Smack / Jun 4, 2010 / 3:34 am

Kobe drops 30, Gasol dominates, Lakers draw first blood

Kobe Bryant (photo. Mannion)

If you can’t teach height, then you can’t coach height, and so in that case you can see why the Celtics are in trouble. Remember how every Lakers fan claimed the ’08 Finals would have gone their way had Andrew Bynum been healthy, and every Boston fan responded by asking how their ass tastes? Last night we all saw what happens when L.A.’s big men are healthy and playing like they have some hair on their chests, before Kobe came in and delivered the fatal shots … Right off the bat L.A. looked to go inside, while Kobe looked to drive and put pressure on Boston’s defense. In control the entire time, the Lakers took a nine-point lead into halftime, then Kobe dropped 14 of his 30 points (10-22 FG) in the third quarter as they stretched the lead to 20 going into the fourth … Kobe had it going with the fadeaways, floaters and finger rolls — plus a couple of transition dunks in the second half that broke Boston’s will — but he also got some help from the refs. Any time Ray Allen touched Kobe he heard a whistle, so he spent long stretches on the bench while Kobe took advantage of favorable matchups … But the real MVP was Pau Gasol. You could tell from the look on his face during the player intros that he’d talked himself into playing Mr. Badass this series (a badass who isn’t above flopping, but anyway). Gasol was a beast, putting up 23 points, 14 boards (eight offensive) and 3 blocks and keeping Kevin Garnett in check. You’re never gonna openly intimidate KG, but it looks like the tables have turned as far as who is in who’s head. KG (16 pts, 4 rebs) was settling for jumpers and missing the layups he did get … Kobe was locked in, wasn’t he? He came out of the locker room with that look on his face guys have when they’re one “your mom” joke away from knocking out somebody’s teeth, and he didn’t smile all night. There was a great camera shot of Chris Rock trying to joke with Kobe from his courtside seats, and Kobe giving him the iceberg shoulder … Rock was sitting with Adam Sandler, David Spade and Kevin James, his co-stars in the movie Grown Ups, a.k.a. Four Funny Guys and Rob Schneider. Celebs Will Ferrell, Jack (apparently he doesn’t need a last name anymore) and Austin Rivers were also in the building. OK, Doc Rivers‘ kid isn’t a celebrity right now, but give it two or three years and he’ll be a household name … Two possessions into the game, Ron Artest was on the verge of brawling with Paul Pierce and KG. After that calmed down, Ron-Ron quietly kept Pierce on lock. He wasn’t going for the pump-fakes and had just as much muscle to combat Pierce’s strength. And with Ray unable to really help, Pierce needed a big scoring game. He finished with 24 points, but a lot of it came after the game was basically decided … Did you see Brian Scalabrine on the court stretching during a timeout like he was about to get in? Or maybe his butt was just sore … For a minute it looked like Rasheed Wallace was going to have a big game. He snuffed out Gasol’s attempt at a Dream Shake, hit a Duncan banker and a triple, and one time ‘Sheed even jumper over the front row of seats going after a loose ball. We weren’t sure ‘Sheed could jump over a Sunday paper at this point … Dumbest argument of the game: Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson debating whether Derek Fisher‘s number should be retired by the Lakers. Just like any good club in L.A., the rafters at Staples Center are exclusive: Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Wilt, Goodrich, West, Baylor. That’s it. (Kobe and Shaq will be up there eventually.) If you put D-Fish up there, you’ve got to throw Michael Cooper, A.C. Green, Byron Scott, Robert Horry, Rick Fox — basically anybody who was a key role player on multiple championship squads. And the day Rick Fox’s jersey is hanging from the rafters of an NBA arena, well, there’s actually a passage about that in the Book of Revelation … We’re out like Rob Schneider …

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  • Bruce

    1 Game down, 3 more to go!

  • Bruce

    Tyrone Lue jersey should be hanging from the rafter too. Lue was very instrumental in the containment of Allen Iverson.

    BTW — There was a Tyrone Lue sighting!

  • Darko

    Nice read. LOL about Rick Fox!!

    Greetings from Slovenia!

  • Bruce

    LA got this, probably a sweep too. The Truth, Jesus Shuttlesworth, and Nate (if he is hot) are the only 3-points threats. You can live with Sheed and Tony Allen shots.

