Smack / Jun 9, 2010 / 5:31 am

“Big Shot Fish” blasts Celtics in Game 3


The thing about Robert Horry that a lot of people didn’t appreciate: He wasn’t just knocking down one huge shot here or there at random intervals, he could take over an entire fourth quarter of a game by hitting multiple huge shots. As the 2010 version of Big Shot Rob, Derek Fisher reached that next level during the Lakers win over the Celtics in last night’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals … Kobe dominated the majority of a disjointed, ugly game that would have driven some basketball purists to hit the Crown Royal pretty hard, but for the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter, Kobe couldn’t make a shot. That’s when Fisher (15 pts) took over, scoring 11 in the quarter on a series of fullback-style drives and last-ditch jumpers to beat the shot clock. The Celtics cut L.A.’s lead down to two a couple of times, but Fisher put the final nail in the coffin with 48 seconds left on a coast-to-coast layup and-one that put the Lakers ahead by seven … Great camera shot on Fisher’s and-one of Kobe (29 pts, 10-29 FG) reacting like a father watching his kid ride a two-wheeler for the first time before exhaling when the shot went in … The Celtics wasted what might have been Kevin Garnett‘s last great postseason performance. KG (25 pts, 11-16 FG) came out of the gate like a bald-headed, half-psycho Hakeem Olajuwon, putting Pau Gasol through the wood chipper with all kinds of spins, fakes and turnaround for buckets early and often. And for the first few minutes of the first quarter, the Celtics could have been mistaken for the Globetrotters, putting on a beautiful display of ball movement, teamwork and chemistry before things went south real quick … L.A.’s bench sparked a 17-2 run covering the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second, going up by 17 as the Boston crowd was either stunned into silence or had died in the process. Kobe then seemed intent on emphatically crushing the Celtics under his thumb, so he jacked a lot of bad shots, but made enough to keep the Lakers in front … This is going to sound crazy, but we heard there are a lot of Boston fans who think the referees had something to do with the loss. That’s unheard of in the Finals, right? Of course it had nothing to do with Ray Allen launching bricks like the kid in Home Alone 2, or Paul Pierce (15 pts, 5-12 FG) having his second straight bad shooting game. And we have this strange feeling that had Boston pulled out the win, L.A. fans would have blamed those same refs … If Alvin Gentry sounds like South Park‘s Mr. Mackey on the bench, Doc Rivers sounds like Damon in Friday After Next when his balls were caught in the vice. “Everybody get back!” … You know how every time Dirk Nowitzki releases a jumper you assume it’s going in? Whenever Tony Allen has an open layup, don’t you always think he’s going to blow it? … Funniest moment of the game: Ron Artest sitting on the bench between Adam Morrison and Sasha Vujacic, and after Lamar Odom banked in a three, Artest scaring the hell out of those guys with his over-the-top reaction. Morrison looked like he wanted to call the police when Ron grabbed his arm … Tuesday’s other major sports story was the MLB debut of Washington Nationals rookie Stephen Strasburg. And seriously, we can’t think of a phenom whose first game was better; the kid struck out 14 guys in seven innings while giving up just two runs, he hit 99 mph on the gun like 15 times, and he made just about every batter on the Pirates look silly at least once. Between Strasburg and John Wall, it’s a good time for D.C. sports. We were looking up some debuts of NBA phenoms for comparison, and did you know that in Shaq‘s first regular-season game, Nick Anderson completely overshadowed him by dropping 42 points, 8 boards, 6 assists and 5 steals? That’s gotta be the best game Nick ever played, and it’s still only known as Shaq’s First Game. And Nick is now best known for bricking free throws … We’re out like Ray’s hot streak …

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  • Showtime

    Damn what an ugly game. We’re not gonna win shit if Kobe takes bad shot after bad shot and Fisher has to be the savior. Get the fuckin’ ball into the fuckin’ post.

