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The Other Side of Kobe

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

After he used Game 1 as an announcement to Phoenix that they can’t guard him when he wants to score, Kobe Bryant used Game 2 to prove he can also burn the Suns as a distributor — putting up 21 points (8-18 FG) and 13 dimes in another convincing Lakers win. If you watched any of the NBA highlight shows last night, you probably heard the word “facilitator” used dozens of times, as well as some analysts dusting off the old “If Kobe wanted to, he could lead the League in assists!” argument … Kobe never had to take over as a scorer. In the first half it looked like Phoenix’s strategy was to leave Ron Artest alone and let him shoot, but Ron-Ron made them pay by sticking 5-of-7 from the field with three triples for 15 points before halftime. In the second half it was Pau Gasol playing the role of primary scorer; down the stretch it was basically Kobe getting the ball on the wing and playing a two-man game with Gasol (29 pts, 9 rebs, 5 asts) to produce buckets in the paint and jumpers on the block. That and a 9-0 run in the fourth quarter was enough to put the Lakers up two games as the series heads to Phoenix … The Lakers were poised to run away in the first half before Leandro Barbosa, Jared Dudley, Lou Amundson and the Suns’ bench made it a ballgame. Dudley got into a rhythm right away, hitting a couple threes before Kobe decided he should actually guard him, and finished with 15 points on 5-of-5 beyond the arc with three steals. The Lakers went up nine at halftime after Derek Fisher morphed into Allen Iverson for one possession and weaved through the entire defense for a layup before the buzzer, but Phoenix came back to tie it going into the fourth quarter when Grant Hill and Jason Richardson carried the offense in the third quarter. Hill scored 14 of his 23 points in the third … Everybody (read: Doug Collins and Marv Albert) needs to settle down comparing Shannon Brown‘s near-miss dunk to Vince Carter‘s cram over Fred Weis. For starters, Vince made his dunk. Second, he actually hurdled the 7-foot Weis, whereas Shannon just got up really freakin’ high on 6-6 J-Rich … Barbosa had to leave in the fourth quarter after he fell into a cameraman along the baseline and cut the back of his head on the camera. When is the NBA going to do something about not having so many cameras that close to the action and putting the players in danger? Swear we’ve seen more than a few guys almost get hurt this postseason alone. (Oh, and Dennis Rodman would have caved in that cameraman’s groin) … Lamar Odom scored a resounding win in his beef with Amar’e Stoudemire. After L.O. slapped up a 19-19 stat line in Game 1, Amar’e brushed it off as “lucky.” Odom didn’t really respond verbally, but got STAT back last night when he dunked on him in the fourth quarter, capping an 17-point, 11-board effort … Wilson Chandler got popped for marijuana possession in Queens, N.Y., the other night. Of course there’s the easy joke: If I played for the Knicks, I’d need to smoke some, too.. According to one New York paper, Chandler was found with a “small amount” of weed, while another paper said he had five bags and was pulled over initially for driving with no headlights … And that’s not even the strangest NBA law enforcement story of the week. Apparently Marquis Daniels‘ dad got arrested and tasered during Game 2 of Celtics/Magic. Daniels’ pops, Willie Lorenzo Buie, was already being escorted from Orlando’s Amway Arena by security when he got out of control and hit with the taser. If only Rashard Lewis were showing that kind of energy, the Magic might have won a game at home … Yesterday Dime posted our first of many NBA mock drafts leading up to the actual event. It’s pretty universal that John Wall is going No. 1 to the Wizards and Evan Turner is headed to Philly at No. 2, but after that it gets interesting. DeMarcus Cousins could go anywhere from third (Nets) to sixth (Warriors), while guys like Xavier Henry (Kansas) and Ed Davis (North Carolina) are being slotted all over the Lottery depending on who you ask. And then there’s always the mystery of exactly where Lance Stephenson will go. Some people have “Born Ready” going in the Top 20, others in the second round. Now that you know where your favorite team is picking, who do you want out of this draft class? … We’re out like Fred Weis …

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  • Bruce

    Lakers were toying with Los Suns. I thought Los Suns were about to pull off an upset. Up by 6 in the 4th, Kobe enters! Game over!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Grant hill still got it though.good seeing him do his thing.oh well on to the next ones.lakers repeat coming up!!

  • A.R.

    @ Bruce

    You would be correct.
    Lakers are really firing right now at everything. Pounding the paint and knocking down jump shots. I’ve said it all along, we aint stoppin at one. 2peat!

  • Bruce

    DeMarcus Cousins and Don Nelson! They are a match made in heaven. Attitude, Work Ethic, and Conditioning versus a coach that is notoriously hard on rookies, ask Chris Webber.

    I will be rooting for Poindexter (Washington), Jamal Crawford (Xavier), and Gordon Haywood (Butler). Please don’t be like Dionte Christmas though!

