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Before Lakers/Celtics Game 1, L.A. is thinking about the future

Jordan Farmar (photo. NBA)

One day away from Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Lakers and Celtics have been over hours of game film and pages of scouting reports, and have been asked every question you can think of about themselves and their opponent. Now it’s just about staying healthy until tip-off. Beyond Kobe and KG‘s omnipresent nicks and bumps, Andrew Bynum is the biggest injury wild card; he reportedly had two ounces of fluid drained from his knee earlier this week and is playing through a lot of pain. On the other side, Rasheed Wallace has missed practices with a back injury, and Rajon Rondo is still dealing with his sore back from that fall he took in the Eastern Conference Finals clincher, a.k.a. The Greatest Moment of Nate Robinson‘s NBA Career. Rondo said he was “67 percent” yesterday. He made a good point, though. Nobody is 100 percent now that the two remaining teams are about 100 games into the season. Well, maybe Shelden Williams has fresh legs, but you get the idea … Jordan Farmar still has some spring in his step, but he’s trying to be one of those guys who’s worn out come playoff time. Looking ahead to (restricted) free agency this summer, Farmar wants to be a starter. “If we commit to find something where I could be the guy, that’s what I really want for the summertime,” Farmar told the Los Angeles Times. The Lakers could have 35-year-old Derek Fisher, 23-year-old Farmar, and 24-year-old Shannon Brown all unsigned this summer. If you’re running the team, who are you looking to bring back? Or are you going somewhere else for point guard help? …

LeBron and Larry

Larry King is about as old as all three L.A. point guards combined (you can throw Kevin Ollie and Anthony Johnson in there, too, and Larry’s still got ‘em), but apparently he has no problem sharing a basketball court with the most talented player in the world. LeBron James is going to be in CNN’s “Larry King Live” this Friday, where he’ll talk about free agency and some other stuff people won’t care about nearly as much. The photo to the right is from Larry King’s Twitter page … Dwyane Wade agreed to a settlement in the lawsuit being brought against him by two former business partners. Originally D-Wade was being sued for $25 million stemming from a failed restaurant deal, but the settlement figure is confidential. It’s kind of a twisted way to look at things, but this is probably good news for Miami fans. If Wade is being very aware of his money right now — he’s also got a divorce trial coming up — and he just took a big financial hit, he also knows the Heat can offer him the most money … Consider this a warning: Dwight Howard is going to spend some of his summer working with Hakeem Olajuwon. Who knows if that means two weeks or a more intensive tutoring session, but if Dwight just picks up a couple of lessons from The Dream, he’s going to be a different kind of problem for the League … And if Dwight comes back for training camp a vastly improved offensive weapon, how bad does that make Patrick Ewing look? First the ’94 Finals, then Hakeem gets Pat again if he can single-handedly destroy Ewing’s chances of getting an NBA head coaching job … We’re out like Kevin Ollie …

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  • Dayo

    lol! Dwight getting better offensively will really make patrick ewing look bad!

  • Dayo

    BTW, first!!! been a while I got to do that!

  • fLaVa

    short smack today…

    Cant wait til Game 1

    Lakers in 6

  • fLaVa

    “Eastern Conference Finals clincher, a.k.a. The Greatest Moment of Nate Robinson’s NBA Career”

    almost as cold as Kobe’s fadeaway with HIll all over him.

  • sh!tfaced

    Wonder if Larry King asked LeBron James about LeMom? Off the record, maybe? She’s definitely the type that the old sex-starved geezer will go for.

    King Larry might just show King James a thing or two on how to be a true “KING”.

  • jimmhumm

    le mom would find that offensive D-west is her sole mate!

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    With Kobe playing like he played in Game 6 against phoenix, artest playing d like he has, bynum available for 20 min a night and everything else the lakers have, not to mention their Thirst for revenge- I can’t imagine boston winning this series. Jordan gon have to come back next year and be the first player his age to drop 50 just so the kobe riders have less ammunition in their argument for his g.o.a.t status…

  • 3ple2ble (aka solomon)

    if d-ho can have at least half the offensive repertoire that hakeem has, man…

  • icey

    larry king has no problems getting broads, check his wife


    Kobe played one good game…against an inferior Suns teams and all of a sudden he’s great?