    By the way … stop “We are getting screwed by the refs” bullshit already. So far all three games were horribly officiated. Both teams are getting screwed. Boston gets horrible calls and so does LA. Odom gets fouls called three seconds after the “contact” happened. That’s bull. I don’t wanna see Shannon Brown trying to create a shot being guarded by Tony Allen because guys like Kobe, Artest, Ray Allen, Pierce and company are sitting on the bench in foul trouble.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ Fish’s pic. That’s my facebook pic today. I haven’t celebrated this hard for an underdog EVER. Fish had EVERYBODY shittin on him. Laker haters, so-called Laker “fans”, Dime, espn, EVERYBODY. Fish was the “weak link”, “too old”, “too slow”. My man straight took over. Kobe wasn’t hittin, Pau wasn’t bein aggressive and Fish just started “jackin”. Me and Lakeshow been defendin dude all year, tellin laker fans to hold the hate til the Finals and tellin the haters to eat a d**k. Redemption a beautiful thing.Spurs and the 0.4. The 3 in Jameer’s face last Finals, 22 on Phoenix, 11 in the 4th last night and all over Ray. D Fish is Mr Big Shot. Can’t take the smile off my face today-Haters can try, but it’s just noise today. The refs been strugglin, but both teams been gettin it rough. Ray missin everything and Ron lockin down on Paul made KG’s masterpiece irrelevant. That’s what we call a swing game.
    2 down, 2 to game.
    Lakers all day!
    Retaliation is a must…

  • YW

    that’s why you can’t rely on jump shooters to bail you out everytime. sometimes they go in, sometimes they dont. and d-fish definitely showed why he’s got 4 rings, damn!

  • M Intellect

    1st Up – I just seen the interview of D-Fish on ESPN where he got emotional and found a new love for that dude! Honestly, I used to hate him because he was getting torched in the regular season but he is just too good in the play-offs.

    Kobe needs to stop jacking. Seriously. Go to the rack and draw fouls on Ray or Rondo or whoever you meet at the rim. It’s like he thinks he got the real life NBA Jam cheat code for ‘Always on fire’…

  • ray allen

    have you seen my game?
    btw, where did all my boston fans go?
    guess they only show up when we win.
    thx bandwagon fans!

  • ianny b

    Paul pierce where you at?? At that rate you won’t need to come back to L.A cause we’re gonna clinch in Boston. Such arrogance

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    that was ugly but we needed that shyt.man if we’da focused a lil bit we’d have been up 3-0,but i’ll take this.I was late to peep this.Apparently D-fish saves his legs for the postseason…Aah,the mystery’s revealed
    Ray left the gunz in LA cos the chamber was empty as fluck.
    kobe been tripping the last minutes of the last 2 games.Like he tryna have a statement game which is irritating.Damn you still get props regardless of who plunges the dagger in.

    LAL mmafkaz!!!
    Somebody find Odom.Dude’s MIA.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Big game by the the Lakers.I almost threw my shoe at the t.v after some of the shots Kobe was taking.Hopefully he watches the game film today and realizes how many “WTF” shots he was throwing up. Thursday is a MUST WIN for the Celtics,it should be fun to watch

  • fallinup

    Derek ‘cajones’ Fisher. Only reason why I think what he did was beyond Horry was because of the improbable shots he was making.

    Overall.. What a horrible game. Refs were just plain bad.

  • Chief Kickingstallionsims

    Nick Anderson actually once scored 50 off the bench.

  • Celticsdada

    Aye Dime wanna bet that KG gonna have another performance or more like last nite? Watch ur mouth sayin this his last great game. Give credit where its due, Celtics fought hard but great timing buckets from Fisher really made the difference. We cant afford to have Ray and PP to have a night off at the same time. Gotta admit i did not respect the Lakers bigs before this series, but with Bynum in the line their length is really a problem for the Celtics. It’s cool we’ll bounce back next game

  • Josh

    Jesus played more like Cousin Booger last night

  • Chise

    Great article, had me rollin. You’ve gotta believe that the lakers still gotta win another on in Boston to really lock this up back in LA. Props to Luke on checking Paul pierce. Part of me feels like maybe Phil should start Luke to switch things up, odom and artest coming off your bench would be a nice lil change of pace. Regardless though, if Kobe takes it to the rack next 2 games and the lakers play inside out this series is over… Somebody mail wilbon his luggage.

    Big shot fish!

  • Celts Fan

    @”Ray Allen” – how you gonna talk about “bandwagon fans”? Your city’s known for people showing up after the game starts and leaving well before it ends. Whenever the Lakers don’t have a superstar, your attendance is garbage (though Jack’s always there, gotta give him credit.) Get outta here w/ that crap.

