NBA / Jun 25, 2010 / 2:45 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: Gilbert Arenas Gone By October

The start of the John Wall era officially began in Washington last night. Now, we may be coming close to the end of the Gilbert Arenas one.

ESPN’s Ric Bucher recently tweeted:

Those wondering how Wall/Hinrich/Arenas fit, don’t. Arenas will be elsewhere by Oct. Hinrich was great supporting Derrick Rose, will be here, too. There have been all sorts of supposedly unmovable contracts — all of which have been moved. There’s no such thing [as an unmovable contract]. And just for clarification: that’s opinion on Arenas being moved. I know there are interested teams, that’s all. Will say more when able.

Arenas is still owed five years and $80 million on his contract. If the Wizards haven’t already given him enough indication that they are moving on, they will so soon. At this point, it’s a fractured relationship and will eventually lead to a trade. When will that happen? Well, Bucher seems to think sometime this summer.

At this point, the only real trade scenario that had any legs was a swap with Orlando for Vince Carter. Arenas and the Magic’s GM Otis Smith go back to Golden State. There is a possibility there.

But, Washington is probably going to have to wait until a team comes knocking on their door before they can unload Arenas.

What do you think? Where will Arenas be next season?

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  • karizmatic

    It’s really too difficult to tell right now with all the free agents that may or may not be on the move it’s going to be a crazy summer. The team that keeps popping in my head is Dallas if Dirk stays, but I really can’t see that just because Dallas already has Caron and they wouldn’t take Arenas, Cleveland might have been a good look except I don’t see any way LBJ would play with Arenas assuming LBJ stays. Orlando is also a good look, although I couldn’t see this happening until the trade deadline, just because I really could imagine a situation where Washington would rather buy Vince out than keep him.

  • atticusmitch

    If he goes to orlando he will start yapping about he is like Penny.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    No shock there. Arenas was gone before the ping pong balls ever said who was doing what. It’s more of a matter of what they can get in return for dude.

    It’s messed up cause he had a great thing going in Washington and not only messed it up for himself but for his fans there too.

    Where will dude be? Miami, Orlando or NY I think but who knows, what we do know is that he is gone and at this point prolly needs to go.


  • two times

    I still don’t understand why the Wizards don’t void his contract…you’d think a felony gun charge would be enough.

  • heatfan3

    He’s going to the Pacers for Danny Granger. Even Larry Bird said Granger has “regressed” and they drafted Paul George. Granger has failed to get his team to the playoffs, but Gilbert hasn’t.

  • jj

    Arenas is a nice fit for the World Champion Lakers as Both Kobe and Arenas can handle the ball,no need for a point guard for the starting five. Lakers should get Bosh and Arenas for the next ring. These guys will be hungry for a title.

  • Chitown 23/33

    JJ should step away from the pipe? Who exactly would the Lakers give up salary wise to match Arenas? The only people getting paid big money on those teams are Kobe and the bigs…and you definitely don’t trade either of them of Gilbert. Washington best hopes is sending him to Golden State for Monta + filler or hoping NY strikes out in the free agent bonanza. (entirely possible) NY is so desperate for any competent player that they’d be thrilled to get him. Can Donnie Walsh really tell Knicks fans to wait another year, especially when it looks like Melo will sign extension.

  • Shaun

    Arenas to Toronto for the Turkish Jordan

  • JBaller

    Chitown has it right on all counts…

    Gil zero has no chance of landing in LA, and if NY strikes out they will be looking for something, anything to get better. As a NY fan, if we strike out this year, I’d rather hold out for Melo in ’11 than get a zero in ’10.

  • “Tha Boddy” Building the Wall

    The Wizards would be stupid I repeat STUPID to just try to ditch Arenas he is still by far their best player and they should keep him at PG…Why not have John Wall play SG since he will have to guard the other teams SG anyway?Having two very skilled combo guard will work.All the Wizards need now is a big man who can rebound block shots and take up space in the middle, Bosh any1 Amare’ any1???

  • LakeShow84

    NO CHANCE of him landing in LA..

    BUT interesting if he ends up in Orlando.. That would put them right back in the mix.. Wince Carter should be exiled for his play and lack of huevos..

