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NBA Trade Rumor: Hedo Turkoglu back to Sacramento

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We may soon be adding one more name to the list of NBA players forever hated in Toronto. Hedo Turkoglu, who was already getting booed by Raptors fans toward the end of his first season with the team amidst poor play and accusations of excess partying, reportedly wants to be traded back to his original NBA home in Sacramento.

At the height of the Chris Webber/Mike Bibby era, Hedo was a valuable contributor off the bench. He’s already said he’s not happy in Toronto, and according to Yahoo! Sports, the “disgruntled” 31-year-old wants to return to the Kings:

The Kings and Raptors have yet to engage in trade discussions, sources say, but communication is a likely possibility before the end of the month. There won’t be much of a market for the declining veteran, but there are scenarios where he could make sense for the Kings.

The Kings need a small forward with an ability to put the ball on the floor and general manager Geoff Petrie drafted Turkoglu and shepherded his development into one of the NBA’s more versatile players. League executives believe Sacramento would need Toronto to minimally take forward Andres Nocioni and the two years, $13.5 million left on his contract.

The Kings seem inclined to get better in the short term with some veteran additions, and they’d have to evaluate how much more Turkoglu could give them over the next two or three seasons.

Hedo isn’t that far removed from putting up around 17-5-5 with the Magic, and for a team that needs more skilled offensive players around Tyreke Evans, could be a solid addition for the Kings. He didn’t seem to deal well with the pressure in Toronto, but in Sacramento he’d be in a situation where expectations are lowered and Tyreke is the focal point. Last season was basically the Raptors auditioning for Chris Bosh not to leave them, putting an extra layer of tension in the air, but Tyreke is locked into Sacramento for at least a few years, and Kings fans would be happy just to have a team making the jump from 20-something to 30-something wins.

Turkoglu makes $9.8 million next season, and his salary increases every year until 2013-14, where he has an option for $12.2 million.

If you’re the Kings, what would you give up for Turkoglu?

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  • karizmatic

    If I was Orlando I’d try to engineer a three team trade where somehow Orlando gets rid of Vince Carter and gets Turkoglu back. Maybe Vince goes to Sacramento, Nocioni goes to Toronto and Hedo goes to Orlando.

  • Grissy

    “Hate” is such a strong word…we “dislike him to the utmost degree”.

    I have no problem taking Nocioni either…we’re soft as f*ck and the $6-7 milly a year is a lot cheaper than Hedo’s $10 a year…

  • Heckler

    Hedo is overpaid. by the time he’s 33, he’ll be making over $12mil and producing like a 37yr old. maybe about 26mins a game.

    Sacto has no need for this bum.
    there is a reason the Magic made NO effort to offer him a contract. he’s already peaked.

    its all downhill from here. I bet you Portland wouldnt even want him now….

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    @kariz – As a Magic fan, anything to get Vince off the roster. Regarding Hedo, I don’t think he could come back. You can never come back to an old job and have it be the same.

    Anyone out there want Vince? Expiring after this season and only $4M guaranteed.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Give us Noci,
    bye bye Hedo. I’d trade Hedo for a can Eddy Curry.

  • JAY

    Gotta love the quoted article that starts off with,
    “The Kings and Raptors have yet to engage in trade discussions, sources say…
    What a horrible trade rumour. Lol! At least they aren’t lying and saying “The Craptors and Kings are discussing a trade”.
    They just turn into Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar and try to bend the truth….
    “…communication is a likely possibility before the end of the month.”
    No shit. It’s that time of year. All the GMs will be in contact with eachother.

    News Flash: this just in… The big ol grizzly bear is not hibernating yet. But rest assured, in a few months he will feel the need to find a cave somewhere and fall asleep for 4 months.

  • Taj

    Get rid of him.. He had a couple good games for the Raps. Can’t blame it on pressure either. He was never prepared and didn’t care about the team. He only was about himself and getting “Baaall”…

    If they can get Jason Thompson for him they should pull the trigger!

  • Brown

    The Raps should do everything possible to get rid of Hedo and his contract, regardless of what they get back talent-wise. With so many teams having cap space this offseason, it’ll actually be easier to move him since they won’t have to take back equal salary. Colangelo needs to bite the bullet and admit he made a mistake signing Hedo. Bosh is as good as gone, so they need to go into full-blown rebuilding mode.

  • Mikey B

    Get rid of the rest of those Euro’s too.

    Calderon and Bargnani’s non cap friendly contracts should be next and then we can officially start rebuilding.

  • Brazzle

    last thing the raptors are worried about right now is turkoglu

  • @sofakingcool

    Raps get:
    A Nocioni
    F Garcia
    J Thompson
    33rd pick
    lotto protected 1st 2011

    Kings get:
    H Turkoglu
    R Evans
    13th pick

    Raps get some depth at the wing positions, get their PF, 33rd pick could yield a big (brackins or vardarno) or a pg that slips (warren). If they draft a pg, they could look to shop Jose for an over priced big. Future lotto protected pick would end up in the teens some time down the road when Sac makes the playoffs.

    Kings get a vet that can control the flow of the offense, rid themselves of two long term deals that don’t fit the long term plans, and get an expring deal. They can then use their early pick on Cousins to pair with Hawes, and the 13th pick on the best possible talent.

  • http://twitter.com/k11y Kelly

    What a bitch. Start with him & let’s dump Calderon & Bargs too. No more Euros, build around the young guys. Turk is a fat ass out of shape loser with no work ethic & Brian Colangelo is paying out the ass for him.

