kidd ever could at 35…


    Kenyon and Crash are too injury prone. All-Ironic Team is more like it.


    The All-Wolverine Team would be an appropriate superhero if it’s all about the durability and toughness. Most of the players mentioned tough it out through all sorts of injuries, aches and pains.

  • Conoro

    Everything was perfect until PAUL PIERCE.

    Sweet Jesus…

  • Conoro

    And Ben Wallace has had 4 Defensive Player of the Year awards… how isn’t that Hall Of Fame-worthy?

  • tay

    No Tayshaun mention? Before this season he played every game even in the playoff.

  • http://sportschump.net Chris Humpherys

    After watching these playoffs, I have to give Nash and Howard the nod over Kidd and Wallace.