NBA, Video, We Reminisce / May 21, 2010 / 11:00 am

We Reminisce: Patrick Ewing drops 51 points on the Celtics

Whether or not the lessons are getting through is one thing — but there was a reason the Magic employed Patrick Ewing to teach Dwight Howard how to be an all-time great.

There are a lot of inspirational movies you could suggest for Dwight going into tomorrow’s crucial Game 3 in Boston, from Braveheart to 300 to any of the Rocky flicks, but here’s a good one: Ewing’s career-high scoring game, when he dropped 51 on the Celtics in March 1990. Hitting 20-of-29 from the field and 11-of-13 at the line, Ewing also pulled down 18 rebounds, but the Knicks lost anyway. So maybe this isn’t the right clip for Dwight …

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    Dwight might struggle to top 51 for the whole series.
    the Crazy thing is, Dwight gets criticized for a bad game in game 1, cos he didn’t score much, but he’s a defensive player and he completely shut down the paint for the C’s, no one was getting buckets inside in game one, and thats his job, if he’s scoring it should be a bonus.
    Then game 2, Dwight drops like 30, makes everyone happy, except its bullshit, the Cs still win, but this time, it actually IS Dwights fault, Rondo, KG and Perk were all getting getting what they wanted inside and Dwight got 0 blocks and only 8 boards.
    Game one (Howards “Bad” Game) KG/Perk/Rondo = 20pts
    Game two (30 points wooooooo) ” ” ” = 45pts

    basically, fuck the ofensive end, they got 4 other guys who are better at getting buckets than Howard. he has to OWN the paint on D, swat everything Rondo throws up, Bully Perkins till he cries like Glen Davis and make KG wish he was still injured. If he takes care of D and is acceptable on the other end the Magic win. If he tries to hard on offense and lets Rajon Rondo pick him apart then they will get swept.

  • ariegold

    The Hoya Destroya is the reason I started watching basketball at the tender age of 8. He represents true greatness and he will hold a special place in my heart. May the Knicks return to their winning ways speedily in our days. Amen.

  • Hollywood


    One of my all time fave calls in basketball by the Garden’s PA announcer after Big Pat dropped a bucket. I wish I could go back in time to those Knicks/Bulls throwdowns, best time in basketball.

  • Bizz

    Won’t be possible for Dwight to channel Patrick. This clip showed Patrick being able to finish with his left hand, make a strong move to the left side of his body, hit a face up jumper, a turnaround jumper, and actually use his frame to shield a defender to take and make a shot.

    Dwight hasn’t shown that at all, in either game.

  • rbw

    about the most boring 50 i’ve ever seen :P

  • Ty

    This is my main issue with guys coming out of high school to the NBA. Dwight Howard has one of the most under developed offensive games ever. If it is not a dunk, it is not a high percentage shot for him. In addition, he doesn’t shoot free throws well. If he had a drop step or adequate usuage of the backboard he could easily average 20+ ppg. In his defense, he is a monster on the defensive end, but it is all based on athleticism. In five years, if he does not develop any go to moves, he will be a back up center. My rationale is that in five years, he will not be as athletic and then he will have to rely on his basketball skills more and therefore if he has not developed those necessary skills then his game will suffer to the point that he will be regulated to the bench as just another big body to pick up fouls and put back dunks.