    @ianny b – I don’t wanna hear anyone who’s a fan of Kobe Bryant talk about anyone else’s arrogance.

    @Dime – the Celtics played like crap, but every single time we strted to get close, it’d be some BS call that would swing momentum back to them. How about that late Ray Allen offensive foul? How about them calling every bit of contact on one end and not on the other? The refs weren’t as big a reason for the L as Ray Allen’s no-show, but they were a factor. How’s Kobe gonna only get 1 foul all game in a game called really tight? Come on now…

  • Celticsdada
  • Dapro

    Damn couldn’t believe my eyes Ray goes 0-13!! No way he does that again. Fish played solid D but Ray was just off. He got some great looks same for Pierce. If Boston gets the same looks they got yesterday then it’s a Win. So now it’s Pau, Artest, or Bynum or will get in early foul trouble again!


    The refs are really getting oout of hand. I dont mind them reviewing plays that element is needed. The refs kill any momentum either teams has with bad calls. Example #1: Phantom foul on Rasheed while guarding Gasol. His hands were straight up (which is how your taught) no contant at all then (whistle. Example #2: Big baby gets an “and one” after another phantom call on Bynum where there was no contact at all. You can tell by Both of their reactions after the call how bad they were. The worst thing is that these calls both happened in the 4 qtr….Let the men play

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Sorry Boston fans, can’t blame the refs about last night. Yes the officiating was again inconsistent and soft but at least on 3 crucial possessions in the final minutes the refs went to the video and made the right call.

    Ray Allen… From great to ain’t.

    I don’t understand why Phil Jax plays Farmar and Brown together. I think they hurt the team chemistry. It seems like they’re both trying to outdo each other and audtion for LA’s point guard spot for next season. The way Fisher played niether of them will have jobs. Farmar and Brown put together almost make a decent role player.


    Great job Fish, that is indeed why he has 4 rings. M Intellect got me dying with the Kobe always on fire code. That’s true tho. He hit some big shots, but he needs to drive to the rim more. When he does that he gets fouled, plus there’s Pau and AB for the drop off. What’s with Pau dissapearing too, dude needs to be aggressive on both ends. LO is MIA. Must have his mind on his girl and the prego scare. Please don’t ever say start Luke, or that he guarded Pierce. Pierce is on one for not giving Luke buckets, and I’m a Laker fan. I still think the Lakers have not played anywhere near as well as they can. The refs are horrible. My mind was blown away with some of the bs they called last night, and has been with the bs they’ve called the whole series.

  • Celts Fan

    just wanna say too, great game by Fisher. Dude’s been clutch his whole career, but last night was one he’ll remember for a looooong time. and Kobe? Other htan that stretch where he was firing up bad shots for almost a quarter straight, was unstoppable (not a huge surprise since he’s the best player in the world.) Whenever they needed something, he’d get to the cup or stick a contested 18 footer like it was nothing. I complain about the refs (deservedly I think) but props where it’s due. The Lakers were d@mn good last night.

    Did anyone else catch the “Ugly sister” chant when Lamar was at the line? That made my night.

  • sh!tfaced

    Haha! Fuck, yeah… DIME feeling GAME 3 like the mid-90’s aura the it had. That game really showed to “never underestimate the heart & pride of old washed-up champions” – such as King Fisher & The Big Ticket. Dirty-Old-Man Fish showed up Rondo just like the Creaky-Kneed-Douche Kevin did to Pau.

    The obvious difference between a multi-time All-Star like Garnett and a multi-time Champ such as Fisher?
    KG undoubtedly put up big numbers across but D-Fish made his when it really counted.
    And in the playoffs, it’s all about timing, and Fish came through where it meant the most.

    Cheers, Kampai & Salud to you, Old Fish. That post-game interview was Oscar Podium drama worthy.

    Damn sure James Worthy won’t mind loaning that old Laker monicker.

    “Big-Game Derek Fisher” is yours right now…

  • D.I. Dollar

    All I know is Rondo needs to work on that mid range jumper this summer. Kobe was sitting back 5 feet away all night long daring him to take a shot and he never did. I mean if I was that open all night long I would at least try to put up one or two (especially at home) to make the defense honest. The freethrow game is suspect too.

