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Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo carry Celtics to Game 2 win

Ray Allen (photo. Jordan Brand)

And just like that, the Celtics have all the momentum in the NBA Finals. Winning last night’s Game 2 behind a record-setting performance from Ray Allen and the clutch playmaking of Rajon Rondo, Boston now gets three straight games at home, where they’re 7-2 in these playoffs and went 3-0 against the Lakers in the ’08 Finals … As invisible as Ray was in Game 1, he had everybody checking for him this time. In the first half he dropped seven three-pointers — missing only once and scoring 27 before halftime — and finished with an NBA Finals record eight treys. Ray (32 pts) started out banging shots in Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown‘s faces like he was Miguel Cotto and they were Yuri Foreman; and even after Kobe took on the assignment, the 10-time NBA All-Defensive pick got lit up, too … Andrew Bynum (21 pts, 6 rebs, 7 blks) and Pau Gasol (25 pts, 8 rebs, 6 blks) led L.A.’s second-half comeback, and midway through the fourth quarter it was all tied up. Rondo then scored 8 of Boston’s next 10 points, part of a 16-4 run down the stretch in which the Celtics pulled away. Rondo (19 pts, 12 rebs, 10 asts) made the defensive plays and got the opportunistic rebounds you’d expect, but he also stuck his mid-range jumpers and free throws in crunch time. Rondo was so locked in, he was the only one who noticed Paul Pierce still had a towel on his head coming out of a late fourth-quarter timeout and snatched it off before play resumed … When everybody praises Ray Allen as the best player in the world at moving without the ball like it’s not even a contest, does Rip Hamilton get jealous? Antawn Jamison should have a bone to pick there, too … Kobe was in distribution mode early, racking up four assists before making his first bucket. But in the moments where he’d normally take over as a scorer, Kobe (21 pts, 5 rebs, 6 asts, 4 stls) was either on the bench in foul trouble or missing shots. The highlight of his night was right before halftime when he stole a long pass and drained a deep three before the buzzer. By his standards, this has to go down as a bad game for Kobe. And you could tell from his Do-Not-F***-With-Me demeanor in the post-game press conference that he’s already plotting an explosion in Game 3 … If you’re pulling for the Celtics, you’re biggest hope is that they can maintain their energy moving forward. Boston can win this series if they keep pushing the pace: In Game 2 they played their best when Rondo created buckets via penetration, the bigs ran the floor, and Ray, Pierce and Rasheed were knocking down jumpers while trailing the fast break. But can they keep it up? Garnett (6 pts, 4 rebs) was terrible last night, Ray slowed down considerably in the second half, and even Rondo was visibly exhausted by the end of the third quarter. Doc Rivers has to be smart about managing the starters’ minutes while using the right replacements off the bench … Now before anybody starts complaining about an NBA conspiracy against their team, please realize that the refs were bad on both sides. The crazy foul calls, crazy no-calls, and ticky-tack nonsense destroyed the flow of the game for everybody. But good luck telling that to the average Lakers fans. Kobe got a couple of rough calls — which in L.A. is considered a worse offense than senior citizen abuse — and Lamar Odom is one more late whistle away from going Nick Van Exel on a ref … Spotted in the crowd: Kevin Love, Kurt Rambis, Andy Garcia (swagger-jacking Col. Sanders), Leo DiCaprio, one of the dudes from “Entourage,” Sylvester Stallone, Hillary Swank, Dane Cook, Jack and Justin Timberlake. No Grown Ups cast this time, but we’d gladly trade having them at every game if it meant we didn’t have to watch those lame comedy/analysis segments. Are the announcers under orders to laugh at those? … Mid-game Tweet from Jalen Rose (@jalenrose): “A fan has on a #7 Lakers jersey that says ‘Odashian’ on the back!” … Mike Breen asked Jeff Van Gundy, “As a coach, what’s the first thing you look at on the stat sheet after a game?” After JVG gave his answer, Mark Jackson jumped in with his two cents — except nobody asked him because he’s never been a coach. The on-air job audition continues … As soon as the first-quarter buzzer sounded, Adam Morrison (in street clothes) jumped off the bench and was the first guy on the court to greet his teammates. That was the quickest first step he’s ever displayed. And speaking of the DNP All-Stars, Brian Scalabrine was decked in all-black on the bench. He was attending the funeral of his NBA relevancy … We’re out like Odashian …

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  • Josh Tha roc

    Refs def sucked
    have to give Nate rob his dues for holding it down at the start of the fourth.
    Sheldon Williams was a disgrace. Here’s his chance to somewhat redeem his career and he almost throws the game in his 5 minutes on court.

