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Could the Knicks be Shut Out in Free Agency?

Joe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

After two dreadful seasons and with $34 million reasons to come, it’s imperative the New York Knicks finish this summer with something. LeBron. DWade. Joe Johnson. Amar’e Stoudemire. Anyone will do, really. GM Donnie Walsh and head coach Mike D’Antoni have a lot of people.

But, Yahoo! Sports said New York could be in for a surprise:

“One prominent agent [said Sunday night]: ‘I think there’s a very good chance the Knicks will get shutout (in free agency)…Even likely…'”

CBS Sports wrote:

“Word circulating over the weekend was that Knicks president Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni faced a ‘very tough sell’ to the top free agents, according to one rival executive monitoring the free-agent buzz .. A representative for one prominent free agent, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the negotiating period hasn’t begun, said the Knicks may have as hard a time — or even harder — persuading second-tier free agents to go to New York.”

The same things that make NYC such an attraction — endorsements, celebrities, spotlight, fan base — also create a problem. Whoever comes to the Knicks will be labeled a savior. The expectations will be incredible, almost unreachable. Who really wants that pressure?

ESPN recently reported that New York might have emerged as Johnson’s top choice. But only a few days before that, the Chicago Tribune was convinced the Atlanta All-Star was on his way to the Bulls. So who knows?

Still, the Knicks know there will be some explaining to do if they fire blanks this summer.

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  • NTstateOFmind

    the knicks will probably panic and end up with joe johnson and carlos boozer

  • Stiffs

    If you’re a fan of any of the teams in free agency, you can’t take any of this media BS seriously. No one knows what’s going to happen. Free agency news changes EVERY DAY. I think it’s hilarious how many reports come out saying “_____ to _____ is a done deal” and then vanish into thin air after the next rumor surfaces. Not to mention the fact that people like to hate NY, even though the knicks are NOT the yankees. Considering chicago’s moved ahead by trading away hinrich, I think amare + joe johnson in NY is a realistic possibility now. I don’t see them completely getting shut out in free agency. I do expect walsh to realize boozer isn’t worth overpaying for, though.

  • Celts Fan

    Muahahahahahaha. I can’t wait to see Rudy Gay and Carlos Boozer making $14M per and leading this team to 35 wins a year.

  • dimemagreader

    I hope NY ends up with only 2nd tier players. I will be LMAO the whole year(s).


  • jdstorm

    NY Would Be lucky to Get second tier players. Does David Lee even stay in NY if he gets a comparable offer Money wise?

  • control

    I could have (and probably did) write this shit last off season, and before. They will end up hopefully end up with no one at all!

  • SK

    I don’t understnad the NY hate while everyone’s up Chicago’s jockstrap. Walsh had noc hoice but to clear the mess Isiah made and retool for this summer. Even with no FA’s Walsh has made it a point that he will not overspend for mediocrity. This ummer will be a win regardless because the Knicks have flexibility to make deals and let their young guns grow if they have to.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Naw the Knicks should have a good chance. I mean you go to Chi. you got the pressure of comparisons to MJ.

    YOu go to the clippers you have the pressure of being compared to what Kobe is doing.

    Still it would be stupid to turn down the mecca of basketball culture and to have Madison Square as your home turf is cool too.

    I mean Joe Johnson prolly don’t need to go, he couldn’t handle fans in Atl booing him, so not everyone can deal with the pressure.

    Still NY would be a great fit for a lot of players and I ain’t even a Knicks fan but I like when they are relevant.

  • K Dizzle

    Don’t really get why dudes are shittin on 2nd tier players. Ain’t like they’re scrubs, they just cheaper.
    If you’re New York and you can’t get Bron, Flash or CB4,
    I’d think you’d be ok fillin out your roster with “2nd tier players” who are proven or on the come up.
    Knicks have Danilo and Chandler on the roster already.
    It would be nice if Eddy Curry decided he wanted to play basketball again, but he won’t…..so movin on.
    34 mil and you need a point guard, and a 5.
    You make solid offers to Ridnour, Blake, Farmar or Felton.
    Make an offer to Brendan Haywood. Then get Joe Johnson or Amare.Make an offer to Rudy Gay even. I’m not really feelin Boozer. Then sign David Lee with the Bird rights. Don’t know if he’s still under that, but puttin out a lineup of
    Felton or Farmar or Blake/ Toney Douglas
    Joe Johnson or Rudy
    D Lee or Amare
    Brendan Haywood……curry…

    is a playoff team out east.
    Flash, Bron AND Bosh have already shown us that a “Max money” player leadin a team of scrubs does nothing for franchise playoff success.
    Knicks BETTER have a backup plan…

  • Detroit Dave

    If LeBron really wanted to win a Championship he would negotiate a sign and trade with Orlando and team up with Dwight Howard. Make sure your contract has incentives for Winning the Ring. These nigga$ aint tryna win no chip! They wanna get paid and be stars, I can’t blame them though.

