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Lakers, Celtics prep for Game 7; LeBron, D-Wade sweepstakes get weird

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

So it’s all come down to this. Game 7, championship on the line, (arguably) the best individual player in the NBA right now against (arguably) the best cohesive team unit. Of course, if the Lakers play tonight like they played in Game 6, it won’t have to be Kobe vs. Boston, and it might not even be close … Making things tougher for the Celtics is not having Kendrick Perkins. Going into the Finals we figured Perk would miss at least one game with that technical foul situation hanging over his head, but not like this, having torn the MCL and PCL in his right knee. It’s a terrible way to have to miss the biggest game of your life … So this is where Rasheed Wallace has to earn his money. The Celtics got him for only one reason: to contribute to a championship. Overall ‘Sheed has been a bust, but now all he has to do is provide what they’re missing with Perk and he’ll erase all the crappy games and frustration he’s brought to Boston this season. Does he have it in him? The book on ‘Sheed has always been that he can be great “when he wants to.” Well, now it’s time to want to … On an obviously greater scale than ‘Sheed, though, a lot of Kobe’s legacy hangs in the balance here. If he wins, Kobe ties with Magic Johnson with five championships and (presumably) ties Kareem with two Finals MVPs. If he wins, Kobe jumps into the discussion as a Top-5 player of all-time. If he loses, Kobe is a three-time Finals loser and still can’t get the shadow of Shaq away from him … And ABC knows this, too. If you’re one of those people who just can’t stand to look at Kobe, you might want to follow this game online, because he’s going to be all over your screen. We’re seeing at least 5-10 of those uncomfortably extreme close-ups on Kobe where you can count the hairs between his eyebrows … Don’t count out the implications at stake for Paul Pierce, either. Legends aren’t made in Boston with one championship. You need multiple rings. As the one Celtics lifer among the Big Three and the guy whose name is all over the team’s record books, Pierce needs this title to cement his place among the franchise’s all-time greatsRajon Rondo will be playing with 17 stitches in his chin after getting busted open by a Ron Artest elbow. Rondo’s hesitation and ineffectiveness on offense in Game 6 pretty much summed up the Celtics as a whole that night. Even if he’s not hitting shots in Game 7, Rondo at least has to be aggressive and ready to attack L.A.’s defense to give Boston a shot at winning … Who do you think is the X-factor for both teams tonight? Obviously Kobe and Rondo have to play well, but who is that guy on either side who can tip the balance with his play? Lamar Odom? Derek Fisher? Ray Allen? KG? Adam Morrison? … You gotta give Miami one thing: They’re pulling out all the stops trying to make sure Dwyane Wade stays with the Heat this summer. Legislators in Miami-Dade County voted unanimously this week to change the name to “Miami-Wade County” from July 1 through July 7, the same week when teams can start wooing free agents … And if that wasn’t dumb enough, there’s this: The Knicks are enlisting the likes of Chris Rock, Spike Lee, Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Simms, John McEnroe and Donald Trump to help bring LeBron to New York. A team spokesman called it “a committee of friends of the Knicks who are many of the city’s most successful winners and leaders, who have thrived in the world’s greatest city.” Was that same group all “friends of the Knicks” when the team stunk? We’ve been to a lot of Knicks games over the years and can’t remember seeing Trump or Nat X there too many times. Whoopi might have been talked into taking the Cavs coaching job by July 1 (since it seems no one else wants it). And the Knicks had better hope the Celtics win tonight, because Spike may not be able to make the LeBron sales pitch if he’s busy driving one of the Lakers championship parade buses … We’re out like A-Mo seeing the court tonight …

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  • realist

    ahahahaha lmao @ whoopi as cavs coach

  • Bruce

    Boston is 4-0 in Game 7 versus LA. However, Phil 47-0 streak is quite something too but this is Phil first Game 7 in the finals. Something is going to give tonight. LA favored by 7 points.

    Come on LA, the Wifey is giving ME hell and so are those amigos and monkeys on Facebook too!