  • Bruce

    The WIFEY pointed this out. Wifey said, “Kobe is like the video game character — Megaman. All Kobe does is steal signature moves, just like Megaman!” So true, so true indeed!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Bruce – you’ve reached your “4 Lame Posts” Limit.

  • 808

    “And the day Rick Fox’s jersey is hanging from the rafters of an NBA arena, well, there’s actually a passage about that in the Book of Revelation … ”


  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    aint gon lie a coupla off the calls on ray were dubious to say the least,but if you seriously thought that would changed the outcome slap yoself!

    boys came mentally ready(ron had me scared for a sec),and you could tell the plan was to use eveything including bostons physicality against them to.win.the.game.
    we kept away from that oh so temptimg 3-point addiction they offered.gotta stay focused esp.knowing the shitty calls we gon get at the garden.

    three to go fluckers.get used to it !!!

  • Jay

    The biggest difference between the 2008 Finals and 2010 isn’t the big men of the Lakers growing some balls, it’s that James Posey isn’t there to check Kobe anymore. Kobe was getting in the lane at will and it opened everything up for everybody (including Gasol’s 8 offensive boards). Somehow announcers have made even Tony Allen overrated talking about his defense all the time when you can clearly see the only reason the dude is in the league is hops and a great deal of luck.

    Another thing, I sure as hell hope the refs aren’t gonna call the entire series like game 1. I understand trying to calm the game down a bit after Artest’s suplex on Pierce (brilliant move to set the tone btw), but don’t let it leak into the entire game and call ticky-tack shit in what SHOULD BE a physical NBA finals game.

  • Legend 33

    Hold your horses Lakers’ fans, it’s just game 1. If we steal game 2 the ball will be back in our court. Look for KG, Sheed or Perk to come out with a McHaleesque clotheline type foul on one of the Lakers’ bigs to set the tone for the next game.

    Boston in 6

  • welcome back to reality

    oohh, the rob schneider comment was cold.

  • common sense

    man rob schneider’s actually quite funny. ain’t you seen Duece Bigalow. the difference from twom years ago is Posey as Jay said above and KG. the guy couldn’t even make a layup on one play and had 4 boars. the guy is a relic of his past self and looks straight weird being quite crap with all that intensity. only talented players need be that intense.

  • OneZero


    I was pointing at the same thing, they are missing Posey, and possibly Leon Powe to bang inside, while Lakers got Artest, and Bynum is back, so the situation is actually reversed.

    now, the gotta stay focus as hell till its finished, just like Kobe’s zombie-like attitude to Chris Rock.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Snarky smack today. The Rob Schneider joke was on point. And I’m always down for a Brian Scalabrine joke.

    Boston looked old against the Lakers tonight. KG’s knees are on the verge of collapse. Dude can barely jump anymore.

    Don’t put too much weight to game 1 though. Boston will take game 2 and stretch this to 7 games.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis quest???

    hey did you guys notice that phil jackson said something to chris rock..what did he say? I think he said something bad to chris rock.

  • realist
  • realist

    @ quest– i think he may have been scolding him for talking and trying to distract the players (like when he was trying to talk to kobe). not sure tho. it was funny as hell tho, that lady reporter freaked the fuck out and didn’t know how to handle the rest of the interview hahaha

    and gotta love phil with no fear telling stars to shut the eff up

  • lifep

    What’s the passage in the Book of Revelation?

  • realist

    kind of off topic but i just came across big baby’s profile pic for his twitter page. how does he actually expect people to take him seriously??!?@!? lololol. ugly ass dog too


  • Atom

    Calls against Ray were whack, but really ticky tack officiating both ways. Judging by the first quarter, looked like half of each starting five was going to foul out and we were going to see Mbenga and The Condo Manager with some crunch-time minutes. Thank god that didnt happen. The NBA would never recover

  • porkpiehat

    That wasn’t the good version of the Celtics that we saw playing tonight. They were out-hustled and out-muscled.

    Everyone forgets the Lakers were missing two of their best six players (Ariza, Bynum) in 2008 and that Vujacic and Walton played major minutes. That won’t happen this year.

    In addition, the Celtics are older, slower, and have fewer good players, (no Posey/Powe) than they did last time.

    Despite these issues, Boston can still take the series.
    Rondo can and will convert while attacking the rim at a better percentage than he did in game 1. Allen won’t get removed by the refs in the next game. And Coach Rivers/Thibodeau will make effective adjustments.

