NBA / Jun 23, 2010 / 2:46 pm

Break it Down: What the Chris Douglas-Roberts / Bucks Trade Means for Both Teams

Following up one great trade yesterday, last night Bucks’ GM John Hammond pulled off another solid deal when agreed in principle to acquire Chris Douglas-Roberts from the Nets in exchange for a 2012 second-round pick. Here we grade the trade for both teams:


It is starting to look more and more like John Salmons has priced himself out of Milwaukee’s range (Maggette has a salary similar to what Salmons could make in free agency, but by trading for Corey, the Bucks were able to shed the contracts of Gadzuric and Bell), and Hammond is doing his best to make sure the Bucks don’t regress. Douglas-Roberts can score in bunches, can provide a spark for the Bucks off-the-bench in 15-20 minutes per game, and his competitive nature should endear him to coach Scott Skiles. He has the ability to start as well, averaging 17 points per game in November and December for the Nets in that role. Milwaukee gives up virtually nothing for a guy whose salary is only $854,000 this season and who can provide the Bucks with strength in an area of need: guys who can create their own shot. Great move by Hammond.



Douglas-Roberts fell out of favor with the Nets this past season, and they seemed intent on moving him. The Nets were comically bad, and Douglas-Roberts let his frustration get the best of him when he publicly criticized then-coach Kiki Vandeweghe, which obviously didn’t help CDR’s case one bit. Saying that, I think his competitive nature would have worked under Avery Johnson, a coach who won’t accept a tolerance for losing. CDR also is a very skilled wing scorer who comes on the cheap. In my opinion, giving him a chance to reinvent himself under Johnson would have been wise, but if the Nets really don’t see him in their future, they at least get something for him even if it is just a second-rounder two years down the road.


How would you grade the Nets’ moves?

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  • atticusmitch

    Great trade for the Bucks

  • Stiffs

    Dumb move by the nets. You don’t trade away extremely cheap young talent without giving him another year in a fresh start. Bucks are starting to look very solid assuming bogut comes back healthy.

  • Heckler

    “but by trading for Corey, the Bucks were able to shed the contracts of Gadzuric and Bell”

    how does this make any logical sense for the Bucks? you DONT shed contracts by taking on longer term contracts with more money!

    Maggette has like 3yrs and over $30mil remaining. after this season, the Bucks will be looking to shed HIS contract…

  • http://onthenet.biz Khalvin

    Not a blockbuster trade, but with nothing else to report…

    The definition of Talent:

  • silky

    yea but they were saying if they signed salmons to a contract he woulda demmanded something close to that

  • Daniel Marks


    Gadzuric and Bell’s contracts off-set Maggette this year. Bell is still on the book next year for 4 million so Maggette makes 6 million more for a lot more talent. Then by year three Maggette is an expiring contract who can be dealt. Contract wise it isn’t as bad as it seems

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    heckler doesn’t get it. but i appreciate you guys trying to explain it to him.

  • Chekmate

    To help Heckler

    Gadzuric Contract – $7 million
    Bell Contract – $4 million
    Maggette – $9 million
    Salmons – $9 million (assuming he signs for Maggette money)

    Bucks – Sign Salmons
    Beginning Total Salary – $80 million (Bell/Gadzuric included)
    Salmons – Plus $9 million
    Total = $89 million

    Buck – Trade for Maggette
    Beginning Total Salary – $80 million (Bell/Gadzuric included)
    Gadzuric/Bell – Less $11 million
    Maggette – Plus $9 million
    Total = $78 million

  • Ekstor

    I think you guys don’t get Heckler. Bell has two more years at about $4M per year. Gadzuric is in the final year of his contract that pays him about $7.2M. Maggette is in the books for three more years at $10M per year. While they save about $1.5M this year, they’re stuck with an excess of $16M+ over the next two years… all for a player who might hurt you more than help you.

    This committment makes even less sense with the trade for CDR who plays a similar position and brings similar skills to the table… he’s not on the level of Maggette, but he’s a bargain at less than 10% of the cost.

  • Ekstor

    Just a clarification… according to HoopsHype


    Maggette will earn $9.6 this year, $10.3 in 2011-12, and $10.9 in 2012-13.

  • Buddahfan

    I find it interesting that CDR who refused to be drafted by the Pistons 2 drafts ago fell to second round before being picked by the Nets

    Now he was just traded for a second round pick.

    Add that to his personality issues in the swamp in N.J. and I would say that CDR definitely has some really bad karma fouling him around. Maybe that will change with the Bucks.

  • Heckler

    @ chekmate–
    Bucks payroll is $67mil, NOT $80mil.
    your math is already wrong.

    ok math wizards, lets go (i live for this shit….)

    Dan Gadzuric–1yr $7.2mil remaining
    Charlie Bell–2yrs $8mil remaining

    corey maggette–3yrs $31mil remaining

    you do the math. the Bucks limited their flexibility (down the road) by trading for corey maggette. by NOT making this trade, it would have allowed them to resign John Salmons (if they would choose to do so). Salmons has a player option for about $6mil.

    john salmons is NOT going to get a $1omil a year deal. so, if you can get corey maggette for now, why not keep john salmons for that?

    gadzuric is gonna come off the books after next season anyway. and since the team is losing luc ridnour, they might as well keep charlie bell as a backcourt backup for brandon jennings.

    it is NOT a good trade for milwaukee anyway you look at it. not on the court and not on the payroll.

    try again bitches!

