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NBA Rumor: Tony Parker To The Pacers

Tony Parker

With only two teams left playing ball, the rumors are starting to fly. Yesterday on his weekly ESPN.com chat, Chad Ford mentioned that one scenario floating out there is San Antonio sending Tony Parker to Indiana for the No. 10 pick, Troy Murphy and Brandon Rush. Let me be clear: There is no way that Larry Bird makes this trade.

Yes, Murphy is in the last year of his contract. And yes, the Pacers are in need of a point guard. But to trade a pick, your second-best player and a rotation guy for a banged-up PG who missed 26 games last season just doesn’t make sense.

It’s widely become known that the Pacers are willing to move the No. 10 pick for a veteran player that can help them right away in return, but to give up basically three players for one (who may or may not be healthy) just doesn’t make sense. Also, Parker too is in the final year of his contract, so what makes the Pacers confident that the former Finals MVP would want to leave a perennial playoff team for one battling to make it – in a weaker conference no less. Even if they were to make this deal, Parker would most likely be one-and-done.

What do you think?

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  • s.bucketz

    i call all of this pacers-suckiness reggie miller karma…
    dunno what to call all the knicks suckiness yet tho

  • BC

    Larry Bird should do this immediately.
    Pacers need to shake things up.

  • Mark

    I think you Aron are funny

    “But to trade a pick, your second-best player and a rotation guy for a banged-up PG who missed 26 games last season just doesn’t make sense.”

    lol seriously?

    You should turn it around. Why in the hell would the Spurs trade a top 5 pg, a elite pg and their young best player for a non factor pick and non factor players like murphy and rush? That’s what it is about, not about Indiana and what they want or not. Come on now.

    Indiana has nothing for the Spurs and Indiana wish they could land Parker.

    I know Parker is underrated and hated but this is crazy.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ Mark

    The only reason this trade is being discussed is because the Spurs ARE talking about their future without Tony Parker. The team, as currently constructed, clearly cannot compete for a championship. And to add three pieces to a puzzle for one makes complete sense for them. This would be a steal. The No. 10 pick will play.

  • dmitry of jersey

    Troy Murphy is a lot more injury prone than Tony Parker.

  • kobeeeeee

    this is outrageous. no way a champion like tony should go to a “end of the road” team.

  • sh!tfaced

    No way this happens for Larry, TP isn’t white enough…

  • shiptar

    Aron, it is not the quantity that counts, but quality. So why have three role players instead of one perenial all-star from your starting five.
    Sure Spurs like Hill, but giving up Parker basicly for a 10th pick, doesn’t make sense to me.

  • http://mynba4u.unblog.fr Tinmar

    And what about the N°20 pick? If it can be included in the trade, Indiana could also chose a good player in this deep draft: Sanders, Bradley, Babitt or Whiteside if he sleeps to that pick

  • SJ

    I think Tony still has many seasons left in him where he can be a top player for a team. That said, he would likely be one-and-done with the Pacers if they made this deal, unless him and Granger really mesh well (which I could only see if he passed a bit more than he does now). I don’t think the Pacers should get rid of Troy Murphy, though. They need to start by getting rid of TJ Ford… even paying a team to take him if necessary.

  • Joe’s Momma

    I don’t know, is this even a legit trade idea? Parker is an elite PG. Those don’t grow on trees. I know G. Hill is playing well, but do you really expect him to be the pg of a championchip caliber team?

    I like the Murphy idea, they need a big who can stretch to the 3 pt line to create some space. And also allow McDyess to move to him more comfortable role, as a 6th man, he would still be as effective as if he was the starter.

    Rush is a bust, but SA loves long wings. The #10 pick might be a solid pick, but no game changer.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m surprised Austin didn’t write this one. Somehow he would try to convince us that Josh McRoberts, AJ Price, and Indiana’s 40th pick in the draft would be a fair trade for Tony Parker.

  • TL

    Forget about Rush, let’s get Dahntay Jones and make him the Spurs defensive stopper!

