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Vince Carter has a Nick Anderson moment; John Wall headed to D.C.?

Vince Carter, Dime #21

The cold part is that Vince Carter really is more clutch than a lot of people realize. But when your biggest crunch-time hiccups take place on the biggest stages, your reputation will say otherwise. And Vince has no choice but to eat a big bowl of “choker” criticism after last night … In the first half of Magic/Celtics Game 2, Vince could barely get on the court after J.J. Redick came in and started busting jumpers, but in the fourth quarter he started to make up for it. Vince (16 pts, 3 stls) hit a pull-up from the elbow to cut Boston’s lead to two with about five minutes left, then drained the go-ahead J a few possessions later. Kevin Garnett put the Celtics back on top with a turnaround, and with 30 seconds left, Orlando was down three with Vince at the line. Channeling the spirit of Nick Anderson, he bricked both free throws. KG missed from the top of the key, then Redick (16 pts) borrowed from the Chris Webber playbook and took an ill-advised timeout after he’d already advanced the ball, leaving Orlando with 3.5 seconds to make something happen from a long ways away. Jameer Nelson‘s running three was on-line, but too short … Paul Pierce, on the other hand, delivered in the clutch. He only scored two of his 28 points (8-16 FG, 5 rebs, 5 asts) in the fourth quarter, but they were a pair of key free throws right before Vince’s gaffe that kept Boston in command … Orlando had the advantage in free throw attempts, but there were some questionable calls down the stretch where they got shafted. The worst was with two minutes left, when Redick crossed up KG, and as he blew past him, the refs ignored Garnett giving him a forearm to the forehead. When Redick went up to shoot, Big Baby slid under him (after he’d jumped) and drew a charge that shouldn’t have been called … Add Mark Jackson to the list of unabashed Rajon Rondo supporters. At one point Jax said there aren’t five PG’s in the League who can run a team better than Rondo (25 pts, 8 asts), and later asked seriously, “Who’s a better QB: Tom Brady or Rondo?” Obviously we love Rondo over here, but let’s not get carried away … In other Boston sports references, having learned that Doc Rivers calls Rondo “Varitek” after Red Sox catcher/captain Jason Varitek, Jeff Van Gundy said Varitek should be called “Rondo” instead. Again, settle down. Varitek has multiple rings, and as a catcher he puts his body through more punishment than Rondo. Give that man his respect … Are the Magic done? Getting swept in the first two games AT HOME is as close to a disaster as you can get at this stage in the playoffs, but let’s see how they come out for Game 3. The Magic did waste Dwight Howard‘s best offensive game of the postseason, though. Dwight put up 30 points (12-17 FT) and fouled Kendrick Perkins out … Late-night Twitter update from Pierce: “Anybody got a BROOM?” …

'Reke Havoc + Jrue The Damaja

There’s a street-corner vendor printing John Wall jerseys in D.C. as we write this, but Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld wouldn’t give anything away when we spoke to him right after last night’s NBA Draft Lottery drawing, where the Wiz landed the No. 1 pick. And what would the addition of Wall mean for Gilbert Arenas? Grunfeld said Gil isn’t going anywhere, but we’ll believe it when he’s on the court for Washington next season … Aaron Brooks (with ridiculous Urkel glasses), Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan, Danny Granger (with “my James Bond” white blazer) and Jrue Holiday were repping their teams. Granger said he had a John Wall jersey under his shirt that he would break out Superman-style if Indiana landed the first pick. That’s a nice gesture, but you know T.J. Ford and Earl Watson would feel kinda salty if Granger actually did it … Dime’s Aron Phillips was in Secaucus, N.J., for the live Lottery event. Here’s some of his report: Aaron Brooks was by far the coolest dude in the place. Not bothered at all with the hoopla, just chilling by himself. He said that it’s more important for Houston to have a healthy Yao than to win the Lottery … David Stern had a laugh at Cleveland’s “We Are LeBron” song. “They can do whatever they want: song, banners, balloons, blimps, armies,” Stern said. About the LeBron free agent madness, Stern said, “It actually shows the importance of basketball to the culture, and what a fixture the NBA has become.” … Stern spoke to Gilbert Arenas last week, and said Gil should be concerned with working in the community and getting in shape … Tyreke Evans shook hands with Larry Bird and said, “I didn’t know Bird was that tall.” He mentioned something about his long fingers … Jay Bilas, huge fan of Dime, is a Bug Light guy … We’re out like Rumeal Robinson

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  • hahns

    id like to announce it right now that i love the new nets owner. i love that hes russian. and i loved his answers to all his interview questions.

    “it is simply. we just have to take all the knicks fans and make them nets fans.” he did putin proud.

  • Josh Tha roc

    pity the vince.

  • yoda

    damn, i hope this won’t be sweep. i want tired boston against lakers

  • Bizz

    If the Boston Celtics were the Toronto Raptors, Vince would have made the first free throw, bricked the 2nd, but catch the miss, soar through the air, do a windmill, with an and1, and then make the free throw…unfortunately for him, his best superstar clutch moments usually come against the Raptors lol

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    ^^ haha.my thoughts exactly!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ yoda.still cant believed Vince bricked those freebies

  • Josh Tha roc

    why out like rumeal?

  • LakeShow84

    Too bad this series all depends on the man.. its like they say..

    If it looks like a duck and smells like a duck..

    Its usually a duck..

    And that was some duck a$$ shit.. And not just the FT’s he missed a couple passes for eazy baskets in that 4th..

    Sadly VC is another thinker in those moments..

    Got to be do’er..

    And Dwight had no business talkin and cheesin on the sideline when they went up 1.. LOST FOCUS and COINCIDENTALLY wasnt heard from bucket wise again.. Sad but he hasnt matured much..

    Not talkin like its over but LA/BS huh??????? I guess thats the way it should be..

    THAT will be REVENGE..

  • b

    like the 76ers getting the 2nd pick. gives them something to hope for getting some young talent. now brands and iggies contracts will fall in line when their rookie’s expires – gives them some freedom down the road to get a star or 2 if available. but 3/4 years is a long time in the nba

  • Big Mike

    Vince is and always will be a choker. Hedo woulda made those freebies. VC is just turrible!

  • Big Mike

    Sound off on this!

