Video / Jun 29, 2010 / 4:55 pm

SKLZ Rapid Fire: Your New Best Friend

Now that the NBA season is over and summer is underway, you can finally hit the gym, the playground, or your backyard and work on your own game. There is truly no better product out there right now to work on your free-throw shooting or jump shot than the SKLZ Rapid Fire …

When I went to my friend’s house the other day to ball and I saw the Rapid Fire attached to his hoop, I immediately started ripping him. I reminded him that his jump shot is horrible and whatever device he’s using to practice is not going to make an ounce of difference. He lives in a large brick house, and I can only assume that he built it himself with the types of shots he puts up.

Nonetheless, my skepticism faded once I started putting up shots with the Rapid Fire attached. The Rapid Fire turns any basket into a regulation-size Pop-A-Shot and your game can only get better if you use one. Tell that to Ricardo Reyes, the ultimate Pop-A-Shot champion who destroyed Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show two weeks ago.

Anyways, here’s the link to purchase the SKLZ Rapid Fire, and if you use the promo code “sporta” you get 20% off.

How do you practice your jump shot? Where are you going to be playing most this summer?

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  • quest???

    Ive done this bootlegged for years…damn it why didnt i think of putting a patent on it!

  • Kobeeeee

    yes. this is great but I do not have a basketball backyard like pictured. And it would not be cool to set it up at an public basketball court…

  • crossphaded

    Ehh…what about if you want to shoot wing jumpers? And that net isn’t guaranteed to catch all your shots, like the ones that bounce over the backboard.
    Just be ghetto and have your homie rebound the ball for you! LOL


    The Skilz Big Ass Net. Perfect for all the suburban JJ Reddick wanabees. Eliminating the need for the unnecessary aspects of basketball like rebounding, friends or fitness. Now you, just like JJ, can look great when people watch you shoot open jump shots by yourself.

    thats how i would have written the add.

  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe

    Co-sign with LMNOP. And it isn’t “ghetto” to have a friend rebound for you. It’s called basketball. You know, where you actually move around to work on your J. #Fail.


    2 things you need to make this work: A private hoop and large area to set it up. That alone just cancelled out about 90% of all minority players including overseas. There’s something about having to run for your own rebounds after each miss that annoys you to the point where your like “aight, i need to start mqaking some damn shots”

  • GV13

    ha.. the dude tht invented that ..well patented it. added me on facebook ages ago.. i was considerin gettin one.

  • thrillah

    I agree, shooting all day without moving around doesn’t seem like the best way to practice.

  • Ian

    and yet jj still has more game than u


    yeahhh……… im old, slow, got broken knees and a drink problem…. thats why the Kids are JJ wanabees, not LMNOP wanabees.

  • JES

    the cool thing about the Rapid Fire is you can slide and swivel it around to any position on the court and have the ball return right to you…from on top of the key or free throws to wing to baseline shots…without having to chase the ball…you get more shots in and can groove your form in less time; you can then store it away under the hoop and run around all you want.

  • Ian

    sorry couldnt use lol comment would be too short