    Kobe has his moments but he doesn’t dominate the game, he tries to play the 4TH QUARTER HERO!

  • karizmatic

    If I’m running the Lakers I definitely got to think about letting Derek Fisher go…actually if I’m running the Lakers I hope he retires, and I can bring him back as an assistant coach or something. I’m re signing both Brown and Farmar and telling them the starting point position is up for grabs. Best case they both agree and work their asses off for the position, worst case, one of them balks at the idea, Fisher doesn’t retire, but agrees to limited minutes and potentially coming off the bench (if I’m Phil I still tinker with playing him in the clutch) and whoever stays gets the starting job and most of the minutes. Also we draft some young unknown point guard or combo guard and see how he works out. I think the Lakers have a draft pick in the second round, I’m not even sure.

    Oh and comment #10 is one of the illest expressions of Kobe Hate I’ve seen in a long time. Kobe isn’t great? Wow.

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    Dwight getting tutoring from the Dream??? Now that’s a problem for the rest of the league!!! Imagine Dwight performing some ‘Dream Shakes’ and then dunking on everybody! Ewing gets one upped again!!!!

    Go Lakers and sign and trade Fish and Farmar for a real PG!!!!!

  • RapTOr

    Trade rumor: Jameer Nelson for Chris Paul…REALLY hope this happens.

  • Scott
  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Farmar is trippin’ if he thinks he’s a starter in this league. Every girl thinks she’s a model, every dude thinks he’s a rapper, and every NBA player thinks he’s a starter. It’s nice to be ambitious but sometimes you just have to be realistic.

  • marcus the great


    gonna be a long 36 hours til tip off…

  • marcus the great

    but yea the lakers pg situation is lookin bleak… no real good free agent pgs and its hard watchin farmar and brown run the team.

  • s.bucketz

    dwight howard is just a big goofy bastard thats retardedly athletic…if he didn’t establish anything besides that running hook that barely works by now hes just wastin his summer

  • boomshakalaka

    LOL @ Farmar, there is NO WAY he should be starting next year. I live in SoCal and listen to L.A.’s ESPN sports radio station out here and they interview the Laker players regularly.

    For the past 2 or 3 years, every time they interview Farmar, he’s always talking about getting his chance to take over the team and run the offense. “I’m just waiting for my opportunity to take over the starting PG position.”

    It’s funny because the way he talks about it, it gives you the impression that he’s really confident that the job is all his when Fisher leaves. Like he’s a shoe in to inherit the starting PG responsibility.

    The radio hosts ask each other all the time, “you think Farmar can start?”,,,……. “Nah, he’s not a starter. We need to find a PG when Fisher leaves” LoL

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    DFish has earned his stay in LA for now…but his minutes come down. And this Brown/Farmar/Vujacic combo is TERRIBLE; someone’s getting traded for sure. Keep Brown; everyone else bye bye

  • grinch

    “Kobe played one good game…against an inferior Suns teams and all of a sudden he’s great?

    Kobe has his moments but he doesn’t dominate the game, he tries to play the 4TH QUARTER HERO!”

    i guess you should start watching some lakers games man.. stop sleeping early like a kid..


    Fishers possible replacements are pretty limited. If they really luck out they could maybe sign Ray Felton with their MLE, but after him the options are guys like Rafer Alston, Jamaal Tinsly, Luke Ridnour or Steve Blake. All of them are better than Farmar or Brown, but i think the Lakers best option is to bring back Fish and just hope that it aint possible he gets any worse.


    also @ “Kobe played one good game…against an inferior Suns teams and all of a sudden he’s great?

