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Lakers: A 3-Peat Is One Trade Away

Another amazing NBA season has come to an end. But no time for reminiscing, everybody wants to know what the Lakers need to do to ensure themselves a fourth straight NBA Finals appearance and a third straight NBA Championship. From possible major shakeups to the NBA Draft and free agency, here’s looking forward to the 2010-11 Los Angeles Lakers.

Possible Major Shakeups
I seriously believe that Chris Bosh‘s future is in the Lakers’ hands. There’s a lot of speculation as where the 6-10 NBA All-Star will end up. And according to multiple sources, Bosh could have been playing in a Laker uniform last night. The trade was virtually an Andrew Bynum for Bosh swap, with maybe a couple of players or picks thrown in to compensate for Bosh’s salary, and could still conceivably go down.

Add that to the fact that Bosh wants to play for the Lakers – as it was reported that he compiled a wish list of five teams that included the Lakers, Heat, Knicks, Bulls and Raptors – and we could see a new starting five come October.

Personally, I think that with the possibility of Bosh teaming up with another superstar, it would be smart for L.A. to make the deal. They would be giving up a great young talent in Bynum, but he still has yet to prove that he will ever be injury free. Also, the move would push Pau Gasol back to the center position where he is totally capable of playing and playing well.

With or without Bosh, the Lakers need to ensure Phil Jackson‘s services for the foreseeable future. It’s no secret that the Dr. Jerry Buss would like to cut Jackson’s salary, but unfortunately for Dr. Buss’ checkbook, Jackson is worth every single penny of his $12 million dollar salary. Winning the NBA Championship last night definitely helps Phil’s chances of returning, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

NBA Draft
As far as the Draft is concerned, the Lakers have two second round picks – Pick No. 43 (via Memphis) and Pick No. 58. The Lakers need to add depth to their bench, especially due to the fact that they could possibly lose Derek Fisher (which I seriously doubt) and Jordan Famar. It probably wouldn’t hurt for them to look at a point guard with one of those picks.

Free Agency
Fisher is the emotional leader for the Lakers. Say whatever you want, but without him, the Lakers don’t win the NBA championship. Simple as that. The Lakers have to do their best to re-sign Fisher simply for his championship pedigree and big shot capability. Plus, let’s be frank, Kobe Bryant wants him back. And usually whatever Kobe wants, Kobe gets. But Fisher is one of six free agents for the Lakers, as L.A. could potentially lose Farmar (restricted), Josh Powell, D.J. Mbenga, Adam Morrison (restricted) and Shannon Brown (player option).

As of right now, the Lakers look like a strong favorite, but we all know the power that this class of free agents holds. If the Lakers are smart, they will do everything in their power to continue to bring in the best talent to surround Kobe as he continues to get older.

What do you think? Where do the Lakers go from here?

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  • Mario

    Jerry West correctly points out you don’t deal for Bosh because you want to compete Pau at his natural position. Why play someone out of position which having Pau or Bosh at the 5 does? No need for Pau to take that pounding with Bynum there.

  • Ianny B

    I would prefer Bosh for Lamar Vujacic and mbenga.

    bynum is injury prone, but he has the toughness Gasol will never get.

  • Rey J

    agreed @Ianny B!

  • http://knickstweets.net/ KnicksTweets

    Obviously we are slightly biased, but we see David Lee (not that we want to get rid of him so badly) as a better trade partner for Toronto. Bynum is too young to be dealing with this many injuries. That concern alone should persuade Toronto to look elsewhere. Besides, Bosh as the 3rd wheel in Los Angeles doesn’t seem right. In New York he can be a bigger cog and still has NYC-movie scene to pursue those interests.


  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    Bosh. I been sayin that all year; I hope they don’t screw up ANOTHER chance to unload the injury prone Bynum and get someone solid.

    We need a PG in the worst way as well

  • big ups

    Doesn’t anyone think it’s weird (and borderline fishy) about all these things that fall into the lakers lap? They got Odom legitimately from the Shaq trade. Other than that check this out

    2008: Pau Gasol gets “traded” to LA
    2009: Ron Artest signs with LA
    2010: Possibly getting Chris Bosh?

    What kind of team lucks out like that 3 years in a row. Seems a bit like the Yankees if you ask me.

    p.s. I know LA won and I completely congratulate them, just think its a bit weird how they can have such an amazing run in building a team.

