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Swing Vote

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Let’s say you’re one of those who hasn’t picked a side yet going into the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals. Now, if there was a chance any city’s media contingent could swing your vote away from their team before Game 1, you gotta admit Boston would have been the odds-on favorite. But then some dick columnist wrote this in the Los Angeles Times: “By the way, (Paul) Pierce‘s idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times!” Although the newspaper eventually removed the piece from its website, radio station KTLA kept it up. Wow. Still not sure what to say about that one, except it sounds like a job for White Chocolate. Better yet, sic Jim Calhoun on the guy. Calhoun has chunks of writers like that in his stool … The offseason fallout is still underway for the two conference finals losers. In Phoenix, Grant Hill said he is cashing in his $3.3 million player option for next season, while in Orlando, Matt Barnes is opting out of his $1.6M deal. Do you think Hill should have kept his options open to see what other contenders had to say this summer? Barnes says he wants to stay with the Magic, but he wants “something decent” from the team that uses him to guard the likes of Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade and Kevin Durant on a nightly basis … Meanwhile, Brandon Bass wants to either play more or get traded from Orlando. Can’t really blame him, either. Bass had multiple teams after him, signs with the Magic thinking he’ll be a major contributor, and after the first couple weeks of the season Stan Van Gundy turns him into the Black Mark Madsen … Speaking of guys who never play, remember when the Celtics signed Tony Gaffney right before the end of this season? The former UMass product hasn’t seen a minute on the court, but there are some people who think he’ll be an asset for the Finals because he used to play for the Lakers and knows their tricks. Maybe, but Gaffney didn’t get past training camp cuts in L.A. We can imagine the conversation going something like this: Doc Rivers: “Alright T, tell me the Lakers are gonna do.” Gaffney: “Well, um, they run the triangle. I didn’t really have time to get it, though. Oh, and they got Ron Artest. He was guarding me during camp, so honestly, I couldn’t even see the ball on offense. But I know Ron chews Big Red. I could smell it.” … Teams aren’t supposed to make personnel moves just to avoid the wrath of their fans, but we still say the main reason the Sixers (despite some rumors) won’t trade the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft just to dump Elton Brand‘s contract is because they don’t want their fans to start a coup. But that doesn’t mean Evan Turner is a lock for Philly. The Sixers are reportedly arranging a workout for Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins, and according to some sources, Doug Collins already really likes Derrick Favors … Funny story over the Memorial Day weekend involved Mickael Pietrus and his hair. You saw the ‘fro Pietrus had by the end of the season. Well, during training camp, some teammates bet Pietrus $17,000 he wouldn’t go the whole season without cutting his hair. If we could pick a team of NBA guys to go no-haircut for a year, it’d be Stephen Curry (or else he has to grow a fade like his dad), DeShawn Stevenson (he needs something to do), Danilo Gallinari (picture him with an Adam Morrison look), DeJuan Blair (just seems like he belongs in the ’70s, hair and all) and Carlos Boozer (just wondering if he has hair). The coach? Mike D’Antoni. He should match the mustache with some sideburns and a Steve Nash ‘do … We’re out like D-Steve …

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  • shiptar

    first i guess..

  • JAY

    First guy after #1

  • jimmhumm

    that brand to indy trade is straigt booty…
    let me know if any “real” free agents opt out, like booze, amare, etc. Barnes and Bass are not on my Radar.

  • mules

    Didn’t Pierce grow up in Cali?…Englewood I believe. He must’ve cultivated his stab fetish there.

  • Dapro

    Bass will get some looks out there but I realized why he didn’t play much for the Magic, besides the hustle and muscle his bball IQ on d was lacking. Damn it’s slow til Thursday!

  • JAY

    @Dapro: you’re so right man. Things really are slow till Thurs… damn.
    I think I may shed a tear after the Finals are done. If the NBA ever did a One Shining Moment video (the right way), I might straight-up ball my eyes out. After the Finals are concluded, there’s 4 frikkin months before the next ball is tipped.