    The Lakers probably will end up winning, though, because Bynum is healthy enough to play, because Artest is suddenly grasping the triangle, because ancient Fisher is still better than no Fisher, because Good Kobe has fully eclisped Bad Kobe for the time being, and most of all because Phil Jackson is the head coach, and Jerry Buss is insane if he doesn’t think Phil is worth the scrilla.

  • ab_40

    boston needs to crash the boards and kg needs to make his layups… the lakers played one of their best of not their best game of the playoffs and they only win by 13 while outrebounding boston by 15? It’s gonna be a series don’t worry. Kobe had at least 5 fouls but they only called 2? but het it’s the finals game 1 is done and I think everybody is ready to see boston bring their A-game

  • yoda

    i wonder, if pau stays with lal until end of his career and he plays like he played since he came to los angeles, will his number get retired? 20-10 guy, with few rings…


    You have to be pretty much a career-long Laker to have your number retired. Except when your is Kareem, Wilt or Shaq. What the fuck. George Mikan’s number isn’t even retired?


    HAHAHAHAHA the 4 lame posts limit.


    yeah yeah celtics misses posey, powe, even sam alien cassell and gabe pruitt

  • http://dime eyes

    Just to get an understanding. The refs played no role in the outcome of the game. It’s so funny people are scared to actually comment on the shady officiating. Homecourt advantage doesn’t mean the crowd anymore. Had Kobe been in foul trouble like Ray. There’d be a different outcome. If the series plays out the way the powers would like. LA must win based on the fact they have more home games. Boston has to take a game even if calls are lopsided. Sucks but it is what it is.

    Question? Final closing minutues of a game this series. Kobe has 5 fouls. A Celtics player draws a charge or gets fouled in the act of shooting by Kobe. Which ref is brave enough to make that call & has a Plan B(JOKE).

    How many times this year have we heard about the bad officiating? To go on & say the game was won or lost but it wasn’t the officiating. I heard someone say Kobe could get anywhere he wants anytime. Of course he can by having the benefit of the doubt. He’s skilled enough but if you can’t touch him like MIKE. Your at a huge disadvantage. These players don’t need any help. They’ll thrive even if the game is reffed equally on both ends.

  • A.R.

    nothing else needs to be said.
    one down three to go


  • http://ekama.vip-blog.com samuel blaise joseph ndiaye

    The shock announcement has not occurred during this first duel of the 2010 final. At home, the reigning champion has heavily dominated the 2008 champion to mark the minds of entry. And after the first act one way, one can not help thinking of the impressive statistics is that Phil Jackson, coach of the Lakers, winning all the time series of the playoffs when his dominated Game 1 (previous 47). Especially since – other stat – the team that won Game 1 of NBA Finals has in the past, won the trophy three times in four (73%).

    If the Lakers’ attack has indeed lived up to its reputation – including a Kobe Bryant at the rendezvous and author of at least thirty points for the twelfth time in these playoffs (30pts) and Pau Gasol was intriguing that before the shock but responded with a tasty double-double (23pts) – is the Celtics defense that was mainly disappointed. “It was horrible,” according to Doc Rivers, coach of the Celtics on the defensive work of his. A sentiment shared by Rajon Rondo (13pts): “They have managed a good job of destruction every time I had an opportunity to come in the paint. “Desiring to physically impose entry reflected the clash Pierce after Artest?? 25 seconds of the game without incident Maju, the Lakers won the battle under the basket and seem to have learned the lesson of 2008 when the Celtics built their coronation by dominating this sector of the game

    Leading by nine points at halftime, then twenty and the beginning of the last quarter, the Lakers, despite a quick release in the last period, have also provided a defensive blunder by causing Paul Pierce (24pt), Kevin Garnett (16 pts) and other Celtics (29 of 67 shots only cons). “I think people had forgotten how it could be good defensively,” responded Lamar Odom (5pts) while Andrew Bynum (10pts), doubtful with a knee injury, was superbly held its place . For Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, no doubt, Ron Artest and Pau Gasol were the key men of the first duel. “It was a big game for us, said the star of the Lakers. He (Artest) has done a good job by printing the pace defensively. Echoing the coach of defending champions praised the work of its pivot Spanish: “Pau has a big game. They did a good job on him down, but his movements and activity were capital. “

  • Celts Fan

    Dear NBA,

    PLEASE LET THEM PLAY (meaning both teams.) It would have been nice to see how the game would’ve shaken out had they been allowed to ball like men (almost definitely the same, but how can you know when guys were being forced to the bench – on BOTH SQUADS – with early foul trouble?)

