Smack / Jun 3, 2010 / 7:29 am

It’s Showtime

Beyond the obvious, there are a lot of subplots to look forward to now that Game 1 of the NBA Finals is here: Kobe and Ray Allen going at it one more time in one of the NBA’s best clash-of-styles rivalries, KG trying to make Pau Gasol wet his pants (again), the L.A. crowd booing Paul Pierce for no good reason, the L.A. crowd booing Kendrick Perkins for perfectly understandable reasons, Derek Fisher trying to keep his ankles attached to his feet with Rajon Rondo going at him, all the old Lakers and Celtics legends lurking around the gym, and the Hollywood celebrity set fighting amongst themselves to be seen … One crucial story line nobody has really talked about is that Perkins will almost certainly miss at least one game this series. Perk is one technical foul away from an automatic suspension, and not even his coach believes he’ll be able to avoid it. “It’s going to happen,” Doc Rivers said. “I hope it doesn’t, but you know it’s going to happen. Perk is physical; the Lakers are saying they want to be physical now. So the refs are going to react to that.” … Add the Blazers to the list of longshot teams — or at least fan bases — going after LeBron. A group of Portland fans are throwing a pro-LeBron rally later this month, putting them in the same boat with the Mavs’ fans guerilla campaigning. And you wonder why LeBron might come across as self-centered? Most of us, when we’re 25 years old, are just trying to get one woman to invite us over to her place. LeBron has entire cities buying him the drinks and begging him to have his way with them. With that treatment, it’d be weird if LeBron wasn’t cocky … Just like LeBron is the first piece that has to fall in the free agent frenzy, it seems Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau is the centerpiece of this summer’s NBA coaching carousel. Thibodeau is the Hornets’ top choice, but the team has reportedly given him until today to make a decision. And if he doesn’t commit, the Hornets are apparently going to go with Monty Williams. (That’s gotta make Monty feel great that he’s an obvious silver medal, but a job’s a job and a raise is a raise, right?) Thibodeau is also up for the Bulls and Nets jobs, and once we know where he’s going, a lot of these coaching vacancies will soon be filled … Men lie, women lie, and sports agents lie more than all of them. D-Wade‘s agent had the nerve to tell the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “We haven’t really thought about it” when asked about Wade’s timeline for officially opting out of his contract. Really? Thomas’ two biggest clients are D-Wade and Chris Bosh. We’re supposed to believe he hasn’t been thinking about opt-outs and free agency 24/7 for the last eight months? That’s like Spencer Pratt saying he hasn’t really thought about his next “job” … Jeanie Buss, a.k.a. the Lakers executive and daughter of owner Dr. Jerry Buss, a.k.a. girlfriend of Phil Jackson, is writing a book. The preliminary title is Laker Girl, and we hear a lot of it will focus on this season. If you could read a tell-all written by any NBA player’s wife, ex-wife, ex-girl, baby’s mother, groupie, etc., whose would it be? … As usual with the NBA off-days, our attention in the Dime office turned to other sports. (It’s gonna be productivity shutdown around here once the World Cup gets going.) MLB Network had the Dodgers/Diamondbacks game, during which L.A. sent out pitcher Justin Miller, who’s 1/4 Cherokee. Actual line by the Dodgers announcer: “With a part-Cherokee Indian on the mound, you could say he ‘arrowed’ that ball.” That’s not as bad as the “Chinese Superman” line, but damn … We’re out like Perkins sooner or later …

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  • Showtime

    Wheelchair Paula? I can give you plenty of reasons why we hate the guy

  • Pistons2012

    Celtics in 7. Ray Allen MVP. Loss leads to Bynum for Bosh in sign and trade. Rondo gets 2 triple doubles in the series. Kobe goes for 45 in at least one game. Phil Jackson resigns for 2 years 20 mil.

  • sh!tfaced

    I won’t mind reading a tell-all by Arena’s/Shaq’s girl, LeMom and Kobe’s Colorado special.

  • http://myspace.com/anoepheckz PHECKZ!?

    That’s like Spencer Pratt saying he hasn’t really thought about his next “job”

    C’mon son *in ma Ed Lover* You gotta come harder on that punchline dime!

    *Groupie or wifey story from an NBA player???
    For entertainment bullshit purposes, gotta roll with D-Wade’s ex wiferz!
    Going through 9 lawyers! Filing lawsuits on behalf of her kids, for D-Wade and homeygirl who needs to get on the cover of Ebony real quix, visually teaching them the birds and bees. Well, it ain’t that bad of an example considering D-Wade’s involved, *DOUBT in ma homer simpson* i mean homeygirl! haha…


  • shiptar

    a book written by an NBA groupie would be pretty interesting, but probably full of untrue stories..

