Latest News, NBA / Jun 3, 2010 / 11:54 pm

Lakers 102, Celtics 89: Instant Analysis

Why the Lakers won: They got to the rim. The one subplot of this series nobody really talked about beforehand is that Boston doesn’t have James Posey anymore. (In fact, the most Posey-ish player in the 2010 Finals is Ron Artest.) Back in ’08, Posey was instrumental in the effort to muscle Kobe and make him strictly a jump shooter. Tonight, Kobe was driving and getting layups, while Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum lived on offensive rebounds and easy dunks.

Why the Celtics lost: Bad decision-making. Whether it was turnovers, passing up good shots for worse shots, playing out of control, or certain guys deciding not to work on free throws when they were 12 years old, the C’s shot themselves in the foot on a night where their margin for error was zero.

Key numbers: Kobe Bryant (30 pts, 7 rebs, 6 asts); Pau Gasol (23 pts, 14 rebs, 3 blks); Paul Pierce (24 pts, 9 rebs); Rajon Rondo (13 pts, 8 asts); Rebounds (L.A. 42, Boston 31).

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  • lifep

    Dang, the game just ended..You guys are fast

  • gilford22

    I don’t think James Posey is the one who guarded Kobe that time, he mostly guarded Lamar Odom in that series and Garnett guarded Pau Gasol.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    How can K.G drain mid-range jumpers with Pau Gasol in his face ,but miss wide open layups?

  • Clemo

    1, 2, 3, 4 can I add just a little more?! :) GO KOBE!!!

  • fallinup

    Garnett looked creaky out there next to Gasol. Gasol played like a man on a mission. Kobe was plain Kobe. And Artest was my MVP.

    Pierce got 24. But he played 45 minutes… the most out of any Celtic by far. Was the 3rd one with the most shots. Even with Ray in foul trouble most of the second half… PP only got off 13 shots. Artest had a big hand in that.

    He’s Phil’s new Dennis Rodman. Too many weapons. And too much height.

  • LakeShow84

    Goodnight Boston..

    We wont be out muscled this time.. And they were lucky it was that close.. Shouldve been blown out in the 1 half..

    3 more reasons why Boston will lose..

    Because when it all boils down to it they are just a bunch of wannabe tough guys who try to get into your head and take you off your game.. Orlando figured that out too late.. Just a bunch of a talk.. thats all they got.. KG talkin shit when the game was already decided?? WACK to the end..

    Bryant can keep Rondo in check.. No rondo, No go..

    Pierce cant see Artest.. Funny as f#$k watching him try to get the upfake.. Not this series buddy..

    Oh and Kobe Bryant is quite possibly the best to ever do it.. Ill even get caught up in the talk.. Dude has damn near MASTERED the game of basketball and hes got a GOOD 4-5 more years left.. Shit shuttin down the engine of the opposing team AND spearheading the O??


  • LakeShow84

    And looks like that game winner set Artests game straight..

    Shit talk about a dynasty..

  • fallinup

    And holy shit. Boston only hit 1 damn 3 pointer. Allen’s 4th foul was the co-MVP.

  • fallinup

    Kobe’s tear drop over Perk… and his block on Tony Allen. = Pretty, so pretty.

  • Promoman

    James Posey’s job on Kobe is vastly overrated. James & Paul Pierce took turns on Kobe and when Kobe broke them down, everybody else went over to help. Not to take away from James Posey or Paul Pierce, but neither of them limited Kobe. Boston just had a deeper roster & played a physical series. Boston doesn’t have the depth advantage this time around and I don’t see them winning more than 2 games, barring some extreme circumstance happening to the Lakers.

  • yoda

    where was the best player in the world? maybe he can’t play without his wheelchair?
    like i said, andrew will be an x factor for lakers in this series. 10 points, 10 rebounds, solid effort. you can’t ask for more at this time.
    so far, so good.
    los angeles lakers 1 : boston actresses 0

  • Diego

    Interesting stat they gave that Garnett has been in the league just one more year than Kobe. Kobe certainly is an assassin. LeBron might be the most gifted player in the game today, but Kobe has shown in these playoffs that he simply is the “most valuable player,” not LeBron (and not D. Howard or Durant).