    They took some HORRENDOUS shots all game, forced bad turnovers, missed one of their 3 key offensive guys (Ray) due to some dubious-at-best fouls, Artest was making jumpers (Laker fans know that’s hit or miss,) and still only lost by 13. Coulda been much worse, but we better win on Sunday or it’s a wrap…

    @Lakers fans – don’t think, even if you win this, that that means anything about ’08 (and btw, while Bynum was out, Ariza was healthy but hadn’t re-earned his rotation spot after hurting himself in December and coming back in March. Your “GOAT” coach just decided to start Vlad Radmanovic against Pierce instead. Every great one’s entitled to a stinker – see the ’04 &’08 Finals, and that Game 7 against Phx for Kobe – but that one was glaring.) We were a different team in ’08. We had Posey, the real KG (not the really good role-player we have now,) and Eddie House to stretch the floor.

    Thought JVG was completely on point about TA last night too. He doesn’t stretch the floor at all, leading to lots of turnovers and letting LAL pack the lane. Also, I’m an uncoordinated slow white guy, and even I dribble and pass better than TA.

    BTW, thoughts and prayers to John Wooden. Hopefully the best coach in sports history can pull through okay.


    Yup AR,1 down 3 to go. I don’t like everyone saying its a wrap already tho, and that’s from a die hard Laker fan. Kobe and them know it’s going to be a tough series. I really don’t think LA played their best game either. Refs need to swallow their whistle, they f***ed both teams last night. For the record, Ariza wasn’t fully healthy in 08. Like Charles Barkley said, you can’t just jump in the playoffs all willy nilly and expect to be productive.

  • JAY

    @Celts fan: You nailed it with your first 4 words in your post. (I’ll finish reading your post after my rant.. lol) For me it was a boring-ass game. Way too many whistles. These are grown-ass men playing in the NBA Finals. Half of the calls weren’t even fouls in the regular season, never mind the Finals. Swallow your effing whistles at let the men be physical! As soon as Crawford called the double-tech on Pierce and Artest, I knew it was going to be a long night. Growing up watching ball in the 80s, this crap is ridiculous. It’s like everyone is Michael frikkin Jordan… brush him, foul… breathe on him, foul. Bullshit.

  • Celts Fan

    @Dtuck – agreed, but it was Ariza’s ARM that got messed up, and he’s not exactly a shooter anyway. Ariza at 80% is still a FAR BETTER defender than Radmanovic

  • fallinup

    I don’t think we can blame too much on the refs. That double tech 30 seconds into the game had a hand in how the refs would work. I agree. That 4th foul on Ray that sat him down was a big factor in the game. But when everyone expects a chippy game, then PP and Ron get caught up like that… The refs gotta play tighter.

    Speaking of Ron. Give him some credit… He was out there hustlin hard. Celts have a long series if he’s hitting treys and holding paul to just 13 shots in 45 minutes.

  • Brown

    Too many ticky-tack fouls. The first quarter was horrendous. The difference to me was LA forcing turnovers and getting to the rim, something Boston was unable to do. Rondo was getting into the lane, but seemed to be forcing things, not to mention getting blocked repeatedly.

    My reaction to Scal during that timeout was the same. I said “WTF is he doing?” I’m surprised he was even in uniform.


    Yup Celts fan, that’s exactly what I was yelling to Phil through the tv screen in 08. Don’t you wish you could holla @ players and coaches sometimes. We may not be in the league, but sometimes we see crucial things that they just don’t see.

  • Showtime

    @ Celts Fan

    It was not his ARM

    Ariza missed 8 weeks with a broken right foot (stress fracture) that’s why Radmanovich & Walton had to “guard” Pierce

  • sh!tfaced

    What Celts Fan said…

    “PLEASE LET THEM PLAY” – was also all you could see/hear coming out of Doc Rivers’ mouth, within mic range or not.

    If there was one guy who could steal a game away in LA, it was Ray Allen. We all knew Pierce would have his hands full vs Artest. As with Rondo & the Laker big men.

    They never got into any rhythm at all. PP because of Artest, Rondo because of that huge frontcourt and Allen because of the refs – Kobe didn’t have to bring out the D with Ray on the bench most of the time.