  • Heckler

    why does larry bird still have his job with indiana?

    he SUCKS as a front office person. and this team has just gotten worse and worse on the court since he’s been in charge.

  • Mark

    @ Aron

    You say like you are so sure that the Spurs are talking about the future of Tony and possible trades?

    They aren’t talking, they aren’t working any deals out, nor do they have a reason for trading Tony. I dont know why media is talking about it so much. Tony will not go, at least not now and especially not for such non factor players like this brilliant trade idea.

    I agree, the team constructed like this cannot compete for a championship, but that’s not Tony’s fault. In fact, Tony is the best player the Spurs have, Tony is still young and Tony is an elite PG, a top 5 of best pg’s in the NBA. So why would the Spurs give up on him? They won’t!

    And even if they did this trade, what in the hell would these 3 new players improve the spurs with? Spurs would lose more by giving up on Parker then gain by getting these two non factor players plus the 10th pick.
    There is no positivity, this is such a stupid trade scenario, it doesnt make sense, for the Spurs that is. For Indiana it does of course, they can only dream of a player like Parker.

    And just because TP had a injury plagued bad luck season this year, doesnt mean he is wasted. He will play too, even more than the number 10 pick what you say. I bet that number 10 pick will probably never be elite like TP and even if he would, it’s not sure, why wait and trade, if you already have one, if you already are sure you have a elite player. It doesn’t make sense what you are saying.

    These trade Tony rumors dont make sense either. He is not going anywhere and the Spurs do not have a reason to trade him.

    Just typical amateur reporters, writing rumors just for the sake of writing something. Especially Chad Ford. lol Darko Milicic

  • Dennis Castro

    The key to this article: Chad Ford. The CF really stands for Completely False. As in, all of the articles CF writes are completely false.

  • Lee

    The only reason to do this trade is to get Parker’s wife in your stadium.

  • Filazafer

    People act like Indiana is some kind of dead end road. The Pacers were an elite team in the East for 10 years before Ron Artest decided to go all Ron Artest in Detroit. I don’t know if this will happen, but if it does, I don’t see why Granger and Parker couldn’t be a great pair for many years to come. Most people don’t realize how good Granger really is. Check his stats alongside everyone else in the league at his position. He is top 5.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I would seriously consider moving to Indianapolis if this trade happened.

  • cdubb

    I would do this trade in a minute

  • Double X’s

    I am not by any means the most knowledgeable basketball head in town. I sometimes dislike teams if the players are ugly (I’m looking at you Celtics), and I don’t fully understand how the triangle offense works (apparently not everyone on the Lakers does either, but that’s a different story).
    However, I do think it’s pretty ridiculous to try and make it seem like TP (who is ONLY 26, has 3 rings, and 1 finals MVP) is kinda washed up or injury prone. Dude has played in the playoffs every year, and played for France during the summer (until SA banned him from doing so).
    You can’t really be serious with that one…C’mon son! Seriously???
    Tony Parker would be an upgrade over anyone on Indiana’s roster (IMO).

  • noel

    lets trade tony with larry… that’s the analogy. got it?

  • jimmhumm

    hold up. Murphy will start for the spurs. Mc Nice is old and Bonner is an over the hill version of Murphy. Murph gets rees and shoots threes, rush shoots threes and plays no d (ala Mike Finely). Heck it sounds good to me.

  • ShaqFu

    I beleive Larry Bird floated this rumor ;)

    Troy Murphy = Injury prone stiff who can’t play any defense.

    Brandon Rush = How many more chances do we give this kid before he officially gets the bust label.

    Number 10 pick in a draft so weak that the Pacers are rumored to take a local hometown kid.

    for NBA Allstar point guard Toney Parker.

  • Cordell

    The Spurs want to make G Hill the starting point guard so trading him is not unlikely….but the question is, where would you move him? and for what?

  • @BklynDre

    tony parker for michael beasley and james jones