    Bynum’s significance is overlooked. Guy is simply huge, and makes Pau a hell of a lot more effective.

    Can’t stand Fish, but he certainly has brought his A game to this year’s playoffs.

    Finally, just who is the cat in the white hat and white shades that sits next to J. Nicholson every game? (And Chris Rock looks like he is about 13 years old still.)

  • Bruce

    There was a Tyrone Lue sighting!

  • GameOn

    The dude that sits next to Jack is music producer Lou Adler.

  • yoda

    i like when camera showed celebrities in crowd, and everyone had his first and last name spelled, only nicholson had just: jack. nice thing :)
    @ diego: you are right, d-fish showed lakers keeps him around.

  • OneZero

    I keep telling everyone, the reason Celtic will struggle and lose the final is because they don’t have someone to “slow” Kobe who should be Posey

    Allen,Pierce will have foul troubles guarding him, Daniels and Tony Allen is too small.

    Kobe will have his way, and as the article mention, Lakers in turn have their own “Posey” in artest.

    Lakers must must win…

  • Andy

    Great game by the Lakers…Certaintly not the type of game that i expected…The Lakers overpowered the Celtics, they dominated them, killed them in the paint. I also liked their fouling, for the first time in years, they actually fouled hard enough to make guys miss shots. Bynum was huge, asserting himself down low, dunking all over the Celtics. Considering his limited time, and injury, he played great. Kobe was…well, Kobe, which means best player in the NBA. Of course he’ll keep reaching 30, that’s what he does, he’s the leader ( great moment: press conference, reporter asks Gasol if he’s going to watch Rafael Nadal’s tennis game in the morning, Pau says he needs to wake up early…Kobe abbruplty intervenes going : no, he’s gonna get his rest).
    Gasol was fantastic. The first few minutes he looked like the soft dude from 2008, but afterwards, he murdered the Celtics down low. Great game, balanced, he dominated, swatted shots, and showed that great finesse around the basket can go hand in hand with hard defense.
    Ron-Ron hit Pierce all over, didn’t let him get open, and kept him mostly in check, while scoring a bunch himself ( addmitedly, he did put up his usual idiotic shots wih 2 or 3 guys on him, and Kobe/Pau/Fish wide open, but hey, he did a good job on D).
    Fish impressed me. Savvy veteran, made the Celts commit some stupid fouls on him, and gave great passes and was his usual sharp-shooting self.
    Moving to the Celtics…If they play like this, this is going to get really ugly, really fast. KG again reminded people that in the winter we all said he’s washed up and in this game, he basically was. Ray got in a lot of foul trouble ( i think the refs overdid it a few times) . Pierce was pretty good, but not stellar. Rondo played a pretty bad game..he didn’t dominate, he didn’t drive. Heck, it’s harder when Kobe’s guarding you, but still, he has to give more. Rasheed god another T, as usual, but was also good on the floor, defended great, good game.
    If the Celts don’t wake up, this is going to be a veeery short series…If you let L.A. hit 48% and get over 100…you’re dead. And the great thing: the Lakers looked incredibly robust on D, finally using their great size advantage effectively against the Celts. KG and Perk can’t grow a few inches taller, but they were destroyed this game. They need to do a much better job next time around…If they go down, and the Lakers are 2-0, they’re toast.

  • king

    i say the key to the game was the refs deciding to take Ray out of the game

  • Sporty-j

    Great game by L.A. and this is obviously not the same Celtics team from 2008 that had Leon Powe, Eddie House, and most of all James Posey. While Boston has subtract and lost key players the Lakers added a key player in Artest and they now have Bynum this time around. Did i also mention they have a Kevin Garnett thats not the same since he injured his knee last year even though he still effective at 70%. If Ray Allen stays out of foul trouble i see this being a good series if not the lakers will win in 5 and definitely 6 which means it was a great series because the lakers have a huge advantage this time around…