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis5 quest???

    damn if the celtics beat the magic, which i think they will, the lakers will win the championship. FUCK YOU KOBE! YOU WIN THIS TIME! DAMN YOU

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I just put out a Missing Person Report:

    # Name: Rashard Lewis
    # Report Type: Runaway basketball player
    # Sex: Male
    # Race: Black
    # Hair: Black
    # Eye Color: Brown
    # Height: 6 ft. 10 in.
    # Weight: 230 lbs.
    # Date of Birth: 8/8/1979
    # Last Seen: 5/10/2010

    Rashard was last seen on May 10, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is believed to be currently hidden somewhere in Amway Arena.

    If you think you know the whereabouts of this person, please contact Orlando Magic ownership immediately and ask them for some reward money from Lewis’s $118 million dollar contract.

  • sh!tfaced

    Shit, man, Tom Brady and Jason Varitek are waaaay better freethrow shooters than Rondo. Let’s not get carried away…

    By the way the ECF is going, Pierce might not need a BROOM. He’ll need a cartwheel or something heavy duty – with all those BRICKS the Magic have been laying…

    see… C-Webb moment by the Redickulous one… hehehe

  • john

    The Celtics is the only team that can beat the Lakers. They are not afraid of LA and already beat them. If they sweep the Magic, watchout for a rested Boston team.

  • sh!tfaced

    Damn lottery… Just what Gilbert Arenas needs… more “Walls”… LOL

  • OneZero

    @Jeremiah Togstad

    I was going to said that!!
    where the heck is Rashard!!!!!!

  • OneZero

    and dont blame JJ,

    who would’ve thought he’ll score 16 and will still be in the rotation on the final possesion.

  • the cynic

    The magic aren’t going win this series if J.J Reddick continues to be the teams second best player.

  • Lionheart

    pierce account was hacked


    rashard was last seen acting out of character, passing up open three’s, putting the ball on the floor, driving to the basket, desperately trying to be a hero, and, according to his coach, supposedly playing defense (most likely on himself)


    ’cause lewis ain’t shutting down nobody but himself

  • Adam Morrison

    Pierce’s twitter account was hacked

  • Rafa23

    Vince is actually pretty clutch if u look at all those moments in his career. The way boston executed they probably would have won anyway.
    right now it doesnt look like the magic have enough, the celtics are just the better team. not all on vince

  • alf (from melmak)

    Dime, just an additional thought on Nick Anderson — He also does a very lousy job of hosting a show. I do not know what to make of the facial gestures he makes.

    Everyone keeps asking where Rashard Lewis is, but has anybody asked where Stan Van Gundy is? He is being out-coached by Doc Rivers who was almost out of the league in 2007.

    Random information for the day — Aside from being a newly elected congressman, Manny Pacquiao also owns an amateur basketball team named PacMan which plays for his home province.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers:

    90. I can probably beat any of the current staff in a one-on-one game of basketball.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Not lookining good for the Magic right about now. Ray Allen had a really off night and KG wasn’t really heard from (offensively) until the 2nd half. However, Paul Pierce was getting SAVAGE buckets to start the game. He and Rajon Rondo did a number on the Magic in the first half.

    Rashard Lewis is the Lamar Odom of the Orlando Magic. If he can find SOME WAY to contribute SOMETHING CONSISTENTLY to his team they can right the ship. Like Jeremiah Togstad said he hasn’t had a significant impact on his team since they played my Atlanta Hawks.

  • stefan

    I bet anyone that the Wizards take Turner because of Arenas starting on PG!

  • jnuh

    Anyone remember this from the early part of the season?

    “With Vince, you can give him the ball anywhere on the floor and he can isolate and create a shot either for himself or for a teammate on his own,” Van Gundy said. “Plus, if you look at the numbers like we do all the time… Vince has been, throughout his career, one of the best fourth quarter and end-of-game guys in this league, in terms of production. He’s been a guy that has always come through down the stretch in games.”


  • Bill


    1) Mark Jackson said there arn’t five point guards who has run the CELTICS team any better than Rondo has. Not any team, that be outrageous.

    2)If it’s Lakers v. Celtics, despite what everyone will say, the Celtics will win. Their team defense is geared for outside superstars (i.e. Wade and LeBron) that forces them to take mostly contested jumpers. End of the day, Lakers win if Kobe’s hitting everything, which he proved two years ago that even he is human and can’t do it.

    3)Odom and Gasol are scared of Garnett. Their pussy gets so tight every time they go up against him and his in your face intensity. Add in Rasheed and it’s headaches all around. Anyone can look like All-Stars going up again Fesenko, Boozer, Kristic, Collison, Lopez, Amundson, and so on. They’ll shit themselves when they face real men.

  • Sweet English

    Number one reason you should never give alf from melmark a job.

    #1. For some reason he thinks trying to insult his potential employers is the best way to go about getting hired.

  • jackass

    90. I can probably beat any of the current staff in a one-on-one game of basketball???

    damn dime ya’ll gonna let this one go??? i’d hate to read about basketball from people who couldn’t ball for shit yo…

  • alf (from melmak)


    Your name speaks for itself. You know what that means in basketball, right? Peace. :)

  • M Intellect

    Alf – Please die.


  • air99

    I think its something to do with the wrist he injured early in the 3rd quarter. But man, this is playoffs, they doesn’t care about that mild injury now a days. I just feel sorry for Carter, better luck next time cause the C’s gonna win it all the way! Go C’s!

  • That’s What’s Up

    I got a 4 year old who has a pretty good jumper already. I’d take him over alf

    QQ – you gotta man up and come eat this crow. It’s only fair

    If the Wiz don’t take John Wall because they think Arenas is the answer at point, that will be the most foolish move their franchise can make. They need to admit they gave way too much money to a selfish jacker with questionable character, and move on.

    Reason 89 they won’t hire alf: he went weeks and months without checking in and employer’s hate inconsistency.
    My meal allowance says you will never work at DIME

  • sh!tfaced

    Number TWO reason you should never give alf from melmark a job.

    #1. “insult(s) his potential employers…”

    #2. It’s starting to get annoying with some of his potential readers… 90 more reasons… ugh…

    At least give the man a go with the “Pass The Mic” thing so we can get this over with and not really go through a hundred.

  • fallinup

    Raise your hand if you’re not surprised Vinny missed those freebies.

  • JAY

    No offense alf, but there are a handful of other Dime-posters here who i’d rather read opinions from on a regular basis. Keep begging though. Do what u gotta do.

  • JAY

    *raising hand*

    Vince didn’t change his pad at half-time.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    My hand is raised.

