NBA / Jun 7, 2010 / 5:00 pm

Glen Davis Is The New Leon Powe

While Ray Allen‘s eight three-pointers and Rajon Rondo‘s remarkable all-around performance are the key reasons Boston won last night’s game, Glen Davis‘ outing cannot go unnoticed – as Austin Burton mentioned in his piece earlier today. Why? After last night’s game, Davis has had his Leon Powe moment.

In the 2008 NBA Finals, Powe had a breakout Game 2 against the Lakers scoring 21 points in only 15 minutes. While Davis isn’t a relative no-name anymore like Powe was back then, he plays almost exactly the same role: bringing energy and toughness off the bench when Kevin Garnett needs a breather. Powe proved his indispensability in the series after Game 2 and went on to play a big role off the bench the rest of the way. While Powe and Big Baby’s storylines in the Finals are similiar, there is one big difference: KG.

In 2008, Garnett was at the top of his game; a defensive and rebounding machine on a maniacal path to acquire the championship ring he so desired. This year, he is two years older, and never has age showed more than it has thus far in the Finals.

Garnett clearly is not himself, or not his former self I should say, on the floor so far. He seems a step slow on defense, and offensively, he has been non-existent (except for his solid passing in the high post). When Pau Gasol said KG had lost a step, he was right. But fortunately for the Celtics, Davis hasn’t lost a step just yet. If Garnett continues to be a liability on both ends of the floor, Doc Rivers should not hesitate to turn to Davis down the stretch.

For all the knocks on Boston for being an old team, the guy who has looked and played the oldest this series is KG. Big Baby provides more energy, and more quickness, on both ends of the floor than Garnett can at this point. While Garnett will continue to start, and be given the benefit of the doubt based on his pedigree, if he continues to play the way he has over the first two games, Doc would be wise to give Davis more minutes than the 18 he played last night.

What do you think?

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  • control

    Is this “shitty role player love day” or something? A lot of Celt love up here, it’s annoying. Fuck Fat Davis.

  • E NEW

    ahhhhh….more nonsense from another ignorant hater.

    Too bad the Lakers don’t have anyone on their bench that plays that hard.

    Role players off the bench are crucial when winning championships, the Celtics have them, the Lakers don’t.

    Celtics in 6…

  • P32

    Yeah he played ok, but can he do it again. Game 3 is going to be a massive game I look for the lakers to bounce back.

  • bub

    Big baby has showed he can play big minutes. Remember last years playoffa against the bulls, if i recall i remember Big baby hittin mid range jumpers and scorin in the post. Yeah length can be an issue for him, but hell a guy cant make himself grow.

  • .

    dude…he went 4/13 from the field last night. i like the celts, but relaaaaaaaaax with the Leon Powe bullshit

  • haslem


    About the Finals I saw this, comparing Jack Nich to Phil Jax with video, kinda interesting


  • D.I. Dollar

    Dime is again showing its biases. The Celtics are on every post today. The only Bestern Conference team stuff is about a Lakers t-shirt and an hack piece on whether Kobes legacy suffers if the Celtics win the series. I know you guys are back least but damn what happened to professional parity?

    Oh Big Baby sucks. He has one game were he tries hard (for once) and now he’s the man? I really hope Doc decides to “turn to Davis down the stretch”. The Lakers bigs will break the record for shots blocked in a Finals game.

  • Joe’s Momma

    That picture gets me everytime! He looks like a goofy mfcka

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Big Baby does not suck, #7, and it hasn’t been just one game. Dude has been coming off the bench and playing consistent, wetting jumpers and taking to the rack, and playing a lil D in between. I keep looking for a reason to hate on Big Baby, but he won’t give me a reason.

    Don’t be mad because there are more interesting story lines on Boston’s side.

    And on a side note, Sheldon Williams is fucking atrocious. He was responsible for at least a 7-point swing last night in favor of the Lakers (stupid foul on Artest +1 for Lakers; turnover on botched layup; pussy foul on Gasol +3 for Lakers; bad pass at end of half which Kobe steals and drains +3 for Lakers).

    Doc – whatever you do – do not play Shelden Williams ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kevin k

    lemme just start by saying I hate the Celtics. I truly despise them. BUT you haters hating on Big Baby seriously dont know shit about basketball. I bet you guys are those scrubs at a local gym who think their hot shit and jacks up 3s after 3s.