  • A.R.

    Gotta show love to Grant Hill though. He must of thought he was back in Detroit during that third quarter.

  • Bruce

    I will be rooting for Kobe this year. I want Kobe to win Ring #5, more than Timmy and Shaq. Most championships for a player during his era.

    Should the Lakers retire Shaq number?

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Smitty

    Did delonte west really smash lebrons mom ??? Can anyone fill in ? I wish dine had a piece on that one! ChAndler looks like he sells weed! Playoffs are whack without lebron

  • tp

    u mean these semifinals are wack. both are going 5 games tops.

    as for the Finals now, thats got potential to be the most hyped finals of all time. and rightfully so too. it’s gonna be all out war, so hang on til then smitty

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I can’t wait to hear all the LA fans start riding Lamar Odom’s jock.

    The truth is that Lamar Odom is lucky. He’s lucky he’s playing against a team that doesn’t play defense. Even if the Suns were guarding a 30-foot-high rim with riot shields and tear gas, the Lakers could still cram buckets down their throat at will.

    So before everyone starts gassing up Lamar Odom after he scored 17 points and grabbed 9 boards, realize it came against the Suns.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    So yeah, Lamar can put up stats when the game isn’t on the line. But lets see how he performs against a team that can actually guard someone and grab a rebound or two.

    I will be the first to give Odom props if he plays like he did tonight (like he always should considering his size, speed, and skills) when the game is on the line. Until then, I’m co-signing with Amare. Lamar just had another lucky game.

    Then again, every player going against that vaunted Suns’ D is going to get lucky as shit. I mean, damn Amare, if you’re gonna talk shit, at least go out there and play a little D to back it up. Show some fake hustle – maybe hack a few people and get a goal tending call or two. Shit, do something on D, Amare!

  • Jack

    I wouldn’t say this is luck. This is the type of basketball that LO is good at, open-court and fast-paced. He doesn’t do well in slow half-court set ups. (I think he just gets bored, the guy is like a kid with ADD and a serious sweet-tooth after all)

    Also, it isn’t fair to say the Suns don’t play defense, they do. Its not like they’re the Warriors or something.

  • JesusFTW

    Delonte’s dick would be the source of so much hate from the whole of Ohio if that’s true.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Delonte must be on medication to be tappin’ LeBrons mom.

    Can you imagine what his life is gonna be like if LeBron leaves and folk blame him?

    And L.O. should put those numbers up against a team thats always a threat to win 142 -140


    Lakers takin care of bisnis at home. I was hoping the suns would make it an interesting series, shit aint happnin now. At least they havnt lost both their home games yet like Orlando have. But Orlando will probably win one in Boston.

    Is there a Big/Guard combo in the league that is even half way as good as the Pau/Kobe combo?

    Shannon’s miss made me think how crazy Vince’s dunk was. If Shannon Brown cant even get close to doing it on a 6’6 guard… you know were never seeing Dunk De La Mort again.

    How the fuck does someone get busted for weed in NY?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Everyone is getting hyped for a Boston-LA finals. Hope it features a Celtic player giving a clothesline to a Laker player just to give it that 80’s feel.

    Speaking of the 80’s and clothesline, I wish the WWE was back in that decade. They had better stories and characters back in the day. I do not know how many of you remember Ted Dibiase and his sidekick Virgil? How about The Ultimate Warrior? Or Macho Man Randy Savage?

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers:

    89. Just like an NBA rookie, I will be ready and able to get the Dime staff their daily donuts, coffee, soda, and burgers.

  • Arno

    2-0 and 2-0…
    Aren’t those playoffs the most boringly predictable in recent history ?

    BTW, Pau Gasol’s star in the League never stops rising.

  • common sense

    man this is a joke. the lakers have the best big man and gaurd in the league. and they havn’t missed a shot all series long. seriously. this is just not fair. suns trying but now i realise why the suns could never win a chip during the glory years.

    they really play absolutely no D whatsoever. especially stoudemire and nash. when two of your starters are so atrocious on D then its hard for the others to even cover for these mistakes.

    serious disappointment.

  • mrparker

    More like Tom Chambers famous in game 2 hander than Vince’s. If J-RIch didn’t move I don’t know…..

  • Pais

    steamrolling phoenix like an 18 wheeler with a drunk driver driving…there’s NO surviving

  • control

    Suns got the next two! Kobe wouldn’t ever lead the league in assists, even though he has the team for it. He has a little bit of that “Iversionititus” where he becomes physically unable to pass the ball for periods of the game.


    A 220lb guy putting a flying dragon knee into your chest will move most people.


