NBA / Jun 8, 2010 / 11:50 pm

Lakers 91, Celtics 84: Instant Analysis

Kobe Bryant, Dime #55

Why the Lakers won: Depth. Contrary to what you may have seen in the second and third quarters, the Lakers are not a one-man show. Kobe Bryant didn’t score for the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter, but L.A. maintained its lead thanks to Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol (mostly Fisher) hitting big shots. In the first quarter, when Ron Artest sat down with foul trouble, Luke Walton replaced him and surprisingly didn’t get shredded by Paul Pierce. And during the big four-minute run in the first half where L.A. built an ultimately insurmountable 17-point lead, everybody from Shannon Brown to Jordan Farmar to Andrew Bynum got buckets. That’s eight guys who made a positive contribution out of the 10 Lakers who played.

Why the Celtics lost: They couldn’t shoot. If you wanted “Jekyll and Hyde” from Ray Allen, you got it. Going into the fourth quarter Ray was 0-for-13 from the field and pretty much stopped shooting after the third quarter. Paul Pierce wasn’t as bad — he had a lot of shots rattle out on him and stayed aggressive down the stretch — but he also didn’t deliver like a superstar should. Rasheed Wallace missed every one of those momentum-building, crowd-exploding threes he’s known to make. And almost every Celtic had a hand in the bad free-throw shooting. When you lose a game by seven points where you missed 14 three-pointers and eight free throws, that hurts.

Key numbers: Kobe Bryant (29 pts, 10-29 FG, 7 rebs, 3 blks); Derek Fisher (16 pts); Pau Gasol (13 pts, 10 rebs); Kevin Garnett (25 pts, 6 rebs); Ray Allen (2 pts, 0-13 FG); Paul Pierce (15 pts, 5-12 FG); Free throws (Lakers 21-24, Celtics 16-24).

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  • Cha-Ching

    Nice ref crew. Betta team won. Fish is a stud in the crunch!

  • Cha-Ching

    P.S. First! Holla at ya boy.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Tough win for L.A. Derek Fisher clearly won the game for us. Kobe took some “WTF were you thinking” type shots tonight

  • 2 Easy

    Celts were sloppy and got into a hole that they couldnt get out of. Fish showed y he’s still not only on that team but starting and important. It was amazing to see Fish and Big Baby showed their the most important role players this is a great finals and I dont care how often people complain instant replay is a great help and made sure 3 correct calls were made

  • fallinup

    FISHER! FISHER! FISHER! Whoduthunk?

  • Bruce

    What an encore performance by Milk-dud (Ray Allen)! One of the best ever! The big Goose-Egg!

    Veteran Leadership by the four-time champion, Derek Fisher!

  • ShowKase

    “Dat Fish Cold.”

  • alf (from melmak)

    Missed free throws and Derek Fisher coming up big in the fourth quarter was the story. Never mind the missed threes but free throws? They are called “free” for a reason.

    Anyone has a take on the instant replay rule in the last two minutes? I know it has its pros and cons.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    @alf I personally don’t mind it as long as they get the call right. But I thought the review on the Odom and Rondo play was kind of weird though.Rondo clearly fouled Odom,yet they had to give the ball to the Celtics because Lamar hit the ball out

  • sh!tfaced

    The fuck… Defense, inconsistent refs, a ton of bricks & more defense.

    For a moment there, I thought I was watching UGLYBALL 1994 all over again. They looked a lot like a mix of the Knicks & Rockets.
    Ray choked like John Starks.
    Kobe forced shots like Mad Max.
    Pierce was a bit like Matt Bullard (all threes, nothing else).
    Artest was as ugly as Anthony Mason/Bonner.
    KG had flashes of Hakeem, while Pau did his best Ewing impression – like he didn’t want the ball during crunch time.
    Odom kinda looked like Horry.
    And Fisher was Kenny/Cassell or whoever was making his shots then.

    Butt fucking ugly game. Props to the Lakers though, they held back rally after rally even when things weren’t going their way.

  • CITY


    Check out the comments in the post b4 this: “carmelo at house of hoop”

    the third one in which psychic helped predict what to say and check out the time it was posted if you want proof

    ..well b4 game was even over

  • D.I. Dollar

    I’ll say it for you Boston fans…the refs sucked. I’m an equal opportunity ref basher. Damn, so many bad calls went against Boston and I think that was the difference.

    I gotta admit I got bubble guts when the Celtics made their run, but the Lakers held em off and took the series lead.

    It was crazy to see how hyped the crowd was in the first few minutes and then how quiet it got when the Lakers went up by 17. You could hear a pin drop in there.

  • D.I. Dollar

    @ CITY

    That was an easy one to predict especially when you posted it at 7:19 and the Lakers were already up by 17. What’s next??? I bet the sun will rise in the East and set in the West.

