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Do-or-Die for the Lakers in Game 6; Amar’e heading to Miami?

Amar'e Stoudemire, Dime #14

How much of this summer’s NBA free agency drama is going to play out on Twitter? Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh) almost caused an international incident a couple weeks ago when he tweeted, “Should I stay or should I go?” Bosh then wrote another post — something like, “I should plan my vacation later next year” while he was watching a Lakers game — that created more rumors and speculation. Which brings us to yesterday, when Amar’e Stoudemire (@amareisreal) posted this: “Just touched down in my home state Florida. Miami what’s good?” How many Heat fans are envisioning Amar’e in their uniform now? … It wasn’t that long ago when the Lakers seemed in complete control of the NBA Finals, following that dominating Game 1 performance. Now back in L.A., it’s do-or-die for the defending champs in tonight’s Game 6. It’s very possible Kobe comes out gunning trying to win it all by himself, but even in the games against Boston where he’s gone long stretches playing 1-on-5, Kobe initially looked to get his teammates involved. So that’s where Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Derek Fisher and the rest need to prove they deserve Kobe’s trust. Make your shots and play defense if you want to win. In the most recent Celtics’ wins, Kobe’s supporting cast hasn’t done that … Even if you don’t believe a word Tom Donaghy says, your own eyes should be enough to feel safe making another prediction: The Lakers are going to get EVERY borderline call tonight. Every single one, and don’t be surprised if one of the Celtics gets ejected before halftime. But you already knew that … Very good news out of Denver, as George Karl is expected to recover from his cancer treatments in time to coach the Nuggets at the start of next season. A lot of us act like coaches aren’t that important, but the Nuggets were clearly a different (i.e. worse) team in the playoffs when Adrian Dantley had to fill in for Karl … Over the weekend we got up with Denver superstar Carmelo Anthony while he was in New York City visiting the Nike House of Hoops store. ‘Melo talked about facing the Celtics and Lakers defenses, his favorite Jordan sneakers of all-time, and his new Melo M6 kicks. This was all while he sat in the back of a stretch limo that was bigger than some of our first apartments … About a week away from the Draft, and beyond the Wizards taking John Wall No. 1, a lot of things are still up in the air. Evan Turner recently worked out for the Kings (5th), because it’s far from a foregone conclusion he’s headed to the Sixers at No. 2. We really doubt Turner would slip that far, but can you imagine a backcourt with Tyreke Evans and Evan Turner? That’s lethal … (Question: What is the best young backcourt in the NBA right now? Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis?) … The Pacers, picking 10th, are in desperate need of a point guard. But instead of reaching for a non-Top-10 prospect, Larry Bird is trying to pull off a trade. Indy is reportedly going after Darren Collison and Ty Lawson, hoping their No. 10 pick is enough for the Hornets or Nuggets to bite. Or, you know, the Pacers could have just drafted one of those guys over Tyler Hansbrough … Don’t be surprised if the Mavericks’ second-string backcourt is much, much better than the starters. Dallas is looking to groom Rodrigue Beaubois as a future star, and Jason Kidd said he’d be OK coming off the bench behind the kid. Although there’s no way Kidd won’t be running point in the fourth quarter … Among the League’s resident old-heads, we could see Kidd and Grant Hill being gracious enough to take a 6th/7th man role. Would Shaq would ever go for that? Not so sure … If there’s one thing you should know about the NBA, it’s this: Talent ALWAYS buys you a second chance. Case in point, the Bobcats are looking at not only Darius Miles at mini-camp this week, but also Shawne Williams. Yes, the same Darius Miles who has like half-a-knee left, and the same Shawne Williams who last we heard was acting out Young Jeezy songs in real life. You might say those two have their share of, um, character issues. But hey, unsigned 6-9 small forwards still in their 20’s with NBA experience don’t grow on trees, do they? … We’re out like D-Miles …

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  • john

    Miami will sign D-Wade + Joe Johnson + Chris Bosh. They have the money (first they have to get rid of Beasley, James Jones and D. Cook) and if J.J take a paycut and Pat Riley return to coach that will be a great team. Sign some veterans (Raja Bell already show interest) and thats your 2010-2011 NBA Champion.