  • M-Intellect

    How the fuck you forgetting about Toni Braxton!

  • SJ
  • Celts Fan

    I’m really nervous for this series. Rondo should have his way w/ Fisher, Ray and Paul will be covered by 2 of the best perimeter players in the league (note: if Kobe jumps on Rondo, Ray will go off and Rondo gets slowed down,) KG vs. Pau should be interesting, but KG’s knees seem to be slowing him down again, and Pau is probably the best PF in the league (yes, I’d take him over Dirk and Bosh since he’s a legit back-to-the-basket scorer and 7 footer) albeit a soft one who may or may not be able to be intimidated again. Perk’s gonna miss a game at one point or end up playing tentative – both are bad news for us. We need Bynum to miss time with that knee. They have the best bench guy (Lamar,) then we have the next 2 (Sheed, Baby.) It should be a WAR, but, I’m thinking Lakers in 7. Seems like we’ve got a lot going against us w/ injuries/tech situtation/LA home court. The 2-3-2 makes it tough. We’re not winning 3 straight in Boston against a team this good, which means we gotta take 2 in LA to win the series. I hope I’m wrong, but as a realist, this is how I think it plays out. Hopefully someone throws a beer at Ron Artest and Kobe “seduces” yet another young girl.


  • kobeeeeee

    man. I cannot wait for it to start. will be epic. “this is our time”.

  • s.bucketz

    damn must be a slowwww ass day if you guys are referencing some shit from the 80s that no1 heard about that you guys found out about last year..

    if u wer into other sports last night, why no mention of the pitcher who got robbed of a perfect game or some shit??i duno, dont really follow baseball but i seen that shit all over the bottom scroll on espn.

    cant wait for that world cup to start gotta see whos on the rosters..you guys heard that “stone cold” steve nash is gunna b a reporter for cbs at the world cup

  • Bandolero

    “Hopefully someone throws a beer at Ron Artest and Kobe “seduces” yet another young girl.”

    lmao… that’s cruel… but hey, you’re from Boston… Lakers in 5… Rondo is going to be like J. West and could be the MVP of the finals for a losing team. Gasol, kill Stats but one game.(period) He’s going to stick a fork on my dude KG, he’s done. Pierce, well, Durant fought very hard to get those 30pts per game… The Truth is older now, cant fock with TruWariur… Allen is due to choke, like he always do… Plus the Zen Wont Let the Doc beatin twice… Even if he had to throw a Jo Jo English type of Mofo’ck…

  • Celts Fan

    “Allen is due to choke, like he always do… ” You clearly don’t watch basketball at all. After Kobe (who’s so far above everyone else it’s not evenfunny) Ray’s arguably the most clutch guy in the league.

  • realist

    this is why lakers fans boo pauletta pierce… complete bullshit. call us soft but we sure as hell ain’t actresses


  • sh!tfaced

    “Ray Allen… choke, like he always do…”

    LOL. might as well have called himself Lakers “BandWAGONolero”

  • karizmatic

    I’d probably want the tell all by Jordan’s ex wife.


    Lakers in 6. An heres why.
    Rondo might torch Fish, but LA have a pair of 7 footers waiting at the rim and some real good help defenders in Lamar, Ron and Kobe. He aint going off like he did against No D Mo and Too Slo Shaq.
    Ray Allen might cause Kobe some trouble, but hes 34 years old and has to try to keep Kobe Fuckin Bryant in check, i think fatigue will have a bigger effect on him than on Kobe.
    RonRon will make it his duty to make Pierce need that wheelchair back.
    Gasol is fully implemented into the team, unlike 2 years ago when he was still just trying to fit in. He isnt going to get bullied by KG, if anything, i imagine he’s probably glad to see Dustforknees Garnett instead of Dwight. Plus Bynum is there to push and shove with Perk for 20 minutes a game so Gasol doesn’t have to.

  • LakeShow84

    Man i woke up thinking about this series..

    For some reason i woke up thinking Celtics won.. WTF?? I think im just worried because Boston is such a good road team.. oh well..

    THIS IS OUR TIME (thanks Kooobbbbbeeee lol).. If you listen to Magic history should repeat itself.. He lost to the Celtics in the Finals as well but came back a few years later MENTALLY tougher and took them to town..

    But either way this is the only Finals matchup that we can call WAR..

    Its going to be physical and it wont surprise me if there are MULTIPLE T’s thrown all over the place..

    My biggest wish is the refs just let EVERYONE play.. If they come out with this onesided bullshit ima puke in my mouth..