  • ianny b

    lakers tonight, i don’t expect a blowout like Tuesday(although it woukld be nice espeically since the C’s clinch in blowout fashion 20080. i hope the lakers continue to rotate the ball and adopt the ‘we not me’ mentatlity. All in all it should sum up a great finals. may the best team win(Lakers for sure). here goes……………

  • Legend 33

    @Bruce take the under and Celtics moneyline in a parlay tonight, a $100 bet will get you $700 in return. It’s a lock, Celtics are 11-0 in game sevens of NBA Finals and we have never lost a series in which KG has started.

    I think even if Kobe wins tonight he will still be behind Larry Bird in terms of top 5 of all time, because Larry was the man on 3 championship teams and played in a much tougher era.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    just play to our best potential..
    expect runs.begin our own runs.
    play for all 48 minutes.Simple.

    LAL baby !!!

  • Legend 33

    Very even series if these two teams were to play 10 times it would probably be tied 5-5 after 10 games. But somebody got to win and somebody got to lose, that’s how it is…

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    on the cool.how much is dime getting from this book of eli deal?
    is that where the paper’s at?
    is it a dime classic like pulp fiction or heat are to me?
    denzel a distant relative?
    it’s unprecedented how dime got THAT promo on lock.im just saying.

  • joaquin

    sucks to be perk right now….watching on the sidelines of a big game. the guy oftentimes has an annoying mug but he sure hustles and boards.

  • Quedas

    Is it weird that my second reaction to the “Whoopi as the Cavs coach” line (after a sound laugh) was: “Well, she couldn’t be THAT much worse, right?”

  • Marparker

    If the Lakers win I’m moving into a bunker

  • That’s What’s Up

    If Whoopi was coach, Mike Brown would keep occupying her body (like Sam in Ghost) during crunch time, and forcing her to make bad decisions…
    “Leeebbrooon……juuust taaake the baaalllll……puuut up aaa shottt…”

  • Celts Fan

    If the Lakers win tonight, you still need to take Kobe’s 3 titles w/ Shaq in a different light than if he’d been the man on them (he wasn’t good enough to be the best player on a title team at that point, they won on the strength of Shaq being in full fledged MDE status, though Kobe’s right up there w/ Pip, McHale, and others as one of the best side-kicks ever, you can’t say 5 and 5 when talking him vs. Magic. Not trying to hate, just saying. He was a top-10 guy, but he wasn’t quite at the level to be the best player on a title team at that point in his career.)

    If Kobe wins tonight, my new top 9 becomes:

    1. MJ (Kobe can never get here. The scoring titles, MVPs, DPOY, and sheer number of chips as THE MAN, are unreachable for him.)
    2.-4. Magic, Kareem, Russell (I’d go in that order, but wouldn’t argue if you wanted to move them around.)
    5. Bird (3 time MVP, THE MAN on one of the 3 best teams ever – along w/ the Showtime Lakers who I’d put #1 and MJ’s Bulls)
    6. Duncan (THE MAN on 3 title teams, you could argue he was or wasn’t on the ’99 team too, but for argument’s sake, I’ll give it to The Admiral. 2X MVP. Godly on both ends of the floor. Didn’t need the ball to dominate. Most importantly, up until about 2 years ago when Duncan started showing his age, there is no way in hell that San Antonio would have traded Duncan for Kobe straight up. That has to count for something.)
    7. Kobe (one more chip after this yr – again, assuming he wins this year – and he jumps to #5. It’ll probably happen, but let’s not jump the gun here.)
    8. Shaq (at his apex, you have to take him over Kobe. The problem is he was always hurt/out of shape, so he didn’t last as long as Kobe. For a top-10 guy ever, do you get the feeling he underachieved? He could/should have won a few more titles and done more if he’d cared more about staying in shape and not gotten injured as much. He could/should have been in the 2-4 discussion if things had broken a bit differently for him.)
    9. Oscar (I go back and forth w/ him. The #s are damn impressive, but he only won 1 chip and put up those numbers in a diluted league – lots of talent was going to the ABA at the time – and in an era where the entire league ran essentially ran the 7 Seconds or Less offense. He was the best of that era, and a clear-cut top 10 guy, but I don’t see how I can put him much higher. Lots of people have him top 5, and I’ve gone back and forth w/ that too, but I just can’t do it as much as I admire the hell outta what The Big O accomplished.)

