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Chris Bosh’s latest free-agent rumor: Headed back to Texas?

Chris Bosh (photo. Nike)

Around the time it became clear Chris Bosh was not going to spend his entire career in Toronto, two seemingly natural destinations for CB4 were Dallas and Houston. Bosh would be looking for a franchise with more exposure, he’s a Texas native, and both of those teams could use a big man — especially Houston, since Yao Ming‘s legs are as sturdy as a LEGO skyscraper. But after the Rockets took on Kevin Martin and Jared Jeffries‘ salaries in the T-Mac trade (about $18 million combined for next season), it seemed Houston was out of the race for any big-time free agents. Not so fast, though. While Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo‘s comments yesterday that Bosh is “likely” leaving T-Dot are no surprise, it was kind of a surprise to hear the Rockets and Mavs are still trying to bring Bosh home … On paper, the Rockets stand a better chance. They have some solid pieces to offer the Raps in a sign-and-trade, and they can give Bosh what he wants as a kinda-sorta No. 1 guy — or at least 1A/1B with Yao — along with exposure unlike any market in the League. New York is New York, but seriously, why do you think Chuck Hayes has a sneaker deal? It’s not because all the kids want to shoot free throws like him … Scariest rumor in the world if you’re a Phoenix fan: Billy King is one of the candidates for the Suns’ vacant GM job. That may be enough to stamp Amar’e Stoudemire‘s ticket out of town and force Grant Hill into retirement, and then King would spend the cap space signing Hakim Warrick to a $54 million deal … The bigger question is who will replace Rod Thorn in New Jersey? The Nets’ shot-caller is reportedly preparing to retire, but will stick around for the beginning stages of free agency. Still, ID’ing his replacement may play a big role in whether the Nets can land big-time free agents. Their owner has a boatload of money, so there’s no shortage of high-profile candidates … Chris Paul is in London doing promo work for Jordan Brand, and has agreed to give Dime exclusive access. Here’s the first entry in CP3’s travel diary, where you can get a look at his new signature kicks … When damn near everybody is going to be a free agent, it’s tough to gauge the value of certain players. Shannon Brown, for example, is reportedly going to opt-out of his $2.2 million deal. Is he due for a big raise? He was a contributor on a championship team, but is he more flash than substance? Is he a breakout starter just waiting for his shot, or is he a shorter, buffer Gerald Green? Then there’s Raja Bell, who will be getting interest from contenders. Bell told us that Miami is an ideal spot for him, but at 33 years old and coming off an injury, does he have room to get picky? … The Gilbert Arenas-to-Orlando trade rumors aren’t going away. Do you think this could actually work out in the Magic’s favor? The reason they got Vince Carter was they needed somebody who can create their own shot and takeover in crunch-time, and Gil can definitely do that. Plus Arenas gives you a little more versatility in the backcourt, as he can play the one or the two. But on a team where the two best players (assuming Vince is part of the trade) are notorious goofballs like Dwight Howard and Arenas, who will be the vocal leader and locker-room enforcer? They already have Patrick Ewing on the payroll; they might have to coax Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason out of retirement just to hang around and shoot threatening looks at people … Did you see the clip of Argentine soccer player Gabriel Heinze smacking a cameraman? Celebrating a goal in the World Cup, Heinze ran face-first into a camera that was hovering around, then went all A Pimp Named Slickback. If you ask us, dude is lucky he only got slapped. If Heinze had a little more Dennis Rodman in him, he could have gone lower. And an elite-level soccer player’s foot to the groin could burst your grapes … We’re out like Billy King running another team …

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  • K Dizzle

    Maaaaaaaaaaan, these free agency rumours are draggin and gettin annoyin……and they can’t even sign before the 7th so it’s just gonna keep on draggin.

  • jackass

    first like kobe

  • sh!tfaced

    Man, Arenas in Orlando would answer so many questions for the Magic and fill up their biggest needs – especially in the playoffs – PG size, heart size, cojones size, etc and a true superstar along side Dwight. As long as Gil can stay healthy.

  • http://www.basketsim.com WBE

    no, jackass you BELIEVE you first, like Kobe. but you wrong, like Kobe.

  • ball in my hand

    WBE i second that….