    If I were Ray I would’ve joined the Boston “T” party and tried to eke out a tech. Nothing to lose anyway. Would have fired up something too.

    And what the fuck was up with KG? Missing point blanks, bad decisions on offense AND DEFENSE. Maybe it was Pau’s turn to get into his head? KG was definitely the soft one last night.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ eyes

    “Homecourt advantage doesn’t mean the crowd anymore.”

    LOL. Truest thing I heard all day, brother.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    This 2-3-2 format can come back and bite the Lakers. The Celts basically are in a position where they don’t even NEED one of the first two games. If they get game 2, they’ve got a HUGE advantage. I won’t be comfortable until we win game 2, and even then…

  • Celts Fan

    @Showtime – my mistake. I misremembered I guess. Still, I’d rather him defend Pierce on 1 leg than Vlad on 2. My bad, thought it was his arm these last 2 years…

  • Celts Fan

    One other observation from last night – TAKE THE BALL TO THE RACK! Waaaay too many jumpers from the C’s. And I’d kill for KG to have a post move besides a fade-away.

    Anyone still think the Minnesota trade was crazy 1-sided? The Wolves got Big Al (a #2 and great post scorer,) some picks, and a ton of cap space. We got 1 year of the real KG and now he’s just a really good role player with an untradable contract. We got a ring out of the deal and some GREAT years of watching this team, so no complaints, but now that we’re a few years away, can we finally all agree this was a fair trade considering he was on his last legs as an elite guy when it went through? Cap space, picks, and a couple prospects (don’t forget Gerald Green, who was still like a C+ developmental prospect at the time) for a 30 year old star is about as good as you’re gonna get. (Keep in mind that LA got Pau for essentially the same package only Marc Gasol instead of Big Al and Pau’s STILL only 29, 3 years later. Just saying, these trades are always for pennies on the dollar for the team ridding themselves of a star. Minnesota didn’t “give KG away to us” as much as they took the best not-great-value deal they could.)

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    alright ok

    first 2 minutes and i see pierce and ron ron making love.

    ray ray sticking kobe takes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f***in much away from the celts. foul trouble with the real deal, hoisting less shots ’cause of the real deal, and just being busy guarding the real deal can be a real deal problem

    kg chumped the s*** outta pau gasol in the 1st quarter. i mean, he bullied the s*** outta him and forced pau to take a bs perimeter toughie.

    this was the wake up call!! ’cause pau started bustin serious f***in azz. and kg turned into a lil itchbay

    i’m sold. this lake squad is a bomb azz 6-man crew. wit ron ron and ab, they sure seem helluvalot tougher. real talk. helluvalot = understatement

    celts bench actually got outplayed by la. c’mon celts!! don’t make this a short series. i got y’all in 7. act like u kno!!

    anyways, that might be a problem. at one point it seemed the lakers stuffed every shot boston threw up. thats kray zay. la’s is crazy tall n athletic.

    kg, although he’s been looking real good lately. he’s still lost a significant step. no reason pau bodied him up like that. all nite.

    perk got no o. i know his stat line but trust this dude is a 2nd grader stuck in calculus class.

    and shannon brown’s hops is straight nutz

    and of course kobe is all that

    all in all, la tcb’d like they should’ve

    how will the green team respond?

  • Grissy

    The Lakers looked good last night and Mamba is in a whole different zone. I know he’s always been a competitor but he is LOCKED IN right now as we saw in the hilarious Rock clip. Would ‘Bron have been so cold???

    As far as the Celts go, it’s only game 1 but they certainly looked overmatched in almost every area and it was almost sad to see KG struggle so much. He was a straight beast for so many years and now he looks tired and worn. All of that said, I’d expect the Celts to come out strong in Game 2 and maybe even escape Staples with a W.

    P.S: I agree that the refs were a little whistle-happy for the majority of the game so hopefully they let em’ play a little more in Game 2…

  • control

    I didn’t get the chance to watch the game, but everything I keep hearing mentions “well, the refs had to keep it tight”. That just makes me sick. Why do the refs need to influence the game, and why do people just casually mention it like it’s an acceptable thing? Refs should call the game as it is, not try to be tight, loose, or anything in between.

    Fuck the refs! Fuck KG too!

