Smack / Jun 6, 2010 / 4:27 am

Along Came Pau

Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

Our prediction? Two matchups will determine the outcome of tonight’s NBA Finals Game 2 (8 p.m. EST, ABC): Kobe Bryant vs. Ray Allen, and Pau Gasol vs. Kevin Garnett. In breaking down Game 1, you could credit L.A.’s rout primarily to Kobe (and/or the refs) keeping Ray on the bench and out of rhythm, and Gasol treating KG like the hairy, sweaty guy did Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly … Garnett looked old and creaky on Thursday, but he’s gone back and forth from good days to bad days throughout the season, and could very well have a new chip on his shoulder. Gasol was talking to reporters after Game 1 and made some seemingly harmless comments about KG (and himself) having aged since ’08, but the story got blown up and made its way back to Boston’s locker room on some “Gasol said you’re washed-up” slant. KG said all the right diplomatic things when he was asked about it, but watch him work himself into a rage about it before tip-off … Kobe is going to stay aggressive and put Ray in a position to commit fouls, but if the refs give Ray some leeway and he stays on the court, the Celtics need his shooting. They went 1-for-10 beyond the arc in Game 1. And if Ray is cold, Doc Rivers could secretly put Ray’s mom out there in his place. She looks EXACTLY like Ray, and she’s in better shape than Rasheed Wallace … During the Finals, both teams usually practice at the arena — presumably because it’s easier to accommodate the larger media contingent — but yesterday the Lakers and Celtics got kicked out of the Staples Center because the arena was booked for a Jill Scott/Maxwell concert. Both teams practiced at the Lakers’ regular practice facility in El Segundo. Remember when one of Denver’s playoff games last year had to bump a WWE show from their arena? We’re still disappointed that didn’t lead to an on-air confrontation between Vince McMahon and David Stern. You know Vince would wear his muscle shirt, too, just to highlight the size difference … This summer the Lakers have to make some decisions about their point guards. Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown (who has an opt-out clause) could all be free agents, Farmar has made it clear he wants to start, and Fisher is 35 years old. Fisher may decide to retire on top should L.A. win a ‘chip, but recently he said he wants to go one more season. Honestly, we can’t see a scenario where Fish doesn’t play for the Lakers, but would you want him on your team for the right price? … Now that the Bulls have Tom Thibodeau, the rest of the NBA coaching vacancy dominoes can fall. (It actually started on Friday, when the Hornets hired Monty Williams after Thibodeau turned them down.) Expect a decision from the Nets soon now that their top choice is gone, which will impact what the Hawks, Cavs and Clippers do next … Nobody is surprised to hear about Cleveland shopping Delonte West (good luck with that), but we didn’t expect Mo Williams to also be the subject of trade rumors. You have to assume every personnel move the Cavs make or try to make right now revolves around LeBron, and MO is one of the guys LeBron seems to trust the most on the court and get along with best off the court … Did you catch the Miguel Cotto/Yuri Foreman fight? The last time Cotto was in the ring he was getting carved up like DeJuan Blair‘s knees by Manny Pacquiao, so this was like a Tae-Bo session by comparison. He was already winning the fight when Foreman slipped in the 7th round and hurt his knee, and moving around like George Forman after that, he got TKO’d in the 9th … We’re out like Delonte …

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  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis quest???

    MIGUEL COTTO IS BACK!!!!!! he was faster, he was outboxing yuri foreman, which was foreman’s calling card. I felt bad for foreman because after his knee went out you know Cotto was going to fck him up. When Foreman’s knee went out, cotto started licking his chops and landed a left hook to the body that sealed the deal. Got to give props to Foreman for sticking it out like that; he was a true fighter.

  • Michael

    go Boston!
    and, oh yeah, I’m 1st:)

  • Pat

    Most of the players on the Celtics are a**holes and the last thing you want to do is get these guys mad by a.)blowing them out b.) saying they’re bad players. Nice job Pau, the idiotic story making lie creating press and the lakers fans.

    The lakers will offer Fisher a 5 year MLE and he will start every game for those 5 years. Farmar can then take over the reigns when he’s 32! LOL

  • porkpiehat

    Second is the new first, apparently.

    I think the Celtics will fare much better in game two.

    We’ll see them probably have Allen and Rondo switch assignments,with Rondo playing soft,trying to tempt Kobe into taking a bunch of mid-range jumpers, which he may or may not make, but at least it stalls LA’s killer inside out game.

    On offense, look for them to use a lot more high screen and roll with Pierce as the ball handler in order to negate Artest’s off-ball bullying. This will also conveniently open up Allen for plenty of long range looks, as the Celtics like to run flares to the corners for him in just these situations.