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I thought the same thing.
    Game plan: “ISO!!!!”

  • Diggity Dave

    Hey Dime, they’ve been calling Miami-Dade county “Wade County” for years, this isn’t anything new. Wade has repeatedly said how he wants to stay in Miami and the Heat are STILL showing him plenty of love on a consistent basis. Smart move by them, in my opinion.

    Wade isn’t going anywhere, assuming the Heat land big talent, which at this point I would be completely shocked if they couldn’t. I’d be far more concerned with Donnie Walsh’s mental health after this summer, as the Knicks seemed destined to overpay some players not named Lebron, Wade, or Bosh.

  • SI 44

    What up Dime,
    (This is for Legend 33 and Celts Fan)
    I’m a Lakers fan, and I was just arguing with one of my friends who rides with boston about if kobe wins this title how bird can still be considered better than him. IF the Lakers win, I dont see how bird can be considered better than bryant. The only advantage that I could think of for bird was the 3 consectutive MVP awards which is unprecedented and must be given kudos for to the utmost, because not even MJ pulled of that feat and he’s acknowledged as the GOAT by most. However, 5 chips to 3 chips is a BIG difference IMO, and let’s not forget who was getting LA to the chip in the first place in those WC series against SA when Shaq was basically being neutralized by the twin towers. If ur going up against the likes of Rik Smits and one of the Collins brothers, u should dominate. Mutombo was a different breed so I wont lump him in with the other two. Also, basketball is a two way game, and though team defense is the way to win, when have you ever known LB to be thrown on the other team’s best player for a series to shut them down? Kobe has the nod in all defensive teams as well by a substantial margin. Both had the clutch factor, so thats a push. Just my two cents on the subject.

  • The Journeyman


    Man oh man…GAME 7..Winner take all…

    Cliches after another but this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sporty-j

    Yeah Dimes. Weve been calling this Wade county for years now and if you ride on I-95 downtown Miami, you would see a sign that says welcome to Wade county. But it is nice to know that they are going to make it official for 6 days and that they are showing there appreciation towards a GUY who is ride or die towards the franchise that drafted him even though wasted 2 yrs of his prime by not getting him any help or even trying to make any roster upgrades just so that we wouldnt mess up our big plans of the summer of 2010. Shows you how loyal and humble D-Wade is and Pat Riley better set the NBA world on fire like he said he is going to because i want to sign Lebron and Bosh.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    @16 –}} YES!!!!!

    LMFAO @ “Who is that guy on either side who can tip the balance with his play?……Adam Morrison?”

    …yeah, “We’re out like A-Mo seeing the court tonight.”

    Adam is Phil’s Victory Cigar…so if Dime is saying he’s not gonna see the court tonight, Dime must be saying the Celtics are gonna win. I knew it! It’s a conspiracy!! Dime hates the SHOW and they left concrete proof with the “A-Mo” reference. OK, I STFU NOW.

    Sike. Psych. Sighk.

    The way I see it, Sheed gotta come through.
    I mean, Perk was EXPECTED to miss at least ONE game anyway.
    Sucks it had to be for a ripped-up knee but you know what Kurt said…

    Break it up! Break it up! Break it up!

    Basically Sheed gotta break Pau Gasol’s arm.

    That’s what I got out of that song.

    It’s going down 2nite dawg!!

    Coronas, $10.
    Dutchmaster Corona Deluxes, $4.57.
    Shrubbery, $25.00
    Ports, $6.17.
    Buffalo Wings, $6.50

    Crafting a Game 7 NBA Finals edition of Mr. Brogden’s SMACK after the whole she-bang bang kit and caboodle…


  • The Journeyman

    lol @ Mr.Brogden

    I don’t know where it came from but it’s just feeling good for this game 7…i am not expecting a blowout either

    this will be everyone on their feet with the clock winding down the last few seconds and the score being 93-87…….

    WINNER – TBD lol cause i don’t wanna say the Lakers but I wouldn’t mind, it is their home court and they have fought hard

  • LakeShow84


    Man i dont know what im going to do or where im going but wherever i go IM BRINGING THAT BRAND NEW FLAVA FOR YA EARZZZZZZ..

    And IF we do pull this win out..

    Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant.. PERIOD

    Dude dont get enough credit for what he does.. Everyone was talking shit about his leadership after game 5 but i aint heard SHIT since we came out and bitchsmacked them foo’s.. Guess dips need something to run too.. SO all that he wasnt the MAN on the those 3peat teams need to go somewhere..

    Like DIME still bringing that shit up.. Im sorry i guess 3 Finals appearances as “THE MAN” aint enough to show you can do it.. i mean whats making it through your own conference of likewise mercenaries trying to decapitate you?? Easy pickins right??

    shit 3 Finals appearance BACK2BACK2BACK is something everyone pulls off.. Nash?? Dirk?? Duncan?? Lebron?? Dwade?? KG?? yeah they’ve all done it lololol

    Shaq dominated but Kobe pulled us through some rough stretches.. Kobe was the King Killer and he used to rip the Spurs.. The only real team we faced in the Finals during those 3peats were the Pacers and Kobe did his thing on them too.. The Nets?? Shit that was a joke.. no offense but it was.. Shaq AND Kobe ran roughshod on them.. haha but ill admit Shaq’s #’s WERE MAINY..

    BUT how can the CLOSER on those 3peat championship teams really be considered Robin?? i dont remember Batman easing back and letting Robin woop up the joker.. Silly shit sometimes..

    But oh well.. The Mambas painted in a different light because of past discressions..

    All i know is and all i truly care about is>>>>>> BANNER # 16!!!!!!! AND at Bostons expense?? HMMMMMMM TASTES LIKE FILET MIGNON..


  • LakeShow84

    Damn that was long.. thats my bad lol

  • Taj

    My buddy, who’s not a huge baskbetball follower asked me last game “who’s the greasey looking guy on the Lakers bench sitting between the players?” HAHAH, that ‘stache is the best thing Adam Morrison brought to LA.

    Biggest X-Factor tonight.. Lakers front line taking advantage of Perk being out…and the bench contributions. If they can win those battles the chip is theirs!

  • fallinup

    So stoked for Game 7. So stoked for Game 7. So stoked for Game 7. So stoked for Game 7. So stoked for Game 7. So stoked for Game 7.

    So stoked for Game 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Referees for Game 7….. Joe Crawford…. Dan Crawford…… Scott Foster

    Not stoked for Game 7.

    Hahahahahahaha. :)

  • Celts Fan

    @SI44 – Here’s my take on it. Kobe was clearly the #2 on that team w/ Shaq – that’s why Shaq won an MVP and all 3 Finals MVPs in that stretch. He was one of the best #2s ever and deserves credit, but Bird has 3 chips (and 2 or 3 other Finals appearances) as THE MAN on a team in a better league from a talent stand-point, 3 straight MVPs, and was THE MAN on, indisputably, one of the best teams ever. He’s possibly the best shooter ever (def. top 5 anyway) and was an under-rated team defender (jumping passing lanes and whatnot) even though he was a turn-style on-ball defender. He’s a MUCH better rebounder and passer than people remember as well (I think he’s got the 5th or 6th most triple-doubles in playoff history.)

    As of right now, Kobe has 3 rings as a (admittedly GREAT) #2 and 1 as THE MAN (along w/ 1 losing Finals appearance in each category.) Who thinks Kobe wins any chips back when he was 24 as THE GUY if you switch out Shaq for someone like Dikembe? You’re a homer if you say he would have. He has 1 MVP and has been trashed about his attitude affecting his teammates and the team’s ability to win back in the end of the Lakers dynasty to the point that Phil Jackson wrote an entire book on how much of a dbag he was and he’s demanded a trade, helped force Shaq out (admittedly, the blame’s probably 60/40 to Kobe, not 100% Kobe like people thought at first,) and really hasn’t made his teammates better (a guy that good should be getting more dimes,) and has blatantly quit on his team at some points (game 7 vs. Phx.) I’m nit-picking here, but when you get to this level of all-time greatness, that stuff matters and those blackeyes have to be counted in. To pass Bird, Kobe needs 3 titles as, undisputedly THE MAN.