    @ Celtsfan

    That’s how Kobe only has one foul. He didn’t have to gaurd anybody.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    SMACK – Brogden Edition Part 1

    8 SYLLABLES!!!!



    YUP, y’all saw it, 50 seconds left, dude got BIG on KEVIN GARNETT, PAUL PIERCE, and GLEN DAVIS. Yeah, he BEASTED them with a BEAST move and quite frankly dude was a BEAST last night, especially in the 4th. Yooooo, he SH*TTED ON THEM SO HARD…like that really was the un-official BACK BREAKER. real talk.

    Call this game disjointed, ugly, leachate-infused ambrosia for bball gods…whatever! The game was DOPE! Fiesty. Nasty.

    I mean cats was realllllllly getting’ at it last night. KG was hittin’ them short-to-midrange joints in the 4th. Dude was getting busy. The last quarter was pure as it gets if you ask me. Kobe pokin’ da rock outta KG’s hands. Rondo grabbin’ LO’s arm for the ree. EVERYONE was flying around ALL over the place.

    I mean, they was scrapping. It was good to see. Kobe was on some personal sh*t wit KG, hell-bent on showing him who’s the “best player from the 90s still playing in the NBA.” Scratch that, “who’s the best player straight outta high school from the 90s still playing in the NBA.”
    C’mon Kobe!!! That’s a no-brainer. You could’ve stopped as soon as you got to the word “player.” Scratch that, you couldv’e stopped as soon as you got the word “best.”

    Peirce answering DFish’s disrespectfulness with his own power layup. But he couldn’t hit his freebie. BAD BASKETBALL CAP’N.

    OK LAKERS TCB’D on Boston’s turf, again I ask, how will the green team respond? I assume Ray Ray is just now getting to sleep after spending ALL NIGHT in the GARDEN by himself working on his Jesus stroke. ‘Cause man!! That was oooooggggly. It kinda takes away from that heat wave he just went through. ‘Cause for real, for real, he’s been cooled off since the 2nd half of the LAST game they won. That’s basically a game and a half he’s been off. He’ll step up…

    …but the Lakeshow possess a different mettle this year. A “you-can’t-really-f***-with-me-on-your-best-day-if-i’m-on-my-best-day” type of mettle.

  • Roman

    Pierce, regardless of the next two games, your going back to L.A.

  • sh!tfaced

    Hell, since we all talkin’ about Refs all finals long. Any hoophead knows – Lakers fans, Celtics fans, haters, nuthuggers, bandwagoners, etc…

    Whine, cry, bitch, moan & complain all you want.

    But the way they’re calling the Finals, like it or not, this is obviously going all the way – THE FULL SEVEN GAMES. League’s gonna squeeze every hot stinkin’ drip of cum for all our cocks’ worth and maximize the damn profit from us fans/suckers and we all know it….

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    Yeah man…the one thing no one’s talking about on SportsCenter…

    Bynum tweaked the knee again. This kid gets injured so much when we need him. Sorry dog…you STILL gotta play through it. We ain’t done yet.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    SMACK – Brogden Edition Part 2

    All of the DFish talk. Derek is praised and criticized on the regular.I want to be on the record as saying I have always been a Derek Fisher supporter and it’s good to see the guy always thriving on the biggest stages of his career, namely the Finals. With that whole family ordeal he went through, the weird Utah exodus, his genuine “good guy-ness” and “blunt honesty” combined with that “dirty player” label speaks to the quandary or mixed-bag of a Derek Fisher. Here’s a brief snapshot of my views on him based on my Dimemag postings…and I think the majority of basketball fans would agree with me.

    March 10th, 2010 at 10:20 am
    Mr. Brogden says:

    Ron Ron and Derek Fisher suck.
    Offensively speaking. Literally and Metaphorically.
    They suck in the sense they don’t come thru when thier number is called.

    (06-09-10 I say: it’s true that’s how you feel sometimes watching them. See Ron Ron last night)

    April 12th, 2010 at 11:41 am
    Mr. Brogden says:

    Artest has been called on for some major defensive assignments this season. And pretty much he’s held his own on D while still managing to be productive on offense. He doesn’t needlessly jack up a shot because he hasn’t gotten one of…that’s what Fish is for.