  • fallinup

    Was commenting with the wife last night about how when Vince gets a cracked nail… he falls in a heap of pain. And almost like clockwork, he slipped and falls in a heap of pain.

    We could easily make this National Mess With Vince Day. But aside from Dwight and yes… even JJ… that entire team came up with a goose egg. Rashard was no where to be found… and the Celts answered back when Orlando would come with an answer. Dwight can only do so much.

    Now off to Boston. Where the the Celts try to “sweep” this series under a rug.

  • Ianny b

    As an avid Laker, I wanna vindicate 2008 by winning against none other than the Celtics, but I really hate to see those guys win. Not to mention “Paula Peirce” i respect his game and him coming back from the stabbings, but the arrogance and him being a duiva= UNBEARABLE.

    Go Magic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Journeyman

    I think Alf is mad funny…and yeah Alf I wouldn’t have put the basketball beating thing out there,

    but CLEARLY, it’s all fun and games.

    I would read his stuff….he’s kinda like the second coming of Tyrone who used to post here.

    I jump on SMACK to see what reason # ??? will be

    P.S. QQ is a loser, a huge loser, a super mega dork with fries on the side loser

    He lives in LOSERVILLE, FL (Population : 1) and his team is going down…no RING for the DING (D.Howard)

  • fallinup

    And how can you all crack on Mark Jackson… like you’re surprised at some of his comments. For every “rondo is the greatest evar!” comments… you get, “Celts are taking it back to the 90’s, because it’s HAMMERTIME!”, comments.

    Classic, Jackson. haha :)

  • Celts Fan

    Wow. 2-0? Can’t believe it.

    It’s not fair to Wince that he’ll be remembered for those 2 missed FT’s since he was the one that brought them back. After (no order) Kobe, Melo, Pierce, Ray, Roy, Wade, and LeBron, Vince is right up there with the most clutch guys in the L. He also got hurt and came back without playing up the injury later on. Props for him doing that for once too. I don’t like Wince at all and would love to pile on, but you can’t today if you actually watched the whole game and know Vince’s rep vs. what he did yesterday. It happens…

    Dime – the refs were HORRIBLE both ways.

    Wash and Philly? Ewww.

    Wall is A LOCK to land on the Wizards by the way. Don’t take any of the BS coming outta DC seriously. As if it wasn’t obvious enough just cuz of how good he is, they’re switching owners. There’s no way in hell an owner is turning away a guy that casual fans already know and can be the face of the franchise and put butts in the seats from day 1. Basically he’s Gil from 5 years ago, but with more potential and no guns. Gil can (or will have to learn to) play the 2 and they may be able to play together. This is why I hate sell-off trades too. Wall, Gil, and Caron (who’s still relatively young) coulda made some noise right away if Wall’s legit/healthy.

    Philly gets lucky as heck too. Turner’s the perfect fit for them. They desperately needed a true franchise player, which I believe Turner becomes. With Jrue (I’m sold he’s at least a rotation guy and he’s still only like 14,) Iggy, and Turner, your wings are set. Now hopefully Brand can get healthy and deliver even modest returns and the Dalembeast can run w/ them and that’s a d@mn solid core to start rebuilding with lofty expectations 5-7 years down the line.

    The Nyets – not ideal, but a front-line of Derek Favors and Brook Lopez will be TERRIFYING by 2014. This team’s building the right way.

    By the way, and just throwing this out there. People were joking about “If NJ wins the lottery, we know it’s rigged.” Well 2 of the biggest markets in the league, that also happened to be in HORRENDOUS situations, just improved in the only way possible. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

  • BC


    After watching the 50 replays of Rondos driving shot and also the replays of the JJ Redick/Jameer foul on Pierce near the end of the 4th, it’s clear that the officials are told never to call travelling.

    Rondo took 4 steps, and Pierce took 5 frickin steps!!

    3:15 of this recap:

    And – don’t forget the non-travel call on Rondo slipping to the floor the first time!

  • The Journeyman

    I think Mark Jackson would be better suited analyzing toast…

    “oh man all that butter but no jam!”


    Seriously why do they keep paying him

  • scarboroslikechuck

    - Dwight Howard (Centaur) has been anointed by both the media and casual fans as this generation’s best center – in the same way that Lebron has been for swing players.
    – Alot of venom on this site about LeBron, his “failures”, and how he is undeserving of the praise he has garnered.
    – The Magic roster 1-12 is infinitely better than the Cavs.
    – The Magic are getting HOUSED by the Celts (at home).
    – Hows this generation’s version of Shaq working out?

  • fallinup

    I’ve had 25 years of practicing my Ivan Drago voice for the coming of Mikhail Prokhorov. Every comment he makes is 100% better, repeated in “Drago”. He has now become my new favorite owner. :)

    And on an NBA standpoint. I got a feeling he’s gonna make a serious impact… will spare no expense… and be absolutely what NJ needs. Someone with deep pockets, a deep passion for the game, and an entire country (plus the KGB) watching his every move.

    Dude is a big time spender. He’s like the Russian Tony Stark. Minus the Iron Man suit… I’m sure he hasn’t perfected it ‘yet’. :)

  • sh!tfaced

    Guess that makes JayZ Rhodey Rhodes/War Machine…

  • The Journeyman

    lol at War Machine reference

  • The Journeyman

    except Jay’s forehead and lips won’t fit in the suit

  • fallinup

    Right now, Terrence Howard is reading Dime Mag comments and weeping.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Still no QQ yet?

    I’m afraid he might have took his life last night.

  • The Journeyman

    QQ is a loser and a poser

    He loves to dish it but can’t stomach an 0-2 deficit

    Nothing but a loserish standpoint on QQ’s side

    CLEARLY he sucks

  • sh!tfaced

    Nah, think QQ & Terrence Howard are just a little overwhelmed right now…

  • SWAT

    @ fallinup-hilarious. Drago was the 1st person i thought of whn i heard dude speak. “I must break you…”LOL-good ol’ dolph lundgren.
    but the magic seriously dont hv it this year-raw lew is not showing up-how can i support my fellow Elsik H.S. alum? Damn!

  • srb

    They should have called the first slip by Rondo but not the second. On the second one he stepped on someone’s foot and got it yanked out from under him. The first one he just fell down, so that’s the one they should have called.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Kobe got the same non travelling call in game 1.

    How was Redick “busting J’s” he finished 3-9 from the field (2-3 from “3”) and 8-8 from the line?

    C’mon Dime….