    Way to go Lakers, 6 more wins. What ever happened to Renaldo Sydney? Dude is a lottery pick to me. Is he trying to go league, or is he gonna stay and deal with the NCAA heads?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Yesterday I kept picturing QQ sitting at home in a basketball jersey. His jersey was split down the middle; left half Celtics, right half Magic. He would type the rants with his left hand and his pro-Magic posts with his right hand. He may even have two keyboards, I don’t know.

    we should now refer to him as Q|Q

  • control

    that’s whats up

    Don’t open that can of worms again…I’m hoping that whole if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it happen thing is effective for internet. If someone spams shit, and no one sees it, did it happen?

  • Ianny b

    Go Lakers, we play our best when the ball is being moved. next game Kobe 20 assist i dare you

  • Celts Fan

    #3’s a lock too. The Nets already have a center (no Cousins) and just used a #1 on Terrence Williams, who’s been really promising, so they don’t need Wes Johnson. Meanwhile, their 4 spot’s made up of Chairman Yi and a bunch of other bums. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Favors goes #3 unless Philly takes someone other than Turner at 2.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    2 things I wanted to mention about last night’s game:

    1.) You KNOW a dude got up DUMB HIGH if his MISSED dunk attempt still ends up being a poster.

    2.) Not sure if y’all noticed, but Kobe was purposely jamming the ball down low to whoever Amar’e was guarding. He wanted him to PAY for poppin’ off at the mouth

  • dmitry of jersey

    Whatever people, if Lebron had those kind of teammates, he would average 20 assists, 35 pts, and 15 rebounds. Shit switch up Kobe and J-Rich and the Lakers win the next 3 championships!!

    the last two games have been incredible performances by Kobe. I’ve never been his greatest fan but damn.


    LOL I just googled Delonte West about the lebrons mom affair and the first thing associated with his name is “HERPES” dats sucks for him LOL anyways FACILITATOR and KOBE go hand and hand with NBA Analyst’s…They should just say “anything KOBE is good, KOBE BEEF, KOBE SHOES, KOBE TAI all good!!!!”

  • Rcb0823

    Hey what did you mean by, don’t be like Dionte Christmas, he did good over in Isreal, and the NBA passed something good up. My thought on that, is he should have been drafted.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Dime has a weird fascination with L. Stephenson.

    No way should he be a first round pick. I don’t want to hear that “his games translates to the pros” crap either.

  • Showtime
  • Big T

    I love it… all this hype surrounding J-Rich, and that if he drops 20 points, the Suns never lose. Fail.

  • QQ

    This whole impostor mess has simply gone too far. Fucking Garbage.

  • SWAT

    man the suns offense and grant were putting on a clinic in the 3rd but then their bench came in and couldnt keep it up, on offense or defense. frye might as well have had a hard hat on with all tht construction and brick laying he was doing yesterday! damn, dude was like 1-15.

  • QQ

    @thatswhatsup – its people like you who ruin these boards. Encouraging this faker to post on my behalf – completely undermines the integrity of these forums. Fucking Garbage.

    I still love Dimemag and i still consider this home, but it’s really becoming challanging to be a solid contributor when some moron is running around spewing shit.

    “QQ get Brain”???

    WTF? This is a basketball forum. Why would I say such a thing? WTF benefit do i get from saying shit like that.

    And to all those who are saying i’m my own imposter – again, WhyTF would i do that? Think about it. I just want to support my team and get some good conversation with people who i respect and consider friends.

    DIME please do something about this.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Swat, that’s the life a jumpshooter. When their shot aint falling, they look like good-for-nuthin-sh*ts.

    Yeah, on most nights, KOBE’s a MAESTRO playing against SIXTH GRADERS LEARNING THE CLARINET.

    It seemed like last night, he was on some “What haven’t I done in my career yet? Grab tons of dimes in a playoff game. OK let’s get that out the way.”

    STAT talkin’ that luck sh**…about a Champ.
    How does that compute?
    I like Amare and everything but why give a bonafide EXTREMELY talented big the motivation.
    The ONLY thing this guy lacks is CONSISTENCY…
    …why motivate him to CONSISTENTLY BUST YO’ AZZ!!!???
    Makes no sense.
    And on top of that!!!!
    LO is a career 15 and 9 guy.
    STAT is a career 21 AND 9 guy.
    But c’mon, LAMAR’s gonna give you SUBSTANTIALLY MORE PRODUCTION that may OR may not make the stat sheet.

    Amare?? I’ve seen him grab ABSOLUTELY NO REBOUNDS before.
    If he grabbed one, it was a gimme at the half.

    Now about last night.
    41 MINUTES
    7/14 FGS
    0/1 3FGS
    4/7 FTS
    6 BOARDS
    1 DIMES
    0 STEALS
    2 BLOCKS
    5 TO
    18 POINTS

    33 MINUTES
    7/10 FGS
    3/4 FTS
    11 BOARDS
    4 DIMES
    3 STEALS
    1 BLOCK
    2 TO
    17 POINTS

    *There are no ZEROES in Lamar’s boxscore. Just saying.