  • alf (from melmak)

    It was all about determination for the Celtics in Game 2. No one typified it better than Glen Davis.

    Ray Allen is not the best player moving without the ball. It was and will always be Reggie Miller. But then again, he is already retired and is now doing a very sloppy (to say the least)job as a broadcaster.

    I know he is already at the end of his career but Rasheed Wallace showed glimpses of why he was suppposed to be one of the best players of all time. He placed a smile on my face during that second quarter stretch.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    84. Even if working for Dime will be like a hard days night it will still be like living in a yellow submarine. And I know Dime will still love me when I’m 64.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Smitty

    Celtics took it to them ! The refs suck all year !!! The league consist of too many free throws and bull shit calls. Kobe bitches all game w the refs. They jerked Ray Allen in game 1. I wish the refs just let em play! That’s why sometimes the college game can be more exciting then watching Wade shoot 22 free throws against Dallas. Come on stern stop Babying your fucking superstars n let em play. If Jordan played with this set of rules I think he numbers would have doubled. Detroit tried taking his head off !!!!
    Celtics in 5
    ps if lebron get some legitamte help it’s a wrap

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis quest???

    nice boxing reference… lmao @ the brian scalabrine joke..how is that dude still in the nba??

  • 808

    Thing I dislike about Kobe and foul calls is that he wants it both ways (HA!).

    Nah, seriously. He jumps, cries, swings his arms gesticulating wildly every time he puts up a shot and misses. Seriously…watch for it. Then on the defensive end, he bodies up the offensive player (Ray, in Game 2) and complains about the call. Wasn’t that the same calls Kobe was getting in Game 1 AGAINST Ray???

    Now, the lean-in off the glass where Ray made it appear that he caught a shoulder…that was a bad call. But Kobe got paid back on that double clutch in the 4th. He got the and-1 and no one even TOUCHED him.

    One sht call deserves another.

  • sh!tfaced

    One of the funniest part of the game. When Ray flopped on Kobe and got the offensive foul call, Fisher does it to Ray the very next play. It was like Fisher was offended when Ray momentarily took the best NBA player/actor away from him.

    LMAO @ “one of the dudes from ‘Entourage'”.

    Not only do they put Kevin Connolly’s name alongside DiCaprio’s on TV, but Van Gundy also talks about him about being wimp looking like him and the DIME crew still mentions him as “one of the dudes from ‘Entourage'”.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Good game to the celtics, they played very well….due to me being an LA fan I have to hate the celtics , but I gotta it give to Rajon Rondo those offensive rebounds he got in the fourth quarter plus his block on Derek Fisher won the game for them. I don’t feel too bad about this loss because they honestly dominated us in the first half (Ray Allen
    was COOKIN) but yet we were able to come back and could have won if we prevented those second chance points late in the game.

  • jimmythesaint

    Khlamar Odom sounds a bit like Chlamidya, Bless his disappearing Soul. SILENCE in Staples mmm nice for the neighbours as the worst fans in the world stumbled out with their tails between their legs.
    Hope they run the replay of Ray’s Crazy Eyes posting Kobe, sliding off Sheed and bombing the 3 in the Rapist’s grill. Garden Party like it’s 2008 whooo!

  • welcome back to reality

    Man, if kobe had sunk that jumper at the buzzer going into the half, the crowd would have gone nuts. Well, better luck game three. Still think the Fakers will pull it off in 6 games though.

  • jheck03

    why is that i always got the first vote in the poll?

  • realist

    #8, kobe rapist jokes are OLD … come up with new shit or get that shit out of here

  • Beantown’s Finest

    Let’s go C’s! We did a great job on defense today limiting the Lakers to 40% shooting, but we still need to shore up the inside against the Lakers bigs. Basically they were holding the ball over their heads and playing keep away as illustrated by that pass to Bynum from Odom btwn our two defenders. KG needs to channel that MVP/DPOY form if we are going to win this. Stats are misleading because we won the points in the paint and rebounding numbers, but that’s only because we sent the Lakers bigs to the FT line instead of allowing them to score in the paint. Also, the rebound margin was misleading too because block shots and air balls usually come back to the offense player and baby had like 3 off reb in one sequence. Look for more Sheed and KG combo in game 3.

    Let’s hope Dan Akyroid kidnaps Kobe before game 3 like he did to Damon Wayans in Celtic Pride! haha

  • Dayo

    Anyone noticed Doc Rivers calling for a timeout towards the end of the game? He basically ran across the court to the referee on the opoosite side of the floor before it was given!!!
    Wonder if anyone on the Lakers could have pulled a Jason Kidd – Mike Woodson and gotten a foul on Doc!
    Tht would have been hilarious (and probably a turning point)!