    Kobe has his moments but he doesn’t dominate the game, he tries to play the 4TH QUARTER HERO!”

    did you just start watching hoops like 2 weeks ago?
    i hate to break it to you, but Kobe bin pretty fuckin good for a pretty fuckin long time. 4 rings, an MVP, scoring titles, all NBA teams, all star teams, all defense teams, 40 point games, 50 point games, 60 point games and an 81 point game…..

  • http://www.thekevinburkeproject.com Darkness

    Just face it y’all, Dwight Howard will never be an offensive force. He’s the best center in the game at a time when there aren’t many, so that makes him a bit overrated. He’s been in the league for a minute now, and he’s made infinitesimal improvements to his offensive game. He’s now at the point where he at least tries to show a post game, but his footwork is so poor that he doesn’t get himself closer to the rim, and he has no touch around the basket, so his close shots that aren’t dunks end up bricking every time.

  • hippiejames

    Farmar starting? I don’t see it. Too streaky. Lame distributor.

    BTW, Celts in 6. Here’s why:

    Size. Lakers lack size advantage for first time in post season. No more freebies for Gasol and Bynum. Boston dominates on boards.

    Shooting. Celtic firepower is peaking. Besides Pierce and Allen being hot, most Celts can put up points. Double doubles from Perkins Davis and KG will be routine and too much to handle.

    Nate Robinson. Injuries may or may not have slowed down Rondo but who can guard Nate? Farmar? Fisher? No way.

    KG. While Sheed might be hurt, expect KG to leave it all on the floor, elbows and all in what could be his last finals appearance.

    This will be an awesome and physical series.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    It’s ON!!! Well, almost.

    Boston won ’08 with an aggressiveness and physicality that the Lakeshow’s finesse couldn’t handle.
    Plus, LA didn’t have their up-n-comin’ center to negate Boston’s mighty frontline.

    For the Celtics then, it was a starting 5 that fielded 3 Hall Of Famers at the SG, PF, and SF positions. In addition, thoroughbred workhorses Powe, Posey, and PJ were the fuel in this veteran laden engine. Sammie and Eddie House provided big-game awareness and big shots. Tony and Baby had very minor roles. And it must be noted that a young Big Baby — whom at the time possessed a mature multi-faceted grown man’s game at the 4-spot despite his undersized-ness and ehh, his, ehh, roundness — did some damage when his number was called.

    For the Lakers then, it was basically the same squad except a feisty Vladi was manning Ron Ron’s spot instead. (young, developing wingman in Ariza was in the wings) Farmar, Luke, and Sasha were the main ‘bit’ players. But Ronnie and the aforementioned Trevor did get some burn. LO found himself basically in the S/L because well, he’s a starting caliber ‘big’ and their main starting ‘big’ was not around.

    The rotations are kinda tighter this time around.

    Boston, they actually field the most consistent starting lineup of the last 3 seasons. And this time, they have possibly 4 Hall of Famers at 4 different starting positions, including the point guard. However, no longer do they have all of those vets on the pine. Now, it’s basically Nate, Sheed, Tony Allen and Big Baby.
    Finley and Marquis…maybe even Shelden…could do sumptin but it’s too early to tell. Anyways, House, Posey, Powe and Sammie are gone.

    LA basically has a 6-man lineup now. And oh yeah, they won a championship last year so they’re doing quite swell. Farmer, Brown, and a lil’ bit of Mbenga and a lil’ bit of Powell provide the grunt work and fill in the gaps. LO is a bench player in title ONLY. He’s their 2nd most effective big and he’s one of the premier talents in the League, just can’t rely on him to produce consistently big, consistently. Get it?!? It seems Adam and Luke are forgotten. Sasha too. Trevor and Ronnie’s gone. So is Vladi.

    Points of contention:
    Boston is still flat-out tough and now have 3 mercurial players on the bench who have the potential to be game-swinging, series-changing beasts: see Baby, Sheed, Nate
    Tony Allen has been more than solid this postseason, his big plays helping eviscerate the top seeded Cavaliers. And with that said, this Celtics team beat Orlando and Cleveland and made those teams look significantly inferior to them.

