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3 Problems The Celtics Need To Address Before Game 2

The Celtics are a great defensive team, there’s no doubt about that. But the problem is their team is built to challenge the Eastern Conference and not deal with Kobe. They have players that can check Dwyane Wade (Ray Allen and Tony Allen), and they have players that can beat up Dwight Howard (Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett). Hell, they even have someone that can contain LeBron James (i.e. Paul Pierce). But unlike 2008, where Boston had a primary defensive stopper in James Posey, they are now scrambling to try and find any kind of answer for the Black Mamba.

The difficult thing is that if Kobe is playing at a high level, and getting to the foul line like he was in Game 1, there’s nobody that can stop him from at least getting 30. And when you add weapons like Pau Gasol (23 points), Andrew Bynum (10 points) and Ron Artest (15 points), problems begin to arise. Here are the three major ones for Boston…

1. No answer for Kobe
No Posey equals no containing Kobe; it’s really that simple. If Ray Allen has to take the bulk of the Kobe guarding duties, he is going to get in foul trouble. Taking the C’s best shooter out of his rhythm – and ultimately out of his game – trickles down and affects so many other things that the Celtics do offensively and defensively.

2. No lane for Rondo
The Lakers were able to clog up the lane and make it difficult for Rondo to do what he does best – get in there and create havoc. Also, if Allen is in foul trouble, the Celtics are limited with who can replace him. We all know Doc would love to play Michael Finley more to give them someone who can stretch the floor, but as we saw last night, Finley just doesn’t have the foot speed to stay in front of the Lakers’ second unit players. If Boston doesn’t have shooters out there that can stretch the floor, like Posey and Eddie House in 2008, then the Lakers can help more and with their size and length – making it difficult for Rondo to penetrate.

3. Rebounding
Because Boston has seemingly no answers for Kobe, they are forced to help, sometimes doubling him in the post or off penetration. Once a big like Perkins or Garnett has to step up and help, it makes it easier for the Lakers’ bigs to get to rebounds because there’s nobody there to box them out. Case in point: Gasol had 14 rebounds in Game 1, which totaled the same as Perkins, Garnett, Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis combined.

What do you think the Celtics need to address before Game 2?

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  • goonther

    danny ferry just resigned …

  • Bruce

    Boston has to find a shooter in the off-season, House, Mike Miller, or Kyle Koover!

  • isotope

    “Gasol had 14 rebounds in Game 1, which totaled the same as Perkins, Garnett, Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis combined.”

    Wow. Didn’t realize it was that bad. No way that happens again in Game 2 though.

  • sh!tfaced

    4. Celtics need to watch videos of Game 1 & 2 in Orlando and Game 5 in Cleveland, re-live that feeling and get that swagger back.

    5. They need somebody, anyone to fire them up. They seemed to be waiting for something to happen and get them going throughout Game 1. They has to find that spark and bring them back to life.

    Spot on with Finley. Whether Doc likes it or not, he’s the closest thing he has to an Eddie House right now.

  • sh!tfaced

    They HAVE to find…. ugh

  • Buckets da don

    man finley washed up farmer and shannon brown both flew past him in route to layups loll he was pulled so quick i dont even think he let a shot fly smh

  • Buckets da don

    and kobe is unstoppable dey better do a trade for my man eric gordan he the only one that can hope to contain kobe and he’s a young player

  • SlimeBucket

    Nothing the Celtics can do. Maybe try the 2 – 3 zone like the Suns. I’m predicting a sweep right now after that first game. Lakers look hungry and Celtics look tired and old. Not a Kobe fan but he and Gasol are the 2 best players left on the same team. In any case, Celtics won’t come back this series and they will be broken up. I can see Ray Allen leaving for the MLE to join another contender. I’m guessing Lebron, Bosh, Rose, Noah, and Ray Allen for Chicago. That team would be good enough to come out of the East but right now the Lakers look good to win again next year. Can’t stand Kobe getting his sixth ring but it looks like a lock again next year now that Kobe plays team basketball.