    Chalmers – Draft (or veteran min.)
    Wade – Bell (veteran min.)
    JJ – Dorell
    Bosh – Haslem (home town discount)
    Jermaine Oneal (at cheap price) – Joel Anthony

  • Bruce

    Lakers win tonight, I got $5 on it! When they do, I am going to knock up the wife. She has been giving hell the past couple of days!

  • 808

    I think Dime especially nailed it on the comment re: LA getting EVERY call in Tuesday’s Game 6.

    Early prediction: Ray Allen gets in foul trouble early, and like Game 1, every thing else will apart. With Ray Allen out, there will be NO spacing on the floor, KG will struggle vs. weak-side help and have to settle for turnaround js, which will not fall. Pierce will get his, but that’s about it. Rondo will struggle against Kobe w/o Ray on the floor.

    Of course, I hope I’m wrong…I hope the Lakers just eat sht.

  • Mr.Wang

    BTW, the Jazz are unveiling their new logo/colors Tuesday morning…..wut yall think?


  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis5 quest???

    to be honest, i dont know what all the fuzz rodrigue fuzz is about. Kid can play but all he does is score. He almost never passes the ball, but when he does, the passes are horrible. He sucks as a Point guard. To me he is going to be jason terry 2.0 a.k.a an undersized shooting guard.

  • schumy

    Miami should trade B-Easy to New Orleans for Collison

  • Coop

    Can’t see Miami being able to afford JJ as well as another max FA. Ray Allen, possibly.

  • Atom

    Is that really the new Jazz logo? Way to look to the future guys. It looks like it came straight out of the 70’s.

  • sh!tfaced

    Orlando needs to try trading Wince – maybe for Joe Johnson…? Couple of damaged goods with fans with their recent playoff chokes….


    How would Amare be better next to Wade than Nash? He’s just got to take a look at his former team mate Marion to see hes far better off staying in PHX.
    The Mavs might be making a genius/catastrophic move with Rodrigue. His natural scoring ability plus a few years mentoring from Kidd could turn out great, or they could be wasting the last few years of Kidds career, who knows.
    D Miles and Willaims…. seriously?? how many guys are tearing up foreign leagues who absolutely could contribute to the NBA and these lazy ass teams just go for the names they already heard of. LAZY.

    Oh yeh, Lakers in 7. The 232 format put them on the ropes, but i think theyll take care of bizniz at home.
    Ivory Coast, Brazil and LA all winning today then its the Nigeria game and Game 7 on thursday….. good times.

  • darkdefender

    Wat a coincidence Bruce… After the lakers win game 6, I’m also going to knock up your wife

  • ianny b

    i have all the faith my Lakers will deliver, the other guys are gonna step up big time. We really need a sign and trade for Chris Bosh ala underachieving Bosh. Sure ly we could use some toughness as pau has shown he has ways to come along that lane. KG has basically had him in the torture chmber since he called him out. where';s Ronny Turiaf when you need him.

    Go Lakers

  • Diggity Dave

    Miami’s first choice is obviously Lebron, then Bosh, then Amare. If Miami trades Beasley + James Jones or Daequan Cook for cap space (possible on draft night), they can indeed afford a third high end free agent.

    One way or another, the Heat is majorly upgrading this summer.

  • Celts Fan

    @everyone talking about the Heat – don’t forget that MIA has Wade’s Bird rights (aka you can sign him even if it puts you over the cap.) You just need to convince him this is where he wants to be, then sign him last after signing 2 high-end FAs (I’d guess Amare and maybe Rudy Gay, don’t think JJ works since he and Wade are both 2s) and you can make that happen. If they sign Wade first, half their cap space is gone and they can’t get that 3rd guy. That’s also VERY risky though. You don’t want a Boozer-in-Cleveland situation by dragging your feet…

  • BC

    Funny – all the rumors surrounding Wade/Amare/Bosh/Lebron/Johnson are about the Heat these days… nothing much for the Nets, Bulls, or even the Knicks.

    When are Lebron & others going on their field trips to NY/NJ/CHI to start up the rumors there?

  • otj007

    @ LMNOP.. totally agree with u… that 232 format is crazy.. i think the Lake show in 7.. plus world cup fever is on today.. cote ‘d voire, Brazil should be some good games.. N hopefully the Nigerian team wakes up…
    Roddy buckets shld get more PT this yr tho.. but still off the bench.. i think he has one more yr but you neva know..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    damn denzel washington, it doesn’t go away!!!