  • yoda

    actually, i think gill will be a role model player if he stays healthy. he knows his rep is bad right now, so he will stop being childish and start behave like an adult. he would be better fit in orlando thatn wince, because, well gill is not afraid to take over. only problem there that i see is will he try too much to shoot and frustrate dwight and will orlando’s backcourt be too small? gill and jameer will have hard time defending bigger guards or even normal 1-2 combos.
    i’m not sure how bosh would fit in dallas with dirk still around. dallas would still have 2 pf and not rea banger/center down low. he would be better in houston. both him and yao have some range, so they could both work inside and outside, depending on match.

  • icey

    @yoda. if dirk was to go anywhere itd have to be a sign and trade. bosh playing in houston w/o k-mart and a bust up yao ming would not turn out well….

    if he can work out a sign+trade to mavs itd be sick

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    The magic would be better off trading vince for nothing and starting pietrus….don’t drink kool-aid zero just yet, his last comebacks haven’t even been nice, he’s missing his step and would just be another $100M jumpshooter unwilling to take it inside for Orlando.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    NO! hes going to Europe.

  • Diggity Dave
  • alf (from melmak)

    If Billy King can become a General Manager in the NBA again then Homer Simpson migh just become the next president of the United States.

    Nice mention Dime of former Knicks players. Makes me wonder though. Where in the world is John Starks?

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    74. Dime would never have to worry about its salary cap. I am willing to sign for their full mid-level exception.

  • jdstorm

    Orlando Should Just Become the Crazy/Fun team. Also if they are trading for Gil Zero what about this deal.

    Washington gets Rashard Lewis, Brandon Bass and Magic 2011 no 1 pick
    Orlando Gets Arenas, Beasley and maybe thornton
    Miami gets Cap Space and Washington 2011 2nd round Pick

    it would never happen, But then Orlando could trade Vince for Some more, possibly useful players.

    As a side note, they Sign Rasheed Wallace as an assistant coach to keep these guys in check. He wouldn’t let them get away with S*** because he’s already done it

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @K Dizzle,
    Players can’t sign until the 7th but that doesn’t mean they can’t come to terms with a team before then.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Arenas to Orlando would be stupid on Orlando’s part. You need some professionalism on a team.
    Arenas should be shipped to Mars. The fat alien from Sapce Jam is looking for another sideshow for his circus.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Hey fellow Dimers, I’m in an argument with a buddy of mine…. help me resolve this.
    Who’s better Amare or Bosh??

  • Josh Tha roc

    Amare in a contract yr no doubt but over the long haul bosh.

  • jdstorm

    I would Say they are pretty even. Who’s better depends on the system they will be running, and who they are playing with.

    Amare is better than bosh in an uptempo system, Bosh is better then amare in a slower system. Bosh is a better C than amare due to his post game and abillity to rebound, Both need to be playing with defensive front court partners to succeed.

    Bosh is a better overall leader, But i’d take amare in crunch time.

    Hope that didn’t sound to stupid

  • Eduardo

    Humm..I’m from Portugal,so it’s hard to know everything that ever happened in the NBA business..Just help me out on this one..Has any team ever agreed on a sign and trade deal and when the player signs they don’t make the deal, is that ‘betrayal’ possible?

  • Ian

    you take amare in crunch time based on elimination right? not that hes any good either i just dont trust him to grab those crunch time boards.

  • yoda

    jay, i’d go with bosh. aside they O game, amar’e just doesn’t care to play D. plus, he is type of player who would move aside so he wouldn’t be dunked on. do you really want to have that kind of a player as your no:1 or no:2 star on your team? not much of example for other players, just no hustle there.
    and overall, i think amar’e needs great pg to do some damage while bosh can play with solid and great pg’s.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Here’s the argument…
    My buddy says Amare is a better finisher and stronger and led his team to the WCF so he’s better.
    I’m saying Nash made him look good. Look at the guys who left the team and looked amazing playing with Nash. What are they doing now?
    He says, Bosh doesn’t do anything in the playoffs so he’s not as good. He also says Bosh is on a crappy team so his numbers are exagerrated.
    I’m saying, put Bosh beside Nash and he’ll do just as much, if not MORE than Amare. Amare gets the ball served on a platter. All he has to do is turn around and put the ball in the bucket. Bosh, on a “crappy team” is forced to create his own shots. He doesn’t have that PG who will make the game easier for him.
    Among other things, Bosh is a lefty, he’s professional, he’s younger, and he wants to rebound.
    I also point to the 2010 all-star game. 23pts-10rebs OFF THE BENCH. The 10 rebs was the most on his team. Not an easy task when the starting center is Dwight Howard.

