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Top 5 Most Underrated Prospects In The 2010 NBA Draft

Avery Bradley (photo. University of Texas Athletics Photography)

After the NBA Draft Lottery last night, the Draft horizon became a little bit clearer. And while ESPN spent most of the night talking about John Wall and Evan Turner, there are 58 other picks that will get their shot at the League. With that in mind, here are my Top 5 most underrated players in this year’s NBA Draft.

1. Avery Bradley, Point Guard
6-2, 180 pounds, Freshman, Texas

Coming into this season, Bradley had tremendous hype and many high school basketball ranking services had him ahead of John Wall last year. After an underwhelming year at Texas, the Lottery buzz has definitely worn off, but to me Bradley is a more defensive minded Russell Westbrook with more range on his jump shot. Now the question becomes can he develop into at point guard like Westbrook? I think he can.

2. Greivis Vasquez, Combo Guard
6-6, 197 pounds, Senior, Maryland

You will not find a more competitive and passionate player in this year’s Draft than Vasquez. He is coming off a stellar, four-year career playing under coach Gary Williams at Maryland. The 2010 Bob Cousy Award winner (given to the nation’s best point guard) has proven that he can play the point, and at 6-6, Vasquez certainly has great size and a good shooting stroke from behind the arc. I am interested to see when he goes and where he will land.

3. Willie Warren, Combo Guard
6-4, 207 pounds, Sophomore, Oklahoma

Warren came into his sophomore season expecting to be one of the top picks in this year’s Draft, but he failed to deliver on that potential. Despite all that, I believe that Warren could become a Ben Gordon like player with his ability to get his own shot off the dribble and his tremendous offensive talent. Or Warren could become a slower version of Flip Murray. Either way, there’s too much potential not to take a chance.

4. Lance Stephenson, Combo Guard/Forward
6-5, 210 pounds, Freshman, Cincinnati

It’s a shame that a player with all of his potential, who clearly underachieved this past season, is coming out early. And because he is so young, he will come with some headaches. But the talent that Stephenson possesses is something that is unmatched. One thing that he did show me while in college was that he is a fierce competitor and someone who is not afraid of the big moment. And if he can find a good franchise that will allow him and his game to mature, he could become a Caron Butler type of a player. If not, he could end up like another DeShawn Stevenson.

5. Sherron Collins, Point Guard
5-11, 215 pounds, Senior, Kansas

A tremendous competitor and floor general, Collins reminds me a lot of a slower Jameer Nelson. Although he’s only 5-11, he has an offensive repertoire that can allow him to score at the next level. As it sits right now, Collins is projected as a second rounder, and I hope he gets a chance to play for a contender. As a back up, he could really help a franchise simply because he knows how to win.

What do you think? Who are some other underrated prospects who could help your team?

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  • Sweet English

    Born Ready? Born Greedy…..

  • skip
  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    How can somebody who was labeled “Born Ready” while only a high school player now be labeled underrated by the same publication?

  • http://dime eyes

    Pretty decent list. I second the Collins write up. Very talented. What scouts see in Henry & not Sheron or Lance boggles me. To say that Xavier Henry is better than Jordan Crawford or Jeremy Hazell. Means you job title says scout or expet. Doesn’t mean you are. Sad also that many of these players will never reach their potential due to bad management & worse coaching.

    How Sylven Landesburg or Edgar Sosa aren’t even on the draft board. What has Avery Bradley or Eric Bledsoe done to prove their better than the above. There’s also 1,one,ONLY ONE SENIOR. Projected in the 1st round. Get your money kids while taking full advantage of the system that uses you. Get your education & money while you can. Very important.

    To date this will be a very weak draft like last year supposed bust. LOL. Except this year doesn’t have much firepower at all. After Wall,Turner,Stephenson,Crawford & my sleeper of the draft who has CJ Miles/Anthony Morrow written all over him. Elliot Williams. I also think Varnando is going to end up being a hidden gym. As well as Denis Clemente & Derrick Caracter. They all have more talent than they’re pick would suggest. Lazar Hayward is also a unique talent & should be a 1st rounder on this board. Too bad he’s a Senior. LOL. Great for him he has the best of both of worlds hopefully. A degree & playing in the L. If they want more kids to stay in school 4 years. Reward them by picking them off their body of work. Rather than the sacred word. Potential. He has the tools to be either very good or terrible.

    @English….Too funny I’m laughing myself to sleep. Not funny. Funny how all the execs & scouts/Gm’s think like you. Lance is a Cancer. We’ll see how many teams are dumb for not picking him. He may have more talent than Tyreke Evans. Give him a team & minutes I guarantee he performs. Don’t go off what he did in college. That’s why many 2nd round picks & players never drafted are able to dominate the league when given a chance. Too many dumb decisions & opinions. They are usually wrong more than they’re right. It’s like a judge. If they say you’re guilty. Is that always the case. Good Luck to all the draftees. Maximize your earning potential. It’s not the end of the world if you’re not picked.

  • http://www.94by50.com da real “RONDO”

    Edwin Ubiles – Siena

    Derrick Character

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Can never figure out Dime’s obsession with Stephenson. He does not have an NBA ready J. Not even close.

  • We-It Athletics


  • chief youngblood

    Tasmin Mitchell , he’s got a near nba ready body 4 yrs of exierance 3 tournament apperances , can play anywhere from the 2-4 for some nba squads , plays inside and out

  • Dirtball Rotten

    willie warren has joseph forte written all over him. anyone who drafts him in the 1st is gonna regret it. forget all the highschool hype what has he done since he been in college..ahhh nothing. and he got outplayed by 3 freshmen on his own team this year!!!

  • unitedsc77

    eyes, oh my god reading your post made me cry. if you’re going to attempt proper writing and composition, at least use periods in the correct manner; you put them in the most random places that i had to actually make a post to comment on it.
    also, you don’t think demarcus cousins doesn’t have much firepower? do you have a brain?