• fallinup

    C’mon now. At least mention the Barry family.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    None of them are playing!

  • fallinup

    Ahhh see… I skimmed. Didn’t see.. current.


  • fallinup

    Yeah… even though it was in the friggin headline. Sorry, I’m blinded by my Bron hate today. haha

  • QQ

    What about Greg Oden and Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

    They’re father and son right?

    Ohhh shit… Sorry. Oden is Kareem’s GRANDfather. My bad.

  • b$

    i’d take the curry clan over dunleavy or brewer easy

  • Diego

    Nice lists. Initially I was thinking Del and Steph should bump a couple of them, but if you’re focusing on guys in their prime, I think you nailed it. Otherwise, with Mike Bibby fading, I’d take the Currys over the Bibbys–because Steph currently is much superior to Mike B.

    I’ll have to think if you are missing anyone. (How about the Horfords in honorable mention list?)

  • Marcus

    Hey! Where is MJ and Kwame? That should be number 2! Blame Kwame.

  • srb

    you should do current NBA dads and their future NBA sons

    eddie house and his son would be #1

    you know it’s going to rain threes when eddie jr. comes in.

  • whataboutbob_cats

    Soon this list will be filled from 1 through 5 with Shawn Kemp and his children.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ Marcus & whataboutbob_cats


  • sh!tfaced

    LOL@10 – they might probably be spread around different sports too.

    Gerald and Damien Wilkins.
    -Too bad Uncle Dominique is still better than them, COMBINED.

    Umm… Karl Malone and Cheryl Ford?
    -Father-daughter combo would own a father-son team like Sean and Scott May.

  • Bilal


    the karl malone and cheryl ford might actually own most father son combos

  • K Dizzle

    How about Cheryl and Reggie vs Candace and Anthony?
    …..oops….never mind

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    Tito Horford and Al Horford.

    I’d take them over the Brewers.

    Plus Didn’t Javel McGee’s Mother and Father play in the NBA/WNBA, he has to get double bonus points for that one.

  • http://yahoo.com Darien

    Candace would smash anthony ! Lol

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    Oh and in a 2on2 father son Tourney right now, Imma go with the Curry’s edging out the Bryants. Kobe and Jellybean would pretty much smash every team until Kobe decides that he wants to shoot everytime with his left hand just to prove how nice he is. Then Steph and Dell get the ball and don’t miss a shot. Game over.

  • Brown

    The Currys would definitely be better than the Brewers.

  • PrettyPaula

    I’d like to see best brother combos..all-time not currently playing…currently playing is cheating

  • Ian

    lol same mistake here i called bullshit when i didnt see rick and brent as 1 or 2.

  • Ian

    the horfords nice call diego

  • Yoooo

    Some of you guys really live in a fantasy world huh?

  • whataboutbob_cats


    Nice, dude. You really showed us!

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    What about doing one on cousins?
    Al Harrington and Dantay Jones
    Vince Carter and T-Mac
    Jarrett Jack and Chris Duhon
    Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair
    Jason Terry and Martell Webster
    Jonathan Bender and Morris Peterson

    Or Brothers
    Stephen and Joey Graham
    Jaron and Jason Collins
    Taylor and BlakeGriffin
    Brook and Robin Lopez
    Marc and Pau Gasol
    Carl and Marcus Landry

    Brother in Laws
    Bibby and House

  • flyp

    If we weren’t going with only current players and let the Barry’s play, it wouldn’t be fair. In a 2-on-2 tournament, they have a bench!

  • Hoops wannabe

    How about Greg Oden and Lebron James?

  • http://iamcool.com nawlage_x0719

    Greg Oden, Lebron James, & Kirk Snyder

  • http://iamcool.com nawlage_x0719

    and Greg is the father! haha

  • Wildcats17

    wildcats17 says:

    I think you would have to include Rick Barry and sons Scooter, John, and Bret. As for the father duo’s only Bill Walton, who won rings with Portland and Boston, have more rings than Rick Barry with his credentials includes winning the NBA title with Golden State Warriors in 1975. Add in for the father’s, again only Walton and Barry being in the NBA Hall of Fame. And I believe Bret has two NBA rings with the Spurs and a Slam Dunk title to boot! Shouldn’t the Barry’s be on this list between 1 and three?

  • knowdagame

    Hey Alex “robocop” Murphy, isn’t antwan jamison and vince carter “brother-in-laws”, i’m pretty sure and then that would be top duo in that category right?, not bibby and house.


    greg oden, lebron, kirk snyder and benjamin button.
    one big old, and i mean OLD, happy family right there.

  • Ray

    The all-time relative list:


  • Caderade

    How about Karl Malone and Paul Millsap? Until someone shows me indisputable dna evidence, I refuse to believe that Millsap is not one of the Mailman’s illegitimate children.

  • shaw32

    throw williams and parker in the brother in law game