    If LA plays bryantball they are doomed. Gasol is pissed of about not getting enough touches, Odom collapses, and Artest is close to loose it anytime (specially when PP plays tricks on him at the FT line).

    Boston is playing as a team! Celtics will win this

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    plus, how dork is taking decissions about your team in twitter??’

    Will PHO and TOR fans or management happy with their “stars”? Doubt so.

  • That’s What’s Up

    all I saw in that new logo was “Utah AZZ”, which would be just perfect

  • Bobb23

    jrue holiday and evan turner….cross ur fingers

  • Heckler

    first off, that Utah Jazz logo is HIDEOUS.
    fire those designers.

    2nd, the Miami Heat are a LOCK to get a good power forward this offseason: Amar’e, Bosh, Boozer. they will get any one of them three and I believe their preference is in that order. But, they’ll most likely end up with Bosh. and he can do for them what Pau has done for the Lakers.

    3rd, dont the Pacers still have punk ass TJ Ford to run the point?…and AJ Price?…and Earl Watson?…and Luther Head? what the hell do they need with small ass Ty Lawson?

    4th, Lakers will take about 90FTs in the 4th quarter tonight. But the Celts will still win this series in 7 games on Thurs. the way the Celts are built (and the Spurs) they are the LAST team you wanna play in a game 7; even if they’re on the road!

    5th, glad to hear/read George Karl is doing well. shouts out to him!

    lastly, best backcourts: brandon roy/jerryd bayless, manu/parker, kidd/terry, jamal crawford/joe johnson, rondo/allen, billups/jr smith, aaron brooks/kevin martin, …and if you wanna reach Nash/Richardson

  • foolio iglesias

    “but can you imagine a backcourt with Tyreke Evans and Evan Turner?”
    Yes I could-Evans Turner Overdrive….

  • karizmatic

    I always thought Shawne Williams had potential but man that’s a gamble and Shaq had better get comfortable being a backup because I can’t see how any team would want him otherwise.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    July 10th, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    “More and more teams are employing not one but two explosive, combo-ish guards in the backcourt.”

    So while we’re on the subject, let’s see what teams are starting to employ the 2 explosive combo guards. If they aren’t doing the 2 combo thing like a fat guy, then they’ll receive an X. If they already do the 2-combo thing, they get a check. If they might/possibly/maybe will get a new backcourt regulator, then they’ll get a ToBeDetermined-X.

    I guarantee the majority of the TBD-Xs will be CHECKs come next season. ‘Cause that’s the trend, that’s the movement!!

    Boston – will Nate and Rondo ever share the backcourt together on the floor at the same time? I wouldn’t count Ray Ray as combo.

    NJ – Lee and Harris. Has this experience worked out so far? Hard to gauge but this is a definite CHECK

    NY – duhon, giddens, house, walker…I’m sure ONLY avid NBA fans know these guys. And even the avid fans might be scratching their head on 75% of ‘em.
    Definite TBD-X

    Philly – Lou and Jru…we’ll we ever see this starting combo come to fruition??
    Tentative CHECK

    Tdot – demar and jarret would be the only 1s to fit the bill. Jarret is explosive?

    Bulls – Acie, Flip, Kirk, Rose. Rose is in…

    Cavs – West, Mo, Parker, Bassy…

    Pistons – BG, “the one and only Will Bynum,” and Stuck

    Indy – Ford, Head, AJ, Earl

    Bucks – Jennings…

    Atl – Bibby, Teague, JJ, Crawford…hmmmm well we know we can cross out Bibby aka the poor man’s less accomplished paler DFish…and with that said…

    Charlotte – Henderson, DJ, Felton…can’t put my finger on it but sumptin’s missing…

    Miami – Cook, Mario, Skip, Carlos, Flash, Dorrell

    Orlando – Anthony Johnson, ‘Meer, JWill
    TBD-X fa sho

    Wizzards – paging Mr. Wall, paging Mr. Wall…move over Mr. Foye, move over Mr. Foye…hold up! Oops didn’t forget you Mr. Young, oops didn’t forget you Mr. Young
    TBD-X CHECK YES…can’t call it but it’s going down!