  • Bandolero

    “Or maybe his butt was just sore” ((WHAT WHAT, BUTT)) LMAO… Real Talk: Kobe “The Black Mamba” is playing like the nicca ‘Gutta*, Biggie was talkin about… Just a ruthless-killer the NBA has ever seen… Lakers in 5.(period)

    *”Dont you know my nicca gutta, fu’#ing kidnap kids(celtics), f’king ‘em in the a$$, throw ‘em over the bridge(San Frans Bridge)” hah ha

  • Promoman

    Michael Cooper should have his jersey retired.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    @celts fan

    I still think the trade was one sided. Any time you win a championship because of a trade, you win the trade. 99 out of 100 GMs would trade the farm away if they knew it would put a ring on their finger; and rightly so! Draft picks and prospect are worth pennies compared to a banner hanging in the rafters.

  • Taj

    LOL.. Great end to todays Smack! The Rick Fox line was coooold!

    The refs need to chill out with these double techs they keep handing out. Let playoff basketball be.. Shhit! Guys loose agressiveness after a T and ticky tack fouls. No way Ray Ray shoulda been sitting in the 1st Q.

    Kobe was locked in from the get-go but Gasol was the difference maker. He’s too skilled and agile for KG, Perk to handle. If Lamar wasn’t in Foul trouble they coulda won by more.

    KG should retire after this year. This last injury seems to take its toll on his body. Sad cause he’s been my favorite player for the last 15 yrs.

    Lots more games to play I call Lakers in 6…

  • Taj

    BTW,.. Why the F8%K is Joey Crawford still reffing finals games.. he’s biased as FUCK!

  • sh!tfaced

    The KG of old is gone and he ain’t coming back.

    He already has slowly reinvented his game through the season and he’s just a role player now. He prolly won’t admit it but KG is now just an upgraded version of Antonio McDyess and/or a healthy Kenyon Martin.

    2010 Kevin Garnett – “a little like Pippen on the 2000 Blazers, David Robinson on the 2003 Spurs or Karl Malone on the 2004 Lakers.”

  • Showtime

    @ Celts Fan

    No problem dude, I’m with you on one-legged Ariza over Vlad or Walton

    No if the refs would let them play like back in the day we could have a nice competetive six game series cuz so far these playoffs were lame

  • Jason

    Question: Is Derek Fisher a Hall of Fame point guard?

  • control


    Depends on which Hall of Fame. Basketball, no. Whatever one is related to actors, yes.

  • LakeShow84


    That game shoudlve been a blow out in the FIRST HALF.. The refs kept them in it COMPLETELY..

    Lets not go talkin about the refs..

    And the calls on RayRay were cold but aye that was part of the game plan.. Ray Allen hasnt neccessarily been EXPOSED on D given the Celtics good team defense.. the remedy?? GO RIGHT AT HIM..

    ONCE AGAIN i watch another team come into our house and shoot more FT’s.. And some of you talkin about OFFICIATING??



    Us Laker fans didnt make excuses with 2 of our starters out so lets DAMN SURE not make excuses with the refs..

    And for the record Ariza played the last 2 games but was still rusty.. aint no one comin back from a lower leg injury FRESH off the bat..

    Big Bynum showed what was up yesterday.. Perkins cant see dude and that tech will coming soon..

    And Gasol showed them C’s aint shit but talk.. Talking all that mess about rottweilers and pitbulls.. Nah id call the Celtics a bunch of ChowsChows.. A whole lotta bark but little bite..


  • D.I. Dollar

    All the Lakers heard heading into the Finals was that they were the underdogs because Boston was too “physical” and that they couldn’t match up with Bostons bigs because they were less “physical”. Now that we took on the challenge and beat you at your own game all the excuses come out. KG is done. The refs are calling too many fouls. Ray Ray was a non-factor. Blah, blah, blah…

    The Lakers came in and from start to end took care of business. Boston had no answer for the Lakers pushing back. The refs called a lot of fouls but it was not just against Boston, a lot of shitty calls went against the Lakers too.

    Now KG being done is just ridiculous. He carried you guys to the Finals and now that you guys took a punch in the face it’s because he’s lost a step. I seem to remember him hitting that signature turn around jumper a few times in the game. He just doesn’t have any help. The other bigs are being swallowed up by Bynumn and he’s having to guard Pau straight up. It’s taking a lot out of him to have to run on both ends. When they get back to Boston and KG has a great game at home watch all the dick riders come back.

