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NBA Draft Rumor: Andre Iguodala Trade Linked To Selection

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

Andre Iguodala‘s time with the Philadelphia 76ers might be directly tied to whom the Sixers take with the second pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

At this point, the Philly front office is torn down the middle between Ohio State’s Evan Turner and Georgia Tech’s Derrick Favors. GM Ed Stefanski loves Turner. Newly hired coach Doug Collins wants Favors.

Favors would be able to slide right into the frontline, but a selection of Turner could cause some dramatic changes.

“If you take Turner, you have to do something with Iguodala,” a Western Conference GM told the Philly Post. “Turner doesn’t have the athletic ability of Iguodala, but Iguodala doesn’t have the feel for the game Turner does.”

Another Western Conference exec uses the word “redundancy” to describe the Turner-Iguodala pairing, since both players need the ball in their hands to be effective. “There’s not enough floor space for the two of them,” he says. The selection of Turner “might lead them to commit to trading Iguodala,” he says. Now, that’s an idea. But how is it possible? Iguodala still has four years and roughly $56.5 million left on his Superfund site of a contract. Taking responsibility for that could lead to the beheading of a GM. Then again…

“Teams would like him, because they need a playmaker,” the Western exec says. “There are enough teams that need wing playmakers.”

Sounds great. The Sixers draft Turner, trade Iggy for a draft choice and expiring contract, and the rebuilding contract continues apace. Except for one thing. “I would never draft Turner to trade Iguodala,” the Western exec says. About the only reason he can see to do that would be for salary cap relief.

The Philly Post talked to three NBA personnel execs and all of them were smitten with Favors. One said the big man had a chance to be special. At 18, Favors already can rebound and defend and shows the type of work ethic that could make him an All-Star.

“From day one, he’s an elite-type athlete and has the size to compete right away,” another exec told the paper. “He can rebound the ball and defend, and the rest of his game will grow down the line. He can give you those two things and finish in transition.”

Depending on whom you talk to, the recent trade of Samuel Dalembert either won’t affect the team’s Draft Day decisions or opens up room for Favors. Stefanski recently said it wouldn’t change anything.

“I think we’re where we were before — the same draft options we had,” Stefanski told the Associated Press. “We’re very fortunate to be drafting No. 2. I don’t think [the trade] changes it a lot.”

Dime, ESPN’s Chad Ford, DraftExpress and NBADraft.net all have Philly taking Turner with the second pick.

What do you think? Who should the Sixers take? Should they trade Iguodala?

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  • Celts Fan

    Pick Turner, keep Iggy, play them together w/ Jrue and there’s your 1-3 foundation for the next 5-10 years. Don’t overthink it. But, as a fan of a team in their division, trade Iggy. Even though they’re different players (I don’t see the “redundancy” people keep talking about at all) they’re the same. Move your young playmaker too early because he may overlap what your younger, still-hasn’t-player-proball yet draft pick (who I think becomes a STUD) does on the floor. God I love watching incompetance on other squads we directly compete with.

  • flavur

    I say you trade Andre to the timberwolves for wayne ellington and the 4th pick in the draft

  • Brown

    If Pippen and Jordan could co-exist, I’m sure Turner and Iguodala can. Having two good wing players isn’t a negative and anyone who thinks otherwise is either running a shitty NBA franchise or a fan of one.

  • Celts Fan

    Agreed Brown. Not like they can’t move Iggy at the deadline if they can’t play together.

    @flavur – that would make sense, but Iggy’s deal is too big for a high pick in the draft from a team that’s still years away from even saying the word, “Contender.”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Gotta suck for Dre cause his name is going to continue to always come up in trade talks. Philly should keep dude and try to package something else.


    Deal him to the clippers for Baron Davis

  • Dennis Castro

    I talked to Marty McFly, he came back from the future to tell me Turner is going to be a star, Favors not so much. That seals it for me.

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    As a fan, I say keep them both and see how they work out playing together…

    Iggy is a better defender and Turner is a better offensive player…

    If I’m making the pick, I’m still taking turner, but trying to move Iggy for a solid PG or a decent enough big man and build a new core for the future…

    And I’m sorry, I don’t see Jrue as the future, I just don’t see it at all…

  • sxrs

    i dont know where all the turner and iguodala cant exist talk comes from

    iguodala is not the type of player you want with the ball in his hands all the time, but unfortunatly, the lack of a reliable scorer forced him into that role the past couple of years.

    now with turner coming in, you have a guy that can create offense. he’ll immediatly be the best one on one player on the roster (save for maybe williams, but he’s too much of a liability on defense) thus allowing collins to take the ball out of iggys hands.

    i want him to play more like his rookiedays: focussing on defense, and playing off other people: get behind the defense for lobs, knock down the open three, crash the boards, get to the line. No more one on one dribbling resulting in a contested 3.

  • Chise

    What happens to Thad Young?