  • karizmatic

    It is impossible for Vince to be viewed as clutch when he keeps doing things like he did last night. And Rajon Rondo is becoming a serious problem in the league, The Big 3 is definitely the Big 4, at this point but it’s really just becoming a great team of players.

  • K

    I’m from Boston and the veritek line by JVG was true. Tek has a been a bum for most of the years after the first title and they were always looking to upgrade it’s just that he had so much respect from teamates and fans they didn’t move him.

    Boston gets one out of two at home and closes it out in game 5

  • QQ

    So what do you want me to say? Shall I mention the bogus foul call on redick (the charge), or should I mention how garnett (member of bone thugs n harmony?) elbowed the shit outta my man redick? Or should I mention the various Rondo carries, flops, and travels? I’m not sure where to begin on this.

    Sure i’m disappointed….in the NBA. It pisses me off to see Stern and co. lie cheat and deceive to manipulate the outcome of NBA events. Point in case – Washington Wizards win the Draft….Seriously? I mean is there a more pathetic storyline of a franchise right now (i know people will say jersey) but consider the fall from greatness that Areanas has had, and the massive impact that has had on the Wizards – and now they win the Draft. Bull Fucking SHIT! And Bullshit on this loss. The NBA wanted it. They want another Boston/LA matchup…why you ask? because it boosts ratings. It reminds people of the “glory days”. Fuck all that crap. The Magic were ROBBED last nite. MY MAGIC WERE ROBBED LAST NITE!

    So keep your classless victory Boston bandwagon jumpers. And keep your thugnificent lineup of hooligans and gangsters. I’ll take class and dignity (which the magic have) all day over thugs and rapists (over on the west coast). And mark my words, WE WILL BOUNCE BACK. 2 STRAIGHT COMING IN BOSTON, AND I AIN’T TALKING SWEEP!

    So step the fuck off. Jeez all these band wagon jumpers are reminding me of all those Lebron Apologists. FUCK YOU ALL!

    Gooo MAGIC!

    Magic in 6 still.

    Book it!

  • control

    God damn spammy? What the hell? Guy can’t swear too many times in a post now?

    I think I might not watch another game this season. That ref job was HORRIBLE. I don’t think I’ve been anymore disgusted watching a game, those refs were calling fouls on EVERYTHING, like that 3rd foul on Vince (loose ball over Pierce) where NOTHING HAPPENED and Vince gets a foul, and then a tech, which completely threw him off his game for the entire night. I don’t know why the refs HAVE to call the whistle everytime someone looks at another player, it’s a giant pussification of the sport. The announcers kept replaying the foul calls, and were like “Uhhh…yeah, he might have hit him, maybe. I think he tapped him there, yeah, that’s it, he almost touched him. Good call I guess”. The refs were wrong at least 40% of the time last night.

    I just got really really angry watching the game, and how poorly it was officiated. Let the outcome be decided by the stupid players, not the refs. Switching back and forth to hockey, and seeing how real men play a fcking sport…just made me so much more pissed watching basketball.

    BTW Refs, if a guy motherfucking jumps, and is in the air, and someone slides under him…it’s a fucking blocking foul regardless of if the guy is set or not. You can’t change your fcking direction IN MID AIR.

  • control

    Random thoughts from the game:

    Paul Pierce is one of the biggest pussies in the game. Takes a small foul, crumples to the ground nearly dead with a whiney face. Gets a hard foul, crumples to the ground (dead for 30 seconds) then waits for his team to surround him before pretending like he’s going to fight. Towel boy tosses a towel at him, crumples on the ground and rolls around. Gets blocked (which of course got called a foul) crumples to the ground holding something pretending to be injured until he hears whistle. Fuck Paul Pierce.

    Perks might be the only guy in the league who has a legit reason to complain about calls against him. I hate the guy, and he looks like he’s so angry he’s going to eat his own face, but those refs really put it to him for no reason.

    I nearly died of laughter watching Glenn Davis get a steal by having a guy bounce off his gut, then he stumble/dribbled down the court so slowly that Gortat managed to change him down from behind and block him. Being chased down by LeBron, understandable, but being chased down by a 7ft white guy just shows how stupid and slow you are. And then whining about not getting a foul when you clearly got your ass blocked? GTFOH you fat fucking idiot.

    Vince Carter is a pussy. I’ve known that since he played for my Raps, but come on. The guy fucking slips, and I watched that reply like 10 times, I couldn’t see where he did anything at all to his left wrist, he used his right arm to catch himself, his left wrist was in the air. Yet there he is, competing with Paul Pierce for “I’m about to cry” faces. He might have cried a little bit, looks like NBA teams are going to need to hire Richard Simmons to sit on the sidelines so these pussies can hug it the christ out.

    Raw Lew needs to give that money back. He is a straight thief, never seen a more useless or invisible player be paid so much cash. He might be the most overpaid player in the league short of Eddy Curry. He doesn’t want to play offense out there, he doesn’t want to play defense, he doesn’t want to even be out there…why the hell is he even in the arena? He’s a glorified fan.

    Mark Jackson is an idiot. The guy talks about the same shit over and over and over. Does he only get one talking point for the night and beat it to death? Go Die Mark Jackson, and just stfu.

  • dmitry of jersey

    I was wrong with a lot of my predictions for this season, but definitely right on Vince losing important playoff games for the Magic. His “clutch” plays before the FT’s are irrelevant, unless you the type of person to bring up Nick Anderson having a double-double (22-11) in that game 1. If he’s your 4th quarter “closer” then you are not winning a championship…. and every Nets fan will 100% agree with me.

  • QQ


    I must say, while your opinions and observations are generally FUCKING RETARDED, today you actually make some sense. Can we see more of this “new” Control?

  • The Journeyman

    @ QQ

    I saw David Stern pay your redneck REDICK to take 9 seconds off the clock and dribble and THEN call a timout also…

    I seent it sir

    Get outta here you sore loser Queer Queer

  • QQ

    @Journeyman – Suck my fat fucking cock…from the back (bet you’d like the visuals from that angle, huh cock boy??

    @shitfaced – Terrance Howard? Is that a poke at my Impostor? If so, yes, he is retarded. If that’s a poke at me, then FUCK YOU TOO!

    @thatswhatsup – Save it. When my Magic sweep the rest of this series, we’ll see who’s eating crow. Till then, how about you eat shit? Cool

    Dime, please get at me. I saw the faggot impostor once again dragged my name thru the mud yesterday with some classless posts. Please get at me.