    April 25th, 2010 at 11:06 am
    Mr. Brogden says:

    @ mcw88 – That’s 3 seasons of DFisher as the starting pg. Hmmm, they’ve been to 2 finals, winning one of them. I think his body of work BEFORE 2007 shows you he was a starting-calibur player. We know his weakness and OKC has a fast, young pg. Whoopty doo. Success in basketball is predicated not only how you exlpoit your strengths and matchup advantages but also how you overcome your weaknesses and matchup disadvantages. You see Phil won’t let Shannon or Farmar do the job. Why? ‘Cause they can’t get it done

    May 5th, 2010 at 11:15 am
    Mr. Brogden says:

    Can’t get on DFish without the occasional ego-stroke – his defense on Deron Williams was pretty tight. Forced him to go where the bigs were…forced him to force shots…props to Fish

    June 2nd, 2010 at 11:47 am
    Mr. Brogden says:

    They have a veteran at the point guard position whose weaknesses are well documented but his strong points of defense, 3pt shooting and knowing the ‘triangle’ are undervalued and underrated most of the time and this usually befalls the opposition.

    But the below post takes the cake. THIS is why DEREK FISHER has tons of VALUE
    June 8th, 2009 at 9:37 am

    Just watchin’ and thinkin’ about the game last night, I pondered aloud and asked myself a question?
    Is Derek Fisher outplayin’ EVERY POINT GUARD in this contest…brown, farmar, nelson, alston…?
    Say it aint so!
    All playoffs, it’s been : Rondo, Mo Williams, Even Dre, and Bibby, Chauncey, Paul, Kidd, DWill, Brooks, Young Stuck, or Young Bynum…all this pg talk and Fish gets heavily critiqued on the routine basis for jackin’ his own heat checks in the midst of a Kobe heatwave…

    I can imagine if Fish knew me, he’d be like:
    Umm, I don’t know how to day this Bern, Bean, whatever your name is, but uhhh, I GOT CHIPS. And I need ONE MO’ FOR FO’ — I DO THIS, HOMIE!
    Que the ‘Go Crazy’ remix wit Jay-Z:
    When Puff was in that tub spillin Mo’ I was at my video, Cris’ on the speedboat. In my lifetime n****, go through your research – St. Thomas my n****…
    that was ME first.”

    *CHIPS = slang for championships

  • dk

    @ Celts Fan

    STFU and go watch game 2 if your gonna be bitch about Kobe having one foul with faggot Ray Allen flopping and Oscar nominee Rondo throwing himself around like a rag doll… Not to mention the bad calls when we were getting it close that the refs used instant replay on and still couldnt get it right! Or how about the play that closed the door when Artest cleanly ripped Rondo from behind but instead they see a foul…. ( Did I mention Lamar Odum played 15 minutes in game 2 because of flops… )

    Ill quit crying about the refs now and so should you, maybe they should just stay home… Wait thats a bad idea because your old crybaby players would get there asses kicked. D Fish would have Rondo tapped out before tip off…

    Good luck Thursday, its a must win, FOR YOU!!! lmao

    @ Dime commentators,

    Im only checking in to say I told you so ( for the millionth time ) about hating on Fish, f%$king idiots…

  • dk


    D Fish is simply the MAN. He runs the most complex offense in the leagues, has one of the toughest positions and over comes his physical inadequacy with strength, hard work, determination and by being 5 times smarter than his opponent. A classy piece of work, who when he is mugged by three asshole Celts gets up and strokes his free throws and complements there attempts at stopping him with tears and epic sportsmanship!

  • Heckler

    me, from yesterday (told ya punks Derek Fisher would have his shine):

    June 8th, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Heckler says:

    it aint no Jekyll n Hyde act. every great player in this series will have their stamp on a game. or maybe even two. Ray Allen had his in game 2.

    Ron Artest will have his stamp on a game. Lamar Odom will have a stamp at some point. so will Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. even Derek Fisher and Rasheed Wallace will have their imprint on a game or at least an important sequence.

    aint no surprises here. def not jekyll n hyde.

  • Celts Fan

    @dk – what game were you watching? THE CELTICS WERE CALLED FOR OVER 20 MORE FOULS THAN LA IN GAME 2.

    @sh!tfaced – KG made plenty when it really counted too. He made every key play we had down the stretch. Let’s call it like it is. His game is made for rings. If he was a 2nd option his whole career like it seems he shoulda been (great defender, too passive offensively to be a dominant #1 on a title team, sometimes shrinks from the big moment, needed a #1 scorer around him to be at his best,) he’d have a lot more rings. It was Ray Allen’s disappearing act that you need to make fun of, not a guy that was stuck in a crap situation for the first 10 years of his career and was the only reason we didn’t lose by 20 last night.