  • Li Tai Fang

    I’d rather have Lakers trade for a starting PG who can defend, than to collect another all-star.

  • M-Intellect

    Co-Sign Ianny B. Keeping Bynum would be huge and Lamar Odom, in all honesty doesn’t bring that much that the Bosh trade and another PG wouldn’t compensate for.

    Lamar, Vujacic + Mbenga for Bosh + Belineli.

    Fuck it, let Farmar start with D-Fish in the 2nd and 4th quarter unit.

    That is 2011 & 2012 Championship sewn up.


    How about Dirk landing in LA via free agency? He’d make us even longer, and he’d get so many open shots with Kobe and Pau on the court. He’d be the new Tony Kukoc. I’ll take CB4 too, but I actually think Dirk would fit the triangle perfectly. Scooping some young talent (pg) to right the bench would be nice as well.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Even if you keep Fisher (dude should retire now) he shouldn’t start and needs to be that mentor to a young pg who can create his own shot and still be that floor general.

    Even more so than Bosh, cause in all honestly they are ok enough big wise.

    If Bosh is smart dude should go to Houston,

    Imagine Rondo with the Lakers that would be so ill!
    Anyway yea Lakers need a pg in the worst way, just to be redundant.

  • Ianny B

    @ big ups The Pau gasol was a gift, anything else has to be hard earned. we signed Ron as a free agent,and might just do the same to Bosh. i’m not a subscriber to the Yankees buying out all the talent, and I don’t think that’s what the Lakers are attempting. The league has gooten and will continue to get competitive, so we’re not resting on our laurels.

  • Rey J

    @Kermit The Washington yea man I like Raymond Felton he’s a nice FA…what do you think about that?

    @POPPI GEE yea HOU would be a GREAT fit

    @DTUCK like the new kukoc but im not sure dirk would want to

    @M-Intellect yea but Idk if farmars gonna stay =/

    @big ups kinda but the Yankees to overwhelm FA with $$$$$ at least the lLakers are making trades (even if there highway robbery like the GASOL trade)

  • big ups

    @ Ianny B

    yeah. I know the salary cap is structured differently in baseball and basketball. haha i wasn’t insinuating that they were lucky to get Artest, I know he signed as a free agent. But I’m just saying that usually teams add a piece here and there, not the best big man in the NBA, former defensive player of the year, and maybe getting one of the best power forwards today in consecutive years.

  • http://LakersNation.com Lakers Nation

    don’t compare us to the Yankees . . . we have the highest payroll, but we have a salary cap and luxury tax just like every other team in the league! we just have a great franchise and a history of winning that every player wants to be a part of!

  • deez

    *cough* a.k.a. frontrunning *cough*

  • Rey J

    @Lakers Nation very true BUT when u do have a great franchise your ALWAYS going to be compared to other great franchises uknow…?

    @big ups your absolutely right, remember back when we not only had smush parker and kwame brown BUT THEY BOTH STARTED 4 US!!!!!!!!!! WOW

  • control

    I love Laker fans talking about trades sometimes. “yeah, we are just going to trade Bosh for ‘the machine’, with Odom thrown in for salary, then we’ll upgrade Fish with Chris Paul somehow…”. Not all teams are the Griz, and are going to be forced to give away their best player for nothing…

    Laker fans are almost as bad as NY fans when it comes to thinking up trade scenarios.

  • Gio

    Players are coming to L.A. because as Lakers Nation pointed out they know the history of the franchise and their ability of winning championships. Some players are in a crossroad in their careers and they would rather take pay cuts in order to win championships. Malone and Payton took cuts in order to earn their rings, but in the end they faltered. It is the risk they take during their careers.

    Players also take into consideration the market and city they would play and live in. Los Angeles is a great place that attracts the stars. So they decide to go here.

  • Rey J

    LOL @control but would u rather get some1 in return for bosh (ie sign n trade) or u could lose him for nothing!!!! but i may rather have nothing then “the machine” lol

  • Gio

    Note: The Malone and Payton comment refers to their tenure as Lakers. I know Gary Payton eventually got his ring with the Miami Heats in 2006.

