NBA / Jun 7, 2010 / 3:30 pm

Barack Obama Should Call An NBA Finals Game

President Barack Obama (photo. Pete Souza)

During the Suns-Lakers series, TNT showed Marv Albert‘s interview with President Barack Obama. If you remember, the interview was really interesting. Usually when a politician talks about sports, you yawn and don’t pay much attention. However, with Obama, I was drawn in the entire time and thoroughly impressed by his basketball knowledge and insights into the game. Obama is a great speaker, and his interview proved that not only is he great when writing his own speeches, but also when doing an interview. Even if you hate Obama’s guts as a politician and disagree with everything that he does in office, as a basketball fan, there is no denying how awesome it was to see the President talk hoops with Marv.

At the end of the interview I had an idea: Obama should call an NBA Finals game. How great of a combination would Obama, Mark Jackson, Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy be? That trio is already the best broadcasting group in the NBA, and adding Obama to the mix would simply be amazing.

Obviously Obama has more important business to attend to like immigration, the oil spill and national security, but if he is watching the game anyway, why not announce it? This would be a huge ratings boom for ABC during the Finals, and it would also officially establish Obama as the coolest President ever. ABC, if you are reading this right now, treat us fans to this broadcasting treat.

What do you think?

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  • Detroit Dave

    Hell no. Give me Doug Collins and Hubie Brown.

  • James

    I agree with Dave

  • Scott

    Forget Collins, replace Mark Jackson with Hubie and you’re set.

  • s.bucketz

    get a knicks reunion goin…JVG walt clyde frazier and Marv Albert…that would be the illest combo

  • bub

    Can’t lie i enjoy Hubie Brown when he commentates. He breaks down why a play didnt or did work during his commentating. Similar to how Gruden brings a coach’s insiders edge to the booth for Monday Night Football, Hubie Brown brings those same qualities.

    As for Jeff Van Gundy, he is one funny motha f*cka sometimes.

  • Steve A

    For all the “knowledge” Obama has about basketball, he did say John Wall is a great shooter. Umm, is he refering to mini hoops in the dorm? Not on the bball court.

  • Jer Boi

    wow i cant stand hubie brown or doug collins.

  • Mark

    Doug Collins and Hubie Brown are the greatest “teachers” to broadcast. I love their analysis and how they don’t just “tell” you, but they SHOW you how plays were made/broken. If you want comedy, then Bill Walton for his extremes, and JVG for well, just being JVG.

    I wish Doug and Hubie were doing the Finals too…I learn a lot from how they break down the game.

  • Me

    lol, when I read the title, I thought you meant he should officiate a game.

    I agree, though. The Marv interview was good.

  • egypt

    How many Republicans would you bet made up the first 9 comments?

  • Doc

    “Doug Collins and Hubie Brown are the greatest ‘teachers’….” Phucking ‘A’, Mark. Jackson explains nothing in his “analysis” of the game. I’ve said it before; Mike Breen is just a pbp sports puker. Van Gundy doesn’t bother me.

  • Detroit Dave

    @ #10 if you ever been to Detroit, you would know that Detroiters aren’t Republicans, hell we dont vote for Sh!t up here.

  • DarthSickness

    let’s do it, call the Prez!

  • Abe504

    i hate all of them, mark jackson sucks period, mike breen is just horribile, and jvg is just not funny at all. Give me tnt broadcast team all day.