  • bub

    Rando has all the intangibles, he can pretty much do everything besides shoot a trey ball.t\ Just imagine when his mid range game is even more reliable. Kind of scary.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    Lamar Odom doing his disappearing act again. And will someone on the Lakers GRAB THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS PLEASE?!?!? Oh my GOODNESS that was irritating.

  • Dapro

    Damn good game last night but Dime Ray didn’t slow down Boston stopped moving the ball in the 3rd and start of the 4th quarter. They were trying to force the action with Pierce who just didn’t have it going. Kg should have been benced for Sheed cause he looked terrible out there. His lift is gone, plus Baby was an animal out there gotta love his hustle. Still got Boston in 6

  • JAY

    “Anyone noticed Doc Rivers calling for a timeout towards the end of the game? ”
    Uhhh. You mean the one where the broadcasters brought it up, ran the replay twice, and even laughed about it. No, i don’t think anybody noticed it.

  • K Dizzle

    Like I said on friday, can’t get too excited about that win cuz things like sunday night could hppen.
    I KNEW Ray Allen would come wit it, but DAMN! 8/11 is sick. Even with that, it took a late 4th quarter surge to pull it out. Our bigs gonna own the Celtic bigs this series, but Lamar gonna have to start doin All celtic defenders like he did Big Baby on that hesitation drive and I would not wanna be the man guardin #24 on tuesday cuz now he wounded and dangerous would be an understatement.
    Retaliation is a must.
    Lakers allll day!!!

  • Dayo

    @17… No one noticed it? That’s surprising!!! Shows you how much of the off-the-ball action during the game is missed!!!

  • mgballer3

    i dont want to hear any poor laker fans complain about the fouls because you guys had more made free throws than made field goal attempts. And the free throw attempt situation was LA-41, Boston-26, so i don’t want to hear any whining. Lets go C’s!!

  • K Dizzle

    And who the hell is votin Michael Jordan over Allen, Kobe, Reggie and Larry on a three point buzzer beater?
    Did Mike ever hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer?
    I know I seen the other 4 do it continuously.
    Jordan fans just remember what they wanna smh

  • ManilaFTW

    Come on DIME. Proofread this sh*t.

    “… If you’re pulling for the Celtics, you’re biggest hope is that they can maintain their energy moving forward.”


    Boston in 6

  • karizmatic

    lol Mark Jackson jumped in with his two cents, commenting about assists showing how the team shared the ball and JVG corrected him saying assists is dependent on made shots…that was a fail all around for Jackson.

  • karizmatic

    @ 21

    ehhh your grammar is a little off there.

  • Ghetto Games

    The Truth has spoken: Boston in 5, Paul told the crowd at Staples they are not coming back to LA and I believe him. Boston has all the momentum and will ride it to a home sweep!

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    HHMMMMM INTERESTING, Keep Kobe in foul trouble and you gotta shot to beat these dudes on home turf.

    Boston’s bench had better stepped up if they were gonna win and they DID!

    The Green Pine outscored the Morrisons 24 to 15. That’s whatcha gotta do.

    And yes you need good fortune sometimes too…sooooooooo thanks RON RON and DEREK FISHER for adding more pollution to LA’s smoggy confines.
    ‘Cause they was STANKIN it up sumptin vicious.

    BOSTON WON WITH URGENCY, TEAMWORK, and THREEs (well, and a limited Kobe, which is major)

    PP and KG’s shot was way off…like they were bonin’ that crevice between the thigh and clit. Just wayyyyyyy off.

    CELTICS got more transition buckets.
    CELTICS got more points in the paint.
    (yeah, e’ryone just attacked, attacked, attacked – perfect game plan)
    Ray came through hella big in the 1st half. Rondo messed around and got a triple double. Seemingly, as usual.

    CELTICS grabbed more boards.
    Yup, more offensive boards n more defensive boards than the Lakeshow.

    CELTICS shared the ball more.
    They had 28 assists to LA’s 18. This alone is at least a “20 point swing.” Geesh!

    All of this even though the LA had FOURTEEN BLOCKS (while the green team only had 3 total)

    Last couple o’ thoughts –

    When Glen gets in, he’s in to win. Sheeeit I thought Glen Davis was Eazy E the way he was straight jackin. Baby changed the game like the president of Cash Money Records.
    His o-boards, his knack to make a play, and his energy and hustle were major. Had to eat snuff-cake every now ’cause the Lakers throw block parties like all day. But for the most part, he was doing damage against LO and AB, which aint Eazy.