    The difference between now and 08 is the Lakers have Ron Ron. His defense has been the key. If we would have had Bynum in 08 you could make the argument that the series would have went the other way but if we had Ron and no Bynum we defenitely would be playing for our 3rd straight. You cannot minimalize the toughness he brings whether or not he takes bad shots sometimes, he punks people for the ball and that is priceless.

    Like I been saying Lakers in 5 maybe 6. We’re just plain better than Boston. In 08 Boston was a top tier team. This year they are just lucky to be there. The only real problem I see with this years Lakers squad is they have a real bad habbit of letting players sneak back into games they should win by 20+. We got to watch that.

  • Celts Fan

    @DH – you don’t understand how this works, do you? Minnesota moved him CUZ THEY KNEW THEY WEREN’T GONNA WIN ANYTHING. They got younger, got a keeper who’s, at worst, a 3rd option, got some draft picks, and cleared up a ton of cap space. We took on a great player towards the end of his career, got 1 ring during the 1 year of real KG, and a few years of him in his current state and HUGE contract. My point is that both teams accomplished everything they were looking to do w/ this trade. If you know of a better offer that was out there for him, by all means throw it out. When a team looks to move an aging superstar, they always want young talent (Big Al,) a 50/50 prospect (Gerald Green – that didn’t work out,) draft picks (2 #1s,) and cap space (about $17M worth of it from this deal.)

    This deal was better than what Philly got for AI and what Memphis got for Pau (who was actually still in the early part of his prime!!!) Other than the Shaq to Mia move, name a better deal a team’s gotten for a later-in-his-career superstar.

  • LakeShow84


    What a joke.. Them foo’s got WAY MORE touch fouls than us..

    F#$K the Celtics..

    Like i said the only thing they can lean on is being tough.. And i give it to them cuz it got them this far.. That and Rondo.. But that toughness shit aint gonna do shit against Kobs, Artest and Bynum.. Oh and Gasol looks pissed as well..

    So once again..

    F#$K the Celtics.. Last night wasnt shit.. We takin something in Boston..

  • sh!tfaced


    Derek Fisher belongs in the Hall of Fame

    …along with Bruce Bowen, Reggie Evens, Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, William Regal, The Million Dollar Man, Eddie Guerrero, Sheamus, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bill Romanowski, Ty Cobb, etc. That Hall of Fame.

  • http://twitter.com/soulonice6 soulonice

    @ D.I. Dollar

    Preach, brother! I’m witcha in your disgust with people piling on KG. Some criticism is warranted, but people are going overboard with it. Pau played great; KG played like crap, and that should be the end of it. He’ll bounce back.

  • BHop2010

    Dear Dime,

    I wanted the Celtics to win the finals since im from Boston. But the truth is that the lakers are winning the finals this year. In 5 or 6 games. When a Phil Jackson coached team wins Game 1 that means the series is over. He’s like 45-0 when his team wins Game 1. This series is over. Time to talk about whether anyone can prevent the lakers from 3 peating. If the lakers are healthy next year, there winning the championship again. Dime, its time to start writing an article about the Lakers being the 2009-2010 champions. Kobe & Co redeem themselves.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ Nah ^^^ its time to start acknowleding we have another Dynasty.. 3 straight Finals appearances and we getting 2 O’Briens out of it..

    Yeah the good ol days are back.. And we dont have a 400lbs CRYBABY talkin out his neck this time around..

  • the cynic

    This series’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!

  • the cynic

    did anyone else have a good laugh watching Pierce and Garnett play like a couple of wusses?

  • Celts Fan

    @Lakeshow – I’m calling BS right now. YOU didn’t say anything (I remember you being the lone one saying, “We lost. What can you do?” I’ll give you credit) but EVERY SINGLE ONE of the rest of the Laker fans here were whining like crazy about Bynum all summer long and trying to discredit it like the Lakers were missing Pau or Kobe.

  • LakeShow84

    @ CeltsFan

    I would like to say that during these Finals i will be talkin straight from the gut so while i may come off as an asshole Laker fan please understand i have no ill will towards ya my man..

    I just hate your team so much lol last night was damn near orgasmic.. we controlled the game in every way..

    But you have to admit without the officiating the game wouldve been blown open in the closing minutes of the 1st quarter and parts of the 2nd.. they stalled shit out generously for you guys, bottomline..