    BUT, before anyone starts hating – and this KILLS ME to say – I think he ends up getting it, so just be patient. It’ll all work itself out by the time he hangs ‘em up in like 2016.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Rondo did not get 17 stitches, that boy is full of shit.

  • Celts Fan

    @Lakeshow – Ginobili was the closer on those SA teams, but Duncan was still the best player. You cannot honestly think that 24 year old Kobe was good enough to win a title as THE MAN (if he was, then why were they barely in the Playoffs when it was him, Lamar, Caron and a bunch of garbage afterwards? If he was ready, they shoulda been at least a top 5 or 6 seed.) Big guys are more vital to winning chips than guards normally, hence the ton of 5s on my list. And if Kobe was really the best player in the league for so long, why’s he only have 1 MVP? (before anyone says anything about Nash’s #2, he made chicken soup out of chicken sh(t that year – the year Amare was out. He, Matrix, and a bunch of young guys or cast-off vets were a title contender while Kobe was doing Godly things individually for a team that didn’t win much. That award goes to the guy on a contender every time.) Kobe’s 4 rings doesn’t touch Kareem’s, Magic’s, Bird’s 3 in a better league, all as THE MAN, or Duncan’s 4 (again, would SA have ever traded Duncan for Kobe straight up before Duncan started showing his age? NO!) and that’s not even counting Russell’s 300. It’s not just about chips. Kobe is an all-timer, and will probably end up right up there in the top 5, but he’s not there yet. Be patient. He’s gonna get there eventually.

  • titansfan

    Wasn’t like perk was an explosive high flyer anyway, but hopefully he can come back.

  • jay

    should be a good game! i expect a closer game..kb is going to go off…as long as gasol, fisher and artest show up…la should be ok!

  • LakeShow84

    @ CeltsFan

    So Bird has 3 things as “The Man” while playing with other HOF’s in McHale, Parrish, Walton and so on??

    Hate to say it but Magic 5 rings count as all him when he was playing with Kareem, Worthy and so on??

    That dont make much sense.. BOTTOM LINE IS YOU NEED HELP NO MATTER WHAT.. Pippen top 50 ALLTIME but was a CAREER sidekick??

    There is no “The Man”.. Without Kobe there wouldve been NO Dynasty in the first place.. Without Shaq there definetely wouldnt have been one but Kobe been a HOF since year 2 so all “The Man” talk is just a way of not giving dude his due.. And its pretty wack at this point lol i mean DAMN 3 straight Finals appearances??

    1a and 1b IMO

    And dude only got 1 MVP because he had a rape case and a civil war on his team in which everyone turned on him.. Thats the way the chips fell..

    But we got 2-3 more rings in the future so all this “The Man” talk needs to go somewhere because its funny how its only applied to Kobe for the sake of holding his status down..

  • BiG_RoB_n_cali

    @Legend 33

    Please dude I’m not a Kobe fan but he’s far pass your Larry Legend…lmao

  • control


    I think when people talk about Kobe being #2, they are referring to the fact that if you would have replaced Kobe straight up with another good SG (Tmac at the time for example) then the Lakers will still have the same amount of championships they have now. If you replaced Shaq with any other center in the league, then the Lakers probably wouldn’t have gotten as many championships.

    Shaq is a more rare player than Kobe, and an easier player to put other pieces around.

  • BiG_RoB_n_cali

    WoW @LakeShow84

    Your such a Kobe dic rider! lol

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah yeah yeah i get it guys lol

    Just saying my piece.. No changing my opinions as there are no changing yours..

    All i know is..


    Then around 7 tomorrow i will be makin my descent into SoCal to party like its 1999 (Thanks En Fuego)..

    THAT ALL I TRULY CARE ABOUT.. No use arguing about a mans legacy when all the chips havent fallen right?? I just like to voice myself so in 5 years from now and we’re all facebook friends i can say i was right lol

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – EXACTLY!