  • roy

    Did you watch the game- Paul Pierce can neutralize Kobe as he has done before in 2008. If you have taped the game, watched how Kobe mostly missed when paul was on him. Problem is Rey can’t guard Ron Artest.

    Kobe is great but he last night the battle was won in the frontline where Gasol and Bynum just devoured Garnett and Perkins alive. Didn’t hurt too that the normally erratic Ron Artest was 5-10 from the field including 3-5 in the 3point shooting.

    ANd by the way, Kobe jacking up a three on the waning seconds of an already won game just to get his 30 points was very classless. How come nobdy’s making a big deal out this?

  • UncheckedAggression

    You guys are making way too big a deal out of Kobe. The reason the Lakers dominated the game has to do with the bigs, plain and simple. Kobe can get his and the Lakers still aren’t a threat. Pau is once again proving that no one can stop him, and the Bynum plus Odom duo just killed the Celtics down low. That’s a problem. If they slow down or hurt one of those Lakers in the post and actually box out, they can win this series.

    I don’t think it will happen. The Lakers frontcourt cannot be stopped and that is why Kobe will get his 5th ring.

  • SlimeBucket

    Bill Simmons said it was actually an “unselfish” act. If the visiting team scores under 100 and home gets to a 100, fans get free tacos. :) Simmons said it was for the fans. Not sure I’m buying it. I still think no superstar(other than Darth Kobe) in the last 30 years is shooting the 3 in this situation. In a regular season game maybe but not in a much anticipated Game 1 Finals rubber match. One of the reasons I don’t like Kobe as a fan because that is an ass kind of thing to do. But he became Darth Kobe after the Colorado trials and that is who he really is. Then again I was reading some of the bullshit Sports Illustrated articles about Michael Jordan where they made him seem like a saint. In retrospect after the Hall of Fame induction speech, it just seems Jordan is worse in some ways.

  • SlimeBucket

    Even when Kobe was missing he was breaking down the defense so that the Lakers bigs got a lot of points off the offensive rebounds. It was like watching beach volleyball. He is just playing his best basketball; I’m a Kobe hater but you got to give credit just like everyone was riding Rondo’s nuts during the Cleveland series for doing the same thing.

  • Sir Humpalot

    So James Posey was the Kobe stopper in ’08? Huh? Did you even watch the ’08 Finals?

    Posey rarely guarded Kobe at all in the series. The biggest stretch that he guarded Kobe was in the first half in Game 6 because Ray Allen got poked in the eye and had to go to the locker room for a while. For the rest of the series, he matched up almost exclusively with Lamar Odom.

    Ya’ll need to watch the games before writing. Don’t talk if you don’t know.

    It was Ray Allen and Paul Pierce who did a number on Kobe in the ’08 Finals. “James Posey was the Kobe stopper” is a big myth.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ roy
    that’s the same classless,fluckyou attitude we’ll need to win the chip this year that yo peeps(im assuming you root for the celts)showed last year.that was a fluck you.you cats kept you starters in the game in a 30 plus point blowout.we didn’t forget that.we respect and hate you.these warm feelings we assume are mutual :)

    @sir humpalot.funny handle man.

    @ slimebucket
    people in the know know MJ could be an absolute ass**** too,which makes the kobe hate either hypocritical or ignorant.betcha that hof speech shocked a buncha ignorant folk ! I can’t for the life of me see a laker sweep.

    @ bruce.i think rajon’s midrange game or his trust in it have to improve.that opend up his drives and subsequent assists.its better than in 2008 but a shade under dependable.

    lalers taking another chip !!!!

  • bkw

    RE: 3-pt at the end: the shot clock was winding down. What’s he supposed to do, take a violation and hand the Celtics (who had already given up) the ball?

    Boston talking about class is rich.