  • LakeShow84

    Celtics lose in 5 because all they really got is toughness to lean on and we aint bout to be out toughed again..

    Plus the fact we genuinely hate those foo’s as a TEAM will negate said toughness..

  • boomshakalaka

    Who wouldn’t want to hear the tell all from Artest’s woman?
    You know she’s got all kinds of hilarious and wacked out stories.

    “One time i came home and Ron was playin a 5-on-5 game in the backyard with 9 midgets! He was goin all out like it was the NBA Finals, dunkin over the entire team, and drop kickin’em off the court whenever they said, ‘hand banana’.”

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ WTF lol ^^^^^

  • fallinup

    Man. Calling a winner in this series is tough. I’m still on the fence but giving my edge to the Lakers. BUT, it seems whenever I doubt the Celts they somehow pull it off.

    How much can Ron Ron stop Pierce?

    How badly is Rondo going to abuse Fish?

    Will Kobe guard Rondo? Or Ray?

    How much can Garnett stop Pau?

    What will Odom bring?

    How healthy is Bynum?

    Will Sheed be a factor?

    And what will Kobe do? And how much can he dominate?

    All questions are up in the air. The rivalry, the cities. The teams themselves… this is the best match up to have for the finals.

    We’re in for a hell of a series. If this doesn’t go 6-7 games. I’ll be disappointed and surprised. And being an Eastern Conference loyalist… meaning every year I find myself rooting for the east. I somehow feel a little bit more for the Lakers than Boston. I’ve grown to respect Kobe. Especially now with his ‘I don’t give a damn about the rivalry’ talk… I wouldn’t mind at all to see him get #5.

    Goddamn… I must me going mad. :)

  • zcw

    What’s the difference between A-Rod and Lebron at this point? Both of them were amazing athletes and never really developed a personality beyond their own arrogance. Remember when A-Rod declared his free agency in the middle of a World Series game. What about doing a whole f*cking interview on Larry King in the middle of the Finals. He keeps trying to upstage the Finals. Shut up, we know it’s July 1st Lebron, now go get West’s d*ck out your mom.

  • JBaller


  • JBaller

    LeMom is holdin’ D.West’s Hand Banana!

  • QQ is an idiot

    Couldnt wait to wake up this morning to read some more Lebron news on Dime. I mean damn, all week long I’ve been waiting for Thursday to come, just so I could wake up and read some more Lebron news.

    Nice job Dime. Instead of focusing on the finals, instead we have more written text on some bs lebron news. And then on top of that, we get to hear some dumbass excuse about why Lebron is allowed to be conceited. I think you have to actually win something to walk around like you are the business…..

  • LABaller

    hahahaha WTF??

    I feel you lakeshow.. I was up early and barely slept last night just pumped!! This isn’t just another finals folks.. This is for a hell of a lotta pride too. Both teams got it..both franchises have lived it.. Celts stole some of that pride in 08.. We steal that shit back and then some in 2010…here’s to a back to back championship..something that hasn’t been done in a while! Trying to figure what time is appropriate to start gettin faaaaaaded!!

    Not to get nitpicky but that smack intro today sounded a lil one sided.. How u gonna wonder why la fans don’t like pierce first of all? Kids in third world countries kno why laker fans don’t like pierce! All imma
    say is.. Jack, Pacino, Deniro, Denzel, Will..back up fellas
    we got a new oscar worthy talent in town today!

    Mama there goes that man! Kobe adds another piece of history to the legacy and gains respect from even more haters.. Hope it’s lakers in 5 cause I want it on their court.. But it’s gonna be
    lakers in 6… Fuck it I’m drinking now!!!

  • LakeShow84

    “we get to hear some dumbass excuse about why Lebron is allowed to be conceited”

    Lol i was going to get on that but there aint nothing you can say to a zombie..

    QQ is that you?????? Gotta be lol

    Dont trip about being crazy dude.. we all been there lol..

    @ LABaller

    Shit man you makin me want to drink already lol.. Take a swig for me bruh!!

    9 more hours!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Fallinup

    So can we officially send you our secret decoder ring and swatch??

  • JAY

    This is the eve of the day when people (incl. myself) will be hating on the referees again. Lol.
    As much as I hate the NBA officials, what happened to Armando Galarraga last night was embarrassing.

    As written on another website…
    [ Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga had just thrown the 21st perfect game in baseball history, and a ridiculous third perfecto inside of four weeks, when first baseman Miguel Cabrera threw to him covering first base on a grounder by Jason Donald for the 27th out. Cabrera celebrated. Only one thing was missing.

