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Paul Pierce Was Right About Nate Robinson

The other day, Paul Pierce talked about Nate Robinson and the importance a change of scenery has had on the fifth-year guard. Pierce was quoted as saying this about the Celtics impact on Robinson:

“Seeing our habits on and off the court, he’s understanding it’s the better routine. When you get around a certain team and there’s no discipline, you tend to go off on your own and do whatever you want. It’s a lot different here. We’re a championship team on and off the court. He’s seeing it and learning from it.”

Pierce is right, Nate Robinson needed the Celtics. He needed their structure, their winning environment, and their veteran leadership. Robinson had been playing for the Knicks, where losing had become a habit as common as Jack Nicholson sitting courtisde at Lakers games. He had no structure in place, and was pretty much playing out the season in New York until the Knicks brought in a marquee free agent this summer. He had a famous clash with Mike D’Antoni earlier this season where he was benched for 14 straight games, and never had veteran guys who could take him under their wing and show him the way. He has found that in Boston.

Robinson’s talent is undeniable. He can score in bunches, and ignite a crowd with his incredible athleticism, but his personality has always been an issue. While he wears his emotions on his sleeve – and that is a big reason why he is beloved by the fans – he has a tendency to disrespect authority and play me-first basketball.

In Boston he can still score in bunches, and still shows his emotions openly, but he has done it in a less detrimental way. Doc Rivers didn’t just let him come in after being acquired in February and play right away. Nate has had to earn the trust of Doc, a task that hasn’t been easy. Nothing has been given to him in Boston, including the playing time he’s gotten in the playoffs, and that coupled with veteran leaders like Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to show him the way has turned Robinson not only into a gifted scorer, but a valued part of a winning team.

When these playoffs end, Robinson will be joining the free agent class of 2010. He has stated a desire to remain in Boston, and keeping him would be a good move for both sides. However, if Robinson can find more money elsewhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left. If he does leave Boston, he can’t get back into a losing environment (places like Minnesota and Indiana come to mind), because any progress he would have made would go down the drain. Robinson has proved he can be an effective player on a winning team, not just a highlight reel on a losing one, so any winning team in need of bench scoring should seriously pursue Nate.

What do you think?

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  • atticusmitch

    Sorry but Nate the Great is still Nate the emotional ticking time bomb. He is too much of a loose cannon. Look at last nights game where he got fouled by Lamar, he then shouted in Lamar’ face and got a T. That was just stupid. I really wish he would go to the next level of his game and consistently start but his uncontrollable emotions wont allow it.He is just a dumb player and its too bad cause he could be great.

  • karizmatic

    I think it would be best for his maturation if he stayed in Boston, but I also agree that if someone offers him more money he could be out.

  • control

    So, the littlest douchebag in the NBA is learning how to be a champion douche from the biggest set of douchebags in the league?

    Nate is probably getting picked on by KG all day, every day because he’s the smallest guy on the team.

    Sounds like a match made in heaven.

  • Soul Brova 1

    that’s bullshiggedy, he had veterans to listen to on the Knicks. Malik Rose was there, Herb Williams was a coach he could’ve listened to. He chose to ignore them thinking he was too good to listen. it’s about being a professional and self-disciplined. the first rookies ever in the league did not have veterans to turn to but they became veterans that taught future rookies. he’s not in high school stop making excuses for grown ass men not doing the right thing. everyday people don’t have “veterans” on their jobs to take them under their wing but they still show up everyday and punch the clock for far less than these athletes. it’s like kids who go to the military and say the military gave them discipline when nobody else did…bullshit!!!! there are always people along the way that tries to instill discipline but too often kids choose not to accept it. get real and recognize.
    Peace & Blessings in all endeavors born of a positive thought fueled by positive energy to k.y.m in a positive direction.

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – we may be the biggest SET, but Kobe’s BY FAR the biggest individual one in the league. This is not a debate by the way; it’s a fact (though I’ll give you KG at 2.)

  • JAY

    @Soul Brova
    I was with you until… “it’s like kids who go to the military and say the military gave them discipline when nobody else did… bullshit!!!! there are always people along the way that tries to instill discipline but too often kids choose not to accept it.”
    This is the type of idealism the world doesn’t need. Reality check bud, just because you had people to help you through shit doesn’t mean EVERYone does. I work with kids and I’ll paint you a REAL picture… Little “Johnny” is 14 yrs old and helps his mom , who works 3 jobs to put food and a roof over his and his 3 siblings heads. No father in the picture. Just outside their doorstep lies prostitution, drug dealers and drug users. “Johnny” sees these drug dealers in nice watches and jewellery and sees his mom struggling to feed her kids. He starts looking up to the drug dealers because they have money. and he figures he could help his mom out by selling for a little bit. “Johnny” is starting to get caught up. You’re telling me he CHOSE not to accept “discipline”.

