Smack / Jun 12, 2010 / 3:11 am

Spit Your Game

Congratulations to Big Baby Davis: You produced the most famous glob of spit to hit American TV since the blonde who launched a loogie in homegirl’s face on Flavor Flav‘s show. Big Baby’s slobber made more highlight shows yesterday than the crunch-time bucket that preceded it, the one that really stamped Boston’s win over the Lakers. Between that spit and this interview, dude should capitalize on his new popularity while the iron is hot: Get a little promotional deal with the new Shrek movie and book a commercial for paper towels … In the Game 4 aftermath, a lot of talk in L.A. focused on Andrew Bynum, whose absence in that crucial fourth quarter was conceivably part of the reason Big Baby was able to dominate the paint and Nate Robinson was able to get buckets at the rim. Bynum had his injured right knee drained again yesterday, and while he says he’s in for Game 5, Phil Jackson didn’t didn’t guarantee anything … Tough spot if you’re the Lakers: You want to put your best squad on the floor and win this championship, but you don’t want to permanently damage your 22-year-old center of the future. And Bynum might be one more injury away from Greg Oden territory … The Hawks hired Larry Drew as their head coach. Drew was an assistant under Mike Woodson, a former NBA player whose son Larry Drew II plays PG at North Carolina. For a team that is — assuming they bring back Joe Johnson or somebody of equal value — trying to get over the hump as a legit contender, it makes sense to get a coach who’s familiar with the system and already knows the guys. For what it’s worth, once upon a time Pat Riley and Phil Jackson were in the same position as Drew when they took over the Lakers and Bulls, respectively. Atlanta was also looking at Mark Jackson and Dwane Casey, but honestly, either hire would have seemed like a step backwards. Casey hasn’t had any success as an NBA head coach, and Jackson has zero experience as a coach anywhere … Meanwhile, Tom Izzo will reportedly decide whether he’s taking the Cavs job today. If it’s taken him this long to make a call, we think he’s going to the NBA … Orlando GM Otis Smith was asked if he’s gonna let Marcin Gortat play for Team Poland this summer. “That’s something I think we have to talk about as a collective group,” Smith told the Orlando Sentinel. Might as well let him play; it’s not like Gortat used up a lot of energy with the Magic … Twitter post from Charlie Bell (@flintstone14): “I hope the police don’t pull up next to the car next to me at this light. They got my car smelling like some sticky icky icky. Lmao.” Sounds like Charlie is back in Flint for the summer … This is a few months old, but we just heard about it: A woman went on Britain’s Got Talent (think American Idol with a variety of acts) trying to sing “You Raise Me Up,” which got immediately shut down by Simon Cowell. “It’s a beautiful song — when you’re not singing it,” Simon said. “You’ve got a horrible singing voice.” So now the lady is suing the show, citing a disability discrimination law and saying a condition she has that affects her hearing was the reason for the bad singing … This could set a horrible precedent for the NBA: If somebody like Jerome James claims obesity as a condition, no team could get rid of him. This could be Mike Sweetney‘s ticket back in the League … Speaking of comebacks, hold off on that Dennis Rodman Hall of Fame induction, because The Worm might have to start playing basketball again. Rodman reportedly owes his ex-wife over $300,000 in back child support, and now she’s calling in that bill … We’re out like Big Snacks James …

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  • rapTOr

    The first 30 seconds of this video is how I know that the Lakers are walking away with the chip this year.


    that is all.

  • Showtime

    So is Mark Jackson the next Patrick Ewing?

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis5 quest???


  • Sweet Enlglish

    LOL @ the Poll too. Where is the ‘Non of the Above’ option? i suppose i’ll go for Diddy, cos at some point he’ll be dead. Won’t he?…. is Diddy mortal?… I’m sure he must be like 120 by now….

    And Britains got Talent is ‘Like american idol, but with variety acts’….?

    Or maybe its ‘Like Americas got talent, but in Britain’

  • That’s What’s Up

    Big Baby Wipes

    ….or just re-brand the ShamWow

  • Atom

    LMFAO @ Sweet English. My vote is for Americas got talent, but in Britain

  • DNice

    Big Baby brand Brawny towels!

  • Shawny Brasco


  • Jonboi

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the incident towards the end of game 4 where Rondo pushed Gasol then Phil after some free throws. On the way back towards the bench KG was all in his face and even shoved his finger in Rondo’s grill. Ray Allen even got into it with Rondo on the bench, so much for the C’s being his team now.

  • Badger

    @Sweet English — I figured they wrote that because not as many people watch America’s Got Talent in the first place.

  • Atom

    How long b4 Shaq starts in on his “I did that first and better” bullshit in regards to the Shrek and Donkey thing? (4 those of u who don’t remeber , GP was the donkey in that relationship). Dude thinks he own “superman” and whatever other stupid crap he’s called himself over the years so I see a beef growing between those two, at least on shaq’s delusional side. reports Better b careful asking big baby about the beef though, he’s liable to start drooling all over the place again.

  • kool bro
  • Kevin Garnett

    It wasn’t spit Big Baby was letting go
    it was my semen

  • haslem

    can Nate and Glenns new official nicknames be Shrek and Donkey it’s a little unsettling how accurate it is.



    thats it? your big “wall of shame” is that shit?
    what a douchebag.

    weak and desperate corny pile of crap.
    a new level of lameness.

  • star_bury

    I never watched Flavor Flav’s show, so it’s the most famous spit since Roberto Alomar or the magic-loogie from Seinfeld.