    Magic in 6. Book it! Oh and FUCK LEBRON APOLOGISTS TOO (ALWAYS)!

    Anyone else got anything to say? That’s what I thought!

  • QQ


    Dude, fuck off!

    You want me to get into an e-fight with you?? What is the point in that?

    Now lets say you gave me a time and a place – I’d give you a real ass whooping. See how funny that would be. We could even have dime come and record it, and then post the thrashing of you all over the web. But being that that is unlikely, how about we settle it with this.


  • fallinup

    rawr, QQ. rawr!

  • jackie moon

    The way Vince was wincing before his FTs….we all know it was choke-time.

  • QQ

    Ok, so my magic lost yesterday.

    Guess what??…..




  • fallinup

    Can I be QQ tomorrow? :)

  • QQ

    @72 – That’s the faker.

    Fuck Dime, please do something about this. I don’t wanna deal with this shit today.

  • The Journeyman

    @ QQ

    I just think your posts are annoying and whiny…(Kind of a female trait)

    but nonetheless it is true, there is no real chance of you and I throwing down because I am in DC and you are in Florida. I was there 3 weeks ago and I should’ve whooped ur ass in Daytona Beach or in Universal Studios but I was too busy enjoying my vacation.

    I will stop harrassing you b/c I do not want you to run like the “Real Tyrone” did.

    Should we hug it out?

    LOL Like the Magic will in Boston Game 4 once the sweep is COMPLETE

  • QQ

    Fuck man. You see. Posts like #74 are what burn me up man! Dime, we gotta do something about this shit. This is getting outta hand.

    C’mon Fallinup – I expect better from you.

  • QQ


    Dude, step the fuck off bro. Step off. I’ve been here wayy longer than you have. I have established cred and supporters on this forum. You don’t have shit.

  • QQ

    QQ gona schmoke a blunt,m den get dat gwop! Ohh, but yall know what come first right?? Dat right, QQ CUM first. OFF DAT ILL DOMEEEE!

    fall back or ya might get blasted inda eye!


  • QQ

    Oh and journeyman, we can make it happen. I will be in DC in a week. How about we meet in the Adams Morgan area and I kick your ass all over the streets. Does that sound fair to you? Meet on your turf. You can even bring a posse. I’m not scared.

  • control

    Wow, looking at the box scores, Shard played 41 minutes, more than anyone on the team, and put up 5-4-4. I swear I couldn’t even see him on the court for parts of the game, where I was actually thinking “damn, it’s about time Ron Jeremy pulled Shard, he was useless” but apparently while I was thinking that, he was STILL ON THE COURT, JUST INVISIBLE.

    More random thoughts:

    Kevin Garnet does the same move EVERYTIME he is in the post? It is a hard move to guard against, his “look at me I’m faking right” then spin left fade away, but when you KNOW he’s going to do that, it’s not really that hard to guard is it?

    Rondo passes underhanded, like he’s throwing to a child, more than any point guard I’ve ever seen. I’m by no means a fan of his or anything, but he is a pretty good passer (even though defenders stand 7 feet off him).

    Refs really don’t give a fuck about traveling, they should just take it out of the rule books. Half of the players move their pivots before doing jab steps (Pierce is biggest violator of this) and nearly every drive is a travel. Why fuck around by pretending that traveling is part of the rule book, just take it out.

    Paul Pierce didn’t listen to his mom when he was younger, when she said “don’t make those funny faces, they’ll stick there permanently” he ignored her and kept his whiney face. Fuck Paul Pierce.

    JJ looks like he’s lost a little bit of that diesel he had last season…anything to do w/ Raw Lew being caught being on a roids? Side note, Raw Lew NEEDS to go back onto roids, just to get some fucking roid rage going. Maybe then he’ll do something.

    Jameer Nelson has to be way shorter than listed. He looked almost like Nate Rob out there.

  • D12Magic

    I’m embarrassed to be a Magic fan whenever I read one of QQ’s posts… good God man just chill!!

    I’m not going to blame Vince for yesterday’s loss, true he choked with those free throws but he was the one who put the Magic back in the game in the 4th quarter. I think Rashard Lewis is much more to blame, he’s completely AWOL in this series… and STAN VAN JEREMY where the fuck is Brandon Bass?!! If Raw Lew isn’t playing well at least give Brandon a chance and present Boston with a different matchup… Why the hell are you paying Bass all that money for??!! Also there’s no way Jameer can stop Rondo one-on-one, you could stick Pietrus on Rondo and let Jameer chase Ray Allen through the screens and keep Vince and Paul Pierce going against each other…

    There’s still hope if Stan can actually COACH the damn team!! GO MAGIC!!!

  • fLaVa

    I bet the Russian would of gotten the first pick if the lottery was in russia lol

    the price he pays for being the first Non-American owner LOL

  • Roman

    Just goes to show you how good Turkoglu is. They are worse then they where last year. Another great regular season team!

  • BC

    If the Turk is so great, why did he lick balls for the Raptors for the entire season?

  • srb

    the “blame the league and Stern” people are getting REALLY annoying.

    and yeah, that play by Glen Davis getting blocked by Gortat was very hard to watch. you can see it coming every time he’s near the basket. he serves up cold soup, and it gets sent back.

  • SWAT

    lol wow. so anyway back to basketball…@ d12 i was wondering tht? I mean damn bass is legit why hasnt SVG given him a chance? he prolly has permanent splinters in his ass from riding the pine. sometimes it seems as though coaches have no clue whats going on

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    “Kevin Garnet does the same move EVERYTIME he is in the post? It is a hard move to guard against, his “look at me I’m faking right” then spin left fade away, but when you KNOW he’s going to do that, it’s not really that hard to guard is it?”

    But I think it actually IS hard to guard.
    Dude does the same damn sh*t. I mean, he doesn’t even sell the move anymore…he just does it…he just DELIBERATELY goes through the motions while the defender DELIBERATELY turns into a twitterer and follows him.
    Then KG ROUTINELY finishes this fatality like my cousin – who always kicks my butt in Mortal Kombat.

    Rondo is one helluva passer, bro!



    Next you’ll be a, GULP, Valgina lover.

    I placed the “L” in there on purpose people.
    I’m a proud Vagina lover by the way.

    As a “Cavalier Fan Only If Lebron is a Cavalier” –}} this Boston/Magic series is SWEEEEEEEEEEET JUSTICE.
    The Celts have proven they are TOUGH and, it seems, thier TOUGHEST test so far was Bron’s crew. Tony Allen is back to being pre-f’d-up-knee TONY.

