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Celtics Find Buried Treasure In Lakers’ Locker Room

Doc Rivers has always been known for his tremendous motivational abilities. Before the 2007 season, Rivers invited Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen on a private Duck Boat Tour on Boston to show them the route they would take through the streets as champions nearly a year later. When they departed for the preseason in Europe, Rivers stressed the African phrase “Ubuntu,” a term for unity that would eventually become the team’s motto. And according to Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald, Rivers found a much simpler way to keep his team motivated to play through the late stages of the season: a cash refund.

Back on Feb. 18, after beating the Lakers by a point at the Staples Center, Doc Rivers asked everyone in the Celtics party – players, coaches, trainers, administrators – to each give him $100.

The Celtics coach promptly stuffed the money in an envelope.

“If we want to get this money back, we’ll have to come back here in June,” said Rivers, ever the master of creating a motivational moment.

Rivers then hid the envelope, which contained approximately $2,500, in an undisclosed nook in the arena’s shoebox-like visitors locker room.

Most probably forgot about that moment when they filed back into the locker room prior to yesterday’s practice, their final lengthy tuneup before tonight’s NBA Finals opener against the Lakers.

Rivers reached into that old nook and, surprise of surprises, pulled out the envelope, still stuffed with the $2,500 in cash.

If all goes according to plan, each Celtic will receive much more than just $100 when the series is over. With his team shooting for their second championship in three years, Rivers has his work cut out for him if his latest motivational tactic will prove successful.

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  • DEVINstation

    Doc Rivers is the master of motivation. But couldn’t he ask for $1,000 from each player instead?

  • JBaller



  • JBaller

    Damn those too short police – I was so close to being first. !

  • stefan

    he should have taken their ’08 rings instead… but 100$ worked as well so…

  • brado

    If I had to live off a meager NBA salary I would most def be motivated by $100.

  • SJ

    Great motivational tactic. I wonder what he would have done if the Suns won against LA?

    Actually, I bet he didn’t leave the money in the locker room, just pretended to do that and grabbed it later or had someone else grab it, only to plant it before everyone gets in the locker room today.

  • the big fundamental

    if i was making millions of dollars a year i would certainly be motivated to retrieve my 50 bucks too…lol but great motivational techniques anyways!

  • Trap

    What if they played phoenix in the final????…lol that would be hilarious “Im sorry guys… I lost your money

  • s.bucketz

    sooo…i guess no1 cleans up after the players in the visitors locker room thoroughly???thas kinda nasty

  • K Dizzle

    “Well, we got back here. Here’s your hundo. Guess we accomplished what we wanted this season.”

    Here in LA, we had bigger goals than just gettin back…

  • sh!tfaced

    So I guess Marcus Landry, Eddie House, Bill Walker & JR Giddens won’t be getting their money back…? No matter what

  • 3ple2ble (aka solomon)

    $100? man, that’s leftover crumbs and scraps compared to the $$$ sheed’s wasting on techs…