  • Celts Fan

    Of course you’d rather move Lamar than Bynum, but THE RAPTORS WOULD NEVER DO THAT. You know you actually ahve to give something up in a trade to get something back, right? (unless Pau Gasol’s involved anyway)

    @Bigups – the Pau trade is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, but a definitely-leaving-Bosh for a rugged 22 yr. old center you can play next to soft-as-hell Bargniani is as fair as you’re gonna get in a sign-and-trade when you have zero leverage (I’m assuming LA would have to throw in a draft pick or two, still well worth it.) and Ron Artest took less to play for a winner. It was his choice to sign for the mid-level, just like Sheed did w/ us. There’s nothing fishy about that.

  • Gio

    Heat* (non plural)

  • MrAlmostCluth

    It’s funny how people are saying Ron Artest signing with the Lakers was a gift. Last summer, everyone was saying that the signing was a mistake. It’s amazing what a ring does for your image.

  • Rick60

    I think it would be more beneficial to get a quality pg than Bosh. Farmar just doesn’t cut it. We need to resign Fish so he can finish out his career as a Laker, but a quality pg would be great. Another bench player or two who can actually come in and be consistently effective would be great as well. The thing that killed us the most this year was the lack of production from our bench. If we could get like 2 guys who can come off the bench and each get around 10 points consistently, then we should get our 3rd straight title. Our starting 5 can play with anyone, but if our bench came in and actually kept our lead in games (which they didn’t do this year many times) then I don’t see us losing.

  • big ups

    @ MrAlmostCluth

    no one said Artest was a gift. I said he signed as a free agent.

    @ Celts Fan

    tough loss. I was rooting for them. Sheed is way past his expiration date. That’s the main difference between him and Artest.

    Free agents can sign wherever they want. I guess i’m just mad the Lakers are starting to (kinda) resemble their three-peat team.

  • control

    Rey J

    As a Raptor’s fan, I would rather get the drips on my cock than get “the machine” in a trade. Yeah, he hit TWO free throws in a finals game 7, so his trade value is higher than it’s ever been (though it should be lowered due to him giving out way too many hugs while celebrating…it ain’t cool to share breath with another guy regardless of championship status), but the guy is a stupid looking douchebag 100% of the time. He sucks too, isn’t even the best player from his country in the league right now.

    I would rather Chris Bosh walk than pickup any of the players off the Laker’s roster. If Bynum WAS healthy, which he ain’t, then he’d be perfect beside Bargs, but other than that…fuck them. It’s all pointless salary dump.

  • Tempt

    Lakers should let Morrison and Farmar go and get a PG of the future to play with these big, fast, athletic pure point guards. Fisher needs to stay to teach this point guard. Unless we somehow land an heir to Kobe.

    If a team goes out and gets 2-4 superstars in the fa class, we can match up with anyone except at the PG.

    Why are you all eager to change the frontline? Our frontline is the best in the league. You say trade Bynum because of injury but NO ONE available is better than him at what he does.

  • Rey J

    @control calm down brahhh…it’s not my fault your a Raptors fan…sike nah…but anyway I was agreeing with you on the sasha point…I don’t think anyone wants Sasha (not even the Slovenia national team)….all i was saying is GMs don’t want to lose a player of Bosh’s caliber for NOTHING uknow

  • Bizz

    Bosh to LA means Bosh has to take a paycut, otherwise he’d have to hope the Raptors are willing to trade him to LA. As much as the Raptors are hostage to Bosh, he’s a hostage to them depending on where he ultimately decides to play and if they have the cap room to sign him outright to a max contract.

  • Kobeeeee

    All the Lakers player moves have to fulfill one prerequisition: Gasol has to stay play Power Forward. Anything that changes that – don’t do it!

  • Legend 33

    Realistically the Lakers should hope for someone like Barnes and Steve Blake to split the MLE. And in a fantasy world bring back Shaq to play a backup role for the vet minimum paid by the league. I hope you guys are stupid enough to to get Bosh cuz you guys will be shorter, softer and less of a defense presence in the paint.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. Pau and Bosh in the same frontline. Then why not sign Mikki Moore as their backup while your at it…

  • frmkt

    i don’t like the bosh to lakers either unless he’s willing to be the 6th man of the year! i’m concerned about bynum’s injury pattern and the fact we don’t have anyone on the team who can create a shot other than kobe. mitch will figure it out once he here’s back from jackson next week. i suspect he’s coming back for another “go-round.” why wouldn’t he want to give it another crack and a chance to have 4 3-peats on his resume? i tired of hearing that he couldn’t have done it w/o the players he’s had on his roster because he’s humble enough to say on more than several ocassions about how “fortunate” he has been. how fortunate for those players too because they were no where until he took over the reigns.