    Let’s see if Magic can restore some kinda balance on the road, we could be singing a different song pretty soon. They were definitely the NBA’s ROAD WARRIORS this season. Lest not forget. And where are the QQs??? This is unacceptable. You can’t be a boisterous HOMER when the winning’s good but a MUTE BUTTON when otherwise happens.

  • QQ

    Shut up D12Magic. We’re on the same side here retard. Jeez, even fellow Orlando Supporters are becoming morons.

    And in case you didn’t know, I have an impostor out there faking to be me. Asshole.

    Now let’s get back to rooting for our team.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Good to see the REAL QQ today.

    For all y’all fakers, I sooooo hope you find another forum.

    He’s the site’s only true asshole MAGIC fan.
    What’s a bball site without real bball fans who know the game?

    You guys who EXTENSIVELY make CRUDE references to genitals and sex-acts to describe bball situations are PATHETIC LOSERS. Some of it is funny, so I won’t be tooo soap-boxish but for real, for real, get a F***IN’ LIFE.


    Just real talk comin’ from a real brova…don’t get your collective panties stuck in a bunch.

  • JAY

    I’m glad to see the haters come out in full effect. I remember back when Vince scored 48 during the season and everyone was saying he was “back”. I was saying it was just a good game nothing more. People were on here telling me to back off and give him his props. I argued he’ll fall back to O.D.ing on estrogen.

    I’m glad to be the voice of reasoning. Vince is a pussy. Has been, is, and will always be a pussy. Any team with Vince on it will never win a ring.

  • control


    Not a Rondo lover, and I’ve never denied that he had good points. He is just a HORRIBLE shooter (though he swished his two jump shots last night) and a complete douchebag.

    Good thing about Valgina, if LeBron leaves Cleveland, then there isn’t anyone who has to learn to love Valgina. Cleveland will completely fall off the map, they won’t have a nationally televised game again. It will be like Cleveland doesn’t exist in the NBA, and life will be good. There’s no way Andy is getting traded, only king of retards would take his huge ass contract.

  • D12Magic

    at QQ:
    How the fuck should I know that you had an impostor?? Whatever… I’m not even gonna get into something with you… after all and like you said were on the same side. I just hope we had a better coach lol

  • QQ


    SVG is ok man. Just wait though everyone. Wait till Dwight REALLY brings his A game. I mean he was fantastic last night, but he only had 8 boards. Wait till he unleashes the wrath of his “GOD ROD”!

    Creampie ni**az, creapiezz! Dats all inya spot!

    Feel me D12??

  • K Dizzle

    In case you missed it yesterday, Austin Burton cracked the case.

    44.May 18th, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    QQ says:

    Hey Celts Fan,

    Eat shit! Magic will DOMINATE the Celtics tonight. Guaranteed. Easy Money Mothafuckerz! Easy moola!

    I wanna hear the cock suckers talk tomorrow after the Magic even up the series. Yezzirr. Get paper. Get brain. Get cutta…. Shitttt might as well “kobe bryant” da bitch and take the ass as well.

    Fuck Yall!

    Magic4Life Hoes!

    Step off this PIMP!

    QQ da Boss!

    QQ get dat cutta!

    QQ cut dat cutta!

    QQ spread dat butta!



    52.May 18th, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    QQ says:

    That was not the real QQ.

    That was the faker.

    Dime, please get at me. This is getting annoying.

    Magic will win in 6 (yea i know the faker says that also) and yes I do believe that the Magic will face off against the Lakers in the finals, and defeat them in 6 as well (yes i also know the faker says that). All of that considered, i see why its difficult to decipher me from him. But just remember, i’m not the one hiding behind someone else’s name. I stand here, despite my name being used in a classless way, and still provide my truest and most honest opinions.

    That said, I gotta agree with Lakeshow on the above “we” argument. In case you forget Jeremiah Togstad, WE the fans are who pay the NBA salaries. WE the fans are who fill the stadiums. WE the fans are who make the NBA marketable and sustainable. So yes, if a fan of his team wants to refer to his teams assets and use the word “we” in describing them, I have no problem with that.

    You need to get a fucking life dude.

    And lakeshow, I hope you know that wasn’t me earlier. And yes, my magic are still better than your Lakers, cock sucker. Haha.

    54.May 18th, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Austin Burton says:

    All I’m gonna say is … Comment #44 and #52 came from the same IP address and the same e-mail.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Brogden

    Who said they are only a CLE fan if Lebron stays in Cleveland??

    Thats pretty wack..

    @ Fallinup

    Nah i want to be QQ tomorrow!! I got a good 30 mama jokes lined up lol

  • D12Magic

    at QQ

    Hell yeah I feel you man. Dwight is gonna stick it in Perkins ugly mug all night long!! D12’s line is gonna be 30-20-10 (as in 10 blocks)… and Stan Jeremy is ok but I can’t figure out why Bass doesn’t play more, that boy can ball! It’s been pissing me off all season seeing him sit on the bench… and Raw Lew’s D is too soft sometimes. Stick Bass on that poser KG and he’ll get nothin’… and I wanna see more of the Superman/Polish Hammer tandem too!!

  • LakeShow84

    So whos want to take any bets on tonights game..

    Im thinking we take it by 14 with the bench eating up the minutes in the 4th..


    And please people keep on talkin up Boston.. OUR whole team hates those foo’s.. it wouldnt even be pride when i say we will take that series in 5 games or less..

    Thats right i said it..

  • QQ

    So y’all sayin that i’m crazy or something??

    WTF is going on here??

    I don’t get it.

  • LakeShow84

    @ QQ

    We are saying we dont give a f#$k either way..

    Keep it to bball and ignore the imposter.. Shit is tiring and the more you feed into it the more its going to continue..

    And we all said that series would ride or die on Vince..

    Aye wheres all the Vince supporters who be comin out the woodworks on that “BACK UP HATERS” BS??


  • Celts Fan

    @QQ – just ignore it bro. The more you keep feeding this chump and acknowledging it, the longer he’ll keep doing that. Those of us that been here a while know the difference between the 2. When you’re spouting homer Magic stuff (not hating, we all do it sometimes,) it’s the real you. When “you” are talking about ridiculous stuff and speaking inbred ebonics, it’s the fake one. Why let it get to you? If you just ignored it, he’d stop eventually and go back to watching Twilight or whatever the hell 12 year olds do these days.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow and Celts Fan

    U guys know what Same IP address and Same E-mail address mean, right?

