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Michael Beasley Says NBA, Not NFL, Is No Fun League

Michael Beasley (photo. Chad Griffith)

Michael Beasley has it all. You could go an entire lifetime of basketball action and never come across a 6-9 forward with as diverse an array of athleticism, skills and versatility. There just aren’t many guys who can give you 20 and 10 one night and then hit five threes the next. Beasley’s problem is he is just as likely to give you two points and three rebounds like he did in the Miami Heat’s season ending loss to the Boston Celtics.

Many wanted to blame Beasley’s slow development on Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra‘s inconsistent rotations and the organization’s insistence on Beasley improving his defense before earning starter minutes. But now, he is giving all of his detractors more ammo.

Kansas State guard Jacob Pullen told the Topeka Capital-Journal that it was Beasley who convinced him to stay in college instead of entering the Draft.

“I talked to Mike,” Pullen said to the paper. “The two weeks right before the draft deadline, Mike spent out in Kansas. We talked and he said if he could re-do everything, he’d have stayed all four years.

“He said to think about it and not just worry about the money. Think about the experiences you want to be part of, because once you make that decision it’s your life. It’s a job. It’s not fun anymore.”

Beasley’s problems were never about talent, but rather his emotional makeup. Does he really want to be great? Will he put in the work to ever be more than what he is right now? What Pullen told the Topeka Capital-Journal begs the question: Does Beasley really love to play?

Beasley’s name has been in rumors since the trade deadline last season- including one incredible situation where the Nets were rumored to have turned down a swap of Beasley for Keyon Dooling – and you can expect him to be involved in discussions throughout the summer. ESPN’s Chris Sheridan reports:

But even if [Heat president Pat] Riley is able to land one extremely heavy hitter in free agency (that list begins with LeBron James and continues with Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer), he isn’t going to have enough room to get that second stud if he still has Beasley on the roster making $4.96 million. And sources have told ESPN.com that Miami, fed up with Beasley’s lack of devotion to defense and his steep learning curve in the maturity department, tried diligently to move Beasley before the trading deadline in February but found no takers willing to give up anything more than garbage. So if Beasley can be moved before the draft for a player with only a partial guarantee for 2010-11, or if the Heat can arrange an uneven deal (in terms of salaries) and send him to an under-the-cap team in a trade that would be consummated after the league’s one-week moratorium on player movement ends July 8, look for Riley to go for it.

So just two years after taking him with the second overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, the Heat seem very willing to move on without Beasley.

What do you think?

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  • thenatural23

    i don’t understand why the heat are tying to make beasley into something he’s not. just let the dude do his thing on offense… that’s clearly his strength and where he prospers.

    there are plenty of players in the league who don’t play a lick of defense but still get respect and lots of run. for example, steve nash, zach randolph, amare stoudemire, lamarcus aldrdge… the list goes on.

    if beasley had been drafted by the bulls or grizz he would be consistently doing 20 and 10 and looking much more like the guy he was in college

  • atticusmitch

    I love Beasely’s game but he on the edge of being a bust. Not that he isn’t a bad player(15ppg and 6rpg 45fg%) but he is not the super star as he was supposed to be. I mean Jeff Green was a Lottery pick and has been great and was never called a future super star and he is putting up 15, 6, 45fg%, and a block a night(virtually the same numbers. But I would rather have Green because Mike has character issues. But I hope wherever he is shipped to he grows into a good player, but I dont see him becoming the potential all star that everyone wanted.

  • yoda

    he’s not 6-9 at all. or he looks short on tv….

  • “Tha Boddy” The Only Wall John Will See Is When He Signs His Check!!!â„¢

    I would say Beasley is a SF and they keep tryna play him as a PF.The Heat want LeBron and DWade and there is no way in hell they employ LeBron and tell him he is going to play PF.He will be a career 16-18ppg 6-8rpg player and thats not bad at all

  • wifey

    b-easy’s coming up next season. Mark my words.

  • Blue

    I’m a huge Heat fan…but I don’t think they’ve treated Beasley right. I agree with thenatural23, they’re trying to make him into something he’s not. He’s not Udonis…He’s not ‘Zo. This was a bad fit from the start and I’m sure the Heat were probably taking a long look at drafting Brook Lopez instead, but were afraid of the backlash for not picking the best available player at the time.