    Being in LA… you here all kinds of trade rumors, I’ve heard a lot of Rumors… LBJ coming to LA, either in a Clippers uniform, or in a Lakers uniform… I’ve heard the Lakers were thinking of a sign and trade deal for Dwight Howard for Bynum and draft picks.. I’ve heard the Lakers are going to sign Dwayne Wade to play PG…

    What “I” HOPE happens….is we get a point guard.

    We have the best:

    Power Forward- Gasol

    Shooting Guard – Bryant

    “When healthy” Top 3 Centers- Bynum

    Where we lack is the Small forward, Guard position.

    Artest is a lack of offense, but makes up for it on defense…

    Fisher, is a lack of offense on some nights, Defense on some nights, but makes up for it with heart and experience.

    Get rid of:
    Adam Morrison – Clears 6 Mill off the salary cap, he comes off the bench… and is sorry.

    Sasha Vujacic – UNLESS HE steps up like he did in 08′ and drains shots, but a pay cut is necessary, especially since he is coming off the bench.

    Luke Walton – GET RID OF HIM… plain and simple. He should never have a 5 mill contract…

    Derek Fish to mentor & come off the bench

    Shannon Brown – back up to All-Star PG

    Jordan Farmar. – back up to Kobe.

    Josh Powell – He is a decent knock down shooter as well, has good size, and can play defense.

    DJ Mbenga – He is a pretty decent knock down shooter, has great size, and will block…OR ATTEMPT to block anything in the paint… and for a Mill a year… he is a STEAL at back up center.

    TRADE WISE – IF anything were to happen… I’d personally like to see: Sasha V, Luke W, Adam M, + some draft picks for DWAYNE WADE or DERON WILLIAMS I know, let me DREAM!), I wouldn’t mind seeing Rajon Rondo’s contract picked up… He’ll he is making chump change for what he brings to the Celtics. All he needs to do is work on his shot..

  • bobby stew

    need to get Hinrich and then get Turiaf back

  • Li Tai Fang

    I always like the Ron Artest signing. Sure, his scoring and shooting might be inconsistent, but would Trevor Ariza be able to handle Pierce (and anyone else) physically like that? The short answer is no.
    Pierce would school Ariza.

  • Li Tai Fang

    Lakers need an athletic point guard badly. Every point guard looks like an all-star against Derek Fisher. The man has grit and heart, but Fisher is too old, too slow, can’t jump, and has no lateral quickness to keep up with any above-average point guards.

  • PLH

    Congratulations LAKERS! Game 7 was sloppy but it doesn’t matter now. I believe this team will win it again provided a healthy Andrew Bynum. I don’t recall Bynum playing a full season since he’s been in LA. LA is a very dangerous team if everyone is healthy.

    I think Shannon Brown will cause problems for other teams with his up tempo style of play. Defenders can not afford to leave him in order to double team. I hope to see Brown in the starting lineup next year. Wow, what a starting line up that would be: Brown, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, and Bryant. Next year the game will be much easier for Kobe Bryant because they have so many weapons. But the Lakers should seek another lock down defender to come off the bench. Go Lakers, lets win it again next year!

  • kudos

    Whoever said Pau Gasol was a ‘gift’ has never watched basketball. Or are you just upset that the lakers won?

    Pau Gasol may be alright on offense, but he’s nowhere near the best big man in the game. His defense is sorry at best, and his brother is younger and has a good chance to be just as good as him. Memphis aint complaining, considering that Pau coudln’t do sh**t there.

    Sick of all these 13yr old boys using their parent’s labtop complaining, and complaining..

  • @BklynDre

    i think id rather have bynum, only for the fact that he has enormous potential if he didnt get injured so often, and if he plays 38 mins

  • CTP

    I hear Fisher was going to go back to the Jazz, to repay the debt he owes the Jazz owner.