    It means the same computer…

  • QQ

    Um Kdizzle, so what are you implying? Are you implying i’m my own impostor??

    Fuck you!

  • QQ

    CeltsFan – Please don’t talk to me now (i mean i appreciate your support and all) but i’m not trying to be friends with a fan of a classless, cheating, and OVERRATED organization. We can talk after my Magic sweep the rest of this series.

  • K Dizzle

    Fuck yo’self!
    Shit was tired months ago and it’s tired now.
    If you don’t wanna talk hoops and wanna talk about Dwight’s “God Rod” and “Creampiez”, maybe don’t post for the day.
    Don’t know what your issue is, but you been bitchin for months for Dime to do something about your “imposter” then Austin lets us know all the posts comin from your computer.
    Been embarrassin long enough. Grow the phuck up or tell your “roommate” to stop postin on dime with your computer and email address.

    I’m out for today.
    I’ll be back when dudes wanna talk hoops…

  • QQ

    Wow man. I seriously expected better from you kdizzle.

    I seriously don’t know what the fuck is going on here, and how my impostor and I both have the same IP address, but i’m disappointed. This whole impostor debacle has made it so dimemag.com is not as enjoyable as it once was. The guys i like to banter with no longer like or respect me. WTF??

    This is fucking bullshit.

  • srb

    I can’t tell which one is the impostor now. QQ can you just let us know when it’s not the impostor so we can argue with the right one about how much better the Celtics are than the Magic?

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizz

    i kno i kno lol..

  • LakeShow84

    @ SRB

    cold man lol cold..

    @ QQ

    We’ll just assume the faker tried to act like the real you.. either way its the internet.. aint no one trippin..

    Can we all get back to basketball now..

  • fallinup

    All the more reason why Dime should get a system that lets us set up profiles, and cool avatars, that only Dime and profile owners can change. One user, one profile.

    Less of a chance for crap like that to pop off. I come here to talk hoops and hang out with the Dime Fam… not look for attention. Been here for years. Others I know have done the same… dumb shit like this comes and goes.

    Grow up, dingbats… we all know the internet is fun. We all know that anonymity is fun. Shit’s stupid. Why waste your time like that on a basketball site?

  • LAballer

    @ srb

    All that’ll do is make the fake one tell you he’s real..just not talking to him is best haha

    i wonder which one will cuss me out now..

    sweet sweet revenge baby..the finals are looking more and more like a lock..PLEASE let that shit go down!!

    someone up there was talkin about how odom and gasol are scared of kg and his barking..you are right..but thats two years ago in the finals son..not anymore..as a lakers fan even ill admit the celts ran our asses and it was mainly due to fear..

    that shit aint happening anymore..not after we’ve been taking that ass ever since..nahh..they are gonna get ROCKED when the finals start

    i think everyone in the NBA including shard’s mom thought the magic overpaid like hell to sign him when he signed..now? that shit looks kenyon martin contract bad..and kenyon’s knees had to be replaced..

    @ control

    that perkins comment damn near made me spit my soda out..hahaha best description ive read on that dude ever

  • http://prickymart.blogspot.com Russ

    Great article in today’s Wall Street Journal about the High/Low-top debate. Looks like the mainstream sheep might be finally catching on!


  • QQ

    This has gone too far. Who wants to fight me? STEP UP!







  • Posterboy15

    Why they hell do people continue to compare Vince to people like hedo, kevin martin, and nick anderson, there not even on the same planet, reguardless of people’s perception of what being clutch is, He may not be Kobe or Lebron but quit fuckin disgracing the man. I really expect Vince to go flat off in boston, along with DH, they have no choice but too, their backs against the wall. I believe magic are still better, difference is Boston knew what time it wuz battling Cleveland.

  • Diego

    @ Russ (post 112). Regarding high-tops vs. low-tops, do players still otherwise get their ankles all taped up pre-game like way back in my day? I always thought that that basically was ankle protection enough.

    (Two more games left and we won’t have to deal with QQ again until about the end of next regular season, thank God!)

  • Celts Fan

    @K Dizzle – didn’t catch that til after.

    @QQ you sure you don’t have multiple personality disorder? If I had to follow those losers in Orlando, I may subconsciously create a whole new personality that’s a fan of a good team. I bet fake QQ loves winners like Boston and LA.

  • QQ

    i’ll say one thing.

    Fake QQ is wayyy cooler and has a wayyy better sense of humor than I do.

    This is the real QQ btw.

  • fallinup


    ^^^ That was funny. ^^^

  • SWAT

    Man I gotta say I hvnt laughed this hard since the real tyrone days or wht was tht othr cats name tht was crazy negative against evrything dime said, like dime wld say hot sneakers comin out and dude wld b like man they not that hot, lol-along those lines…damn wht was his name?
    Anyway I’m still hopin for pho to take these boys 2nite so I think lakeshow said something about the bet? I will fox wit ya, I’m gonna take phoenix 2nite. I jus hope amare ain’t trippin about his mom getting arrested. Man and if they lose like QQ said” I just ripped the shirt off my chest I’m so mad!! ” lmao…gtfoh!!

  • The Journeyman

    LOL LOL LOL lol

    That had me dying laughing over here…

    ahhh I love this site, everything & everyone included

  • The Journeyman

    Does anyone think Phoenix will take this game tonight in a close one??

    I honestly am seeing a 4 point win tonight by Phoenix…

    I would hate to think that Nash, Hill, and Amar’e are thisclose to being in the NBA Finals and just lay another egg like they did Monday night

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    #72 and #74 — Same IP and e-mail…

    I think I saw this in a movie called “Primal Fear”

  • LakeShow84

    @ SWAT

    I bet someone id shave my whole body if Phoenix wins the series..

    Tonight would go a long way towards keepin me cool and calm lol

  • LakeShow84

    Lol @ AB callin em out..

    and Primal Fear was the shit.. almost forgot about that movie..

  • Diego

    ^^ Either that or QQ’s mom needs to do a better job of keeping QQ’s kid brother off his computer while QQ is out mowing the family lawn or otherwise earning his allowance for the week. (Kid brother is probably dying laughing over this whole thing.)

  • LakeShow84

    But for reals..

    What if the imposter somehow got to QQ long ago and hes been dead this whole time??