  • http://gizmodo.com/5500343/sprints-htc-evo-the-first-ever-4g-phone-meet-the-new-terrific Mr. TKO

    I’m not a philly fan but trying to fit Turner, AI2 and T. Young in the same 2 spots seems like it would create a logjam and a lot of redundancy. As far as I know, none of them are decent 3 point shooters so you have at least 2 people that are trying to slash and maybe hit mid range. Plus they just got nocioni as well. There’s not a consistent 3 point shooter out of all 4 of them

    That just seems like a lot of congestion to me. personally. I would get Favors (because AI2 is pretty much untradeable at this point) and have Favors coming off the bench behind Brand until Brand’s next injury. That way you’re not rushing him but he’s still learning and being groomed. If necessary you can play Brand and Favors together at different times.

  • http://abouthalftime.blogspot.com/ jace

    @sxrs (post 9).. i agree 100%

    i dont see the redundancy at all.

    its not like they have the same skillset. and they dont play the same positions. they CAN play the same positions.. but turners natural spot is the 2. iggys natural spot is the 3.

    if we were to draft favors.. we, again, have a nonexistent offense. iggy is not a franchise player even tho he has the franchise contract. we need help offensively. now im not saying favors isn’t going to be good. he’ll be good.. but prolly not for 4 years. turner helps us out now.

    and if this turner/iggy tandem doesn’t work like everyone thinks.. then trade iggy next year. iguodala is our only REAL trade bait anyway. and hes currently being overpaid. it would be best for us financially.. if you can find a taker for elton brand.. then great. go draft favors if you want.. but reality is.. he’s nearly impossible to trade. so we might as well play him.

    if u draft favors without trading brand.. we’re stuck with those two plus speights, young, jason smith, and nocioni in the same position. noce has gotten too slow to defend the 3.. so for the most part he’ll prolly be asked to split time with the 4. although i like young at the 3. sixers have been playin him at the 4 the last year and a half. speights is undersized at the center so most of his time will be at the 4. i assume smith will play some center too.. but hell be overpowered there.

    plus favors won’t be good for a while. truth is this organization has been in the bottom 5 of arena attendance this past year. meaning theyre not making much money. turner will help put seats in the arena. whereas favors won’t be a big help till we’re further down the line.

  • sxrs

    @ jace

    you’re right, this team needs the excitement of a guy who can come in and contribute, not a 3 year project.

    for once, please draft a basketballplayer in stead of an athlete who happens to play basketball (we just got rid of one in dalambert)

    i dont hate on favors or anything, and it could very well be that he turns out to be(one of the) best players in the draft.

    i just dont want to spend the 2nd pick of the draft on a guy who could easily turn out to be the next tyson chandler, emeka okafor or stromile swift. i mean, werent these guys going to develop an offensive game?

    i cant wait for the draft to begin…all that speculation is killing me

    (i guess thats not too bad a thing to complain about lol)

  • hated_hero

    Clippers need to be all over this!! Everyone knows they wont land Lebron and desperately need a wing. Trade the 8th pick and whoever they want other than Baron,Kaman,Griffin, and Gordon…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ The 76ers orginization! I thought the bulls were stupid. Oh man, please Trade Iggy to the Bulls. anyone thinking this cat doesn’t deserve the money he got, explain to me who does? Al Jefferson? Brandon Roy? Tyson Chandler? I mean, none of these cats are winning anything, and Paul Pierce didn’t win $h!t until KG showed up. Your sick if you don’t see the game this dude has. Send him to the Chi and pair him with Rose. Wow.

  • http://abouthalftime.blogspot.com/ jace


    who do u suggest they trade for if not any of those.. cuz iggys contract is biggg.. and i doubt you sixers can get anythign of value without touching those 4.

    im sayin man.. they need to see how turner and iggy play together before they can write it off as redundant.

  • JamesinVA

    @ post 15 (Chicagorilla) You are such a Bulls homer. And what have ANY of the players on your roster won? JACK SHT. Andre Iggy going to the bulls = Championship? Ill bet you 10 Gs that it wont happen.

    Whatever yall smokin up there in the Chi is MESSIN you up.

    Yea pair him up with Rose…WOW…ok 8th seed? lottery again? meaning you can just go ahead and add Iggy to that list of big contract with NO credentials.

  • Jim

    Here is deal that has been rumored for the Sixers by a supposed inside source and what the team would look like after the trades:

    1) Brand and #2 to Mi

    2) Iguadola in three way trade with Cleveland and Sacramento. Cleveland sends Mo Williams to Sacramento for #5 pick. Cleveland then sends #5 pick, Delonte West, and expiring contracts for Andre Iguadola.

    3) 76ers would have #2 and #5 picks.

    4) 76ers select Evan Turner with #2 pick and Demarcus Cousins with the #5 pick.

    76ers starting lineup next season:

    Holliday – PG
    Turner – SG
    Young – SF
    Brand – PF
    Cousins – C

  • http://abouthalftime.blogspot.com/ jace

    not quite sure what you mean by ur number 1 point:

    “1)Brand and #2 to Mi”

    if that starting lineup could happen.. great. cuz i wanna see t.young start.. but i doubt Sacramento would trade the #5 pick for mo williams. plus.. lebron and iggy play the same position. that tandem doesn’t look like itd work. if lebron left.. alright i understand.

    i would like to see how iggy and turner play together first tho. sure they need the ball to be effective.. but theyre also above average passers and unselfish. who knows? we could have an interesting pass-first team.