    Nuggs – billups and speedy…billups doesn’t fit the bill of explosive athletic pg

    Timbs – tooo many of ‘em, one of them is overseas, so in theory it should be…

    Okc – Harden, Maynor, Ollie, Westbrook…potential…even though he’s nice, Harden’s not that explosive…so

    Blazers – Brandon Roy, Andre Miller and Jarryd Bayl– Andre Miller???? Oh okay…

    Jazz – Deron and who? And who? And who?

    GS – monty and steph equals

    Clippers – Baron and Gordon did the 1-2 thing this year, right. And who else they got? the real Bobby Brown, Blake, and Mardy…Mardy???

    Lakers – Derek Fisher and Farm—scratch that, never mind.

    Suns – Nash and GO GO. Ummm yeah it can possibly work, so when will management start ‘em?

    Kings – REKE HAVOC and…

    Mavs – JJ, Rod, Kidd and Jet, hmmm this is a curious one but so far…

    Rockets – Brooks and Kmart…

    Griz – OJ, Conley, and Twitter King

    7 checks
    14 TBD-X

    According to me, mine, and my metrics, that’s 21 teams going for the explosive backcourt look.
    It’s 30 teams in the L. 23% of NBA teams already start their backcourt with young athletic combo guards.
    And by my estimate, another 47 percent of NBA teams are leaning that direction. Good to see my observations are founded in truth. I might be off here and there but I think the list shows you teams are upgrading the pg position to fit the times.

  • arisloco

    The Jazz will still be a boring team no matter how many times they would change their team logo.

  • arisloco

    My bad, it should be ALWAYS boring.

  • Claw

    Or Wade goes to NJ and Miami has nothing. Wade is pimping himself, hanging with the Communist Block and with a new arena and owner that has billions to blow along with Brook Lopez and AS guard in Devin.

    Lebron has been on the down low, it will be interesting how he plays out with the Izzo hiring on hold till Lebron has his intentions made.

    Tonight will not be like the last game where they let them play, it’ll be whistle city, but I still see the Cs taking it if Bynum still can’t play at a decent level.

  • Sporty-j

    It seems like guys on here are slow or just dont do there research before they talk. My Heat can sign 2 max FAs and an allstar player right now. We only have 2 players under contract in Beasley and Cook compared to New York who will have 5 players under contract with overrated and bench warmer Eddy Curry who said that hes opt into the final year of his 12mil player opt contract. I dont know Y the Bulls, Nets, and Clippers are even being mention in anything because they can only sign 1 max and 1 max is not going to get none of those teams over the top especially if his name is Lebron who will only cry that he did not have HELP or Freaking team USA. Im not even going to mention that we have Wade whos out recruiting for us. Pat Riley who is one of the best coaches in the bussiness who is going to come back and COACH if you want a coach with credintials. The beautiful weather year round, the women, Miami life stlye and most of all the DOLPHINS. Just jk on the last 1 and i hope those suckers lose everygame next year with the way they did Culpepper. But anywaz could you imagine how long ago TIGER WOODS would have signed if he was a basketball player especially after we would have mentioned the women and introduced him to the Heat dancers. The guy would have went nuts and knocked up 2 birdies with one stone… Amare and Boozer are ours to have but i would rather have Bosh who i beleve we are going to target first thru a sign and sending Beasley 6mil and Cook 2mil contracts out the door. That will give us an oppurtunity to than Target a 3rd max player Lebron or a player 3rd max caliber player either Joe Johnson/Rudy Gay who are also ours to have so either way we are going to be the big winners this Free Agency. I think we will most likely end up with 1 of the second 2 i just mentioned at the SF position though because i doubt Lebron will join his best friend Wade because he will be looked at as a traitor in his own hometown whenever he goes back and will give the Cavs 3 more yrs of his life which will be a waste of time because he will now have another power house team to deal with rather than Boston and Orlando. I cant break it down to you guys in any other language except english on how pretty my Heat are sitting right now and all the advantages we have over every team i mentioned and i forgot about our draft picks. Riley is trying to clean house this summer and if Wade can somehow convince Brandon Haywood to be the big man of our dynasty and than we draft either 7ft Whitheside or Alabi who we are targeting with out #18 1st round pick as his backup. You can just crown us as the 2010-2011 CHAMPS and you can see why the Heat can do the most damage this summer and will be the biggest winners by a land slide and you can include all those teams i mentioned as 1. Man we are going to suck the life out of the NBA for the next 6 years especially if we sign Lebron as Wades Robin and Bosh as there Bat woman since Shaq did call Bosh the NBAs Ruth Paul…

  • JH

    Sorry I took so long…I had to scroll through Brogden’s post.