    LA is flat-out tall and talented. Their glaring weakness resides in their bench and inconsistent floor leadership. They have a veteran at the point guard position whose weaknesses are well documented but his strong points of defense, 3pt shooting and knowing the ‘triangle’ are undervalued and underrated most of the time and this usually befalls the opposition. They have 3 extremely talented big men, although one is arguably soft, the other is always playing hurt and the other is arguably inconsistent. These 3 rotate. They have a defensive agitator, a foxhole, a ‘Dennis Rodman’ type, a bruiser, a 3pt threat, a NY native…QUEENSBRIDGE to be exact, a guy known for beating up fans…simply put, they got Ron Ron. And lest not forgot, the most skilled basketball player in the world plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and this same guy is playing like he’s better than him. He’s playing like he’s better than himself? Yeah, scary.

    I still think the ‘toughness’ along with ‘depth’ wins out.

    Boston in 7

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    I remember watching shoot arounds with Dwight and Ewing on the floor. Dwight looked focused, but sorta lost. Ewing, the guy fucking looked like he would rather be anywhere else! Some people just cant teach, coach, or mentor and I get the feeling that Patrick is one of them. Superman is such a great guy and such a talent, but his game is so mundane. I really hope Hakeem can work some Magic on him so Dwight can fulfill his Dream.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Brogden

    Two words for you; Kobe Bryant

  • D12Magic

    2010/11 NBA Season:

    The debut of the Superman Shake!

    Hope Dwight learns something from “The Dream” cos he obviously isn’t learning anything from Pat… which is not even surprising cos there’s nothing to learn from Pat, except maybe choking in the clutch!!

  • control


    Who is LA’s up and coming center? Bynum? Has the guy went through a game without having his minutes cut due to foul trouble and/or injury? I think he’s hit his plateau to be honest, the guy could have all the potential in the world, but he’s just too injury prone to do anything.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Bynum = Greg Oden, The Hollywood Edition

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    yeah, control, definitely aint sold on him being a ‘serious’ factor.

    Shannon doesn’t have the vision for a pg but he’s a scorer for sure.

    Derek Fisher’s gettin’ up there.

    Farmer is not impressive enough to be a starting pg.
    I’d keep Fish, move Farmer outta LA and bring in 1 or 2 pgs to battle Shannon and Fish.

    Dwight and Dream teaming up is an indictment on Ewing, period.

    Matter of fact, Ewing probably suggested Hakeem. And I can soooo believe that!

    Is he only going to a contender for multiple chips? Is he staying in Cleveland? Will he team up with other high profile free agents??

    Don’t care.I’m only interested in the Bron Interview if he talks about the OTHER rumors. LOL

  • Lady Luck

    “Farmar is trippin’ if he thinks he’s a starter in this league. Every girl thinks she’s a model, every dude thinks he’s a rapper, and every NBA player thinks he’s a starter. It’s nice to be ambitious but sometimes you just have to be realistic.”

    So true. Nothing about Farmar’s game is starter worthy, not on the Lakers or anywhere else in the league.

    “Kobe played one good game…against an inferior Suns teams and all of a sudden he’s great?

    Kobe has his moments but he doesn’t dominate the game, he tries to play the 4TH QUARTER HERO!”

    Ummm. This was barely worth a response, but I thought maybe you meant to write this about Nate.

    Dwight would be very smart to move in with The Dream for the summer. If he can learn 1 or 2 moves, it will uplift his game dramatically. He also needs to improve his FT shooting. Can he make it to 60%?????

    Lakers in 7

    Lakers in 7.

  • Lady Luck

    Article states that Lebron is trying to outshine the finals.


  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. “A ringleader with no rings.”
    A ‘King’ without a crown.
    A ‘winner’ with nothing to show for.
    A ‘star’ who doesn’t shine in the big stage.
    An MVP that acts like an SOB.
    The classic example of style over substance.