    I predict that Dime will make 35 posts about Boston in the next48 hours and at

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO! Psychic my ass!

    CITY says:
    “so i bet dimemag.com puts up an instant analysis of the lakers win tonight right after the game is over”

    DIME always puts up instant analysis right after every finals game, dipshit. All you predicted was a Lakers win. Big deal. That’s like calling it heads or tails in a coin flip. Nothing “psychic” about that.

    We all bet DIME will put up Instant Analysis right after GAMES 4 & 5. We also predict SMACK will follow Instant Analysis after a few hours. GTFOH!!!

  • MJ

    Anyone who thinks Farmar and Brown made “positive contributions” didn’t watch past the first half. Both of them were useless in the second half – Farmar was a turnover waiting to happen and Brown got DUSTED on defense by anyone he went near. Both of them stagnated the offense when they were in with poor spacing and bad reads.

    This game was decided by a hot-shooting Laker first half, a cold-shooting Boston first half and clutch buckets from Fisher. Honorable mention to Big Baby, as much as it pains me, as he was the spark plug for Boston’s run – pity, for them, that he ran outta gas.

    2-1 Lakers. This is good. This is great. We finna take 1 more in Boston then close it out at home.

  • darkdefender

    This is the 2nd year in a row i have criticized Derek Fisher all season long, and the 2nd year he has proven me wrong in the finals.

    Derek, I’m sorry for everything I’ve said. I take it all back. You’re a baller. I love you, man.

  • Celts Fan

    what a bullshit game. the refs took that shit from us (not that we were doing well on our own.) every time they got close, it was another BS call that was NEVER being called on the other end. And-1s for them were no calls (or, in one really egregious case in the 4th, a really late, only-whistled-cuz-Baby-missed foul.) Get the fuck outta here with Pierce having 5 fouls. One of our guys is always in foul trouble within 3 minutes. It’s getting fuckin old. We played like shit (thanks for showing up Ray) but it’d be nice to see how this series would shake out if we could actually play 5 on 5 instead of 8 on 5. We may have still lost both games (probably would have, esp. game 1) but it’d be really cool to get a fairly officiated game once in a while here. I feel like a Mavs fan 4 years ago. Fuck David Stern, Bill Kennedy, Bennet Salvatore, and Danny Crawford. I hope you all get chlamydia.

  • CITY

    u guys r slow
    it was emphasizing the fact that the article wuld be “of a lakers win”

    it wasnt supposed to be focused on the fact dime wuld put an “instant analysis”

    jus da fact it was of a win

    and im in NEW YORK so the time it was posted was **11:32**

    wen the game was within 1 and goin back and forth dipsticks!!

  • CITY

    so p.s

    sh!tface AND D.I. Dollar

    ……are idiots for not being able to read and decipher english

  • RapTOr

    That D-Fish layup was orgasmic!!!!

  • CITY

    also, y wuld you MORONS (sh!tface AND D.I. Dollar) think that the prediction was wen the instant analysis wuld be posted?

    ISN’T THE POINT OF INSTANT TO BE INSTANT?? so of course its a given that it would come after the game..

    but you guys ignore the fact of “LAKERS WIN” analysis

    ….dipsticks smh…

    yea i said dipsticks…call em how i see em …pause

  • alf (from melmak)

    Word for the day — orgasmic.

    How many ways can I use orgasmic in a sentence? Let me count them down. :)

  • Legend 33

    I hate the Lakers with a passion cuz I’m a 3rd generation Celtics fan. But Fisher is okay in my book cuz dude is a class act and has earned my respect. Kobe can learn a thing or two from Fish about how a professional acts on and off the court.

  • welcome back to reality

    just when i thought fish was finished, he turns around and surprises me with clutch performances like this one

  • sh!tfaced

    Yeah, yeah, whatever, DIPSTICK. Then why call yourself “psychic”, MORON?

    Like I said, PSYCHIC MY ASS, DIPSTICK. All I need is to use your own words. We don’t need to change much here, MORON.

    That’s why I quoted your MORON prediction, DIPSTICK. And I’ll post/paste it again just for your slow ass for emphasis.

    CITY says:
    “so i bet dimemag.com puts up an instant analysis of the lakers win tonight right after the game is over”

    So I’m gonna break down what you said and see who is the slow one, DIPSTICK.

    You said “bet dimemag.com puts up an instant analysis… …tonight right after the game is over”

    Check it, MORON. I just took out FOUR words (“of the lakers win”) there and your DIPSHIT “psychic prediction” isn’t worth damn shit. As I said earlier, Dime ALWAYS puts up an ‘Instant Analysis” right after every game, DIPSHIT.

    So there’s nothing special about your prediction, MORON.