  • jdstorm

    Over the playoffs, i saw a statistical comparison between boozer, Bosh and Amare, in a lead up to free agency article. Apparently Amare had the best numbers. Now obviously playing for the raptors pushes bosh’s stats down.

    @ Ian
    would you take Kobe in Crunch time despite that he bricked or didn’t take most of the lakers playoff series winning shots. Paul gasol’s putback against OKC, Ron Artest’s tip in off an airball against Phoenix. the 2 for 6 final quarter in game seven when Artest and Fish Hit the crucial Shots?

    My point is you give kobe every single clutch shot, because clutch is an attitude as much as made field goal attempts. so for me amare in crunch time is a personal opinion.

    Maybe its because Amare has played more meaningful games. but when amare is switched on he is pretty unstoppable.

  • OneLife

    I don’t know how does that work too..

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Basically take Nash off the Suns and you have the Craptors.
    Just like the Craptors the Suns don’t make playoffs.
    The difference is Bosh stays professional and Amare starts being defended like Bosh is(more double and triple teams) Amare would also get frustrated at the losing and points fingers at his teammates.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I dunno… i just look at the strides bosh has made in his game every year. He just improves and adds an element every single year.
    Amare has been, more or less, the same guy since his 3rd year.
    For me, it’s a no-brainer. Bosh is currently better, and shows the strides to keep improving.

  • jdstorm

    I think Amare is a very temperamental player. Situation is a huge part of His Success.

    The Suns are a better team then the raptors, but if you swapped Nash and Calderon, i dont think there is really that much difference. the raptors could Score but Cant Play D. The suns offense dips slightly but the D stays the Same. They Still probably make the west finals.

    I think Bosh is a great player, and a much more consistent one and if i was most teams looking for a F/A Bosh is my first choice because he will be consistently good over the course of the season.

    But if both were put in the right situation for them to flourish. I would take Amare.

  • Heckler

    chuck hayes has a sneaker deal?

  • Heckler

    Chris Bosh is better than Amare Stoudamire.
    if stoudamire aint scoring, he is useless. 6’10 for nothing since he doesnt rebound or block shots.

    if bosh aint scoring, at least you can still count on him to hit the boards (over 11rpg last season). I dont give a f*ck what anyone says, you cant average 11+ rebounds due to a system or being on a bad team. rebounds is the one true stat in the league that cannot be faked. YOU GOTTA GO GET REBOUNDS!

  • Heckler

    as for gilber arenas in orlando…i dont think stan van gundy can control him. forget the actual team Gil goes to, he needs a coach that will put him in check and make him mature faster. stan van aint that guy.

    and Gil will be SUPER trigger happy in that offense. van gundy allows everyone to just shoot 3s all the time. Gil would LOVE that

  • control

    I would go with Bosh as being the more skilled and talented player, but Amare COULD have been one of the best PFs ever, but he is LAZY. Amare just doesn’t give a fuck, there’s no way someone who has his explosiveness, and physical potential can go through a game and only get 1-4 rebounds unless he just doesn’t give a fuck.

    If Bosh had a point guard like Nash (you could say this about nearly any player in the league) then he would look sooo much better. Bosh is soft as fuck when it comes to winning games, but he can get the job done for the first 3 quarters good enough.

    I’ve lost so much respect for Amare, I used to be one of his biggest fans, but he literally hasn’t changed at all, or evolved at all as a player in years. He really only looks as good as he does because of his basic physical abilities, and Steve Nash.

    I’d take Bosh as long as I was pairing him with someone tough.

  • sh!tfaced

    Bosh is the better rebounder and actually plays D. Bosh hasn’t had a chance to play with a top flight PG – yet. And when he does, he’ll most likely be a better player, easy.

    Is it possible for Phoenix to lose Amare but gets Bosh instead? Sign and trade, maybe? So we can really find out first hand…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @#28 control, #26 heckler
    I agree with everything you guys said.

    I agree, Bosh does play D. He’s not exactly an elite defender but at least he tries. Amare has the tools to be a dominant defender in the league but he doesn’t like to waste his energy on that side of the court.

  • Data

    Ask Ricky Davis if rebounds can be faked.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    LMAO @ Data. Funny shit.
    I get the humour but heckler is right.

  • thrillah

    The biggest difference is, in the 4th quarter, Bosh takes the big shots. Whereas Amare is not depended on as much in the dying seconds. Bosh has even won games with 3 pointers.

