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Paul Pierce, Boston backups take Game 4, even series at 2-2

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

The NBA is a superstar’s league. Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade, Superman. Even when we get multiple superstars on the same team, we give ‘em one nickname, like the Big Three or the Twin Towers — it makes for quicker sound bytes and more clever headlines. So when the Celtics began the fourth quarter of last night’s Game 4 with an un-superstar lineup of Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, Big Baby Davis and Rasheed Wallace on the court alongside Ray Allen, who really thought that lineup would dominate L.A.’s starters and pave the way for the Celtics win to even up the series? … Down by two going into the fourth, Boston needed a shot of adrenalin, and the bench came through like dude in Get Him To The Greek. Nate (12 pts) dropped in floaters and finger rolls and threw himself into the front tow; ‘Sheed hit that vintage ‘Sheed backbreaking three; TA helped keep Kung-Fu Kobe in check defensively; and Big Baby (18 pts) was simply a beast. The and-one where he drooled on the Garden floor while Nate jumped on his back was the highlight-reel play, but just as impressive was the one where Baby snatched an offensive board, flung Kobe aside like a blow-up doll and scored. On a night where every Celtic except Paul Pierce was finding it impossible to crack L.A.’s defense, the bench sparked a 36-point fourth quarter. By the time Rondo, Pierce (19 pts, 6 rebs, 5 asts) and KG checked back in, all they had to do was maintain the lead … OK, time to settle down with the Derek Fisher lovefest. The announce crew all but elected D-Fish governor of California before the first quarter was over, called his Game 3 fourth quarter “Kobe-like,” and stopped just short of crediting Fisher with taking the Jazz to the ’07 Western Conference Finals. Fisher was solid last night, though. Ray (12 pts, 4-11 FG) couldn’t get anything resembling an open shot until Fisher was on the bench in foul trouble … As much as both fan bases hate the refs in this series, we’re assuming even Lakers fans enjoyed seeing Pierce punch official Eddie F. Rush in the face. Pierce was celebrating what he thought was an and-one when he popped Rush in the mouth accidentally. Or not. Remember, Rush was the same ref who ejected Kendrick Perkins in the Orlando series … We’re not gonna get into the referee blame game, but how terrible was that phantom foul against ‘Sheed when Pau Gasol tripped on his own feet and ‘Sheed got charged. That was the one time his theatrical temper tantrum was justified, but then he canceled it out with a indefensible overreaction to a foul he deserved in the fourth quarter … Kobe (33 pts, 6 threes, 7 turnovers) looked a little passive at first, before he broke out late in the first half when he ran off three straight long jumpers (two triples) to build L.A.’s first significant lead. Kobe hit some ridiculous J’s in the third — that look he shot Tony Allen after the corner three was purely homicidal — but struggled again through most of the fourth quarter (just like Game 3) while the Celtics pulled away. In the last couple minutes Kobe went on a mini-binge of buckets, but the comeback bid ran out of time … Perkins had been doing a good job of controlling himself, knowing he can’t get another tech — you could even say he’s playing worse because he’s too timid — until last night. One time Gasol wrapped up Perkins under the hoop to prevent an easy bucket, a completely normal basketball play. But Perk started yapping at Pau, Kobe and whoever else was near him. Then he went stomping over to L.A.’s bench like he wanted to start something. He still didn’t get a tech, though … New rule: No more calling Big Baby “undersized.” Have you ever been around the guy up-close? He’s at least 6-6, 290, and that’s being conservative. Glen Davis is a massive human being. He’s not undersized, he’s just short for a power forward. That’s like saying E. Honda is undersized … If you hadn’t heard, there’s some big soccer tournament starting today. If you’re like us, mostly basketball fans still learning about soccer, we’ve got some hopefully helpful stuff for you to read beforehand. Check out our World Cup vs. NBA player comparisons … We’re out like punching refs …

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  • Atom

    If Big-Baby isn’t crying he’s drooling all over the place. With that and the constant sweating because dude is a good 150 overweight, Celtics probably have to hire an extra mop-boy just to follow his ass around.

  • yoda

    lakers need andrew back asap. celtics won because of rebounds. hopefully he will be back for game 5.
    go lakers!

  • gilford22

    Have you guys seen the NBA Top 5 plays? Kobe’s in 3 of the top 5 plays making turnovers.