    Jim Joyce called the runner safe. ]

    The ump was apologetic after seeing the replay and even cried when he spoke to Galarraga… but daaaaaaaaaaaaamn….

  • LakeShow84

    @ Jay

    I heard they are trying to get Selig to reverse that..

    If he can.. But what a d@#khead call.. Ump sounded apologetic though.. but dddaaaaaaaaaammmnnnn lol

  • Tru Warier

    I f-ckin HATE it when midgets be sayin “hand banana”

  • JAY

    Lol! I think that’s the only way to describe it. It really doesn’t mean anything but it sums it up…


  • control

    I’m rolling with Lakers. Everyone says shit like “Rondo gonna tear Fish up” but it ain’t about Fisher. Rondo ain’t going to be able to just walk right into the paint and drop floaters like he was on Gortat, Shaq and Valgina. Everyone knows Bynum won’t hesitate to drop a dirty goon hand on his ass, especially if Rondo tries to dunk on him. Hell, if Bynum’s injury ridden ass only spends 15 minutes a game on the floor this series, I hope he’s racking up 6 hard fouls on Rondo while he’s there.

    I think Lamar can at least slow down pierce, he’s got enough length. All he has to do is keep him off the elbow jumper where he scores like 2/3rds of his points. Not sure why teams aren’t watching tape and realizing that if PP is moving, he is moving to the elbow, stop him from getting there and don’t bite on his stupid fakes (where he pusses out and jumps into the defender) and that will take away a good 3/4ths of his points.

    Ray is old and streaky, but he’s going to get his occasionally. Gotta live with that.

    KG might have foul trouble during the game, due to him always going after the other teams PG and talking shit. Derek Fisher will probably flop when he gets close and draw a foul because the refs are idiots. Hopefully KG gets hard with Sasha and actually backs up his “act” by killing him. That is a win/win situation for all fans.

    Perk isn’t going to be a factor at all, the refs have it out for him. He’s going to get his ticky tacky fouls regardless of how good he plays. He’s fucked already. The rest of the Celts are pretty much meaningless, the only entertainment they will bring is if Fatfuck Davis gets concussed retarded and tries to run around like he was spinning himself on a baseball bat after drinking a bottle.

    Lakers in 5!



  • LakeShow84

    LMAO the last out nonetheless..

    Imagine how juiced dude was.. Talk about having your bubble burst lol

  • fallinup

    @ 28

    :) I’m a darksider now. Called em to win it at the beginning of the season. Why stop now.

    Gonna go Lakers in 7. And hope it does go 7… because it has every reason to.

  • MJax

    A tell all book by Jackie Christie, it will help me complete my Psych class final. Also a tell all book from Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox, cause I love Vanessa!!!!


    Lakers did not impress against OKC


    Kobe tries to play 4th Quarter Hero
    Lamar has 1-2 good games
    Fisher’s game is booboo
    Gasol is like pastry
    Bynum is not 100%

  • K Dizzle

    @ Celts Fan- c’mon, kid. You can’t come in here sayin Lakers to win the series then “Beat LA” lol
    You already given up. I hope your team comes in with that attitude. Laker hater “friends” of mine killin my facebook page right now talkin MUCH mess.
    I’m lovin the matchups tho and who is guardin Lamar? HUGE X-Factor!

    I got to say this tho. I think it’s weak as shit that Ken Perkins needs to avoid a t or be suspended and he’s so weakminded that NOBODY thinks he won’t get it. That ain’t mental toughness, that’s bitchassness.

    Props to Monty Williams if he gets the Hornets job. He probably still a better defender than Peja. Damn! Dude came in with Grant Hill, Juwan Howard and Jason Kidd and he on the cusp of being a head coach. Props.

    lol at The Toni Braxton tell-all. How a single woman destroyed what coulda been. Kidd, Mashburn, Jimmy Jack coulda been sick.

    Lakers in 5, but I’m ok with 6 cuz I’m thisclose to tickets if it comes back to LaLa. I’ll eat the 1500 to catch that party.
    Pasadena, Stand Up!!!

  • K Dizzle aka LAKERSIN5

    @ Post 37
    You gonna love this remix:

    Celtics did not impress to end season 27-27 2nd half record


    Pierce tries to play 4th Quarter Hero
    Nate has 1 good game/ Sheed? 0
    Perkins’s game is booboo
    KG’s knee is like pastry
    Rondo is not 100%

    L.A…..All Day….

  • LakeShow84

    Im loving this..

    I love how they lookin out there..

    You can see we damn near crushed their spirits through 3 QUARTERS..

    LA in 5.. And like i been saying all year..