    As for the FOUR other words – ‘instant analysis’ “of the lakers win” – shit, DIPSTICK, that’s like guessing which side of the coin flip would show, HEADS or TAILS, LAKERS of CELTICS. Ain’t nothing fuckin’ “PSYCHIC” there, DIPSTICK. A MORON like you guessed it right. So what. Half of NBA fans around the world made that “psychic” prediction as well, DIPSTICK.

    And you’re the only one who’s MORONIC enough to brag about being “PSYCHIC” about it, DIPSTICK.

    Decipher you own MORONIC English, DIPSTICK.

  • sh!tfaced

    @22 Hey, Alf. How’s this for word of the day.

    CITY was so “ORGASMIC” about his “MORONIC” prediction, he ignored his own “INSTANT ANALYSIS” of his “PSYCHIC” words.

    The game was NEVER back and forth, like the ORGASMIC DIPSTICK said. Boston never lead, so how was it “back and forth”?

    And by the way, MORON, how DIME makes their Instant Analysis, it goes both ways, DIPSTICK. They obviously take notes during the game on how the Lakers or Celtics do while playing – on how they are winning and losing that certain game and post their observation on how the results come out, DIPSTICK.

    And they weren’t so ORGASMIC about what they say, unlike some DIPSTICKS out there.

    For your info, MORONIC DIPSHIT. SMH. GTFOH.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ sh!tfaced

    Man, that was so brutally funny. I am still laughing while typing this.

    But go easy on the man (Or is it woman?). You made your point and the foot is in the mouth already. No sense on using energy to release anger. Save it for the best (you know what) orgasmic pleasures. :)

  • A.R.

    @ Celts Fan

    I call BULLSHIT! Yes i agree the refs are doing a horrible job in this series however the foul trouble Pierce was in was far more warranted than the five fouls Kobe had in game 2. I guarantee you the lakers would have won game two had it not been for those bullshit calls even with Ray going NBA2k with the sliders on 100 in the first half. And as far as the refs “taking” the game from you guys how about you guys knock down sum free throws and maybe not let Fish butt rape your defense in the fourth quarter before you cry about something being taken.

    Big ups too ma dude Fish though he’s always been ma boy.

    Here hoping Ray of tonight shows up the rest of the series. I don’t think my heart can take anymore of that shit he going in game 2.

  • A.R.

    2 down 2 to go


  • OneZero


    3 years ago, I would agree with you, Kobe was an a$$ when he demanded that trade, but he wasnt an immature dude no more ever since 08

  • Lake Fan

    @Celts Fan

    Hey, lets not talk about Game 2. All the calls went in favor for your Boston Celtics team. You want examples, lets talk about how Kobe got back to back foul calls. Need a refresher? Your Jekyll & Hyde Ray Ray flopped like a bitch. Then Kobe is called for a foul when Rondo fell out of bounds trying to save a ball. Need another example of another bad call? In the replay you can clearly see KG hits the ball out of bounds, when both KG and Pau was going up for the rebound. Refs first made a bad call saying it was out on Pau. AND they still got it wrong even after reviewing it. All these bad calls were game changers that was against the Lakers. Yes, I agree there were bad calls made on the Celtics as well, however they weren’t game changers. KG aka The Big Ticket was nowhere to be seen the whole game. Fouls called on him weren’t game changers. It actually helped the Celtics when he was Davis came in for him. Let’s be real. The Lakers winning Game 2 wouldn’t have been as sexy as the Celtics winning. Why? Ray’s bitchass breaks the Finals record for most 3’s. Rondo gets a triple double. Celtics fight back and reclaims its reputation as being the more aggressive team. Its a sexy story. However, if the Lakers win? There really isn’t much of a story there. Additionally, the league loses a whole shit load of money if the series is short. Catch my drift?

    Let’s not talk about the bad calls against the Lakers in Game 3. When Fisher was hitting those shots in the 4th quarter, he got hit with 2 quick fouls. Game changer? I think so. Why? Because he was hitting shots! There was a shot where he dribbled to the left and goes up for a jumper. He gets hit but was there a call? Nope. Odom gets hit in the arm by Rondo over a rebound, but was there a call? Nope.

    I think I’ve made my point.

    Just like you, I can make a case for the Lakers. To be quite honest, Celtics have been getting the better end of all these bad calls. There were bad calls for both teams, but game changing calls? You have to go with Boston benefiting the most.

    In closing, Fuck the NBA. David Stern hasn’t learned anything from the Donaghy case. This is the very reason why the league has such a bad rep. Its a conspiracy!

  • OneZero

    oh and uh…wow for Rondo, as a pg, he is such a terrible terrible free throw shooter and he just confirms it.

    my friend who doesnt know nba that well even said: “I think he shot worse free-throw than Shaq”

    D-Fish was awesome, always like that at the most critical of times, but Kobe really needs to step up to finish this series once and for all.

  • oaxiac

    Dime called Fisher one of the 5 worst defenders in one article.Well Fisher says Dime can suck it.