  • K Dizzle

    “We’re not gonna get into the referee blame game, but how terrible was that phantom foul against ‘Sheed when Pau Gasol tripped on his own feet and ‘Sheed got charged”

    That’s alright tho. They got the makeup when Pierce’s charge on Kobe was called a block.
    Who woulda thought the Lakers would need Bynum so bad?
    …..Oh yeah, Laker fans did….in ’08
    Lakers all day, baby!
    And I’m all good with alternating games this whole series

  • common sense

    lol at Mark Jackson on Big Baby, “big baby drool”.. too funny

    Baby and Nate.. serious nutters.. then they come out and give thanks to GOD.. Priceless..

    id love to see Ray and Fish go at it. lol, a gentleman’s fight.

    this time of year in London England is nuts. world cup time. imagine theres potentially seven superbowls in the space of a six week period. and if England actually ever win the thing there’s gonna be a week long riot. no word of a lie!! but thats a big IF.

  • Legend 33

    Got to love it! Series is tied 2-2 and we are supposedly the older and shorter team while the big bad Lakers were the ones that ran out of gas & got out worked and rebounded. The funny thing is for the entire series we might of lead for like 25% of the time while it seemed like the Lakers were always playing with the lead during all 4 games. But it don’t matter cuz we are tied 2-2!

    BTW Got to love KG pounding the ground when guarding Odom like if Odom was Jose Calderon! LOL

  • http://www.dimemag.com T-pain

    I’m not so sure who’s gonna win the series, but I can tell you that it’s going to finish in seven games. Both teams just seem so hungry for the championship.

  • JAY

    World Cup Time.
    For those at work….. http://www.atdhe.net



  • sh!tfaced

    The drooling, whining and all that baby-like reacting out there, Glen Davis just immortalized his “Big Baby” nickname. Ain’t no way that nick’s gonna change after that game. There’s no doubt the name “Big Baby” fits him to a T.

  • sh!tfaced

    And oh, KG is back! Finally. If there’s one game any skeptical/superstitious/borderline-paranoid C’s fan needed to see, GAME 4 was it. The great, loud, arrogant, psycho-intense defensive demon finally shows up full throttle.
    KG is officially back.

  • mgballer3

    @ Kdizzle
    That was a charge but the real makeup call for the lakers was on that next possession when Kobe got the foul call on that contested 3 by Ray.

    And 1 by pierce – 3 free throws by kobe= neutral

  • fallinup

    No mention of the 3 second violation that they called on Garnett with 20 seconds left on the clock. That call was insane.

    Kobe and Pau were gassed by the end of the 3rd. And Phil still played them the entire fourth. Zenmaster was definitely wanting to seal the door shut. Bad move.

    Celts had the energy, hence the bench killing them. Will definitely be a hell of a game 5. Who knows who wins… Boston has all of the momentum right now.

  • nola

    @common sense

    the saints winning the superbowl this year was pretty insane. it literally was 3 superbowls in 3 weekends! it was incredible.

  • John

    Kobe and Pau where too tired… hate the lakers bench, they dont give them anyhing. Sasha.. please.. but Adam on the floor instead!!

    maybe you are interested in this http://theunlikelyfan.blogspot.com/2010/05/disclaimer-im-new-to-this-site-and-im.html

  • K Dizzle

    @ mgballer

    solid point, but Kobe’s not forcin a 3 with a 1:07 left if we only down 6. Bein down 9 kinda forces desperation

    @ Legend33

    you ARE the older and shorter team and don’t know if you caught the game, but the biggest kid in the series played 12 minutes with a bum knee. No excuses, but let’s not pretend Big Baby and Nate go off like that if AB’s in the paint. Hopefully, 2 days of treatment get him back on the floor.
    Like I said, I’m good with swappin wins

  • daddy dolalrs

    Anyone see the press conference where nate said that big baby and him were like shrek and donkey best friends. That shit cracked me up.

  • That’s What’s Up

    makes sense – Big Sweet Baby prefers them petite and fit

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Dhalsim would be a beast in the NBA. First Indian-born player in the League. I feel like Sagat would be pretty good, too.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    I’m with the crew yesterday @ the bar just bewildered.
    six guy chasing away sobriety like a fugly chick..
    my boy says what we all see but don’t want to openly admit.
    ‘guys we getting beat by big baby’

    not ray,pierce,or kg.it was sickening.like I sed initially
    LAL in 7.

  • Soul Brova 1

    the biggest problem i got with the Celtics is that they only talk when they are up and things are going good. Before Ray and KG got there Paul Pierce wasn’t talkign like he do when the C’s are rolling. KG wasn’t trying to thug it out in Minnesota, Perk thinks he’s the best center since Russell and Nate, well check his time with NY. I like how Robert Horry did it. In the finals against NY in 94 while the Rockets were trailing at the Garden while lining up for a Knick to shoot free throws Horry told a fan in the crowd “so what, we still gonna win”. that’s how true ballers, warriors and champions carry it. you can’t be looking like your girl just told you the kid you raised for eighteen years ain’t yours when you losing then ramble on like a young Ali when you’re up…that’s fugay-z!