  • Ryan S

    @sofakingcool: that trade is a joke. The Kings are giving up so much right there. Take out the 2011 trade and it is actually a fair trade for both sides…

  • bdk23

    right now id trade hedo for a 2$ hooker off the corner of bathurst and queen!!!get that fuckin pizza eating,mo-hawk wearing,knee buckling,long nose having piece of crap outtta a raptor jersey ASAP!!!

  • Eugene

    Nocioni + Casppi for Turkoglu … do it ..!!!!

  • Heckler

    $5 hooker on Younge street

  • Reno Hightower

    So glad hes not a Blazer.

  • Grissy

    If you’re looking for a $5 tranny hooker, hit up the Gerrard and Jarvis area…I think there’s a Pizza Pizza nearby as well so I’m guessing Hedo might frequent the area…



    HAHAHAHAHA Hedo needs to be traded to the western conference to avoid toronto as much as possible.

  • BlazersBabyBri

    I say no one offers him a contract and lets him rot in Toronto. No offense to Toronto, but Hedo needs to be an adult and deal with the contract he signed. After what he did to my Blazers last year, I have NO sympathy for him.

  • K Dizzle

    Did I just read post 12 sayin to get rid of Bargnani just to get rid of the Euros and build around the young guys?

    Wow, just got dumber readin that.
    Lakers’ll give you Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown for Bargnani. There’s your youth. Enjoy…

  • http://NBA.com Jimmie

    Hawes+noci+5th pick for hedo+bargani+13th pick

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Here is what the raptors have to do. Keep Bargs get him a good center (Bosh for Bynum?) and if possible keep hedo….trade calderon for mo willams and jack as back up…that sounds pretty nice…

  • Cam

    Hedo’s gone likely not to SAC.
    BC has an ability to correct his mistakes.
    Much worse contracts than Hedo’s especially in Orlando Wince and Rashard.

  • JJ

    I’d rather get Donte Greene and 1st pick if they want turkoglu, he looks overrated cos of he was exhausted from olympic games.. lets just have 3 way with orland, we take donte greene or nocioni, and 1st pick of kings, and kings get rashard lewis, and orlando gets turkoglu. We want Raptors to rebuild around bargnani or DeMar DeRozan and have 2 drafts this year..

  • JAY

    These people here talking about ‘trade Andrea’ are foolish. He’s young. Sure, he’s not your typical center but he can do things that 99% of the players at his position cannot do…. and those same guys are not used to guarding someone like Bargnani. The dude is a walking mismatch. His growth was stunted because he had to played alongside Bosh. They get into eachother’s space so he wasn’t as effective as he should have been. Look at his numbers without Bosh in the lineup. They skyrocket.

    It looks like I’m the only person here who can’t wait for Bosh to be traded so we can see what Bargnani can really do. The trade that I’m most anxious about is the one that moves Bosh. Colangelo is smart enough to make sure he gets back players that are complimentary to Bargnani’s game…. ie, a rebounder/shot blocker/help defender.
    Someone mentioned Bosh to Lakers for Bynum… that’s perfect. If Chicago is willing, Raps should ask for Noah… but I don’t think Chi would do that.

  • Joseph agunwa

    Hedo Turkoglu for VInce Carter..Carter to the raps, turk to the magic…. LOL

  • cristian

    hedo’s contract is horrible. the kings should only take him in a sign and trade with bosh.

  • http://no Derek

    Hedo will done absolutely better outside of Toronto,

    Sacramento would be cool.
    He was too exhausted last season and needed a rest in the first period of franchise.But we had no “coaching” last season.

    Triano was a chump.He has no ability to analyse and put things together back.Hedo is a half-court play-maker.Your PG has to become one of SG when he crosses the half-court.

    Ä°f you have Hedo , that should be the game plan! That’s the way you must play.If you are PG , Give the ball to Hedo in offence , and start running all over the half court until you get the baaall again!!

    Jameer was doing though!

    He will play much better with another coach ,everybody’ll see.

  • Amar

    Hedo can’t play with a traditional point guard, needs the ball in his hands lots. He’s kinda product of the stan van gundy orlando system as their team is perfect for his game. He got caught in a bad situation in toronto, in that he’s not a good fit to play with colderon that being said, he should have seen what he was joining and suck it up, but if a trade can be made, be a good move for both parties. he’s a special talent given his size, skill set and feel for the game, and though is contract is larger then it should be, the raps should be able to get good value for him. Bosh is as good as gone, might as well blow it up, and start building again.

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    The Kings will NOT be giving up anybody of value for Hedo (JT and Casspi). You have to remember, the Kings are in control of this situation. I’d expect Noc + 33 + Hawes for Hedo + 13 (or DeRozan). Noc and Hawes are players we don’t want anymore. If we take Hedo, we take him for our trash. We have the high ground in this trade, and I wouldn’t even talk to SAC if I’m Toronto, because this has fleece written all over it.

  • Alex

    Raps trade


  • CashMoneyG

    send turkoglu over to auburn hills to play with the pistons. He will fit in with flip saunders style. In return give the raptors tayshuan prince, a piece the pistons have been looking to move. then work out a 3 way deal with the raptors, sixers, and hawks. Send Jose and Demar to the sixers. send iguadala to the hawks. and ship joe johnson up to T.O raptors get a new starting five that compliments everybodies game better. 1.JACK, 2.JOHNSON, 3.PRINCE, 4.BARGNANNI, 5.BYNUM…Let’s play some fucking ball