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Dime Exclusive: Chris Paul’s Diary from London

During his recent trip to London with the Jordan Brand, two-time Dime cover guy Chris Paul agreed to check in with a diary of his summer travels. Here’s the first edition:

It’s my first time in London and I already know I want to come back. It’s a beautiful city rich with history.

But first and foremost, I got a chance to hoop with some young kids at Lilian Baylis in Lambeth, London. Michael Jordan visited Lilian Baylis’ old school (now a community sport center) back in 2006 and dedicated a basketball court back then. Today, the Jordan Brand has come in and reinvested, and what brings me here is the court re-dedication ceremony. The court is beautiful, with a mural of the infamous MJ “wings” on one side and me, ‘Melo, and D-Wade (my fellow Team Jordan guys) on the other paying homage to our Olympic win. And of course, the Jumpman at center court. The most impressive thing about the court are the jerseys that line the walls paying homage to the kids that have gone on to achieve great things.

When I arrived in the morning, they had gathered some of the best point guards in London for some intense drills. This one kid (they told me he was my biggest fan) was doing defensive slides while I was at a shooting station and he challenged me to a 1-on-1. I couldn’t back down, so I did a nice lil’ move and tossed up a little fade and it rimmed out. Lil’ man came back at me and hit a nice (but lucky) hook shot that fell. The place went wild and while I hate being scored on by anyone … if it had to happen, I’m glad it happened by the cool lil’ kid that said he was my biggest fan.

I tried to instill some knowledge in these kids about basketball and life. I told them basketball is half the battle … but the rest is up to you. It’s all about how you do in school and how you treat others. My former Coach (Skip) Prosser drilled the ABC’s in our team at Wake Forest:

A – Academics

B – Basketball

C – Character

In all, preparation is everything and if these young aspiring ballers took away anything from me, it’s to understand that more than anything.

Later in the day, we paid a visit to London’s House of Hoops, where my Jordan CP3.III C-3PO shoe was on display. It was cool to see how many people were there to show me luv!

-Chris Paul

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  • datdood

    hahah, c3po. i like that.

  • the unknown known

    im better than chris paul…in about 5 years

    remember this name….(mr.p. jones)

  • bobby stew

    that shoe is disgusting

  • that’s what’s up

    Dear Diary,
    A person in the coffee line got close to me and I pushed off – of course no foul was called. Then, I found a basketball and began to dribble over my head while running – the refs called it a fast break even though I know it’s against the rules. Finally, I jumped directly in front of someone who was dribbling and I got the charge call; I expect nothing less, since I’m privileged.
    That’s all.

    I Love You Chris,
    Love Chris

  • RapTOr

    That cp3 winter boot in on point

  • cp3

    dear that’s what’s up,

    I average 20 points 10 assists, a two time all star, and made millions of dollars in my career

    so up yours


  • That’s What’s Up

    …but you still a whiny little bitch, and that will never change…

  • cp3

    and you are a sore loser and a hater

  • http://dimemag.com/2010/06/dime-exclusive-chris-pauls-diary-from-london/#more-47843 chris crow

    dear cp3
    you r the best point guard in the nba in my opinion i look up to you and ur play style so much u make the game worth watching i hope you come back to londo because i would love to meet you and maybe learn some valuable skills from

    p.s my local team i play for nickname me cp.4 becuase they know i have much love and respect for u

    from chris

  • Jaestatz504

    @Thats what’s up..ur a fuckin idiot..I just can’t stand a hater..CP3 iz tha best pg in tha league..and if he finds his Kareem he’ll go down as tha greatest ever…ps..deal with wats about 2 happen this yr..you’ll see

  • That’s What’s Up

    Hey, Jizztatz504 – when you take your mouth off CP3’s balls you should be able to see the tv screen and see what a little fuckin’ cheatin’ whiny bitch chris paul is. so eat a cp3 dick Jizztatz.

    I have an opinion, it doesn’t make me a “fuckin idiot”. …and he is not the best point guard in the league.

    mark my words, his pussy will be hurting this year and he will whine his way into a trade before the 2011 deadline. just like a bitch would.

  • That’s What’s Up My Twat

    @Thats whats up

    let me guess you’re a rondo fan? Sucking his dick like everyone else this post season. I think you must be confused when your referring to a “little whiny bitch” you must have been watching the celtics play. I don’t know how many times I had to watch Rondo fall down as soon as someone got near him to get a call, I mean seriously, this isnt soccer. Get up you fucking pussy.

    CP3 will be back with a vengeance this year, silencing all the haters.

    look at some career averages and tell me whos the best.
    Paul 19.3 Pts 10.0 Asts 2.4 Stls
    Rondo 10.7 Pts 6.8 Asts 1.9 Stls

    men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

  • that’s what’s up

    I was thinking Deron Williams you drippy cunt, but you can suck on Rondo’s cock too. At least Rondo doesn’t fuckin’ cheat on every play.

    Fuck cp3

  • That’s What’s Up My Twat

    work on your reading comprehensive skills you ignorant fuck, that entire post was on how rondo is a cheating little bitch.

    and in reference to Williams,

    Paul 19.3 Pts 10.0 Asts 2.4 Stls
    Williams 16.7 Pts 9.0 Asts 1.0 Stls

    men lie, women lie, numbers don’t

  • Jaestatz504

    *WORLD ORDER ENT!!!*…@that’s what’s up..tha point iz if CP had d wills supportin cast..he wouldve won a title already..end of discussion idiot

  • that’s what’s up

    wow…how do you have time to post in between sucking all those cocks?

  • That’s What’s Up

    I can tell that both you dumbass bitches are under the age of 25 with your ridiculous arguments and your general lack of NBA knowledge.
    So please…..
    If I’ve bruised your pussies, please forgive me.
    but honestly, if cp3 was in Utah do you really think they would have won a title? ….that just shows how little you know……Jizztits504

  • This_Will_Hurt

    I’ve always liked Paul’s heart and ability. He’s all the fundamentals that a coach would want in a floor general and team leader. It was cool hearing Skip’s A.B.C’s again too, I always remember he would emphasize how important everything about yourself is in ball.

    P.S. Numbers lie a lot. It all depends on the system, and there is no ‘best’. All these guys in the league are professionals and can outplay one another on any given night.

  • what’s up dufus

    I’ll take cp3 or D-will over any point guard in the league anytime anyday

    he whines too much? who cares, he gives you 20 point and 10 assists a night

    lebron doesnt whine? kobe doesnt whine? gimme a break, Im a kobe fan and I know exactly how much he whine but he’s a legend.

    you are just a jealous loser,hahaha