  • biscuit

    ??? yellow orange with grass?
    Brah, Laker fan or not your post makes zero since!

  • juantastico

    Lets look at this with a bit of a history lesson:

    Garnett wound up in Boston because Ainge and Mchale use to run together in the 80’s, coincidence probably not. Garnett was rumored to be coming to L.A. but Ainge did his thing and got what he wanted. Pau comes to L.A. for no names and everyone up in arms. Be wise to the game fellas.

    Also when Shaq wanted out of L.A. you telling me picking up Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, and Brian Grant was straight up? Shaq at that point still had 2-3 good years in him.

    Until last year the yankees had gone 6 years without a championship and in those 6 years they had signed dozen of All-star players.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is that SHAQ will retire a laker and back up BYNUM! YEAH I SAID IT!

  • http://LA beezie

    I say trade Bynum for Bosh and bring in Shaq, Redick and AI

  • Daniel

    Just a dream?

    Gone: Farmar, Vujacic, Morrison, Walton, Mbenga, and Powell. That free’s up approximately $20 million.


    Choice A: Wade ($16m), Boozer ($14m), Ilgauskus ($1.3m), and 3 draft picks. This would require Fisher re-signing at $1m, with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, and Odom all re-structuring their contracts to free up another $9m. The Laker salary would stay at $92m.

    Choice B: Felton ($6m), Korver ($5.5m), Barnes ($4m), Boozer ($14m), Fry ($2m), and a draft pick. Fisher re-signs at $1m, with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, and Odom all restructuring their contracts to free up another $10m.

    PG: Wade, Fisher
    SG: Bryant, Brown
    SF: Boozer, Artest
    PF: Gasol, Odom
    C : Bynum, Ilgauskus
    + 3 rookies

    PG: Fisher, Felton
    SG: Bryant, Brown, Korver
    SF: Boozer, Artest, Barnes
    PF: Gasol, Odom
    C : Bynum, Fry
    + 1 rookie

    I don’t know much about the Salary Cap, so I tried to match up the 2011 salaries with the 2010 salaries.

    Any thoughts…without the rudeness??

    Curious, but DEFINITELY not a GM!

  • fLaVa

    I dont know why everyone is shitting on Marc Gasol, hes putting up very good numbers for the grizz and they were in contention for the playoffs.

    I think all the hate he got from the trade made him work harder and lose the weight and transformed himself to a respectable double double threat of a player.

  • gmoney217

    i’d like to see a great defender like battier or posey on the roseter, a knock down shooter like house or jr smith, and a viable point guard option like jameer nelson or darren collison. we have several expendable players, although ive grown fond of everyone on our team, players like sasha, walton, morrsion, powell, mbenga, are expendable. especiall if er can get one of those names at each position i mentioned. that team would be hard to reckon with

  • Jojo

    I don’t see anyone legitimately replacing Bynum. He just takes so much lateral and vertical space in the paint even the opposing center think twice about attacking the basket. It’s overdue to trade Adam M and Luke W. Let’s keep the rest and pick-up 1 veteran and 3 rookies (2 PG and 2 PF).

  • Jojo

    Don’t forget about the front office, east coast scouts and Assist GM Ronnie Lester.

  • Paul

    Well the Lakers this year have captured their 16th NBA Championship, and it was not easy in getting it. I have always maintained that the Lakers are one player away from the “tri-fecta”. It is obvious the Odom is not the third option. I’ll be honest, when Lamar Odom has good games, he shows signs of brilliance. The problem is that he is not consistent every night, and frustrates Laker fans everywhere, including myself. The other player that the Lakers need to move to Sasha. He is another player that has been inconsistent and overpaid. How can you justify paying him 3 years for 15 million? Its time that the Lakers trade both Sasha and Odom for someone that can fill in that third option; a scorer. By trading them, they can free up some salary cap space. Derek Fisher is definitely a priority to sign, but to be honest he is not a true point guard; he is a shooting guard. If I were the GM, the free agents that I would look at are Dirk Nowitzki & Amar’e Stoudemire. Other players considering taking a good look would be Carmelo Anthony, Mike Bibbi & Paul Pierce. If Mitch Kupchak does not make a move or at least make an attempt to make the Lakers stronger this year, then its time to part ways with him, and bring in a GM who can make some smart moves. Lets Go Lakers!!!