  • bdk23

    lol @ jay me too, but hey lets get to business celtics in game 7 triple ot with a sugar ray buzzer beater!!!thats how sicckkkk this series is gonna be!!

    ps lets go raptors

  • Bobb23

    I am a sixers fan and I dont get all of this talk of trading brand and the #2 pick for cap space. Anyone who watches the sixers realizes that Elton is still a very good player, but just doesnt fit in a running system. So if the sixers hired Dantoni, it would make sense.
    They hired Doug Collins….hes like a basketball guru, he would love to have a good post player. Why would they not only trade away a good scoring, good defense, rebounding power forward. And they would also be trading away a pick that could turn out to be a franshise changing player. Its just a silly idea especially when you have a good coach comming in. I dont get it….Keep brand, draft turner and becoming the #2 team in the atlantic with ease.

  • karizmatic

    Grant Hill should have held on to see what Amare was going to do. If Amare signs with someone else then Phoenix obviously has to sign another power forward or I don’t see their system working that well. In addition I think Amare is the best fit for that system, out of the available power forwards.

  • JAY

    @karizmatic: Steve Nash, although he’s an older player, is the system. As long as he’s there next year they’ll be competitive. I know what you mean though. G.Hill should have waited to see what his team/other teams will do.
    Do you know if he actually signed on the dotted line yet? As Coach Cal proved, it doesn’t matter until the ink is on the page.


    I think its good that Hill is staying in PHX, all these old dudes chasing rings is kinda pathetic. Hill is showing some class and loyalty to the team which essentially gave him his career back.

  • M-Intellect

    Co-Sign LMNOP. I always thought it tarnished their legacy a bit when players jumped from team to team to be the 9th man on a championship team like Gary Payton did.

  • karizmatic

    @ Jay

    Yeah I realize Nash is really the system…and Amare probably won’t be as good if he goes elsewhere, but I feel like Amare is the best fit with him for what they are doing, and I would say they go from being possible 55 win team to a 45 win team without him. But then people said that about them this year. It seems like he has only stated his intent to pick up the option though, doesn’t look like he has actually signed.

  • control

    I really really really hope Boston doesn’t win. The way people are jocking Rondo right now he’s going to be the clear choice for Finals MVP. I would really have to fucking eat crow on that shit, it would really cause me to become a fucking hermit for a few months.

    Lakers in 5!

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Control

    Yeah you would have to eat crow if that happened..

    I also cosign #11

  • sh!tfaced

    “…it would really cause me to become a fucking hermit for a few months.”

    I bet that’s what QQ is doing right now… LOL

  • control


    Hahah, yeah. He’s done gone golfin.

    Also notice the ‘impostors’ and drama went golfing as well, maybe the same resort. One room, 3 personalities…wonder if he gets the group rate when he’s all alone.


    Yeah, I don’t like crow. Your Lakers better the fuck destroy the Celts. I am holding you personally responsible for that shit, if I’m eating crow you will be the target of my hate all summer ;)

  • sh!tfaced


    impostors… drama… one room, 3 personalities… group rate
    and I thought my post was cold… LMAO!

  • Claw

    Damn, Kobe just killed the Suns in the 4th. Don’t like the nickname Black Mamba, more of an Assasin, the shot over Dudley then Frye was huge at that point of the Suns coming back.

    Amare was pissing me off, and ends up with 4 boards! Would you pay him max money? When Artest was actually hitting 3s you knew it was over, was a fun series – liked Dragic creating that comeback. LMFAO when Kobe said he wanted to kill the Machine after he pulled that stunt.

    The elf will hurt DFish, need Bynum to play at least at 80%, Gasol and KG will be a nice matchup as well as Pierce and Kobe. This should be a good series but I’m taking the Celts in 6 just because I’m a Kobe Hater but gotta respect his game.

  • control

    Oh yeah, about that whole Kobe situation going on.

    That guy is unfucking real, I completely doubted he’d be able to just dominate game after game, but that fucker proved me wrong. Guy is just brutal, I hope he still has some in the tank for the Celts.

  • Claw

    I couldn’t believe he had it going in the 4th after they started having the games every 2 days since he’s been playing nearly 45 minutes a game, I thought it would catch up with him but never did. Guy is focused, but the Cs will play them tougher than any team has in the West.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control..