    @Lakeshow – I never said anything about being able to do it alone. Kobe couldn’t do crap as the man til he got Gasol. MJ didn’t do anything til he had Pippen, Bird didn’t win w/out McHale, etc (though you gotta take Walton outta your list. He was on his last legs at that point. He was basically this year’s version of Shaq. Ya, he’s still got the name, but that’s all that’s still there. He didn’t even start.) NO ONE can win it alone, but being the best player on a title team is an important distinction when you’re talking about the best players ever. I don’t know how you take offense to him “only” being a top ten player ever regardless of the outcome tonight. When you start talking about the absolute best of the best of the best, you gotta take that into account.

    and to answer your question, I LOVE Pippen, but yes, he was a career #2 if you’re looking to win rings. He coulda been the #1 on a Playoff team, he was never gonna be the #1 on a title team. That 100% matters in a discussion of this level of legendary greatness.

    also – who should he have won an MVP over? When? NO ONE was wrestling it from Shaq/Timmy when they were running things back in the day, and Nash’s 2nd one was clearly earned (ironically enough, if Kobe’s team had been better around him, he never woulda been able to put up those crazy individual #s, and still woulda had a better shot at MVP cuz a fringe-playoff team will never get an MVP unless there are no other worthy contenders for it. Nash made Boris Diaw, Tim Thomas and Raja Bell the #3, 4, and 5 options on a title contender. He earned it, regardless of Kobe’s AMAZING individual exploits.)

  • Celts Fan

    oh, and for the record, if LA wins tonight, still not a dynasty. 2 outta 3 isn’t a dynasty, just damn impressive. Take a 3rd in a 4-6 year span, then we’ll talk (not even talking ish here. Just saying, you gotta win at least 3 chips IMO to start talking dynasty.) Give it time though. Like I said many times today, regardless of what happens tonight, that team’s not done winning titles, so don’t take this as hating, I’m being real here and it kills me…

  • K Dizzle

    @ dime
    Did today’s smack writer have amnesia?
    “If he loses, Kobe is a three-time Finals loser and still can’t get the shadow of Shaq away from him “…
    That “shaq shadow” bs was removed last season…..when we won….without Shaq.

    And I love Larry Bird for bringin the best outta Magic, but gimme a break. Larry Bird was a great player, top 5 of all time, no doubt, but my man played with 4 HALL OF FAMERS. Who the hell is goin to the hall for the Lakers last 3 seasons not named Kobe? Only time we had 4 HOFers was when Karl and GP came for a year waaaaaaaaaay past their prime. Larry had at least 3-4 his whole career.
    How come when media types talk about Kobe bein a maybe 3 times finals loser, they conveniently forget to mention that Shaq was on that first losing team too.
    Same ol bull. When the Lakers won, it was “all Shaq”, when the Pistons won, it’s Kobe’s loss.
    Let’s be real: WHEN the Laker win today, Kobe will have 5 rings and be 1-1 against the Celts in the Finals. Correct me if I’m wrong but Larry Bird lost twice to the Lakers versus one win in the Finals. Today’s win gets Kobe past Bird. Sorry…..it’s what it is.

    Get well soon, Perk, for real.
    Lakers, baby!
    We come for what’s ours…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Celt Fans

    That’s embarrassin for a Celtics fan to dismiss Bill Walton like that.
    Dude was the 6th Man of the Year in Boston.
    Having Walton to back up Bird, McHale and Parish is like backin up a frontline of Carmelo, Dwight, and Bosh with
    KG right now. Yeah, he’s on his “last legs”, but KG now/Walton then is and were better than 95% of starting frontliners.

    I agree that it’s not a dynasty only because Boston got us in ’08, but we’ll discuss this again after next year when there’ll be no doubt.

  • Celts Fan

    @KDizzle – 4 HOFers!?! Who? You got McHale (legit, one of the 5 best PFs ever IMO,) Parrish, and who else? They had Bill Walton after injuries made him no better than Shaq was this year. They had Dennis Johnson for 1 title year before he left. I can’t think of any others.