    I’d hate to see him go if he is traded. When he’s on, I love his enthusiasm, and despite what people say…he does try out there. I saw about 85% of the Heat games last year, and Beasley did try out there. His numbers are comparable to Bosh and Stoudamire at the same point in their careers. He just came into a bad situation. Most teams that deep in the lottery are looking for a superstar, but the Heat already had one.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    He’s not built to be a star in this league. Not that that’s a bad thing, because I honestly think he’s gonna be a good player and will help a squad somewhere, but he’s not built to be a superstar. Matter-fac’, since his drive for greatness is not there, he’s not built to be a good side-kick either. Imagine Kobe trying to get through this cat’s head…

  • Detroit Dave

    Why is it so hard for the Miami Heat organization to see that his game and Dwayne Wade’s game don’t mesh. Throw in the fact that they don’t have a point guard doesn’t help. All he needs is a change of scenery.

    It was the Heat that drafted a player with KNOWN off the court problems to live and play in South Beach, Florida. Add the fact that before that draft your STAR PLAYER was campaigning for OJ MAYO. We will take him in Detroit.

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    @Detroit Dave … Yeah, the Heat were so close to picking Mayo at 2. I think Riley saw from the start that Beasley wasn’t going to fit well with what they were doing.

  • Celts Fan

    @Kermit – we don’t need to imagine Kobe trying to get through this guy’s head. We’ve already seen that movie. It’s called “Lamar Odom” and it ended happily ever after once he got older and matured a bit. I wouldn’t give up on him just yet (unless it frees up the cap space they need, then it’s well worth it.) Dude’s still really young.

    @Blue – it wasn’t Brook they were looking at, it was OJ Mayo. Riley said as much before the draft and Wade was practically begging them to take OJ.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    LOL @ Celts Fan:

    I thought of Lamar as I was typing it. Something about these “versatile” players…for some reason, “versatility” doesn’t come with “intensity”. But yeah, you’re right, Lamar turned out OK but he’s still a headache. If I were in a front office, I’d pass until I see if time alone helps him mature or not. I’d also put my money on “not”.

    He’s had a few SICK dunks tho

  • Blue

    @ Celts Fan…
    From what I heard, OJ was only in consideration because D-Wade was lobbying for him. Never in serious contention for the number 2 spot. But you know the history with Riley and big men…Kareem, Ewing, Shaq.

    Either way, I’m sure he’s regretting not getting either one of them.

    That’s not a knock on B-Easy. Love the dude…again, just came into a bad situation for him.

  • heatfan

    He is too short to play PF and not consistent on defense down low, and doesn’t have the quickness and ballhandling to play SF, or the consistent jumper.

  • Dan

    Hey Dime , was it beasley that said the nba is no fun , or was it a another guy that said beasley said the nba is no fun?

  • Heckler

    lots of people are missing the total point with michael beasley. he just really isnt that good. he was a good college ball player, but not suited for the NBA.

    I wrote that 2-3yrs ago on here. many of yall called me names and said i was hating.

    truth is, he is a reincarnation of glenn robinson. no more, no less.

    Beasley doesnt even have a position in the nba. he’s too slow offensively and defensively to be a small forward. and he’s too small (bulk wise) to be a power foward.

    at best, Miami should keep using him as a bench player. he creates mismatches for a 2nd unit.

    he is like toni kukoc (without the handle)

  • that’s what’s up

    Super Cool Beas


  • http://abouthalftime.blogspot.com/ jace

    maturity a problem? sounds like wut theyre saying about demarcus cousins.

    anyway… i never really liked mike beasley in the first place. came in and right away he was like.. yea i plan to be the franchise here. i was like.. whoaa… dont u kno d.wade is on the team? idiot.

    @heckler hes not a reincarnation of glenn robinson… cuz… well.. glenn robinson was better… hahah.

  • Sporty-j

    I remember going to a Heat game his rookie year and his eyea were blood shot red and his lips were as black as dirt from getting high. Go to a game this year and he is starring at the Heat dancers instead of paying attention and starring into the crowd at some chicks who were looking fine as heck i have to admit. You would think he would have learned to put the pot down from when he got caught at that rookie camp but he did not. Than he was not able to practice with the team last summer because he suffers from depression probably because he doesnt understand Y hes not the #1 option anymore now that hes in the BIG LEAGUES. He dug his own grave and i still cant figure what position he should play and its just been a bad fit. I hope he succeeds elsewhere and grow up but this is a bussiness and my Heat needs that cap space and to be honest i would take a second pick in next years draft for the kid just so we can accomplish the goal that Pat Riley has at hand and i know it will pay off in the future.