    We clearly miss Eddie House too. There’s no one to stretch the floor when Paul and/or Ray are on the bench. They pack it in against Tony and Rajon and dare them to shoot. Nate Robinson (AWFUL shot selection) and Michael Finley (been washed up for years now, couldn’t guard you with a gun) are our best bench shooters.

  • Claw

    Refs have been terrible for both teams this entire series, way too many calls being made. The offensive foul by Gasol flopping was just horrible in the last minute. You can’t make that call if you are a ref, what happened to letting them play?

    Alot of reviewed calls, what’s funny is both were fouls that weren’t called and put the guy getting fouled (KG then Pau) getting the sh*t call and not getting the ball. It used to be they wouldn’t call over the back or a foul and just give the ball to the other team instead of calling a foul, that might have to be re-thought by the refs with instant replay.

  • Grissy

    That was a gritty Laker W to be able to hold that lead virtually the entire game…especially in a hostile environment.

    I couldn’t believe the bricks Kobe was tossing up. Everybody misses shots and have seen Kobe not shoot well, but he almost threw some of those shots through the backboard.

    Big Baby really needs to stop celebrating when he makes a big play. Not because he doesn’t deserve to or didn’t earn it, but because he looks like a tool 90% of the time. The licking his lips things is seriously suspect. Stick to palming kids in the front row outta the way. I loved that.

    Derek Fisher probably won’t end up in the rafters along with West, Worthy, etc. but all of the monster shots/performances over his career has certainly immortalized him in LA.

    KG looked nice last night. For the better part of the year he was more bark than bite, but I’ll give him credit for showing up last night and manning up. I think he’s got enough in the tank to be a beast at least another game or two.

    The refs need to shape up but I don’t think the C’s can blame them. There were terrible calls at both ends but at least they went to the replay late in the game.

    Lastly, cop my new mixtape “Where Grissy Happens”, here…

  • sh!tfaced

    @ Celts Fan

    Yeah, man. I Know… LOL. Just wishing KG could have matched Fish basket for basket when it counted. Still so pissed the C’s wasted a great game by KG – they usually win when he puts up numbers like that. Ugh. If only Ray made just ONE stinking three… we missed a chance making fun of Pau being beasted.

    Spot on about missing House – not only Eddie’s outside mojo but his intensity as well. Now way he would’ve allowed Fish to sneak away like that – not by his “defense”, but by his pride and competitive nature.

  • LakeShow84

    Man the officiating is really robbing me of the joy of watching this.. Its been ugly both ways.. Really killling me.. Too many calls and too many non calls..

    Oh and the Celtics is SOOOOO WACK.. grabbing, pushing, holding.. they certainly do go all out on they home floor..

    Guess you going back to LA in anycase Pierce.. i cant WAIT to see the look on that suckaa$$mothaf#$kas face when we close them out..

    @ CeltsFan

    20 more fouls but they kilt the head of our snake with foul trouble.. Pretty sly no matter what the FT count is.. BUT its been on both sides.. each game played SOMEONE is in early foul trouble..

    But whatchu expect.. your team is all about “toughness” meaning you guys is going to try to CONSTANTLY push the envelope as far as what u can get away with.. Oh welli expect all that from the C’s, not from us.. We’re too BIG to be getting called for all shit..

    And if Kobe got away with murder last night so did Sheed and Tony Allen..

    Celtics is wack and its only a matter of time..

  • Claw

    Got my milk today, Pierce was on the side of the carton.

    Don’t talk sh*t if you can’t back it up, hasn’t done jack this whole series.

  • Ian


    its cojones my man you just said derek big boxes fisher.

  • Ian

    i was pissed at gasols flop there at the end till i noticed that ray allen missed the layup god damn ray ray.

  • fallinup

    haha… that’s what i meant Ian… really… I did. :)

    Derek Fisher has big boxes. Really BIG BOXES.

  • Legend 33

    We were in the same situation in the Cleveland series and came back to win the next 3 in a row. We were having the same problem with a beefy LeBron giving PP fits and the big lengthy Cavs front line playing physical, but we made the adjustments and took control of the series. I don’t see why we can’t do the same against LA. Don’t forget we are a great road team and if we take the next two, I like our chances to get one in LA. Boston in 6!