  • LakeShow84

    @ The Boddy

    Why risk Walls developement by having him play out of position??

    Why risk Walls developement by having Gil maybe start to develope some jealousy issues which would add unneccessary pressure on Wall??

    Why Risk Walls developement by having a shoot first PG, who has no chance of winning with his style, as a “prototype” for said rookie??

    Why risk Walls developement by having an immature veteran as his mentor??

    Just a couple of why’s lol

    Enviroment is just as important as personnel when it comes to player developement.. You want to have a solid structure for someone to learn the game in with NO DISTRACTIONS..

  • Heckler

    any team with cap room that doesnt geet a bigtime FA will look at gilbert arenas.

    I am not a fan of Ric Bucher, but he’s right when he says NO contract is immovable.

    also, any team in need of a star power guard (indy?) will look into getting arenas (or maybe NY).

    here are some teams that could use him (provided he’s healthy and back to his old agent zero/hibachi self):
    detroit, new york, charlotte, atlanta, phoenix, houston and dallas.

  • M Intellect

    I just wanna know why they didn’t void his contract after Heater-gate

  • that dude

    is it me or is everyone sleeping on gil, yeah he messed up last year but he still is nice. The only reason people r tripping is becuz of his contract, i mean was he supposed to say no when they offered him 100+ mil. i bet u if they trade gil then for the next five or six years they will b saying john wall needs a high caliber guard in the backcourt with him, even though they already had one. let them play together then make a decision everyone is all about the next big thing(pause) when they should b looking in their own backyard.

  • knock

    If anybody is gonna be a shooting guard, it’s arenas. Wall may be nice, but he’s not as clutch as Gilbert. Yeahh, i’ve seen John’s gamewinner, but it was also without any type of defense. Gilbert is one cold blooded dude.

  • “Tha Boddy” Building the Wall

    @ LakeShow84
    Why is every1 so pressed to get rid of Arenas who is still better than 3/4ths of the PG’s in the league.Arenas is still the Wizards best player by far and by telling him to not handle the ball as much is saying that we wanna lose some games so our #1 pick can get a feel for the game is total fail.Arenas has played with 2 other ppl who can put up 18ppgs and had no problems sharing the ball.It can be just like that with Wall.Think Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes backcourt

  • Michorizo

    Arenas to the Knicks for Lee and and others…sign and trade Lee

  • jdstorm

    Arena’s is going to one of 2 places depending on what happens in F/A.
    if the knicks get no one he goes their in a straight swap for eddy curry.

    either that or he goes to orlando in a weird 3 way intra division trade with miami.

    Washington Receive Rashard Lewis, Mikel pietrus, orlando future first
    MIami receive washington future 1st, triple max cap room
    Orlando Get Arenas, Beasley, thornton

  • Purple Reign

    He’s going home to LA but not to the back to back champions. LA’s red headed step children who pay rent at the Staples Center will make another dumb move and trade for him. Last time he was a free agent it was between the Wizards & Clippers back in 2004. Like the Knicks the Clipper are another horrible bottom feeder team with tons of cap space this summer but will strike out and not land any major free agents. Clipper nation is pretty delusional right now and actually think they have a shot at Lebron James. The stooped so low that their biggest homer fan “Clipper Darrell organized a parade to recruit Lebron outside of Staples Center during a western conference Laker home game this year.

  • http://TheDime terry

    People who say Gil can’t play with Walls really don’t know Gils game, if everyone remembers Gills best year here is when Hughes was here,and Larry bought the ball up court more than Gil did. Also, as it relates to defense Gil prefers to check the 2 instead of the 1 because all of the activity involved with defending 1s, plus physically he matches up with most 2s because his size (not height) and he has a very long wingspan. I believe the big adjustment will be a mental one of who’s team? Also, here is my prediction on the future Gil will have very good year at Washington this seasom and will demand a trade afterwards to a team where he is the man, which will actually work for both because his stock would be high.

  • http://dimemag.com steve

    i was hearing talks that bulls want joe jhonson as a free
    would the hawks do a sign / trade for loul deng

  • robmo35

    Wow if Ric Bucher says it, it must be true. When has that guy been right about anything? Just asking.