NBA / May 10, 2010 / 10:15 am

The Sixers Need A Coach

This is getting kind of ridiculous. It seems that the Philadelphia 76ers are interviewing anyone and everyone that has ever played or coached basketball, and it still appears they are not even close to finding a replacement. Over the weekend, their search took them to Dallas where they met with Bill Laimbeer and Sam Mitchell. Today, they’ll meet with Dan Majerle and Monty Williams. Hopefully one of these guys will come through.

If I’m team president and general manager Ed Stefanski, I’m starting to get worried. Have the Sixers really dropped off that much in appeal? I realize that just like free agency this summer, there will be a domino effect. As an available coach, why take a job with no roster flexibility who will have to battle the likes of Boston and a retooled team for New York and New Jersey? Even the coaching vacancies in New Orleans (Chris Paul) and Chicago (Derrick Rose) have superstars with which to build around. The Sixers just may be out of luck.

To me, the most telling sign of how undesirable a job Philly is was when Mark Jackson declined an opportunity to even interview with the Sixers, and he’s a guy without any coaching experience whatsoever.

What do you think? When will the Sixers name a new coach? Who will it be? Who is the best man for the job?

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  • b$

    mark jackson is a fool if he really turned down that offer. it’s not like he’s ever been on anybody’s desired list as a coach, he just keeps campaigning for jobs with no basis for why he’d be a good candidate.

    philly can’t possibly be THAT bad to coach….while they lack a true star layer, there is solid talent at at least 3 positions and the team is still young. they don’t differ that much from atlanta 2-3 years back. plus boston is aging out and i really doubt the “re-tooled” knicks or nets really have anybody shaking in their boots.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    Philly is still a very poorly built team and their new coach is going to need to be able to get the team to make personnel changes to get them going in a positive direction.

    All of the above guys are good candidates and I’m also putting Chris Jent’s name in there. He has head coaching experience in Orlando when he was interim a few years back.

  • TIP
  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Thanks TIP.

    Posting it now!

  • JAY

    Ewing must be fuming somewhere.

  • sh!tfaced

    Just wait it out until after the draft lottery. Who knows?
    If they hit the 1st pick jackpot, everything will change, for sure. Mark Jackson might even come crawling back.

  • Iceman

    They need Sam Mitchell, who will kick butt and take names. Bring in a more conventional offense and try to revamp the team by getting a second tier star (JJohnson, RGay just dont overpay. The team has too many small forwards/shooting guards who can not shoot or create their own shot. Also need a point guard (Earl Watson?.

    Find away to dump Brand.

    Please do not draft the lug from Kansas.

  • Dr. Robert

    I recently spoke with someone who wants the Sixers job, and would be a perfect fit. He’s a Philly guy with the confidence and hoop mentality to lead the Sixers. His name is Bo Kimble. The Sixers need a new direction and up-tempo system to fill the seats for the deserving fan base.