    AND, the league had 6 fewer teams back then. EVERY TITLE TEAM HAD MORE HOFers ON IT.

    for the record, I don’t mind losing in the Finals. That still means you got there. That’s media BS to me BUT Kobe did have a bad series in ’04 by his standards.

    oh, and Pau Gasol will 100% end up in the HOF (remember, it’s not just NBA. He’s gonna end up w/ 2 or 3 rings as Kobe’s #2, a bunch of All Star and All NBA nods, and the Team Spain accolades he keeps accumulating as the man on that squad.) Most title teams only have 2 HOFers now.

    and the “vs. the Celtics in the Finals” crap the media keeps talking about is INSANE to me. I hate the guy, but the Celtics have been good for, wait for it, THREE YEARS of Kobe’s career. Not the same thing as it was when they were the other dominant team throughout all of Magic’s career. The media is so friggin stupid sometimes…

  • Celts Fan

    @K Dizzle – my point wasn’t to discredit him as much as to make the point that he certainly didn’t earn the HOF status from what he did in green. He only won 1 title w/ us too, not like he was there for all 3.

  • BHop2010

    I want to root for the Celtics but there going to lose tomorrow. And I wont watch NBA TV or Espn after the game since the Celtics will lose. Congrats again to the Lakers for winning the finals this year. Thats 2 in a row for the lakers. No way a team that was 27-27 in their last 54 regular season games wins the championship. People are going to say Lakers won because Perkins didnt play. People are going to be talking about how Kobe & Co redeemed themselves against the C’s. Doc lost in the 94 finals even though his team was up 3-2. Doc is going to lose this series even though they were up 3-2. Both series Doc’s team didnt have homecourt advantage. Celtics were undefeated when they were up 3-2 until last year. Now this will be the 2nd row they lost after being up 3-2. C’s were 11-0 in Game 6 when they were up 3-2 in the finals. That streak is over. Celtics are like 11-0 in Game 7 finals and 4-0 or 7-0 vs the Lakers in Game 7. Both of these streaks willl end tomorrow. Sheed is 0-1 in Game 7 finals. Tomorrow he will be 0-2. C’ beat a soft Lakers team in the 84 finals then lost to them the next time they played in the finals. C’s beat a soft Lakers team in 08 then lost to them the next time they played in the finals. No one on the C’s deserves the MVP. Thats a sign that the Lakers are winning tomorrow. If the Lakers lose tomorrow then they would of lost 2 out of 3 home games and 3 out of their last 4 games. Lakers are too good for this to happen. Lakers are winning next year again as long as they stay healthy.

  • LakeShow84

    I dont take offense at ANYTHING when it comes to Kobe lol if dude wasnt on the Lakers i probably wouldnt like him.. id shake my head with the same “DAMN” i shake my head with now but thats about it..

    The point is there are LEGENDS who have NEVER won a ring and dude is about to have 5 and people going to sit up here and NITPICK those chips?? We aint talkin about a bench player we talkin about someone who TOOK OVER games himself on the way TO ALL 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS..

    That Shaq shit was generated by Shaq himself really.. couldnt handle the rising gun and made it into a “Him vs Me” issue..

    The media ran with it and IT CLEARLY still resonates..

    And for the record even when he was with Shaq Kobe was doppin 40 whoppers like it was the thing to do.. How about this.. Replace Shaq with Vlade Divac (BUT NOT PUTTING SHAQ ON THE KINGS LOL) and we win in one of those years.. .

    Oh one more for the record.. look at our team after Shaq left.. we turned over our whole roster.. id say 3 down years (secretly rebuilding) followed by 3 Finals kind of negates all that Kobe couldnt do shit without Shaq arguement..

    The only thing close i could agree with would be “Kobe couldnt do it without Shaquille O’Neal, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Horace Grant, Sally, Shaw and whoever else..” THATS THE CORRECT STATEMENT

  • Claw

    You’re on the pipe if you think the Lakers win with Divac instead of Shaq, that’s some BS.

    You don’t go by chips to say who is the greatest or Horry would be a top 5 player. You need to at least have a couple chips and won a few MVP awards and have transcended the game. You can’t compare from other eras either, the NBA was alot fewer teams which meant better players on each team. Right now you’ve got starters in the NBA that back then would have been selling insurance or playing oversees.

    Kobe isn’t a top 5 player of all time just yet, I’ll take 10 guys over him but again his career isn’t over yet either.

    Celts come back strong tonight, Artest goes back to being..Artest and Gasol shrinks like a violet. Though losing Perkins is a pretty big blow to controlling Bynum.

    Bynum is the key.

  • sh!tfaced

    Beer. Check. Food. Check. Big-ass TV. Check. Shotgun in case some asshole gets annoying. Check.