    Also, Rondo and Garnett will probably play better than they did in game one. On the other hand, the Celtics don’t finish well at the rim, turn the ball over a lot and struggle on the defensive glass, all of which are compounded when playing a huge, glass crashing, defensive oriented team.

    I still think the C’s can take the series, but it’s an uphill battle. Lakers in seven.

  • Legend 33

    @Porkpiehat Switching Rondo onto Kobe would be a bad move, Kobe would take Rondo into the post and simply shoot over with his 6 inch height advantage. Rondo is All-Def but 6 inches is way too much to give up. Watch for KG to drop 25-15 and lock Gasol down like if it was ’08. And we steal game 2.

    Larry Bird is still rank ahead of Kobe in terms of all-time greats and Celtics in 6!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Dime you assuming Ray stays on Kobe.If I’m doc I gotta see even for a bit if putting Pierce on Kobe earns me some mileage on bostons offensive end.kobe works a little harder on O,but may be a step slower chasing ray through those screens moreover all kobe’s gon do is take it to ray all damn day.ray’s not winning that matchup on any arena,especially the staples centre.pierce admittedly loses a bit of O but how do you in good consciense do the same thing expecting different results?

    This series on paper is the lakers to lose IMHO.adjust accordingly and bostons in trouble.u don’t and doc will punish you.

    KG woulda been pissed if pau sed kg’s mom was beautiful.pau need to understand this.its the nature if the beast.

    LAL in 7.

    Damn cotto connected with yuri baaad on that left hook.

  • Showtime

    @Legend 33

    Dude, you live in the past. KG’s days of 25 and 15 are over – this is 2010

  • Lee

    Can Fish move to another team ?? I though he has to stay in LA because of his daughter.

  • 808

    I think Dime nailed it re: Ray Allen staying out of foul trouble. Contrary to popular belief the “X-factor” is not Tony Allen. It’s Ray. Having Ray on the floor on the offensive end just helps the Celt offense flow much better. Even the THREAT of Ray getting hot creates better spacing for the “other” 3 to do their thing.

    Pierce?? Pierce could never guard Kobe. Eff that. You think Ray’s foul trouble was bad? Pierce would get eaten alive by Kobe, and if BOS decides to double, it will be one of those 25 pt-14 assist game. Sht…two of Ray’s fouls that put him on the bench to begin with were questionable…could have gone either way.

  • Bruce

    Jordan Farmar is not starting material. Bring D-Fish back regardless to tutor the PG of the future!

  • kobeeeeee

    the lakers need to win this game. if they do the neally need to win game 3:-)
    farmar is not a starting/premier point guard. his shot is too unreliable.

  • Steve Nasty

    lol ray looking like his mum, so true.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Just watching replay of game 1, and replying to some dude yesterday about Tony Allen doing a wind mill on a dead play, it was rondo. And might I say he’s got springs……rondo dunk comp anybody.

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 11

    see Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook about unreliable js…

  • Josh Tha roc

    Does rondo always wear his NBA logo on his headband upside down?

  • Conoro

    “If the refs give him some leeway”? Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Heckler

    speaking of coaches, the happiest guy in LA right now must be Byron Scott!!

    if LA wins the chip (or even if they dont), it doesnt look like Phil Jackson is gonna be back. he might, but it doesnt look like it now.

    and BEST BELIEVE byron scott is liking his chops to be the next Lakers coach.

    if Zen master dont come back, what do yall think…who should coach the Lakers next season?!!?

  • Heckler

    and as for the boxing….

    when is throwing in the white towel not really throwing in the white towel?


    bring on that PacMan vs. Pretty Boy already….

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    LOL at: “Farmar has made it clear he wants to start”

  • Jerry K.

    OK, HOW ARE PEOPLE PICKING BOSTON STILL after Game 1. Not only did the lakers look like the better team, but THEY WON GAME 1 with PHIL JACKSON as the coach. Its done. Finnito. I know that number is getting overhyped but everytime lakers have won game 1, i have said that they are winning the series while people still doubted them. Fuck that. Lakers win in either 4, yes i said FOUR or six. Not 5, not 7.

  • bias mothafuckaaa

    dime never mentions the treatment lebron gets from the refs…

  • Celts Fan

    This shit right now is getting embarrassing. WTF 13 FTs to 35??? We’re taking more jumpers, so it shouldn’t be even, but come the fuck on w/ this shit.

  • Josh Tha roc

    I ain’t a celtics fan and have reserved judgement in the rondo argument, but that ish is over now. Rondo is a absolute gun. He is the best player on a team in the finals putting up triple doubles. There is no longer a question that he is elite.
    If that was lebron people would be losing their minds.
    Rondo is THAT good.