    I just think they had to even out they calls towards the end of the game.. But still you guys came into our house and got some questionable calls AND won the FT battle..

    Cant blame officiating for favoring us for nothing..

    RayRay CANT keep up Kobe.. bottom line.. you guys better get used to foul trouble if he stays with him.. Kobes going right at him..

  • SlimeBucket

    Not a Laker fan and definitely not a Kobe fan but no way Boston is going to win in LA. Celtics will be lucky to win one game this series and that will be a tight one. The Celtics basically overachieved to get to the Finals and the Lakers were not playing up to their potential but they are now. When Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmer are hurting you then you know the series is over. It will suck to have Kobe win another ring as he is an asshole but is playing the best basketball of his career right now so I got to respect that. Celtics are done in terms of winning rings with this group. This team is already old and will only be older next year. Are they going to tank the whole season next year and come in as the eight seed so they are rested? I see Rivers retiring, Allen signing the MLE with a contender, and Pierce staying with the Celtics because KG is done which is sad. I want to forget about KG from the last 2 years. I choose to selectively remember KG from the Minnie days and his year in Boston. :)

    I don’t see anybody beating LA next year either which sucks since the LA fans are so obnoxious. Maybe unless a bunch of these free agents take a pay cut to make a super team. Again really unlikely.


    One Goddamn game and they’re already writing off the Celtics. Bullshit. Celtics steal game 2 and everyone will eat fucking crow and be saying shit at Artest, Fisher and how shallow the Lakers bench really is.

    Lots of Lakers fans all of a sudden too. I’m gonna fucking bet some of them we’re Bulls fans in the 1990s, Spurs fans in early 2000 and now they’re shitting Lakers fans now. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • control


    I think it’s not that they are Laker fans, I think they are just Celt haters. There is a lot of reason to hate the Celts, they are fucking douchebags, act all tough and talk all tough but don’t mind faking injuries to get calls (and then getting up acting like they want to fight).

    Fuck the Celts, they are washed up and wrote off.

  • LakeShow84


    “I’m gonna fucking bet some of them we’re Bulls fans in the 1990s, Spurs fans in early 2000 and now they’re shitting Lakers fans now. HAHAHAHAHAHA”

    That shit is funny..

    Where are all the Bulls fans at nowadays?? Those days were always funny to me.. California Bulls fans.. Bleh id rather them had been real and said they were just JORDAN fans..

  • wifey
  • K Dizzle

    1) 1 down, 3 to go. I ain’t celebratin shit…We lose the next game and dudes’ll start trippin. Chill…

    2)Celtics fans need to stall on the KG hate. Shit is embarrassin. Without KG, it’s Pierce, Allen, Al Jeff, Perkins and Rondo. Good team long term but no rings comin. KG brought that defense that led to that first ring. He misses the next year with a knee and Orlando starts thinkin they were good in ’09. KG comes back at 70% this season and it’s back to the Finals. You tellin me that 2 trips to the Finals in 3 seasons ain’t a fair trade for Al “acl” Jefferson. Y’all got some short ass memories of where Pierce’s career was headed before KG got there. Celts fans who rip on KG now that he hurt piss me off like Laker heads rippin on Fish or rippin on Kobe sayin he needed to play better when dude was out there with one knee, one ankle and one torn-up hand.

    3) Ray Allen cannot stay with Kobe, not anymore. Those days are done. Other teams put bigger, taller defensive stoppers on Kobe. Think Thabo or Afflalo. Ray is too valuable offensively to be tryin to contain #24. Looked like Doc got caught offguard with us puttin Kobe on Rondo.
    Worst call of the night had to be Ray Allen drivin to the hoop, Lamar is standin straight up, hands stretched. Ray blows the lay-up, Lamar grabs the board………whistle blows. Whatever happened to no-calls?

    Lakers all day, baby!
    1 down, 3 to go



    the hate, i dig. but the fair weather fan shit is bullshit. they still gonna eat their words after game 2. but fuck yeah, these celtics now are nothing but bluffers. leon powe was the only true fighter among them. read somewhere that big baby knows mma moves, but with that cry baby rep, he ain’t scaring no one. not even his best friend. since he the one who hit on his bitch. hahahahaha. perkins maybe tough too, but now he’s just fucking scared shitless of getting a tech.


    shit is funny but at the same time true. them california bulls fans maybe making a major fuck comeback if lebron joins the bulls.