  • K Dizzle

    Sorry to say it, but Heckler killed ALL o y’all….with the swiftness lol

  • Octopus Jonny

    Charlie Bell sucks. They get basically NOTHING out of him. Gadzuric…was 10x worse than Bell. Maggette fills a HUGE need for the Bucks in that he can put the ball in the hoop and he gets to the line. Last year the Bucks had nobody outside of Salmons and, one of 5 games Jennings, that could get to the line. They got absolutely murdered on FT differential. Maggette’s “MY BALL NOT YOURS” antics from GS won’t fly under Skiles. If he doesn’t play with the team on both ends of the court he’ll be on the bench. I’m sure Corey will be more than happy to get out of a losing atmosphere, he’s never played for a winner, and get with the team game Skiles insists on.

    CDR is just a total win any way you slice it.

    With these 2 trades, the Bucks gave up 2 deadweight players and a draft pick they didn’t need for 2 legitimate scoring threats, one of whom just happens to be vocal about his hatred for loserdome. Perfect.

    I think CDR’s attitude will mesh perfectly with Skiles.

    Welcome to Milwaukee CDR.

  • Octopus Jonny

    Also, Charlie Bell as a backup for Jennings? BITCH PLEASE. Thus far, all signs have pointed to Luke Ridnour and the Bucks having a mutual interest in reuniting. There just wasn’t any need for Bell and he hasn’t been of any real use since the summer when he didn’t work out because he was crying about Milwaukee matching Miami’s offer. Charlie was a stand up guy off the court, but for his on court contributions, PEACE CHUCK. Just because he has tweener size doesn’t mean he’s got the ball handling skills to be a competent backup at the 1.

    The Bucks are better off drafting a 3rd string PG with their 2nd round pick than keeping Bell around for that purpose. With CDR they now have a competent backup at the 2, again no need to keep Bell. Maggette can play at the 2 or 3. Delfino can play the 2 or 3 and has a decent enough handle to bring the ball up the court in emergency situations. If they resign Salmons, which they still have the money to do, they have the starter’s minutes and backup minutes at the 2 very well covered.

    Maggette, even at his price, will be a huge gain over what either Bell or Gadz would have done on the court. I just don’t see how one can claim that this trade is a loss on the court. You obviously haven’t followed the Bucks very closely the past few seasons.

  • the cynic


    I think Salmons could get a 10 mil deal, he clearly out played joe johnson in the playoffs. Not saying it would be smart, but its a possibility. The Bucks must have offered something similar to Salmons to what they’re going to pay Maggette, except they get to ditch 2 crap contracts

  • M Intellect

    For a second round draft pick? Really?

    The Lakers NEEDED to get dude for that cheap. He couldn’t even try no shit with Kobe on the team.

  • quest???

    wow the bucks have a promising young team now..
    PG- Brandon Jennings
    SG- Chris Douglas-Roberts/ Michael Redd
    SF- Corey Maggette/Delfino
    PF- Luc Mbah a Moute/Ersan Ilyasova
    C- Andrew Bogut

  • H-Man

    Ridiculously stupid move by Rod Thorn. CDR has game, would have gotten a fresh start under Avery and the Nets get…….what, exactly? Reminds me of another of Rod’s brilliant moves a few years ago, drafting Korver second round and promptly selling him to Philly for $400k. Other than Eddie House (briefly), the Nets haven’t had the sharpshooter they have so desperately needed. Oh, wait, they HAD Korver….

  • Daniel Marks

    Maggette will be a good fit, he played on only one really good team with the Clips in 06, and Milwaukee has a lot of promise. With Corey, Jennings, CDR, ilyasova, bogut and mbah moute bucks have a great young core plus a couple draft picks. if they re-sign salmons i say they are in the top 4 this season. either way they are in playoffs for sure

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    CDR has enough game to get to the NBA but not enough to stay there. Trust me.

  • James p.

    the Maggette trade has its good and bad points. No trade is perfect. Now the bucks have a guy that can get to the line. But Im just a lil nervous he might mess up the chemistry. I really dont know much about this cdr dude but it sounds like he can play. I glad we got rid of gaz. and bell I wasnt a big fan of both players. Bells to short at the 2.

  • Brown

    I loved CDR coming out of college. I still believe he can be a very solid contributor in the league. He’ll get the opportunity in Milwaukee.

    I don’t know why people hate on Maggette so much. I’ve always been a fan of his game. Look at who he’s played for and tell me it’s entirely his fault for being selfish. He’s never had a decent coach who can utilize his talents and he’s never played on a team that didn’t have other me-first players. I’m really excited to see what he can do in Milwaukee.

  • Ant

    dumb move for NJ….wow Thorn is an idiot