    Things Free Agents should Consider:
    Dwayne Wade should recruit Dirk Nowitki to be his side kick in Miami.

    No matter who Chicago signs they should be adamant about keeping the ball in D-Rose hands as much as possible. Therefore eliminating James and Wade.

    Chicago should consider trading Deng and signing Rudy Gay. Lets face it Deng is a very good player…50 games a year. The other 22 games he is in street clothes injured.

    LA Clippers: Hire a respected General Manager and you can be a major player too. They have talent, but their management is horrible.

    Amare Stoudemire’s best fit would be a sign and trade with the OK Thunder.

    How come nobody wants to play with Deron Williams or Chris Paul?


    Alot of people dont realise that simply cleaning house is a step up from the constant crappyness with no flexibility of the Zeke era and the last 10 years.
    I dont like that they gave away so much youth in getting rid of jeffries, Hill and those draft picks would have been usefull backup plans, but even with no Lebron they can add a few nice peices and build the team up slowly and maybe even go after Melo next year when Currys contract comes off the books.
    in 2011 they could be rolling out a lineup of Felton, Gay, Melo, Galo and Stoudemire…. they wouldnt suck.

    its gonna be interesting to see how everything plays out and how each team reacts to what happens, no one really knows anything right now but you gotta assume that everyone involved has like 15 different scenarios planned out.

  • Soul Brova 1

    it’s quite possible because there are no more true warriors in the league anymore. you have talented players that lack the heart to step up to such challenges and would rather latch on with another star and ride along. no matter where they go the fans will look to them as saviors or at worst the final piece to get over the hump, the players put the pressur eon themselves by demanding so much money…you know if you’re a max player or not, if you are then you fear nada but if you not then don’t ask for the money. if somebody signs with NY for 8-10 mil a year and puts up decetn numbers , plays hard and they win games bu tnot achampionship they will not be villified but if they come in demanding 15-20 mil and get it and deliver the same as the 10 mil player oh they get it and deservedly so.

  • Gunner J

    Playing in MSG for the Knicks right now is like living in a mansion with a bunch of hobos

  • Bandolero

    Knicks 2011 Roster:

    Rubio – trade in for chandler/douglas
    Joe Jhonson – $12mil
    Lee – $12mil
    Stats – $12mil

    Tracy Mc
    Bill walker
    Al harrington.

    45wins Season – 5th Playoff Seed – Second Round Lost to Chicago

  • loons

    @soul brova – well said

  • Steve Nash

    Stoudamire and Gay sign with NYK… then Durant next year

  • OverPowered

    @Detroit Dave

    who wants to play in Utah? and N.O. is a financial mess, at one point they were thinking of dumping CP3 to save money…how could they sign anybody else.

    and LeBron and CB4 in the Chi? I’d rather have LeBron coming in with JJ, hell I’d take JJ Reddick…they would need consistent shooters around Rose and James, not somebody else who’d clog up the paint

  • futuristic handgun

    rudy gay>>>>>>joe johnson

  • Holladay

    The Knicks are gonna end up signing JJ Reddick and Kyle Korver. There’s nothing sexy about playing for the Knicks. They have no 1st rd picks for the next 2yrs and the players they do have are all living off the potential card. Except for Lee who they dont even seem interested in resigning even if his selection was suspect he’s still an All Star.

    And to Bandolero that would be the worst bench in NBA history. I think the over under on games missed between TMac and Big Mac(Curry) would be 60 each. And the over under on bad shots takin between AI an AL would be 60. And Ill take the over on both.

  • sh!tfaced

    NY will prolly end up signing Yao Ming and Boozer to long-term max contracts then both get injured and never play one full season for the Knicks.

  • Celts Fan

    @bandolero – Toney Douglas and Wilson Chandler for Ricky Rubio? Really??? Are you high man? gtfoh.

  • http://limereview.altbag.com/cat-tree-furniture-at-wholesale-prices/ Samual Kubera

    Discussion 7 comments for “ROFL this you on here

  • Mikey

    Isn’t Allan Houston a free agent now? I think he’s got another max deal in him. It can’t be any worse than the first time the Knicks gave him a max deal, right?