• @sofakingcool

    I like the Raps to take a shot blocker, and Whiteside fits. This would shift Il Mago to the Dirk position of tall 4 that does not have to block shots.

  • K Dizzle aka LAKERSIN5

    I wouldn’t bypass James Anderson to take Xavier Henry. Feel like Anderson can do more

  • asmaticasiatic2

    Being from MI, I hope the pistons can salvage a better prospect that cole aldrich. Trade Rip or Tay, whatever you can do to move up Joe…..

  • http://prickymart.blogspot.com Russ

    yeah henry and bradley both underwhelmed me pretty much all season long. I fead ed davis is another one of those potential picks. like kwame brown.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Speaking of underwhelming players, Ed Davis doesn’t seem like the athlete everybody is making him out to be. I believe he wouldn’t be a first rounder at all if it wasn’t for his genes.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    How does Bradley move into the top 10 when he barely did anything for UT

  • chief youngblood

    man i wish monroe would fall to the 11th.

  • chief youngblood

    in fact my hornets wish list would be

    monroe , then aldrich , and if neither fall i’d like hayward above davis ( just don’t trust davis and we need big man help now )

  • http://dime eyes

    @6.. The experts. They know something we don’t. Jordan Crawford isn’t in the 1st round because????

    Eric Bledsoe is better than Sherron Collins & Edgar Sosa?

    Also Avery Bradley isn’t a PG or better than TJ Ford or AJ Price. He might be Earl Watson 2 & that’s bad.

    Anybody can get drafted nowadays. I was watching the 98 All Star game the other day. The players on the court would beat this current field of All Stars like the Original Dream Team. Sean Kemp & Mutombo were the worse players on the court. You don’t even have to dominate college ball. Just go to a major school or have hype follow you. You’ll be labeled a Athlete,Project with tons of Potential or role player. One or the other. The league has been about the star player lately. All teams needs players who can fit in nicely to the roles.

    There isn’t enough talent in the league currently nor is there enough coming in.

    I also so Hayward being labeled insurance for Rudy Gay. He might not be better than Dunleavy healthy. I’m rooting for the kid. Luke Harongody & Willie Warren should have left college last year. You can always get that degree. They might not even stick in the league. Damn. That second round is a mother. You’re fighting not only for a roster spot. Know you have to fight for minutes. Too much of an uphill battle.

  • ReddiRed

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let Detroit pick Cole Aldrich.
    We are trying to become an up and down team that also has defense.
    We don’t need Frankenstein, who can’t move, can’t jump clogging up the middle.
    I’d rather take a chance on Cousins, or trade down to 15 and take Whiteside. (as long as Luke Ridnour is part of the trade).

  • Cordell

    Anybody knows if Avery Bradley do anything at the combine to wow scouts? I am not so sure the Pacers take him with a pick that high….they have been extremely conservative with their picks in recent years, always taking a kid with four years of college ball, they do not seem to like one and done youngsters.

    Golden State is not smart enough to take Monroe…he will find a home in Detroit where a big man with his talent and skill will be utilized properly. Memphis has many picks, I would think they would move one of them to move up in the draft or obtain a vet.

  • Ben Jamin

    People, people, people please GET A CLUE! The NBA does consider what you did in college as your full body of work. They look at what you do in the TEAM WORKOUTS to help them determine where you should be drafted. You can say what you wanna say about Avery Bradley but OBVIOUSLY he is doing some magnificent stuff in these workouts and that’s the only thing that matters!! What he did at UT is history so get over it….the kid is turning heads and making a name for himself RIGHT NOW!!

  • hooper5013

    Avery Bradley has Gary Payton written all over him defensively people…he will put it together offensively…he will be a stud for sure…