    Grrrrrr…. So freakin’ damn stoked for GAME 7… WOOOOOOOO!

    Fuck that. Who better than who?! None of that bull won’t matter IF the C’s pull it off. Let’s save that shit for later and argue about Kobe IF they win. Soak it up and enjoy, hoopheads. I’m gonna be DRUNK no matter who wins…

  • control


    Come on man, Divac instead of Shaq? Divac was pretty solid, and I think he’d be a good center in the triangle, but the size and talent difference there is HUGE. Shaq in his prime is a top 1-3 center all time, without any debate at all.

    You are better than that man, I know you are overhyped about your boys getting another championship today, but damn…

  • Celts Fan

    @Lakeshow – you’re right, but my top 9 has no one over Kobe w/out multiple rings. You cannot be a true legend without ringS in basketball.

    (for the record, didn’t mean to shaft Wilt in my list earlier, I knew I was forgetting someone this morning, and it was him. That’s what I get for trying to do this at work. Slide him in at #5. I’m an idiot…)

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ HAHA The Divac thing was a stetch ^^^

    I gotta remember not make stretches on here.. Thats all you guys act like you read lol

  • ab_40

    this will be the first game the big three goes of collectively pau gasol will get a T for flopping. I hope sheed goes of on the lakers bigs like he did with medvedenko in 05 bust they asses.

  • LakeShow84

    But with Phil as our coach.. a young 2000 and up Kobe and the GREAT supporting cast we had it aint a stretch to say we dont take 2002 or 2003 with Divac in Shaqs place..

    Divac wouldve been beautiful in the triangle..

  • nate

    everyone is nitpicking kobes stats when forgetting that he has a good 4 or 5 (maybe more) years left. After it is all said and done only (arguably) Jordan will be higher.

  • nate

    And as far as replacing Kobe with someone like Tmac ( who was the 2nd best SG at the time) you would have to replace Shaq with someone like Yao (the second best Center at the time) to have the same effect.

  • nate

    Or maybe Zo, not some scrub center

  • Mr. BBall

    biggest factor is just like the last two games. EASY Buckets aka transition game on offense and defense.

  • http://www.uspassportnow.com/blog/ Carmen

    Sheesh…they really let me down. It took me by surprise that The C’s didn’t succeed, especially with the numerous free throws they had. But, I suppose their defense was more than a little great. The celts really prevented the Lakers from scoring.

  • Legend 33

    Don’t know who is going to win tonight, but I do know at the end of the night the Celtics will still have more banners than the Lakers. I will put Kobe in my top 5 over Bird if he wins 6 rings. Yes I’m a homer but assuming Kobe plays at a high level for 3 more years, his longevity at playing at a high level gets him in my top 5, because that will make it 15 ALL-NBA caliber seasons which is pretty remarkable.

  • frmkt

    I have this crazy feeling that Kobe is gonna end up with a triple double pts, rbs & assists… We just might be in store for a blow out and that’ll be the true redemption for our pathetic loss in ’08. I know these guys aren’t thinking like that but when it’s over tonight, it will all sink in and you will see the tears of joy running down the faces of these incredible athletes… Oh, we’ll see it on the Celtics’ side as well but obviously, for different reasons. It’ll be a tough, tough loss for the losing team because they both fought hard – the Celtics more so – and to lose it all in one game, well… it’s gonna hurt. ENJOY!!


    Yo. Just wanna say man. Before game 7 starts. F*CK YOU KOBE BRYANT!! ya loser piece of ass arrogant sh*t. ya can never defeat the celtics. ever. f*ckin rapist.

    f*ck you ‘LAKE’ fans. its been fun, but hey, you lost. so yo’all can s*ck my celtic dick and swallow my green cum. HAHAHAHAHA. gracious my motherf*cking d*ck. hahahahahaha.

    f*Ck you, old man, fisher. you retarded piece of flopper. just hope the next time u flop nobody would pay attention and realize it gonna be serious and u aint never going back to flop on anyone again… ever. fucking useless piece of shit.


  • Skeeter McGee

    @ EN FUEGO

    Looks like you need some white-out for that post, homie…