    After the game, Kobe spoke on that peculiar foul situation. He said “I don’t expect to be picking up five fouls the next game.”




  • That’s What’s Up

    When I read “Jack and Justin Timberlake, for a second I thought it was some gay couple I haven’t heard of…

    Lamar’s head is buried in Khloe’s Sour Patch. Come up for air, bruh…

    I can’t lie. I fuckin’ hate the Lakers. I think I watched the 4th quarter of last night’s game like six times already. Kobe sure turns into a little whiny bitch real quick. Kobe>Mike? Please…. Anyone ever see Mike whine, cry and act deflated? never

    where’s the douche bag on here yesterday talking about the Series being “Finnito?” – It’s actually “Finito” and it may be, just not in a gold and purple way

    Does anyone have any information on where the services are being held for QQ? I’d at least like to send some flowers to his family, and to his other personalities

  • Ghetto Games

    @Brogden I’m rooting for the Green team too but we got killed on the inside last night, I agree with the guy that said the points in the paint were misleading because when Bynum and Gasol got the ball in the paint we sent them to the line like 12 times each and that’s the same thing as them scoring in the paint basically.

  • Soopa

    I one point it seemed that LA would shoot above 50 FTs! They C had so few blockes recorded cos the refs called foul on every damn thing – except the last couple of minuts. Must be very frustrating to play such a game as a player.

    Remember ’08? 3 straight wins in Beantown!

    Ive been saying all along that Ray Ray is the x-factor, but i admit i never really had a game like this i my mind! 7-7 at one point!

  • Atom

    Anyone catch Nate Rob breakdancing in front of the Celtics bench after one of Ray’s many threes? Class act, like the rest of his team.

  • That’s What’s Up

    breakdancing ain’t easy…
    if you can Pop and Lock, you should do it at every chance.

    anyone want to guess who Atom is rooting for?

  • ab_40

    I don’t know if you could hear it in the us but in europe or at least here in holland going into the final boston time out around the 30 second mark in the 4th quarter I heard probably rondo saying… that’s my nigga haha. I don’t know if y’all picked that up but I’m sure we did.
    A lot of fun to watch this game. Game three is gonna be great.

  • Claw

    Where is the Laker fans? Talking about taking out the Cs in 5, and don’t bring up bad calls there were enough for both teams and the Lakers had like a 41-26 FT advantage.

    Is it me or is Sheed playing better ball than KG right now?

    KG and Pierce had some ugly wide open CLANGs

  • Celticsdada

    @32: yea i heard it too. It was either Nate or Tony Allen said it after Rondo made the second free throw. I’m pretty sure it was Nate’s voice.


  • Marparker

    1. ab_40,
    The dude who said “My nigga” was Nate Robinson. You can find it all over youtube.

    2. I’m anticipating the days where someone who doesn’t think Kobe is the best player in the world can say so without inciting a mob. I’m going to call the Kobe lovers The Inquisition from now on. Of course after the Lakers lose they will be in hiding.

  • ab_40

    oh ok cool yeah it was someone with a higher voice so it was either rondo or robinson.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I’m surprised Dime didn’t mention Shelden Williams getting some decent minutes in the first half.

    I like to rag Brian Scalabrine just as much as the next guy, but it’s clear that Shelden is the worst player on the C’s.

    Did you guys not notice how he almost single-handedly gave the Celtic’s first half lead to the Lakers?

    First, he commits a retarded non-shooting foul on Ron Artest when Boston is in the penalty, giving Ron two freebies. Then Sheldon turns it over by flubbing an easy lay-up. Then he commits a fake-hustle foul on Gasol for an and-one. Then to top things off, Sheldon throws that horrible outlet pass that Kobe plucks and drills the three right before half time. Abso-fuckin-lutley horrible.

    I don’t like being a hater, but Shelden Williams should never set foot in a finals game unless his team is winning or losing by more than 20 points with less than five to go. Dress Scalabrine and keep Williams in street clothes.

  • K Dizzle

    112 idiots and countin. Votin on Jordan to take a buzzer beating 3…

  • GMC

    You guys forgot to mention Doc Rivers! the celts almost got called for an 8 second violation when doc jumped out of his seat, ran to mid court to call a timeout. The game was close then and if not for Doc, it would have been a really bad turnover and a turning point for the lakers.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ K Dizzle

    It is now up to 160. Geeez