    Like someone else mentioned, Amare is stronger and a better finisher but I’d take Bosh has the better overall game. There’s a reason all teams are chasing Bosh and Amare/Boozer are their second options.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I told my buddy, I posted our argument here. Lol. I hope he reads this shit.

    What’s crazy is out of this free-agent class, Amare is in a position to make the most money on his contract.. That’s bananas.

  • Skeeter McGee

    According to ESPN they are saying that it is a possibility that Bosh, LeBron, and D-Wade sign together in Miami. If that was true, then they would all most likely have to take pay cuts, but DAMN would that be fun to watch. IF it happens, all I gotta say is good luck Kobe w/ that 3peat homie…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @jdstorm: “The Suns are a better team then the raptors, but if you swapped Nash and Calderon, i dont think there is really that much difference. the raptors could Score but Cant Play D. The suns offense dips slightly but the D stays the Same. They Still probably make the west finals.”

    I have to strongly disagree. Swapping Nash for Calderon would make a HUGE difference to both teams. Nash is so much more crafty than Calderon. Jose is garbage. Nash won 2 straight MVPs… Jose is not even an all-star. As bad a defender as Nash is, Jose is even worse. A Suns offense run by Jose Calderon would not be as productive. Not even close. Jose has been battling for the starting job his whole career (TJ Ford, and Jarrett Jack)… whereas with Nash, there’s no other choice.
    And as far as Los Suns making the WCF with Jose at the helm…. let’s be real for a sec. No way in hell. That team is arguably a playoff team.

    BTW, in #24, when I mentioned the Suns team w/o Nash, I didn’t mean swapping point guards. I compared Los Suns w/o Nash to a fully stacked Raps team w/Calderon.

  • Ian

    im on your friends side. there are some scrubs that flourish with nash but this is not the case. johnson is good without him , marion was a 19 and 11 player before nash and amare is good regardless.

    when you are on a good team is harder to put up numbers bosh can take all the shots he wants so his numbers are a bit better than what he really is. listen if you cant make the playoffs in a league that has more than half its teams get a seed you arent that good. garnett got his wolves in yeah barely but he team was worst than the raptors and in a tougher conference. if anything you can switch bosh for amare and the suns still wont go deeper than the wcf the raptors could make the playoffs but worse they wont be. amare would put up better numbers than bosh also in this situation. so yeah imo its easier to get numbers on a bad team being a good player than on a good team.

    im on the other side on that one. it does matter whos playin with you remember back when kg lead the league in boards dont get me wrong hes a great rebounder but he wasnt better than duncan in that area. the diff was kg had to jump over his own scrubby center and sf to get the boards while tim let the admiral take care of his side. you think if the magic signed camby howards boards would stay the same? nah man. im not sayin this is the case for amare or bosh im just sayin that boards can be affected by a lot of things like teammates or team tempo.

    actually im agreein sain bosh in better in crunchtime.
    now on your kobe question
    is it a few secs left and i have time to make a play sure give it to kobe now one last shot and a i can get a semi open look give it to fisher i know im alone on this one but i play the percentages and i can get more wins this way. i rather kerr take the last shot of a game if its open over jordan anyday.

  • sh!tfaced

    If that happens, every veteran with enough sense who wants to win that ‘chip better hop on the wagon and try to sign with Miami at the minimum…

  • Skeeter McGee

    And you know if they all sign w/ Miami then Pat Riley is gonna be back on that bench quicker than Spoelstra can finish eating a taco…

  • Ian

    comon man no diff with calderon and the best pgin the league?

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I heard that. I also heard all of them to Chicago. I also heard Wade stays in MIA while LBJ and Bosh join the Bulls. I also heard Bosh to Houston.

    My point is, there are a TON of “possibilities” that different sources are reporting. It’s all just possibilities. I highly doubt any one of them will take a pay cut. They are all max players. No way Joe Johnson will sign a max contract and one(or more) of the big 3 signs for anything less. It won’t happen.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Yeah but the some possibilities exist more than others. For example, the Heat have the most salary cap space by some $14 million odd dollars. Chicago has $30 mil. That means they could probably sign 2 of the 3 to a max deal and try to get someone like Bosh via sign-and-trade. What would Chicago trade to entice Toronto to do this? Not much.

    That’s why I brought up the Heat scenario because it is viable. You are right, this is all speculation. But I think this free agency coup to Miami might be legit…

  • clips

    love the boomdocks

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    So in short, you think Amare is better than Bosh??