  • JAY

    “Man the officiating is really robbing me of the joy of watching this.. Its been ugly both ways.. Really killling me.. Too many calls and too many non calls..”
    I agree 110%!! I hate watching this Finals. I feel like I could be doing something else than watching 10 vs 3… players vs refs. That’s basically what it is.

  • Ian

    sureeeeee u did lol

  • stev

    @legend 33 they may be a great road team but they’re one of the worst home teams this year.


    a lot of comments in smack when lakers win. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    @ 43

    have you been watching the playoffs? regular season dont mean shit anymore.

  • BHop2010

    After the C’s won Game 2 I had hope they might this series even though Phil Jackson is 47-0 when his team wins Game 1. But now, they also have to deal with this. 11 times the finals has been tied at 1, and all 11 times the team that won Game 3 won the series. The series is over. Its official: Lakers are the 2009-2010 champs. Lakers are too good to lose 3 out of 4 games.

    As long as the Lakers stay healthy next year, there winning again. We have another dynasty. Kobe is going to have 6 rings like MJ. Lakers will be the first team since the 00-02 Lakers to win 3 in a row. Time to start comparing the 09-11 Lakers to the other great teams.


    if there’s one thing you gotta fucking hate about these laker fan fucktards, they just love anticipating shit only to have their foot up their ass the next day.

    must be a LA thing. just like paul pierce.


    and you gotta love their delussional bullshit when it comes to comparing kobe to jordan.

    laker dime smack comments will be dramatically reduced again after game 4


  • K Dizzle

    @ En fuego

    maybe get outta the crib and go get some ice cream. It’ll cheer you up cuz you bein mad cuz laker fans are celebratin bein up in the series and cacklin like the Joker is kinda disturbin…
    It’s only a game, we just wanna be the best when it’s over, but if the Celts miraculously pull out the victory, I’ll still be a Laker fan next season.
    Messed up, I know

  • K Dizzle

    and if you think 40+ posts is alot, you ain’t on here enough. Stick around for the posts if the Celts win another game or if Lebron doesn’t tip the pizza guy, haters’ll push the posts past 100

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ Lebron didnt tip the pizza boy?? ^^^

    Kill that mofo!!!!

    lol and shit i was going to wait until the end of game 4 to get on Mr Fire KDizz.. u ruined it..


    hell man. ive seen 300 plus posts before. the lebron hate-fest. got no problem with that. got no problem with true laker fans as well. gotta hate those bragging fucktards who talk and act like as if they were kobe every fucking time the lakers win.

  • ab_40

    the crying was a bit too much after the game. and I still think he’s a dirty player but still a great performance by a great role player. man rondo was almost as pasive as in game 1. But it’s good to see KG sort of got his groove back. Too bad boston needs two of their big four to win a game not just one. I think adam morrison was more scared of someone touching him then ron artest himself. Dude looks like a hobo with a sportsjacket on. Still crazy to think he has a ring and the rest of the 06 draft class don’t.
    it’s still all about the boards… watsup with kg’s hands?

  • Legend 33

    @ab_40 it’s not KG’s hands that are the problem with the boards, as a Celtics fan I hate to say this but he is suffering from the same thing as Duncan, their lateral and vertical explosiveness is gone. Instead of getting to balls with two hands he now has to jump and reach for balls with one hand because reaching and jumping with one hand is quicker and you can reach a higher point than jumping with two hands.

  • Steven

    @EN FUEGO true, meaning, we cant expect anything. “Don’t forget we are a great road team and if we take the next two, I like our chances to get one in LA. Boston in 6!”
    cant make that statement either.

  • dk

    @ Lakeshow and Celts fan,

    The foul count was 29 to 29, thats why I cant come around here, to many idiots…

  • dk

    Im referencing the foul count in game 2…

  • dk

    Celtics minority owner Jim Pallotta reportedly confronted David Stern after Game 3 and said the league should be “embarrassed” by the officiating.
    Stern doesn’t take kindly to this type of thing, and could slap the Celtics with a six-figure penalty. However, given the officiating we’ve witnessed in the Finals, this may be more a case of ‘the truth hurts.’