  • thrillah

    Why do I have a feeling Big Baby and Lil’Nate are going to have a reality show together

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    “Kobe hit some ridiculous J’s in the third — that look he shot Tony Allen after the corner three was purely homicidal” – When did he start doing that face? The shit looks ridiculous. One of his teammates needs to be like “yo Kobe, what the fuck is wrong with your face?” I think Kobe thinks he looks mean or fierce to something, but in reality dude just looks like he’s impersonating a bulldog. If the Lakers lose this series, it’s because of Kobe’s unfortunate underbite.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    And Perkins is officially a bitch. After he bear-hugged Gasol under the basket, Pau did the same thing back to Perkins on the next play (just not as rough). Then Perkins starts whining and talking shit like he’s gonna do anything but brick the freethrows. I used to get pissed about Perk getting quick T’s and moving screen calls, but now I realize why the refs can’t stand him.

  • jzsmoove

    If Ra’on Rondo finds a J in his repertoire this series wouldnt even be close. Dude is being given a mile of room to shoot and getting dissed in the process , and cant or wont shoot the rock. he needs to develop his jumper in the offseason.

    yeah the 3 sec call on KG was straight up bullshit. He just got in the box, one lovetal with Pau and 3 secs?? wtf?

    Vujabitch is plain garbage. His $5Mil salary should be used to feed starving nations instead. It would do more good if this punk oughta just donated 99% of his pay to Red Cross and World Vision.

  • Celts Fan

    No complaints on the refs last night. They made about a half dozen bad calls, which is about normal for a well-called game (just about every foul is subjective. They’ll never not make a few bad calls.) They swallowed the whistles and let them play and seemed to call it evenly. That’s all you can ask for… Oh, and Gasol did get fouled when he tripped. He got hit on the arms. Wasn’t much, but that combined w/ how it looked will always draw a whistle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Can someone clearify the rule about a player leaving the bench area? Last night Perkins (on the bench) reacted to Glen Davis falling down by sprinting onto the court- no timeout -to pick him up. Is that an auto eject by the letter of the rule?


  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Go game Celtics ,yall beat us fair and square.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Told y’all a couple o’ SMACKS ago when “Glen gets in, he’s in to win.”

    Beast on the O boards. Beast in the paint.

    Glenn aka Big Baby, after the game:
    “This is what legends are made of, this is where you grasp the moment…All I’m thinking about is, ‘Let’s win,’…I’m not thinking about anything else. i’m not even thinking about Kobe making all these shots, worried about this or worried about that. I’m just worried about winning, whatever it takes to win.”

    Boston’s LIVELY BENCH might be the LA’s DEATH BED.
    All 4 major bit players are 50% throw’d off, 50% bipolar and 50% schizo. How many halves in a whole??? I told y’all , they’re THOW’D OFF.

    Let’s see…we got…
    (he aint timid though, his persona is grime all the way)

    They must be bangin’ Jeezy and Joe right now because I swear all 4 of them are on some…

    “Grown living legend, in the hood I’m a hero” type sh*t.

    They’re playing like they got that swag about ‘em.
    I mean, the energy, the hustle, going for loose balls, you know, basically VARAJEO’N LA’S STARTING CREW. But they damn sure aint from Brazil and you can tell.

    This is what Doc said after the game:
    “Unfortunately, it’s probably our most emotional group when you have Nate, Tony and Rasheed on the floor at the same time, so the techs happen.

    After that statement, he immediately added:
    “I excel at making UNDERSTATEMENTS.”

    Yeah, Depth = x factor in this series. How will the Lakeshow respond now. Boston clearly can hang wit ‘em.

    Kobe’s 7 TOs to 2 ASS ratio is AZZ and should be noted.
    But, and it’s a big one, he STILL is always “DOIN’ SOME KOBE SH*T!!!” 3 straight 3s for the lead. Then at the end…SMH…this guy always tryna make stuff interesting.

    Nate and Glen combined for 30 between the 2 of them.

    Ron Artest, AB, Fisher and Odom (defacto AB like in ’08) combined for 27 pts HHMMMMMM JUST SAYIN…

    Also to note, Ray Ray was 0 for 4 on threes so he is still OFF THE MARK. Something to watch.


    I said we came in this b*tch tonight to MURDER THINGS
    We gonna leave this b*tch tonight a MURDER SCENE
    In black from head to toe, we MURDER CLEAN
    WHAT’S UP?!?


    in 7

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    oh wow.