    So, after you compare the stats, the intangibles, the teams…basically…

    Amare Stoudemire needs to SHUT DA F*** UP.

  • control

    Amare running his yap about Lamar is just stupid. Lamar is one of the most inconsistent guys in the league, but right now I’d take him over Amare in a heartbeat. Amare has to be one of the laziest motherfuckers in the league, next to Shard’s disappearing act, I can’t think of a guy who makes the least use of the most potential. Guy is 6’10, has like a 35″+ vertical, strong as fuck, quick as fuck, can’t grab a rebound that doesn’t bounce directly to him to save his own life. And he’s going to talk shit about someone else being luck? The only reason Amare even gets any rebounds at all is luck, so he’d know all the fuck about luck.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Brogden

    Damn bruh you BARELY beat me to it!!


    How Amare gonna pop off at the mouth like that and basically get outplayed???? BY A BENCH PLAYER.. given LO aint really a bench player but he still logs less minutes.. Thats how you lose respect amongst yo’ teammates lol

    So where we at Suns fan?? Still talkin that YAP??? or as i like to put it; all that NECK talk??

    Please fall back..

  • control

    Oh yeah…Suns in 6!

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Sho-nuff said: “Dime has a weird fascination with L. Stephenson. No way should he be a first round pick. I don’t want to hear that “his games translates to the pros” crap either.”

    Dime has been writing about L. Stevenson since he was in middle school. I remember reading a Dimemag cover story about him a few years back while I was taking a shit.

    They christened him the next T-Mac back then. So that si why Dime is interested in Lance. We’ll have to wait and see if their T-Mac prediction comes true . . .

  • LakeShow84

    Lol @ Control

    Smart ass lol

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I just don’t understand why Stat plays such shitty D. We’ve been criticizing him for years for it, but nothing has changed. In fact, Amamre plays worse D now then he did his first few years in the L.

    Doug Collins calls him out in like every replay featuring a big man taking it to the rack against the Suns because Stat just stands there with his knees locked. Unlock your fucking knees Amare and cram the shit out of people! At least hack the shit out of people! Shiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • SWAT

    so lakeshow u tellin me that at times LO does not make an ass out of himself on the court-either an ill advised shot (he had a couple of those last night) or just plain not showing up. really if he showed up every game the dude wouldnt be labled the “X factor”, he’s labeled that bcuz you never know which one you are gonna get. i admit that Amare needs to do so much more and it pisses me off bcuz dude is really a beast, idk if the suns can come back but damn at least win 1-its sad to see nash and hill go out like this.

  • LakeShow84

    @ SWAT

    Dont get me started on LO man lol

    But the home team usually takes game 3 in these cases where you go back home to lick your wounds..

    Honestly i wouldnt even be surprised if they took the next 2 at home.. Unlikely but it would give the Nash/Hill sympathizers something to feel good about..

    And they do deserve it but to those 2 i imagine takin 2 games wouldnt mean shit.. They in it to win it..

  • LakeShow84

    The Suns are what we SANE people thought they were lol

  • SWAT

    LMAO!! man lakeshow i busted out laughin whn i read that! nice dennis green reference!

  • Celticsdada

    So DIME !!! No apology for the article you plagiarized from SI yesterday?? instead you just deleted off the blog and pretend it was never posted?? Seriousslyy??

    If readers don’t know what im talking about, it was the Top 5 oldest player in the League article that was posted on Dime yesterday, it was jacked straight off the SI article last year. Dime did not even cited their work or gave any credentials. SMH

  • buffaloballa

    you think a CAMERA in the Staple Center got barbosa, that was a shank…

  • buffaloballa

    oh yeah, the only place lance is going next year rhymes with lance…

  • dlight

    A’mare is costing himself plenty of dough, forget LO, just get yours could even work in this case- show some heart on something other than a dunk- shoulda went to college along with KG and learn how to handle an interview. What happen to looking into the camera or looking someone in the eye when you talk to them- Amare is showing he can’t carry the load on or off the court, or in the locker room. Talks like a text message, learn a full sentence cause the mics will be back again next game. It’ll be interesting this off season, next week for the LOS..T Suns.

  • LakeShow84

    Whitlock should really stick to football..

    His basketball knowledge is based on mainstream info..

    Pretty wack..

  • the cynic

    Amare 9 rebounds (1 of these stolen from Hill)
    Lamar 30 rebounds
    Nash 7 rebounds

    Not that this is news, but Amare is still a bitch

  • the cynic

    I love watching the Suns, i get to laugh at Amare pretend to try and play defense for 40 minutes

  • johnny

    Pau and Odom having it easy in the paint.

  • D-NICE

    wouldn’t mind seeing cousins wind up in T dot when Bosh leaves. He’s the kind of big man the raps have been missng for years…..

  • D-NICE

    and he would compliment bargnani really well