    Like I said… I was with you until you made that ridiculous fuckin’ statement. It honestly pissed me off. Go home to your idealistic world because you don’t understand that the world is not the same in every neighborhood. Have a great fuckin weekend.

  • sh!tfaced

    Hah! And all along you thought that other douche he was traded for, Eddie House, was annoying?

    But, in any case, Nate can be funny (annoying too, but fun), definitely has more humor than the all-business, thug acting bluffer House, can dribble the ball better, and he hasn’t cried like Big Baby… yet (or at least not in public).

  • sh!tfaced

    @ Celts Fan – And a humorless douche at that (which one can’t say about KG & co). Tries to be funny when he wants to but you can’t help but notice there’s always some nervous laughter somewhere around…

  • Kenneth

    Next year they’ll use KryptoNate against Dwight Howard in the Conference Finals to steal a game on the road………….oh, that happened this year

  • NTstateOFmind

    LOL …comparing Malik Rose and Herb Williams to the big 3

  • Daniel Marks

    While Robinson had guys like Williams and Rose their influence was hampered by the fact that the Knicks were mired in a perpetual state of losing, and there was a revolving door of players and coaches. In Boston, stability has been big for Nate.

  • Soul Brova 1

    @ Jay,

    born and raised in Bed do or die, bed -stuy bK all day kid. i seen dealers and pimps and i seen addicts. i also seen people on the train and bus everyday going to their jobs. i seen people struggle and stay legal. i seen the fast money making and the shit they had to do or the way they ended up. i wanted the fly gear to but i looked deeper than the money. i’m tired of everybody saying that’s all i saw the dealers and the pimps then if that’s all you saw then they saw the bad that that lifestyle brings. they make the choice to make fast money. you the type of brotha…check….cause it ain’t about disrespect..you sound like the brothas that distort Malcolm’s by any means necessary to justify selling drugs to buy pampers or put food on the table…why don’t they translate by any means necessary to working two or three jobs…fuck hanging with the homeboys….there are exceptions and i grant you that but for the most part it’s because we choose to take the path of least resistance… check this link


  • Soul Brova 1

    @ NTstateOFmind

    i believe Rose has more rings than the big three and Herb Williams was a legit pro who has been to the Finals before. until they got together none of the big three had accomplished jack. one had only gotten out of the first round once in what 12 years.

  • JAY

    @ Soul Brova
    Why are you trying to read me? Seems to me like you do a lot of generalizing. That’s a problem man. Too many people generalizing. Thinking they can read people through a couple lines of text or a few words exchanged. “Oh he sells dope, so he chose the easy road”. These kids aren’t CHOOSING the life.
    I work with underpriviledge kids and see the shit they go through and the lack of opportunities they have. Work with kids “Brova” and tell me it’s their FAULT they didn’t make the right choice. Adults should be smart enough to make the right choices… i’m talking KIDS. Read my scenario again and tell me what you would do in his situation. That’s real “Brova”. Now imagine your mom never home bcuz she’s out trying to feed you. You are the adult in the house at 14yrs old. You want ur mom to stop crying and u look out your window and see the men with nice cars and watches and clothes. These kids don’t have choices man. If you think they do…. you are unfortunately foolish. I had a kid who sold dope cry in front of me because he felt helpless but to get into the “business”.

    In your last post you speak of “exceptions” like the exceptions are the ones “take the path of least resistance. Sorry bro. Not with the kids i help. The exceptions are the ones who get out of the environment.

  • JAY

    Shit gets me pissed man….. for real.
    Stop judging people and go help if you think these kids are making bad “choices”. Ignorance stunts a man’s growth. you need to grow up “brova”.

  • Bizz

    LMAO @ anyone saying that Malik Rose and Herb Williams are better mentors than the Boston organization. That’s like saying Mike Brown is a better coach than Jerry Sloan b/c Mike Brown has a coach of the year title and Sloan does not.

    Let’s see…3 future Hall of Famers, each who had to sacrifice their personal pride for a ring, a former Coach of the Year who taught his team the importance of teamwork and sacrifice, an organization with the most storied history in all of basketball with the most championships in the sport, along with numerous Hall of Fame former players and coaches who still hang around the organization…


    Malik Rose and Herb Williams…


    As for the claim that only one of the big 3 made it out of the 1st round once in 12 years…they ALL made it to a conference finals before they ever became the big 3. Allen did it with the Bucks + also made it to the 2nd round before with the Sonics, KG made it to the conference finals with the Wolves, and Pierce already made conference finals with the Celtics when they faced the Nets. Get your facts right before you try to punk the big 3, jackass.


    d’antoni’s gonna kick his own ass if nate wins a ring hahahahaha