  • sh!tfaced

    Yeah, yeah… Whatever, Mike… Everything ain’t fun without WEED… Word, bro. LOL

  • Andy

    Look, the Heat are handling this poorly. The guy has decent numbers. He’s earning a bit more than the mid-level exception, and he’s got talent. Why send him away? Not every guy will turn into Tim Duncan you know…And the fact that the guy says it’s a job, and it’s no fun, that only means he’s under a lot of pressure at “the office”. Which means they’re handling this poorly, as far as i’m concerned. Yeah, maybe he’s a bit childish, but the dude is still a kid! Come on! Somebody there needs to pick up on the mentoring stuff, this guy could become a good player. Not great, but good. And the Heat don’t have too many good players on their roster just yet…They picked up the option on Chalmers, and they’re sending Beasley away? That would be plain stupid!

  • http://abouthalftime.blogspot.com/ jace


    its not that they think he’s no use. cuz yes, he can put up numbers when focused. i think theyre more focused on getting a squad together that can play hard and play now.

    and right now i think hes approaching the border. the border where its still safe to say on one side, “hes got potential so we can wait”. and the other side is “potential hasnt amounted to anything, what you see is what you get”.

    the heat are probably thinking before they reach that border and waste money.. they might as well get some value for it and play it safe. most of the league prolly still thinks hes still got upside… so while they think that.. they can still get more value outta him in trades. you’ve seen it and ive seen it. the league pays BIG BUCKS for potential. i.e. eddy curry

    beasley’s a coinflip.. he might never fulfill his potential.. i think miami’s lookin for a double-sided coin.

  • Ekstor

    I recall the first time watching him in the tourney being surprised at how small he looked (in contrast I recall seeing Blake Griffin the next year and thinking he was legit in his size). I’m pretty sure when they finally measured Beaseley, his actual height was something like 6-7 with only a slightly better than average wingspan.

  • easy yeezy

    Luol Deng, his 18pts 8reb/game + 17th pick for Beasley. I’d do it right now. The Heat could send over whoever to make the money work.

  • ab_40

    beasley is too short and too unathletic to man the four position and be efective vs the other 29 teams on a nightly base. He’s just not that good and he’s too slow to play the three so he’s the bad side of a tweener too short and too weak to man the four and too slow and unable to create from the wing to be a three. I don’t see him being succesful anywhere. btw he has J O’neal shoulders which makes his head look even bigger than it is. oh and his height without shoes was 6’7 3/4 but his wingspan was something like 7 feet.

  • Ekstor

    I stand corrected on his wingspan then… that’s pretty good.

  • SKD

    F*** Mayo, they should have taken Eric Gordon, by FAR the most overlooked player in that draft.

  • http://www.blasphemy.com Chicagorilla


    We got plenty of cap room. I would gladly give up Taj Gibson and a draft pick or two. Gibson only makes $2mill or less i believe as a 20 something pick.

    Bulls get low post scorer

    MIA gets solid big man, more cap space.

    Bulls enviornment will be more of a college enviornment which will give Beasly a better chance to succeed ( I don’t think Bees or DWade like eachother). If Bees doesn’t pan out, then Bulls don’t lose much anyway.

  • http://kapatid7799@yahoo.com bucks fan

    whts this everyone saying beasy to short for PF… barkley was only 6’5″ and he dominated the post!!!

    Beasy gunna get it soon, he only a pro for 2years. heat would be stupid to trade him out of miami.

    will see this up coming season. if they do trade, any team getting beasy will be lucky.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Did you say Beasly was too short and too UNATHLETIC? If you don’t think Bees is an athlete did you must not have really watched him play. Did can get up. His tip dunk last season (when he had the blow-out kit going on with his fro) was one of the sickest plays of the year. He can jump and he can run, he is just so methotic in his movements and lazy it doesn’t look like he’s doing much. He’s not shawn Kemp, but he has young Barkley/Malone type hops.

  • Metropolis

    It’s all politics, and Beasley is on the wrong team. He’ll never be the man there as long as D-Wade is there! By the way, if I see another D-Wade commercial I swear I’ll boycott basketball! Beasley is a very good player who is in the wrong organization. Trade him and I guarantee you’ll see why there was so much hype!!

  • sunni

    i bet the clippers will pick him up