  • thedoc


    I was wondering the same thing when I saw perkins run off the bench like that to pickup Davis. That can’t be legal can it?? There was no timeout.

  • Claw

    Only time he could be suspended if a fight actually happened. Happened in a Suns/Spurs series where Duncan came on the court when two guys made the gas face to each other and started pushing. Suns fans wanted TD suspended (like Amare was you bastards) but the commish said what transpired wasn’t enough to be considered a significant development that could escalate into a fight.

    Does remind me of those pee wee games where the mom comes from the stands when her son gets dropped. (Didn’t Lebron’s mom do that during a game?)

  • LakeShow84

    Well both teams played hard..

    But all that screaming and flaunting bout to come back to haunt them..

    They walk like stallions when they winning but whine like wombats when they losing..

    Paul Pierce really going to act like that wasnt a charge in the final minute?? and he hella bad??

    Funny team..

    @ CeltsFan

    Must be a Laker/Celtic thing bruh lol

    I thought in the 2nd half you guys was getting UGGGLLYYY touch fouls under the hoop.. Big Babies whole offensive game is throwing himself into players (but he really does it for space) and the whistles were all over it..

    Meanwhile we was MOLESTED under the rim lol Kobe couldnt buy a foul going to the rack.. They let BOTH Allens get into dudes jersey TOUGH..

    @ sh!tfaced

    i guess you were right.. its going 7 and there aint a damn thing neither of the teams can do about it lol

  • JH

    1) Perkins is a certified punk & his bad ass face is worse than Kobe’s.
    2) Big Baby’s primal “+10 second” scream was just over the top.
    3) Sheed has open mental issues and his reaction to foul calls is annoying.
    4) KG is teaching Perkins how to be a jackass. No better teacher.
    5) Lil’ Nate walking up to Odom after that foul is ridiculous.

    And those are 5 reasons I HATE the Celtics.

  • Kendra

    @ Loganlight

    I remember hearing a whistle signaling a timeout, so it was legal for Perkins to jump up.

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    Just one quick question…..where were all these Celtic fans on Tuesday?

    That is all.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ LakeShow84

    Yeah, man. Told ya. LOL. All the signs of a classic seven game series.
    Refs haven’t even used their aces in their sleeves yet – Perk’s tech/suspension & Bynum’s knee AKA LA’s shorthanded frontline. Not to mention Sheed’s & Ron’s volatile reps. Zebras can kick em out anytime they need to.

    There ain’t much that separates David Stern from Vince McMahon…

  • ab_40

    bynum is done for the series. his knee blew up on him again and they didn’t play it of cool because he came in midway through the third quarter. especialy if he keeps playing like shit they’ll have a problem in games 5, 6 and 7. BTW it’s a three game series and you know boston is gonna come out hard in their final home game of the season

  • D.I. Dollar

    OK, time to settle down with the Derek Fisher lovefest. The announce crew all but elected D-Fish governor of California before the first quarter was over, called his Game 3 fourth quarter “Kobe-like,” and stopped just short of crediting Fisher with taking the Jazz to the ’07 Western Conference Finals.

    OK enough of all this Big Baby lovefest. You guys are all but naming Glen the best rapper alive. Calling himself a legend and stopping short of crediting him with the Celtics success in the post season.

    He was being guarded by Lamar Odom who is cleary undersized for that matchup. Yeah, he played hard last night. That’s what he gets paid to do. If we have a semi-healthy Bynum in the game, that does not happen. Period.

    Enjoy it while you can Boston fa

    This 2-3-2 format sucks. Man, y’all got some ugly bitches out in Bean-Town.

  • southboy

    Call him what you want Big Baby, The Gooch, Mean Green, the One Man gang A.K.A. Bill Bixby….Glen Davis was a man on a mission and played with a passion that he was not going to be denied!

  • the cynic

    I’ve got to admit i am starting to like Big Baby, he is too funny. I kept thinking throughout the 4th quarter he must get a free big mac for every point he scores

  • Atom

    @ the cynic

    Probably gets a free big mac for every shot he gets blocked, that’s why he’s so fat

    bynum in the game with a knee that works = big baby shut down

    if bynum really can’t go, throw Powell in. The starters need to rest or they’re goin to get gassed.

  • Claw

    At least the foul calls are down from the first 3, you can say the Celts got calls but that Paul Pierce offensive foul when Kobe tripped over someone’s foot and fell was hilarious.

    A couple of times I thought Big Baby was going to eat the ball



    was asking the same question about laker fans after game 2 hahahahaha