    LMAO imagine if we lose.. You know people who read our back and forths gonna be on here yappin at Dizz, LAb and I all day.. We’ll take that.. we already have lol

    But the Mamba remembered getting bounced from the playoffs in 06-07 by the Suns and used that to Ginsu them foo’s.. i think hes got all the ammunition in the world to get up for that Celtic series.. extra days of rest gonna help too..

    If Kobe’s J is fallin like its been this postseason we take it in 5.. If RonRon’s offense (confidence) is back because of that game winner then we take it in 5.. If Bynum/Odom can give us at least 10&5 a night we take it in 5.. If Gasol plays like a man who has no regard for his body we take it in 5..

    And as long as Bennett Salvatore or Bavetta dont ref any of those 1-5 games we golden lol

    Im saying we take in 5..

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO QQ has been ghost..

    AB busted him out and he aint been back since.. i give it 3 weeks before he’ll have another name and try to blend back in..

    “Hey for reals ima loyal Dime ready Dime, this shit is getting ridiculous.. Get at me..”

    lol that shit was funny..

  • Barnyarnee

    lol I’ve been wondering where QQ and his imposter have disappeared to since the magic got KO’d. What happened to the guy?

  • LAballer


    i got u man..haha we’ll take the heat no doubt..BUT..and this is a big but..it aint happening..

    i read a real good article on espn today and it put this rivalry in perspective..

    basically said the rivalry of old didnt matter now cause it was back and it was real..in 08 it was basically a rivalry of the old that these players had nothing to do with..now? completely different story..this is everything right here..this is what lakers fans have been dreaming about since that last game in 08..and if the fans are hyped..please imagine what the players that were on the court and went through it and had to answer those questions to the media are feeling..now multiply that shit by the number of QQ imposters or split personalities he has and imagine what kobe is feeling..

    that fool takes losing like death..he aint chasing stats..hes chasing jordan’s legacy..this is just another notch on the belt and a step on the ladder closer and beyond that eventually if things keep going like this..(haters will tell you its never happening but they also didnt see this RIDICULOUS performance coming did they?)

    so for real..i just hyped my damn self up posting this..im ready and excited and fuckin drunk already waiting till thursday!! FAAAAAAK GREEN..(cept money though..cause that shit is wifey)

  • dlight

    f the rivalry stuff isn’nt in effect why did Coop bring it up during trophy presentation, Go Green, KB24 can’t stay that dang hot. I give it up he was killin in Suns series. But P2 wasn’t wimpering either, when is thursday?

  • Three Stacks

    There’s no way Kobe is gonna go off the way he did against PHO when goin against Thibodeau and his D schemes. This series is gonna be a grind, whichever team presents more hustle and energy is gonna win.

    If the Celts can’t steal one of the first two @ Staples, though, they’re gonna find it tough to win. Regardless of which court they play on, don’t think they can beat LA three games in a row. Game 1 is essential, Phil is like 10000-0 when he wins game 1.

    Lakers in 6. I’m shaving my head if we lose to the Boston f*cking Celtics again.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ control
    you vicious man lol !!

    lakers in 7.fittingly,unless they choke,the celts will b our hardest test yet.

    maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it seem like Amare’s trying way too hard to get himself invited to the ‘superstar summit’.
    I don’t blame brandon either.it was obvios enough he shoula played more esp in the first 3 games
    I see why this rivalry can go on this long.the celts are easily hateable for lack of a better word.thats the kinda players they attract.producive don’t give a fuck guys.and if you aint you’ll soon be.and we have sasha…haha.

  • Claw

    Kobe had to do alot to win that Sun’s series, can he do it against a team with more weapons than Phoenix and can play lockdown D?

    Celts have always been about team since getting those 3 old guys together, and that Rondo – DFish matchup will be key. It took 6 against the Thunder and Suns, you are dreaming if you think this is over in 5.

    Celts in 6, I still think they are in the Laker’s head.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ LMAO ^^^

    The last 4 games since the Finals we have taken 3, Claw.. how is that in our heads??

    I say we take it in 5 because we have a genuine dislike for those foo’s.. from the starters to the bench.. Kobe wont be the only Laker motivated and everyone sees how we can be when we ALL play motivated..

    If we play efficiently we take it in 5.. worst comes to worst we close it in BOSTON in 6..

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  • sh!tfaced

    QQ DA BOSS!!!