    @#1 – There’s a lot of “what if’s” in your proposed scenario…but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

    @#2 – God forbid it…but what if the Lakers lose? Is it back to the dark corners & Vaseline?

    Jazz Logo looks the same…although the color way is tight.

  • the cynic

    A team would be crazy to give Amare a max deal, 2 weeks ago he was getting eaten up by Lamar Odom

  • that’s what’s up

    Dime, you really need a character limit on your posts.
    Bern and Sporty think they’re on the payroll

  • Captain Obvious

    LMAO @ 31
    A character limit won’t do anything. People who have a lot to write will just post 2-3 consecutive times.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    It’s not like I’m mindlessly, aimlessly offering DRIVEL…

    …it’s interesting…it’s entertaining…it’s sensible ‘good read’ stuff…this is what i’m gathering from emails and fb messages sent to me…this is what i’m gathering from messages sometimes posted on the forum…only now and again will I get a “shut the f*** up”…

    Hey, I looked at all 30 teams, of course the post’ll be long. But c’mon, let me get my ‘STU SCOTT’ thang jumping…I offer my writing for free so why knock that!?!
    Sometimes I even proof-read! LOL

    Hey I’m not here cloning posters and typing crude homophobic type stuff…leave my SMACKS alone…let me do me…besides…

    you know you love ‘em.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO @ Darkdefndr
    that is a classic post my man.


    Bulls use DRose/Hinrich in the backcourt with Flip/Pargo off the bench. Acie law doesn’t touch the floor after warmups. And Rose and Hinrich led us to the playoffs so I would say that’s a pretty good combo guard lineup.

    Yes the lakers will get every call. So is there really a reason to even watch this game? Shouldn’t we all just wait til game 7? I would be very suprised if LA lost this one.

  • Nautic

    Did anyone else notice the small captions during the world cup game analysis of Brazil vs. North Korea. It said “Phoenix Suns GM and President of Basketball Operations, Steve Kerr, will not return next season” Has anyone heard about this? What are your thoughts on this Dime?

  • Sporty-j

    @THATS WHATS UP-Awww poor dude. Is it to much for you to read or is just that you cant read??? If i had to guess honest you probably are 1 of those knicks fans who know that aint sh!t comming to New York except maybe Jamarcus Russell or my sorry Heat supporting cast cast that D-Wade has had to play with for the past to years. If not you have to be a niserable laker fan that is sweating bullets because it looks like what was going to be a dynasty is not at the hands of Boston AGAIN. Stop telling DIMES how to run there site and go post on Yahoo if you dont like the fact that they let there readers post as many words they want. Hell, they would even let you post a pic if you would like since Dimes wont let you either Lebron whiney 2.0… Qusetion? Y read dime articles or dime Blogs if you dont like to read?

  • Mr. BBall

    (Celts Fan says:@everyone talking about the Heat – don’t forget that MIA has Wade’s Bird rights (aka you can sign him even if it puts you over the cap.) You just need to convince him this is where he wants to be, then sign him last after signing 2 high-end FAs (I’d guess Amare and maybe Rudy Gay, don’t think JJ works since he and Wade are both 2s) and you can make that happen.)

    Don’t you think the people that wrote the CBA thought about that kind of b.s. circumvention? But if not look it up I’m pretty sure that the only way you can sign your own free agent to over the MAX is if you don’t sign any other max free agents during that time period. For Miami to get two “Max” guys, somebody is going to have to take less money i.e. less than max, maybe all 3. Not saying that they won’t but thats why you call the SUMMIT.

  • LakeShow84

    You damn right we getting every call tonight..

    And who gives a flying f#$k if we do..

    Boston been getting the home treatment now we get it.. lets just hope they dont put our best player in foul trouble like they did game 2.. My how we forget..

    In other words DIME.. Eat a d#$k with all that bulllshit..

    Man if Odom dont show up tonight ima lose my mind..

    Did someone really say Jamarcus Russel would be signed??

  • shera

    LakeShow84 Odom is not the one we need to show up its Gasol I hope he grew some balls in 2 days. If Kevin has a good game Gasol is gonna B#!CH UP. Which I hate also we really need Bynum I hope he took a shot in the knee because we need him to stop big baby.