    And to rebut a few of your statements…
    “listen if you cant make the playoffs in a league that has more than half its teams get a seed you arent that good”
    What about “team”. Bosh has been on some bad teams. Put Nash on any team in the league not from New Jersey and he makes them a playoff team. Amare is a good player, don’t get me wrong, but he looks a lot better beside Nash.
    Marion is still a good player but his numbers have significantly dropped since leaving PHX. The only player who proved he is still as good is Joe Johnson.

    “Amare would put up better numbers than bosh also in this situation”
    I disagree. He would have less space to work with. Amare was on a team surrounded by shooters. If Bosh were in a similar situation, his numbers would skyrocket. It doesn’t necessarily matter how many shots a player puts up, it’s the number of GOOD shots they put up. Amare’s # of good shots would decrease significantly if he was on the Craptors.

  • Ian

    i think bosh is better because of his attitude for the game. i cant have a big man that gets 3 boards a game.

    now bosh has been on bad teams but still better than kgs wolves is what i mentioned. nash makes them a playoff team?? yeah sure nash is better than both imo but do u mean trading nash for bosh or just adding?? because if its just adding any good player might do the trick if its a playoff seed you want.

    now on the bad team thing sorry but many good players on bad teams can put up superstar numbers. if you are good it translates in wins not numbers. jefferson puts up the same 20 and 10 duncan has been avg his whole career and those 2 players are farrr from being in the same league.

  • Ian

    but again this is just an opinion on why i think your friend right.

  • Ian

    on the shots thing even if amare shots a lower percentage he still get minimum 8 more shots and a couple of freethrows more per game.

    the man only took 14 shots and shot 53 percent

    make him a 45 percent shooter with 25 shots he goes pass his 21.4 avg easy

    and i doubt he losses 8 percentage pts

  • Ian

    bosh is better btw lol

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @ Ian
    Great points all around.

    On the Jefferson/Duncan thing… IMO, Jefferson, when healthy, is just as good a scorer as Duncan is. Duncan is more complete in other facets and that’s what puts them in different leagues, as you put it.
    In that same argument, put Duncan on the TWolves and I believe it would be more difficult for him to get good shots. He’ll put up the same numbers but his percentages are sure to drop with defences keying in on him.

    With the Nash scenario… I think you may have misunderstood me. Perhaps I wasn’t clear.
    In response to your statement…
    “listen if you cant make the playoffs in a league that has more than half its teams get a seed you arent that good”
    …my point is Nash makes the Suns tick… Amare was a big piece but it wasn’t his team. He didn’t LEAD them to the WCF. I was saying that Nash on the Raptors would instantly make them a playoff team(and almost any other team in the league). Not a knock on Amare or Bosh. Nash is the best playmaker in the game.
    On a side note – Gasol couldn’t get his team in the playoffs… that didn’t mean he wasn’t that good. He had no help around him.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    “bosh is better btw lol”

    That was the original argument. Lol. I was saying Bosh is better. All this other stuff is just for arguments sake.
    Bosh is better…. i’m texting him now. Lol.

    It’s funny, I posted the same argument on another website (not a dedicated basketball site) and those guys, almost in unison, said Amare is better. Crazy. I guess some people are just blinded by the dunks.
    Didn’t Amare grab 2 rebs against the Lakers in the WCF while logging 35 minutes? There is no way in hell Bosh has a game like that. No way. Not in 35 minutes.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Bosh needs to go to Houston there is nothing for him in Dallas.

    Would be a totally dumb move for him to go there.

    Houston is where Bosh can do work!

  • Ian

    yup bosh is better
    but in this case since both players are robin to someone elses batman i dont mind sayin the player on bad team is the better one. but i do agree with your friends way of sayin whos better. now duncan on the wolves would avg more boards and pts even if his percentages go down that one i cant agree one sayin his numbers stay the same while the percentages dip.

    gasol is better than both hehe he did take the grizz to the playoffs three times with clowns. and he has 2 rings now as robin.

  • 12thMan

    Wheres the Dirk talk at?

  • heatonmyfeet

    Mase and Oakley? Who needs them when you got Agent Zero shooting a lot more than just looks????

  • http://www.donthatemiami.com Dont Hate Miami

    Me as a Heat fan the following are the organization I would love to beat with passion: Mavs/Chicago/Celtics /Lakers