    What if there is no “real QQ”

    What if the imposter is somehow finding us avid DIME posters and takin us out one by one??

    What the f#$k if?? Some troublin shit yo..

  • The Journeyman

    lol WOW O WOW

    And DIME called you out, QQ you crazy crazy kid

    I don’t think Phoenix will win anymore but a competitive series would be wonderful from what has been a dull post season thus far

  • LakeShow84

    @ The Journeyman

    There is little to do when you are overmatched like they are..

    Just bein real too..

    I respect the shit out of Nash, Hill & Richardon but this isnt their year sorry.. Sad but the West is locked up the next 2-3 years for surely..

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. Man, Delonte bipolar ain’t even close to the levels of Primal Fear.

    But gotta agree with Journeyman… love this shit…

  • The Journeyman

    lol I laugh because Austin B. is like Elvis…just rare sightings….

    but when he comes thru it is surely great

  • QQ

    QQ still da boss!

  • SWAT

    lmao!! qq has taken the comedy too far! @ lakeshow man depending on how sasquatch like you are i wanna see a youtube vid of this when the suns win the series.

  • SWAT

    ^^^^no homo though

  • QQ


    Fight me! 4real, fight me!

    I’m SOOOOOOO Angryyy right now! I just opened one of your articles and spit on my computer screen in an act of defiance and disrespect towards you.

    After calming down and putting on a shirt, I literally just RIPPED my MF’n shirt off my chest again! And this time it was a buttondown just in case I had to RIP it off in anger. And Goddammmittt, I’m MOTHERFUCKNN ANGRYYY!


    So cmon Austin, fight me! Fight me in the streets! Let’s get it cracknn!

    In fact, right after I submit this message, i’m gonna go stand shirtless, sockless, and pantless in the street waiting for my day of redemption…that’s right, until you man up and come fight me like a man!





  • QQ

    There’s a new QQ in town! And the old QQ is dead and gone! Feel me??

  • QQ

    What is ur pleasure, sirrrr??

  • Celts Fan

    hahaha AB bringing heat today. Well done sir.

  • Celts Fan

    QQ – it’s people like you that make this world a scary place.

  • QQ

    You should be scared Celts Fan….

    Fear the wrath of Dwight’s girth.



  • sh!tfaced

    Uh-oh. Think a there’s a THIRD one now…

  • LakeShow84

    @ SWAT

    I wouldnt have made the bet if there was a chance lol i damn sure wont make the same bet in the Finals no matter who it is lol..

    i have to post it on my facebook and keep it PG i was told lol

  • LakeShow84

    I find it troubling when any man addresses another mans “girth” lol

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO @ LakeShow84

    Nobody even uses the word “girth” anymore except when talking about the thickness of a cock.

  • LakeShow84

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Shitfaced LMAO

  • the cynic

    a lot of basketball talk today

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    QQ: The Original Dimemag Schizo

    I like what QQ has done. He is a genius. He manages to crack me up with his constant arguments against…himself.

    Some of my hardest LOL’s in online history have come on this site reading QQ vs QQ battles. Shit is epic. I know yall haven’t heard of “Jeremiah Togstad” before, but I’ve been a loyal Dimemag reader since 04, and have been surfin the comments sections the past few years, under a different alias – “Big Freeze.”

    I know yall don’t care about that either, but I just wanted to say that QQ, you are hilarious and genius. I still don’t know if there’s an imposter!

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I think I have a mancrush on QQ (no homo though).

    Dude is the Andy Kaufman of Dimemag. Instead of talking about basketball, we’re talking about QQ, his multiple personalities, and his fascination with Dwight’s “girth.”

    QQ is an internet legend.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ F#$kin-A talk about encouragement lol ^^^

  • sh!tfaced

    …so how many ‘personalities’ we talkin’ about here?

  • http://diaryofatiredblackman.wordpress.com/ Cal

    two things…Vince’ll make up for it because the Magic will win one in Boston because of him. 2nd, the Wiz had absolutely better take John Wall.

    Move Gil to 2 guard, get Lebron and build from there.


  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Damn, when the Lakers really, really ball you get the impression that they are UNSTOPPABLE JUGGERNAUTS.

    When the Suns really, really ball you get the impression they’re just running n gunning as usual.

    Kinda Crazy…like some personalities on this board.

    …who’d wanna ball for the Wiz??? I don’t even think Gil wanna ball for ‘em.

    Yeah Jeremiah, please don’t encourage…not unless your the doppleganger…sh** I’m suspicious of damn near everybody…

  • LakeShow84

    F@#kin JRich ruined my spread lol

    That last layup wasnt even neccessary!

  • antitombo

    As far as QQ, it doesn’t seem like a kid brother, roommate, lover?, or whoever, is tapping into his account. I’d go with serious mental disorder or chemical abuse. Back last year one time he bemoaned was a “nurse stuck in a basketball website” (WTF) (http://dimemag.com/2009/07/rookies-get-buckets-in-vegas-plus-charlie-villanueva-hits-us-up/#more-14769). I’d say he’s got the keys to some serious pharmaceutical cabinets and who knows what his psychological framework may be right now. By his posts, not too good. Let the dog lie still.

    And for basketball. Let’s see how the Lakers and C’s can handle their business and meet in the finals.

    For me, with all respect to the Lakers and Kobe’s persistence, I love seeing Ray as the assassin who jumps you when your back’s turned, Pierce leading, Rondo gutting defence, Davis focused, TA without death threats, and KG reborn and Perkins for the heavy lifting.

    And who can believe Sheed is even still relevant in a Conference Finals series. Amazing. Dude must be channelling some serious energy and focus over his afternoon prayers. And it is not even like he’s getting a lift from the Ramadan fasts or something; that doesn’t start until August.


  • QQ

    fake QQ here. That said…

    @antitombo – that article, only the real QQ posted on that one.

    There is a real QQ – It’s just that i’ve stolen his dimemag identity. LOL.

    @Jeremiah Togstad – Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve also gotten plenty of laughs tormenting the real QQ.


    QQ da Boss!

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    WoW! QQ and Control (Love you guys)when I complain about the refs you all don’t agree when the Celtics fight throught adversity (which we had to do in the title run)and say screw you ref’s then you guys want wine about it. Thje celtics have been on the receiving end All year! So tell you team to jump start that heart and get to ballin!

    Great win I was just at the barber shop claiming they will win tonight four magic fans to my two can’t wait to see their faces.

  • QQ