    Big Baby got heart. He got killed by Dwight’s elbow but tried to get back up while he got concussed… i wonder how many athletes would do that. yea it looked goofy, and big baby looks goofy but you can’t deny the impact he brings to the games.

    yea he shot what 4/13? but he did so many shit that wont show up on the stat sheet. His the one who battled and tiped the ball for Ray Allen’s 8th 3…

    quit hating scrubs

  • got beef?

    shot 4/13? thats cuz the refs swallow they whistles when he’s under the basket, and gasol and bynum just foul him and he gets no respect… tried hard 4 one game? u CLEARLY have not watched the c’s play, cuz, other than rondo, baby tries harder than anyone on the court at all times… diving into stands, fighting for offensive boards, diving onto the floor… but u know what they say: haters gon’ hate, playas gon’ play

  • Highlight Factory

    4-13 shooting, SO? how many players can say they beat Shaq up in the post and ruined him for a good portion of the season?

    All people talk about are how long the Lakers are. Anyone else see The Gooch get robbed of a monster block on Bynum? If Bynum would have got that to go down the crowd would have erupted, instead they had to wait watch Bynum shoot free throw. Momentum Swing averted

  • Daniel Marks

    @gotbeef, Kevin K, and Jeremiah

    You guys epitomize what i was trying to say. Big Baby isn’t a star but he plays basketball the right way, and has an ability to effect the game in ways that dont show up in the boxscore, and right now he is playing better than KG. Also, you are right about Shelden, he is a massive liability on both ends at this point. He won’t play again unless Boston gets into significant foul trouble.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Here is a big smile at you Dime. :d

  • Magic & Wade

    Are you for real guys? You guys post a lot of good stuff but he didn’t change the game nearly as much as Powe did. Quite a stretch

  • rapTOr

    looking at this picture, I can kind of see where “The Gooch” thing comes from. That dude sort of looks more like “The Gooch” than “Big Baby”

  • sh!tfaced

    And with KG’s decline, GOOCH will soon be the new KG… LMAO!

  • pipdaddyy

    Baby’s a solid, hardworking guy, but if he’s your best inside scorer, you are in trouble. And one thing he should learn from KG is passing from the high post, as one analyst duly noted, he seems allergic to that … even with 2-3 guy crowding him.


    for every fat fuck there is a sean may HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Andy

    I’m a Lakers fan, but not a biased one. Baby gave his all-out best out there, and then some. That’s what the guy does. He fights down low, grabs boards, and is just plain tough. However, he did shot pretty badly down there. Yes, maybe he didn’t get the calls, but the fact is he gives up quite a bit of height to the Lakers bigs. And he has a lousy jumper.It would be a huge mistake to keep him at length on the floor, paired with Perkins, because both are down-low warrior guys. They can’t drain a 5 footer, so they would just clog the lane, preventing drives from the wings, and would also give up a lot of height, which would mean rebounds and free throws for the Lakers. Garnett, washed up as he appears to be right now( i’m hurting for the guy, he may be a Celtic now, but i loved the guy in his prime, it’s just sad to see he’s not healthy, not even a tenth of the player he used to be), can still drain jumpers. He forces Gasol out of the paint, to guard him. And he also makes great plays, still. Remember when he blocked out 2 Lakers defenders to allow Rondo a clear path to the basket for a crucial 4th quarter layup? Those are the kind of plays Garnett can still make, which have great impact on a game. Davis, as high-energy as he is, doesn’t have the experience to do stuff like that. And there’s another knock on him: he is high energy, and that gets him in foul trouble usually. He’s to quick to try and block shots,gets his hands on the ball and stuff, and at the rate at which the refs are blowing the whistle, he’d be in real danger out thwere, especially playing a skilled big like Gasol.

  • sh!tfaced

    And don’t forget Big Baby’s clean block on Bynum’s dunk attempt that was called a foul.

    Just imagine this:
    If the Lakers had “Fat Fuck Davis”. Their bench would be shitless scary. It would bring toughness, intensity & scrappy-ness to their frontline and make up Gasol’s and Bynum’s alleged softness.
    He’d prolly fit nicely playing with a shot blocker like Mbenga too…

    Phil could actually afford to toy with the “Odashian” as backcourt relief – take advantage of that mad versatility, bring the ball up the floor and play point forward with that 2nd unit…

  • bnnr18

    @andy big baby actually is a good midrange shooter. He hits those 18 footers alot

  • fatboyhater

    I’m watching the playoffs right now, not a big basketball fan, but do root for Boston, just noticed #11 and had to find out who was loafing around like a fucking lazy ass retard at a family reunion waiting on some chitlins to get cooked up.

    What a fat fucking piece of shit, gettin’ all that money and can’t muster enough fucking guts to run up and down the court. They should fire this fat mother fucker and hire a half a dozen homeless people. What a waste of money, you’d think Rivers had more sense than that.