  • Celts Fan

    @Anyone talking about game 2. THE LAKERS HAD 20 MORE FOULS THAN US CALLED FOR THEM. How you gonna say anything about that???

  • Dayo

    “When you lose a game by five points where you missed 14 three-pointers and eight free throws, that hurts”? But the score was 91-84. That means losing by 7 points!

  • Clayton

    I have no interest in the debate over who’s getting more terrible calls, as there are a ridiculous number of bad and soft calls going both ways.
    One thing would love to see the replay used for: If a player flops (Like Gasol snapping his head back in his acting job to get a foul on KG) – a coach should be able to contest the flop, and if it is determined to be an egregious acting job, the flopper should get a technical and be forced to wear a pink short shorts for the rest of the series. The flopping just kills the game – and it HAS TO STOP.

  • Lake Fan

    @Celts Fan

    20 more fouls??? And how many of them were legit fouls???

    Did you watch the Finals in 2008? When Leon Powe (WHO? LEONE POWE? IS HE EVEN IN THE NBA? WHICH TEAM DOES HE PLAY FOR?) shot more free throws than the entire Laker team!

    “How you gonna say anything about that???”

    I rest my case.

  • CITY

    ((((((why is alf on sh!tfaced MEAT???)))


  • Unbias Fan

    @Celts Fan

    The fouls in game 2 between each team were even at 29 you fucking dipshit. Nice job making up a non-existent stat.

  • http://ekama.vip-blog.com samuel blaise joseph ndiaye

    The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics 91-84 in the third game of the championship final North American professional basketball (NBA), played Tuesday (best of seven games).

    The Los Angeles Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant (29 points), were imposed in the hall of the Boston Celtics 91-84 to lead 2-1 in the final final
    Championship North American professional basketball (NBA)
    “They (Celtics) have pushed but never seizing control of the party,” said Bryant, who distinguished himself by his skill on the field and his rants during the dead time. “It’s my job and my responsibility. And it works pretty well for the moment,” welcomed the leader of the Lakers, well supported by Derek Fisher (16 points), Pau Gasol (13 pts, 10 rebounds) and Andrew Bynum (10 rebounds).
    The Celtics took the best start by leading 12-5 but then the Lakers controlled the first half of the game (52-40), even with an advantage of 17 points in the second quarter, to the chagrin of some 18,000 spectators .
    For the second straight time, both teams fought a tight end with the Lakers emerged victorious this time thanks to 11 points from Fisher in the last quarter. The address found Kevin Garnett (25 pts) was not sufficient where the duo to the Celtics Paul Pierce, Ray Allen has managed a poor combined total of 5 / 25 to fire. Allen, hero of the previous game (win at Los Angeles) including winning eight baskets, ended this time with a dotted zero since the
    three-point line.
    We would like to see the same matchlors the 4th round, because we saw some beautiful duels yesterday lol

  • stev

    Was I the only one who saw rondA reaching out for kobe’s ankle after he tripped as a result of kobe beating him on the drive? Doesnt surprise me after his antics against the bulls last year. No class rondA. NO CLASS.


    @ 38

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA get that weak case bullshit out of here. pathetic comeback man. give it up. you lookin like a fucktard faggot saying that bullshit.

  • BHop2010

    After the C’s won Game 2 I had hope they might this series even though Phil Jackson is 47-0 when his team wins Game 1. But now, they also have to deal with this. 11 times the finals has been tied at 1, and all 11 times the team that won Game 3 won the series. The series is over. Its official: Lakers are the 2009-2010 champs. Lakers are too good to lose 3 out of 4 games.

    As long as the Lakers stay healthy next year, there winning again. We have another dynasty. Kobe is going to have 6 rings like MJ. Lakers will be the first team since the 00-02 Lakers to win 3 in a row. Time to start comparing the 09-11 Lakers to the other great teams.

  • Scalabrine


    Are you really complaining about officiating in Game 2?!? I agree that Kobe had 2 phantom fouls, and I’m not saying that every call went either team’s way, but your Lakers shot 41 FREE THROWS!!!

    Pierce gets called for 2 fouls that are equally as horrible in Game 3. How can that not have an affect on Boston?

    Bottom line is, NBA officiating blows. Superstar calls are out of control. Officials constantly wait to blow the whistle until after a missed shot has been rebounded, and when a star, like Kobe, argues, like in Game 1, or the second greatest coach ever, Phil Jackson, bitches and moans, like before every playoff game, the refs are swayed.

    Maybe Donaghy knows what he’s talking about.

  • CITY

    @ #42

    en fuego .. u sound like a ricky martin die hard fan..spanish nicknames r not cool, look at how retarded big baby sounded wen he want to be called UNO UNO..mr en fuego lol smh stright losers on this website, i need to switch to nba yahoo sports…